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  • 01 2018 news

    supertalk 6.2.5 now has editorial modules enabled with options to deliver and package content in new ways other than just threads and posts. interesting huh?

  • articles

    supertalk can now publish articles. whoa say that again. ok. supertalk can now publish articles. we can even promote thread posts to articles. submit your article and if it's a good read we'll probably publish it. we'll start with categories for denim and techwear and add more as we go. even better still... help us develop a superguide and we'll sell it.

    heddels 01@2x.png

  • süpérmembers

    online communities like this cost shitloads of cash and take buckets of time to run smoothly. as one of the very few remaining totally independent and self funded internet communities out there - supertalk always needs all the support it can get. with many of you now using ad blockers - and even google chrome about to block ads, it's going to be very challenging for many sites like this to survive over the next few years. we are now relying more than ever on our native advertisers and members. 

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    become a supermember and we'll send you one. it doesn't expire till 2024 so we still have time to figure out exactly how it might be of use to you ;-]


  • supershop

    we now have a small basic select shop up and running with END. clothing. purchase any items via links from here and you will help support superfuture. for 2018 we are looking at options to create a more comprehensive shop.show?id=gf39VV*YhHg&bids=472320.11458651

    Saint Laurent Tie Dye Leather Detail Backpack US$1190


  • supergram

    superfuture instagram guest editor. we're back for a new round. now recruiting. new schedule here. start schnapping. 


  • süpérmårkét

    buy | sell | trade on the supertalk süpérmårkét. fee free for buyers. free listings for sellers. seller pays supertalk commission on sale for providing this efficient and luxurious service. deal?


  • pinterest

    we're no longer dispinterested. we're now looking for a pinterest editor to pin content to specific supertalk pinterest boards. pin superaddicts unite. surprisingly, superfuture now gets 10 x more traffic via pinterest than all the other usual suspects combined.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 4.44.31 PM.png

  • twitter

    new supertalk twitter channel now open.

  • superfuture x collabs

    co-branded products are us. we're also in search of like minded content providers. 

  • süpérsponsor

    take total control with a dedicated thread and superad from $US300/month. we currently offer 10% off for 3 months, 20% off for 6 months and 30% off for 12 months. supertalk now largely relies on our core user base for ongoing support. managing this site is super expensive. in the past we relied on campaign ads but as everyone knows ad blockers and facebook have largely wiped out that option, so to keep superfuture going as a 100% privately owned independent site - into its 19th year - we need all the support we can get!

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  • süpérartisan

    show us your stuff. become a superartisan and promote your products and brand.

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  • supereditor

    we're looking for guest editors and stylists to curate all this new schtuff. complimentary upgrade to supermember status is the very least you can expect. ok. and a supermembers card. oh and a sufu sticker.

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  • random superstuff

    01 |  hexeosis

    02 |  supér

    03 |  https://www.lot2046.com/

  • süpérads

    you know those small 145pixel superads on the right hand sidebar? well they get a ton of eyeballs. for $US200 a month they're a really easy way to promote your brand.

  • süpércøøkié