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      TECH UPDATE [3]   04/25/2018

      our MIA supertech man has just re-surfaced... we desperately need to get the solid rocket booster fixed so we can rescue the mothership. ------------------------- 07/27/2018
      this is back on the priority list for august. the current upgrade tech issues have been in a technical stalemate. the holdup is also a cost and time issue. argh. 06/01/2018
      1/ classifieds --> offline till 4.3.3 4.3.5 4.3.7 upgrade
      2/ profile pics now do not update [?]
      3/ front page slider not working [?]
      4/ change password not working [?]
      5/ 4.2.7 --> 4.3.3 --> 4.3.5 --> 4.3.7 upgrade --> TO DO
      6/ cloudflared when adding new post to supertechwear  [to be verified] ------------------------- 05/26/2018 1/ rep frozen --> FIXED
      2/ emoticons javascript errors ---> FIXED
      3/ image uploads on classifieds --> FIXED ON SANDBOX - NOW JUST NEED TO UPGRADE ON PRODUCTION. 
      4/ a cloudflare captcha security message pop up when i saved this announcement? ---> FIXED
      5/ theme editing  ---> FIXED
      6/ plug-ins not updating ---> FIXED
      7/ 4.2.7 --> 4.3.3 upgrade --> TO DO ------------------------- 04/27/2018 one small tech bug has a way of rapidly mutating and cascading throughout a system. that's what has happened over april, and so to fix what should be simple issues require monumental troubleshooting and coordination between server managers, developers, designer and air traffic controller [me].  just to let you know what's been keeping me sleepless and cashless lately
      1/  we moved all image storage to amazon S3. // that went well except the profile pics didn't sync. that devoured 2 weeks of my life.
      2/  we migrated all hosting to cloud based droplets at digital ocean.
      3/  we consolidated all DNS to run floating IPs via cloudflare. this also makes it faster and more secure.
      4/  tons of optimization and tweaking
      5/  upgrade of supertalk core software to 4.2.8 supertalk now runs on 3 load balanced nodes and a separate database. we managed to get it working on 1 but maxed that out and ungraded to 2. that caused syncing issues and you might recall a day when posts were all over the place or seemed to vanish. reconfigured it again and moved to 3. it's been pretty stable since then, so hoping no further issues. the site crashed intermittently around 2 weeks ago and at hyper critical times making me age about 5 years.
      remaining issues on supertalk seem to be related to something that went pear in copying over the supertalk system software.
      techs suspected it was to do with privileges and firewalls but that hasn't resolved it.
      just going to need to wait till one of the many techs i am working with figure it out.
      unfortunately not every tech person we work with always understand the complexity of supertalk and so things take time to sort out when they go wrong.
      besides, on the internet no-one can hear me scream [at them] ... as i said before
      with tech stuff if it's working 99.9999% correctly, it's broken. ... and as if the above wasn't enough...
      6/  we're remaking the non supertalk travel side of superfuture. [superfuture7]
      7/  our supertravel and supernews CMS doesn't work on the new servers and needed to be temporarily remade as a static version
      8/  once the above working then need to migrate and stitch the old databases together.
      9/ we still need to upgrade supertalk from 4.2.8 --> 4.3.1 fun on the upside... once all above is done superfuture will be essentially remade from ground up

      ;-) ------------------------------
      current bug list
      1/ rep frozen
      2/ emoticons javascript errors [NEW!]
      3/ image uploads on classifieds
      4/ a cloudflare captcha security message pop up when i saved this announcement? [NEW!]
      5/ theme editing
      6/ plug-ins not updating
      ------------------------------ if you note anything else please post here: thx


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