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    Setterman, Light Weight Class (13.5 oz) Warehouse 1001. 450 days of wear, 16 washes (including 2 initial).
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    Revelation: Just wear the clothes, outside, not just in front of a mirror and walk around in them. Maybe even in the rain sometimes, not just in front of a computer, in time you'll learn to forget about the bag and A4 photocopied sheet, the drawer full of other bags and sheets, the 'used' tissues next to them and, you might even learn new words when experiencing real life interraction over snapchat instagram, et al, and terms like cop, drop, etc will be replaced in the supermarket, and other places of better than 4k human inerfacing. Eventually, after prlonged exposure to these new found experiences you'll notice that some of the garments have marks or holes in them and that you need to actually buy a replacement or, heaven forbid, open one of thosed sealed $1500 plastic bags containing a pair of trousers, laughing to oneself, as that money could have bought a round the world ticket alowing you to vistis actual shops selling the same clothes, bought by the same people that were like you, with pristine plastic bags and pristine A4 photocopies of clothes that were 'dropped' and 'copped' and stored, and have wry chuckle to youself....
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    Test run before posting any final pictures of the DWC. Seeing what I can get with an iPhone 7. WH 1001, 450 days of wear. 15 or 16 washes (including two initial). Not bad, but color is off a hair on PC (too light, not blue enough). Looks accurate when I look at sufu on an iPhone.
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    Pronto x PBJ collab: 18oz Orange Brick Weft My DWC forum submission name is Buckhum Weight Class: Middleweight I got my pair at Pronto's Denim Carnival 2014 started wearing these in July 2015. It has been 22 months + 8 washes + many blowouts later, I still haven't fade them to the fullest potential. This jeans has accompanied me on trips ranging from Thailand to across the USA and I'm thankful for the memories. Needless to say, I'll keep on rotating this pair on and off with my other pants until all the indigo has left the fabric. Hopefully I will accomplish many of life's milestone by then.
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    The Rite Stuff Ace Western Belts TCB Chippewa The Superior Labor Bag
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    The only thing that sucks with my new TCB 30's jacket is that I won't wear my Denime type I that much often anymore. Man I love this jacket.
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    More of the same Tcb 30s Deluxeware Tcb 60s Whites sd
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    I visited the Fullcount store in Harajuku recently and i picked these up 1108XX these were one wash but i did a warm wash on them when i got home, they were bleeding like crazy all over my stuff. didn't take any pictures of the store but it was full of denim and some of fullcount's other stuff. they had some pretty nice souvenir jackets as well. I've got fairly specific hopes for these jean to fade with a very vintage style with less contrast as my Japan Blue's i recently posted. the fabric on these are very nice slightly textured and hairy, very comfortable to wear. These are my first pair in a long time to be hemmed this short and i really like it very easy to walk around my house and not step on my hems super nice to not have to worry about cuffs or stacks getting in the way. Measurements: pre-wash waist: 76cm front rise: 28cm back rise: 37cm thigh: 28cm knee: 21cm leg opening: 20cm inseam: 78cm post-wash waist: 73cm front rise: 27cm back rise: 35cm thigh: 28cm knee: 21cm leg opening: 19cm inseam: 76cm
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    To join you in the fun
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    I'll join the 60's party. TCB 60's bought in October, worn in rotation and washed OFTEN.
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    Full sailor vibe today. Kapital Evisu Birken
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    Joe_poww Samurai s710xx Heavy Weight Thanks to Mega and everyone involved with putting this together and everyone for competing! Really enjoyed little community and loved my Sam's. Good luck to everyone in the judging and whatever your next endeavor is.
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    Middleweight. User: schmidt Triple Works 666N. thanks
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    With small variations, this has pretty much been my outfit over the past couple weeks--totally dichromatic and boring but ok for spring. tcb / stevenson / tender / red cloud / tender / lofgren
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    I recently lost some weight, and I can fit back into all my old jeans! Pulled on No1 Special silver selvage 2001s this morning (tag 38, more like 35"). It really is lovely fabric. I'm not sure how much wear they've had, maybe 18months or so:
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    Gave my 50s another wash. Probably nearing 20 washes at this point and just around 1 year of actual wear. Really loving the color at the moment. Last couple photos show the truest color.
