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  1. you look like you have the meanest vertwall slash grinds in this pic
  2. You made those wallys look beautiful, don't fret.
  3. Ya'll slept on these. Seems like the blues were a quasi exclusive. bought an 8.5 despite normally wearing a 9.5.
  4. the shape of the trigenic toebox on foot looks atrocious. i was put off immediately after trying them on.
  5. Analog MD jacket available on this is kinda crazy, is it not?
  6. @ the dudes who wear sandals with no socks
  7. Private messaged.
  8. Wow, these are beautiful.
  9. do these use the same sole as those new adidas x white mountaineering FW16 shoes?
  10. wow these are great, info?
  11. Honestly every snowboarding apparel brand now makes slim/skinny snowboard pants. Try Holden, L1, or Airblaster specifically.
  12. Not sure it will be specific enough but I always check for info on any headphone purchases I make. They have a very comprehensive list of equipment and I'm sure there's something helpful on there.
  13. Thanks for the link. Boots seem to be priced a little steep for what I was expecting... that's unfortunate. Also, just wanted to pose this question. Is anybody else repulsed by the excess of 3M used in lots of techwear? If anyone is trying to fly under the radar, a simple flashlight will have you looking like an airport runway strip. Just a little pet peeve.
  14. What do you guys think pricing is going to be on this new ACG line? Absolutely positively going to try to buy 2 pairs of boots and 2 pairs of pants just to keep a back stock.