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    outstanding co peacoat tcb ranchman remain vest tcb 50s tcb tote white's sd
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    Day 23 in these bad boys for me. I gave them a slightly different cuff today, and for my personal taste and needs I think its better than ever, this fit is really coming to feel natural and enjoyable for me. No good close up denim photos or wild Karl style fades, but I pretty little photo dump from a drive me and the girlfriend took to a near by town called Louisbourg, Nova Scotia today. (I just realised that in both photos of myself, my eyes are BARELY open. It was quite sunny. Good thing I have new sunglasses on their way to me right now)
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    tcb tcb tcb cheap bandanna and vest white's + outstanding co peacoat
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    As promised here are some detail photos of the jacket, the fabric is really unique. Has a shade of royal blue that contrasts enough with regular denim and the light weight fabric makes it very versatile for the climate here. I think the color is most accurate in the photo showing off the weft and the union tag.
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    Papa Nui Convoy Roy Flat Head 3009 Visvim Kiefer
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    played my first show in the 20s last night. went to the dump to recycle a broken flat screen tv and found this 90s fender bronco in the bins. Thought it was a fender champ at first - but no such luck. I took it home and it works. can't believe it. So I've got me a new practice amp for home - much to my wife's chagrin.
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    Greetings Folks! And welcome to the 30-day DIY Techwear Challenge. My school and industry mentors have challenged me with the task of trying to create a new product - from scratch - everyday - for 30 days... I'm a second year Student of Fashion Design - studying in the city of Vancouver. Since September I've been interning at a local research and design firm to gain exposure to technical fashion design, construction techniques, and the real-world process behind bringing wild ideas to life... The studio where I intern is very tight-lipped about their outputs and involvements, however I am allowed to say that they have been quietly responsible for many of the innovations and products seen across the market - some of which I see posted quite regularly in fits around the community. My roll is still at the utmost bottom of the ladder (see:gopher), however my mentors are incredibly supportive in including me in and teaching me the in-and-outs of the nuances fashion design. To be honest I'm a bit overwhelmed by the idea of trying to create 30x products from scratch, I've never done anything quite like this before... I'm going to give it my best shot to not only come up with a new product everyday, but also document every aspect of the patterning, construction, materials selection, etc. all the way through to a finished product. I'm taking this online in hopes that of getting feedback/suggestions/criticisms as to what I should construct each day, at this point I've only a very vague plot of where to begin and what to make. Its my hope that I can share with the community a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the products we all love, while being able to experiment with new ideas we'd like to see but don't yet exist. My obsession with techwear has become clinical at this point, made worse by the simple fact that I'm a broke student very much unable to afford the level of craftsmanship in my attire which has come to haunt me. To try and fix this I've been saving every penny I can since this 30-day challenge was presented to me last November. I'm happy to say -with the support of my friends and family- I've been able to put together a small pot of funds that I can put towards financing 30-days of techwear design. At the end of this project, I'd like to be able to assemble the 30-day log and the products created into a portfolio which I can use to find a job. I'm still very new to this but it's clear to me that technical apparel and accessories design is where I want to focus my ambitions and career. With any luck this project will be an appealing application for a design position with one of the larger industry players. The 30-day countdown begins!
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    lovely updates everyone! @Uncle Karl fading skills are simply incredible... @kameisenpai I need a couple cat coasters myself! more everyday life pics in the style of the one and only Bartleby San, dad life, cat life, denim life: Jeans and belt by Ian Hubb 20s 50s and 60s crotch comparison. The 50s crinkling is soo crazy, 20s won't get there IMO, thread dimension is smaller I think.
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    I’m on holiday and ready to send it to you like one week later. If anyone else send you first then no worries. Im happy you donate the money (5 bucks what’s over to unicef or so, but no rushy till I’m ready with the files.) Happy Chinese New Year in advance
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    posted this on instagram, but this was my first day wearing the golden gate, post-2h hot water soak. very happy with the results. so much to like about this denim.
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    I pulled out the 60’s today, decided to change it up with the tuck. ahlem glasses 3 sixteen tcb 60’s Wolverine
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    We got a really serious snow here in Raleigh yesterday. Any snowfall over 1" here can pretty much shutdown the city. So businesses are closed and people who can are "working from home." People like to make fun of the south for this, but I think its pretty amazing. Its caused by a lack of snow plows basically. Why spend the money on having a bunch of snowplows that only need to be used once or twice a year ( if even that ). So we only have enough plows to plow the main roads. The other issue you have is the melting by day - freezing by night pattern that we have here. Secondary roads are pretty treacherous even for experienced drivers. Needless to say the wife and I are at home with the pooch today. Snow days require a good bit of noodling on the 6 strings.