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    After another month and another wash...my beloved FC 1108XX.
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    Obviously not traditional fit pictures but sometimes I think its cool to see the clothes actually living, out there doing things. Orgueil shirt Sugar Cane Converse photos by a gentleman by the name of NJ that I met at The Shop
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    louisbosco - Iron Heart 666 UHR 21/23oz Super Heavyweight Category. now the final photos.. Final Fit
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    I like what I see dude ^ Here today's efforts Too to bottom Dire need of a haircut Evill grimace Tcb 30s Buzz My cheap tweed vest Canes White's Masterpiece of Swedish design [edit] one more pic that shows better the same clothes I always wear (!). same "tough shit" facial expression.
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    Samurai S710XX 19oz Heavyweight 8 washes
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    Acronym FAQ: Where do I buy these sick garmz? See vendor thread, BST thread, eBay, Facebook BST, and Grailed. When is stuff released? SS20XX~Middle of March–Beginning of April, FW20XX–20XX+1 Middle of September–Beginning of October. Do other sites carry 3A stuff? Not since SS16. Only ACRNM.COM, drops intermittently in addition to around the time of general line releases. Why is the retail price/resale so high? Health-goth and athleisure is so last year—WGSN said techwear is in, duh. Supply and demand—that and the importers have to pay duties. Can I get my duties down? Look for Voyager's post in page ~355–360. If you have particular questions, you can ask me. What do current names mean? XXX-X Current Naming Convention for Garments: 1. First X: (J)acket, (S)hirt, (LA) long arm/(KA) short arm, (ACRNM shirting), (P)ant, (H)at, (N)eck gaiter 2. Second X: number design indicator 3. Third X: (A)/(B) variant—A usually indicates additional features while B reflects pared down variants—these variants also do not suggest release recency (P24A preceded the P24), (T)ecsys, (R)accagni—could conceivably indicate revised but the jacket may have a generation indicator also. 4. Fourth X: Fabric/origin designator (S)totz, (CH)weiz—schoeller works, (DS)dryskin, (GT)gore-tex, (WS)windstopper, (SS)softshell, (BR)brugnoli cotton, (C)otton, (PB)gore experimental shell, (K) Nemen experimental fabric, (MP) multiprene Can you tell me about the comparable fabrics? Pant Fabrics CH: schoeller microtwill is cotton and aramid blend (mild fire resistance so as to qualify for protective clothing HS code)—some iterations treated with coldblack UV/heat protection. DS: schoeller dryskin is nylon. S: stotz etaproof is long staple cotton. Fabric Qualities: Weather Protection: S>CH>DS Breathability: DS>CH>S. Fabric weight is CH>S>DS. Colorfastness: DS>CH>S. Abrasion resistance: CH/S>DS. Stretch: DS (4 way)>CH (2 way minimal)>S (none). Jacket Fabrics GT: Gore Tex Pro fully nylon construction, 3L microgrid backer, air permeable ePTFE membrane, nylon face fabric. WS: 2.5L fully nylon construction, air/water permeable ePTFE membrane backer, nylon face. S: stotz etaproof is long staple cotton. Fabric Qualities Weather protection: GT>S>WS. Breathability: WS/S>GT. Colorfastness: GT/WS>S. Abrasion resistance: GT>WS>S. What do all these weird features mean? ACRONYM INTEROPS: right back side water resistant zip for interfacing with 3a bags usually terminated at the hem with press buttons ACRONYM SOUND: cable routing for headphones. ACRONYM TEC SYS: standard molle attachment webbing for external attachment. ForceLock: Velcro backed magnetic strip for holding IEMs on collar JacketSling: sling for wearable carrying jacket without holding it, consists of a slider, pull, and elastic. Newer models feature backside carry rather than the interior carry. EscapeZip: YKK proprietary zip that allows for quick doffing with a pull at the collar termination of the zipper. SpeedLock: shockcord hem that allows one handed tightening, webbing pull. Gravity Pocket: two way 5mm zipped pockets on the interior forearm arm that feature a in-sleeve press pocket that allow for item deployment with a swift downward motion. AuxZip: liner integration. How do I wash this stuff? Use technical fabric wash. It's water based and doesn't leave residue that affect the fabric characteristics. Generally: For jackets: single wash cold, double rinse. For S/CH: single wash gentle cycle, no spin. Don’t reapply DWR, proprietary coatings. For DS: single wash cold, double rinse. Don’t reapply DWR, proprietary coatings. For GT/WS/S: Everything is DWR'd, this is a coating on the face fabric that allows the water to bead out. With abrasion this comes off, to reactivate wash, reapply, and depending on what DWR, tumble dry or iron. I use Grangers. EDIT: Consolidated a lot for the culture.
