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    • Thanks for the photos, kukupoint, fit looks good. Tell me, do you find them comfortable, does the knee feel restricted in any way?
    • Studio D'Artisan D1728 The world's three major cotton jeans size 33 Bought in   Initial measurements / bathtub with hot water / washing machine 60 degrees,no spin (in the waist limiter) W - 44 - 44 - 44
      HIP - 56 - 54,5 - 54
      FR - 28,5 - 28 - 27
      BR - 38 - 37 - 36
      TH - 33,5 - 32,5 - 32
      TH_ 5см-31,5 - 30,5 - 30
      TH_10см - 29 - 28 - 27,5
      KN - 23,5 - 23 - 22,5
      LO - 19,5 - 19 - 18,5
      IN - 93,5 - 91,5 - 89 Growth 176, weight - 87 Overview after shrinkage  
    • Its interesting to see the dynamic shift particularly from the old ACR webstore, with how things are now. I remember 3rdArm accessories on there for YEARS, even a few of the 5tsr's sat unsold for a year or more, now look at them. I remember mulling over the J36 and deciding to pass, oops, but I think recently people tend to buy what they might want asap with the assumption it's going to sell out then resellers are the only other option.... 30sec isn't enough to time to go over a collection and decide on 0, 1, 2 pieces. Seems to lead to a slight feeling of dissatisfaction with your investment when you get your hands on it.
    • ah no worries man. It was your posts on the jeans that got me interested in the first place, otherwise i was just going to pass these over. Hi Kukupoint, would you be able to share the measurements here as well please 
    • Just got my Tender belt in, it's perfect! I haven't bought a belt in quite some time but this is definitely the nicest I've come across.
      Some quick, bad pictures since I'm about to head out for work.
      Nice packaging:

      The leather is really heavy duty and so is the brass on the buckle:

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