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    3sixteen vintage gabardine shirt edg belt conners sewing factory late ‘46 red wing postman
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    Over the weekend I went backpacking for a few days in Northern California/Oregon. Didn’t wear my 20s as my camping backpack puts a lot of weight on the waist where the suspenders buttons are but I figure I’d post the pics from the trip anyway. Did a lot of hiking and hot spring swimming and had to climb over a rock slide to continue on our way. Photos are a mix of iPhone and fujifilm xt20
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    Type 1 jacket, Warpweft.co, Boots
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    page 52 has turned into a pretty wild page! from the heavily washed to the heavily worn: both ends of the spectrum show so much quality! only a few months in! what will be left in 2019? predicting some excellent patch-work in store... loving all the updates, from balancing acts and tattooed children to updated cuffs via sonically accessorised trousers! flu struck for a while: life-work merely as a half-life in words - have been horizontal on couch alternating between finally getting to grips with stupidity of metal gear rising and reading sianne ngai's 'our aesthetic categories: zany, cute, interesting' then recovered walk back to work some less than scenic architectural characteristics of edges of medway's rochester (the new-old build meets boarded up bunker mentality) minimal fades are minimal in whatever light available and photo-bombing train of a modified rendition of an old outfit
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    summer shades. at times, i've quite the dislike for aussie sunlight during summer... Stevenson resolute 710 Visvim
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    from today, random things Bartleby style
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    Not a good pic but it's not that often I get my pic taken Conner Sewing Factory s406xxx type 1 The Real McCoys sweat Conner Sewing Factory s409xxx jeans Vintage 1960's Converse
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    Finally a piece of TCB I gonna keep Thanks @volvo240thebest and @JohnM for your help! TCB Type 2
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    And just wanted to share the post wash crinkles, fresh out the dryer.
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    Attractions / At Last / Ace Western
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    thank god you left your reddit handle
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    こんばんは。 カール氏はXハハ に精通しています。着用後63日目です。 今日私は空気でほこりを落とし、Fabrezeで拭き取った。
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    TCB 50's jacket. Velva Sheen MiJ loopwheeled hoodie. Roy test lot jeans. Viberg Boondockers.
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    very interesting topic. I have somewhat of the completely opposite problem, many jeans that fit great other people don't work for me beacause of my thick (!) gut. I also find that is mainly a matter of getting used to. I thought for a while that the SC47 fit couldn't work for me but after wearing the TCB 20s for a couple months now I'm getting used to the higher rise of the 47 fit as well and really love it. here's how SC47 fit me, size 36 (12,5 inches front rise) height 178 cm (5 feet 10 inches) 90 kilos (14 stones 2 lbs). TCB 50's are probs my favourite fit, rise for a 36 is 12 inches but what makes them feel and look satisfying to me is the ratio between rise and a fitted top block and here's the warehouse 1004xx (front rise 13+ inches, definitely out of my comfort zone, although rise apart these are a golden fit to me) and here tcb 60s, much lower rise, but they definitely work for me this is how I'd like jeans to fit me, but definitely I don't have the body type for this kind of fit, unfortunately!
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    So I haven't caved and bought the Golden Gate jeans (yet...) but I did just get my chore coat in. This was purchased from Yahoo Auctions, got a great deal and the jacket is basically unworn. Just some fit pics for now, I'll take some detail pics this weekend.
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    Simple fit Dry Bones/TCB 50s/Converse 70's Bonus pic of what I'm working with: Slayer Espresso!
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    long time, guys! unknown cap TVR burberry private white rrl hillside equus red cloud white's
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    A nice afternoon at the VMC Zürich with some good beer and beutiful people.
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    Day 20 in a row in the jeans for me. I was planning to go as long as I possibly could without washing (with the exception of the intial washing and soaking routine) but they got so wet in the snow today that I figured I might as well give them a wash. 2nd visit to the doctor to get our “soon to be born but currently inside of my girlfriend” baby checked up on and all is well so that is very exciting and a huge relief. Spent the better part of the day playing in the snow with the dogs, playing in the snow with the tractor, or playing in the snow with my nieces. After being in Vancouver for so long, its feeling kind of strange to be living on the East Coast again where it is snowing all of the time
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    Vans cheapos The Rite Stuff Sugar Cane Lofgren
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    Harman Optical The Rite Stuff Anatomica Lofgren
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    Vintage gore-tex/ 1969-70 levis type 3/ bills khakim chambray/ west ride/ visvim
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    Mister Freedom Mccoys shirt Knickerbocker jacket TCB 20s contest Redwing
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    3Sixteen x Rivet And Hide RH15 at 10+ months of wear, and one wash.
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    Admittedly, this was not today, but I did just get sent these photos by the photographer today. So I figured I might as well sneak these in Thomas Farthing Merry Company Henly Vintage 1920s jacket Knickerbocker trousers Vintage boot (photographed by a fellow named Brandon Artis on 35mm film)
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    Y'all need to fuck with this vegan free range water we have in Berkeley. Its basically angel tears (humanely harvested of course). With every wash my denim becomes more and more accepting and free thinking.
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    Quick evo update after a machine wash and dryer. A fit pic can be seen on the WAYWT for thoses interested. The roping is awesome !
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    710s after the first wash. Little over 2 years and a couple soaks in between.
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    Oh god couldn’t help myself. Went into one of my fav stores in Melbourne and they had the natty cxl in stock.
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    Company party outfit - cheap Asos suit but Mister Freedom trooper boots
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    40s usn watch cap/ b&l ray ban/ vintage gerry down/ vintage dee cee western flannel/ west ride/ vintage desert boots