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    Apologies, a bit lazy to reupload and post on here, but here's my updated fit pic from instagram: They are a bit more contrasty/faded in real life due to the bright lighting in the photo, but I'll have some evo pics up soon!
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    Just a few random pics S409xxx M-46 Rivets are starting to tarnish nicely Tab is also getting nice and curly
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    I wear this nearly every day to work. God tier awful lighting and angle, but hoping to do some better fit pics in the future with some hot backdrops hehe RMC M-65, 1880 Triple Pleat Blouse, 1915 501, PF Flyers.
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    01 | superfuture started in 1999. how old were you then? Back then I was 19. 02 | how did you first discover sufu? I think I'd discovered sufu around 2010. I started to wear raw denim in 2009, and I think I found sufu because of some internet searches related on "how often should I wash my jeans". I'd been a lurker for a couple years at least and I've been an active member since 2012 I think. I only hang around the superdenim sub forum. 03 | there are plenty of shopping experts on supertalk. what's your specialty? are you a pro? I am not a pro! Just an average guy who likes to wear his denim. I am a musician and I work as well in music management. I play traditional and early music on wooden flutes and I work as director of a chamber music festival in Italy. My specialty would probably be everything involved with Japanese brand TCB. TCB is a small factory brand from Kurashiki in Okayama prefecture of Japan. They're specialized on reproduction of workwear from the 1920's to the 1960's. I bought my first pair of TCB jeans in 2012, just a couple of months after the brand was created. I believe I've been one of their first overseas customers. Since then I've become quite a fan of the brand and also a friend of the founder of TCB Hajime Inoue. Through my enthusiasm and sharing evolution pics of all my TCB jeans and jackets I think I've helped the brand to spread a bit outside of Japan. 04 | reputation is everything in an online community. how's yours going? do you ever get neg repped? I don't care much about reputation. I do care about good manners and I see the rep system as a tool to keep the people well behaved on forums. 05 | online forums are all about the members, threads and posts. who and what keeps you addicted? Raw denim, vintage style inspired by 1920's to 1960's, Japanese vintage inspired brands, leathercraft, fine boots. I like to see how clothes are worn, and I appreciate people who put together a well thought outfit, not necessarily composed by a bunch of expensive and exclusive clothes only. I also love vintage cars, especially Volvos (hence my nickname), photography, tattoos, and music of course, though the music I listen to won't appeal to the 95% of the sufu crowd, being mostly hardcore, pure drop traditional music, early music and classical music. 06 | supertalkers are based all over the planet. have you met any IRL? I come from Italy, where the raw denim community is really small. Only a couple of my real life friends know and wear selvedge jeans, and none of them live in my area. There are only a few Italian regular posters on sufu, but I've never met any of them. I did meet a couple posters outside of my country on various tours. One of them has become a good friend IRL as well. 07 | are you fast and furious / slow chilled and controlled / or bitter and twisted? Definitely slow, chilled and controlled. 08 | the internet is full of crap. with over 3.2 million posts since 2003 has supertalk been a credible contributor or a major culprit? The supertalk community is big, there are some knowledgeable people and some wankers as well hanging around here. 50/50? 60/40?!? 09 | if supertalk got accidentally deleted would you be devastated or relieved? Neither probably. Let's say I would be devastated and my bank account would be relieved! 10 | if you could nominate another superstar who would it be? Another simple guy who likes to wear his denim well and hard, Max Power. volvo240thebest
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    buzz lee 101 suspenders warehouse 1004xx chucks [first day ever wearing a pair of suspenders, it's ridicolously comfortable!]
