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    Hi! Everyone! The contest has passed three months, and jeans are gradually getting used to my body. I'm tired of going out (Fucking COVID-19), so I made a (cat) playground for my daughter on Sunday. Combine it with the spiral staircase that you made a while ago! I cut off a square pillar into an octagon. I put a split back so that it wouldn't break. 32 spiral staircase Haha The metal fittings were sprayed with matte black. First, create a catwalk on an empty beam. Makita's impact driver growls! done!!!!!!!!! My daughters love it! And my contest jeans.
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    Another month, another wash. This is the fifth, I think, and from now on I'll just throw 'em in the washer every time the dog muddies them up, looks like the creases are well set at this point. I've loaned the good camera to a friend so these are all phone pics, with some contrasty over-compensation for the all-tungsten light in the basement on the photos of full front and back. The color and fade is most accurate in the close-ups. Wash crease not as significant as it looks here, phew: Repair job coming up: Doggo chillin', listening to Steely Dan:
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    For anyone wondering both Self Edge and Standard and Strange should be getting the DSBs next month. I’ve been working my way through the 1101s for the last year and I haven’t worn these much. 1001XX Hinoya version coming up on 3 years of rotational wear.
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    SC x Junky 46's after 1yr and 2 washes Pre-wash Post wash I'm wearing SC-37's for work and cycling too and from work in a pair of Showers Pass Track Pants so the actual wear on these is only 20odd hours/week Pre-wash Post wash The texture is lovely and grainy alas I took these photos on the shortest day so the lighting is awful and i haven't managed to capture it at all . . This was the fit post hot soak . . ...and today in the pissing down rain . Edit- Whoops!, nearly forgot the pre-wash photos
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    We took some family photos and realized that my son and dog look tougher than i ever could pretend to be...this is also the most denim’d out we’ve ever been as a family. me: Stevenson chore coat merz tshirt roy all duck vans wife: 3sixteen+ caustic wave jacket human made tshirt prps jeans dog: carhartt vest baby: hand-me-down overalls
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    Conners s406xxx ww2 Warehouse sweat Buzz chambray Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstar Boy ....... chocolate waffle Dog ....... Christmas jumper
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    With a 3rd lockdown looming we're all spending a lot more time at home so lets see the things around the house you love.. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, if you love it, post it, i'll get things rolling.. Model 1227 c1938 Anglepoise (Herbert Terry & Sons) British lamp design at its best, original everything even down to the grommets, it's just had a sympathetic re-wire. It's sat on top of my mid-century wallnut and teak sideboard by Gunther Hoffstead for Uniflex Some geometric origami made by a local artist ...he was loosing his sight, couldn't paint so made origami I couldn't decide which side i preferred so i mounted it in a frame with glass on both sides, i can turn it around when i get bored Phlegm's Fight or Flight Kid Acne canvas The original at Park Hill There are numerous prints from this but only one canvas Mandy Payne's 'Everything of Value has Been Removed' I own some of her work, as does Alexei Sayle As you might have gathered, all the stuff i collect reflects the city in which i live, there will be a lot more to come if the thread takes off...
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    I was going to smile for this one then, just to upset me, it started raining, so I thought ‘fuck it’ ... Freewheelers Dylan, Bootleggers 91B, Freewheelers Ironalls, Bootleggers Steamrollers c/w Tender + RDT
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    Using little sailor again obay , RMC, lee, north see clothing, atlastco, cinch
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    Trip number 5 through the washer and dryer. One day I’ll do another fit pic.
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    Merry Christmas all! Freezing my baubles off at the in-laws in army surplus, Sugar Cane, TCB and Belstaff
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    Couple of new Xmas acquisitions. Papa Nui cap RMC jacket
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    Best wishes to all... Stetson / Hillside / Tender / At Last / North Face / Viberg / Plus several layers...
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    HW Dog Patagonia Buzz Wesco double mask just to be a goof ball (playing a joke on a coworker at work)
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    Little update, nothing crazy here Congrats everyone, there are some amazing fades ! Mackie | A Day's March | UDA-SHI | Uniqlo | TCB 40s | Conv custom
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    Great fits all around. my boy and the bike I made him. cargartt, RMC, vans
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    Sleazin’ in Edwin-made Lee Storm Rider & SC47
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    MF Chemise Fantaisie // MF Faro Waistcoat // RRL // Viberg x Iron Heart Engineer Boots
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    hat my aunt knitted for my wife, tender, tender, tcb contest, clarks