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    WHite tee Hubb leather belt Tcb 50s A Pair of deadstock surplus sneakers from Marina Militare (Italian Navy), just bought them for a mere 25 eur shipping included and I'm delighted with how they look.
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    Somewhere in Texas... SDA TFH 70s No snakes
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    A random shot of my 1947s (weird staging; good lighting), which are now several years old! Oh, and while I'm at it, I have a couple Toyo items for sale right now! https://supertalk.superfuture.com/profile/131657-jstavrin/content/?type=classifieds_advert
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    My style icons revealed now then! - Ande Whall Black - PF Flyers MIJ - (Buzz Ricksons P44)
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    Drove through Saskatchewan today.. only the 2nd time that I have ever been through the province. Very long, very flat... Knickerbocker mfg Strike Gold t The Flathead Sugar Cane Redwing
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    Is anyone else still wearing theirs? Mine have been taking a beating of late. Washing these every couple of weeks as they are getting filthy. Love the fading on the back pockets
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    13th wash. Finally I can see a bit of marbling...
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    Another wash on tje M46
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    Thought I'd share my 710 that have been my pair in the DWC, worn about 2 years and 8 washes.
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    Red Cloud R400S Super Heavyweight Day 0 Day 365
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    Fullcount 1101 PH Middleweight 15 oz These jeans have really started to come apart after 2 soaks and 5 washes. These jeans became good friends and i had a great time wearing them . Strange purplish/ blue hue i cannot explain. More on DWC \
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    This is my submission for my Iron Heart 666SII in the Middleweight division. I've been wearing them for two years and I stopped counting days after I reached 600. They've been washed three times and soaked once. They have been with on everything including the birth of my first child. The jeans has been holding together really good. The back pocket was really exposed with the wallet stretching the denim so it hade to repaired after 500 days. Also the crotch hade some minor repairing but otherwise they still have a lot of wearing left in them I started being interested in fading denim when I noticed the fades of a poker chip that I hade forgot in my coin pocket. After that, I always put two poker chip in the coin pocket in every jeans that I wear. It took some time but now you can clearly see the ring. More images Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enelldenim/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.se/johanenell/ironheart-666sii/ My profile on Denim World Championship http://www.denimworldchampionship.com/members/enell/
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    Ih duck type III, sh 87, fc 1101, vans anaheim
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    tcb 20s buzz hubb leather tcb 60s, , pair no.3, which I couldnt resist to break in already. Bought these from Beautiful Freak, they were tapered by the factory, most of the taper is gone with my midget hem. Difference is only 0.5 cm measured flat, however they do feel different. ITA navy surplus sneakers
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    Nowhere near pudas, but happy with the progress so far
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    Fc, ih, samurai, whites
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    ^ fantastico, that hat is the cherry on top of the cake. friday's pairing of my 4 different clothes: tcb duck jacket tcb ranchman red cloud 436xx white's sd
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    glad to be rocking these 1108xx's again. Probably my favorite pair of jeans right now.
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    Samurai S510xx 25oz — Super Heavyweight Ok Final Post — more extensive post on the dwc forum —– Love the way these ended up for me, very soft and comfortable even at 25+oz. I wore them approximately 18 months in total, 30+ washes, 2 separate repair sessions. They were my full time work jeans, 4-5 days week and frequently on the weekends as well. I had a hand in making approximately 80,000 gallons of cider while wearing these jeans. They have been to Japan twice, twice to Canada and once to Norway. Back at home I have visited 15 separate states while wearing them. Great Experience overall, loved sharing my time in these jeans with everyone and very much enjoyed getting a peek into all your lives!