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    From now on posting items for sale without a price will result you in a warning and a temporary ban, same goes to Interest Check’s. If you want to get 4000 for your used J47A, that’s your choice, nobody’s judging you.
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    Makes me happy to come through on the day of a drop and see things haven't changed as much as I thought. Yeah, prices are worse. Yeah, the resell game is atrocious. Yeah, the styling can sometimes suck shit through a hose but we can all be here and talk patterning, materials, fit, and styling potential. Ended up out of the game on ACR. 3A-6TS and attachments are going with a friend to LA, 3A-3TS is with the first offline sufu homie, E-J28 has a home with the best technical designer I know, DS-KA3 went to a young art dude with a lot of potential opportunities on the horizon, I grew out of my DS-LA3 in the shoulders, P16A-S are with a dancer who like to move in them, and the cargo shorts are the only piece I have grown out of that doesn't have someone eyeing them yet. I am def over being clothes rich cash poor. It was time for that awhile ago but its happening now. If there's anyone for whom those cargo shorts are a grail lemme know. Not a sale so much as a thank you to this community. Daniel sold them to me a long time ago, and always sold stuff in this marketplace for less than it was worth just because he was that dude. I would not have had the kind of access to Acronym that I had without the choice he made to strike a balance between profit and community. Hope that survives these darker days.
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    Preface I’m 5’7” 135 / wear a small So, I've wanted a pair of dry skin cropped pants for summer and this checked the boxes. Was never quite able to track down 17ds' so this was the next best thing. These are a more straight cut, wider version of the 17s instead of tapered as someone else had pointed out. I feel like they’re a bit shorter, fall mid shin instead of at the ankle. Belt system feels sturdier than my older p23ts ch’s. No buckle system implemented like the 25s etc. These have been global updates on all new pants, but the belt loop (namely the first one where the closure is) is now properly wide to accommodate thicker buckles. Both the outer and inner phone pockets now can easily fit a + sized iphone width wise, but will stick out the top a bit. They’re flow-y, super comfy and breezy exactly what I was looking for. The range of motion you get is akin to wearing a pair of shorts so you can bend and sit without restriction. I prefer DS on flow-y type pants over a stiffer/ less stretch stotz especially for hotter months. Other than that they're a no frill pant, deep front pockets, 2 back pockets and that’s really it. Standard long drop crotch without the diaper bunching. Can’t comment on ds weight vs other pants but feels decently thick prob same as 23ads etc. I’ll try and get a side by side with some p17s another time.
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    Some quick review as for sp28ts-ds. 1. Design This would be a serious Kung-Fu shorts or DFMA but we ain’t Kenny or Johnny so it something like a badass shorts need carefully wearing. Other than sp12 and sp8 from set 2 the BDU direction, and sp9 sporty direction, sp28 really dig though a new category which modern fast move real all conditions gear, but sadly, a high priced, but I’ll pass the price topic as it’s already one-direction. In or out, that’s it. For molle flap, not tried standing it up yet but I found something fun that with belt hole on it, design wise it may suggest the flap on wearing too like a proper high waist which reminds me some proper Yohji one. So maybe some 3a-sr1 or harness system to played with in future sounds a plan. 2.material this is thin version of Dryskin as feels like p25 quite alike. Here now in Beijing it’s insanely humid and hot recently but overall wearing it feels like a promising cooling one, as the material drapes well too so the air flow hopefully brings some heat out fast too. 3.sizing just following your normal Acr size would be fine, well till now it’s not sold out yet chances still da. Draw cord system being improved like recent issues stuffs, and if you like some tight fit, shirts tuck in being best solution which shown clearly from Acrnm lookbook. 4. 3rdarm rolls it’s more functional than I except though I only add one mp1 on it sofar but it seems like a decent setup for mk or wk models that work well I would absolutely confirm. 5.conclution you may ask Will this best shorts acr ever made? Hard to tell really. There already insenely great made model made like set 2 which be some myth if you not wearing them. But for sp28, this is some new try. if you in, you in.
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    So I've been working a lot lately, but last week I got to take two days off and go to a friend's cabin a couple of hours south of Oslo, and then to a wedding on the north-west coast of Norway this weekend. Some photos. I jumped from the cliffs back there, just the middle but it was high enough for me. Also take note of the boat, it will reappear. Making spring rolls with my friend's older sister and the kids. I'm in the middle of saying something - - I hope. Late night swimming with the kids. The neighbor took us out in that rib (or whatever it's called). I always get a bit annoyed when they speed past me, making noise and waves and looking douchey, but it sure was fun to ride one. Fast, and it jumped a lot. Okay, so on to the trip to Molde, about 5,5 hours by train followed by two hours on a bus and a ferry away. A few vistas seen from the train. The last one is Trollveggen, "the troll wall" (to the very left), the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, about 1,100 metres (3,600 ft) from its base to the summit of its highest point (copy-pasted from Wikipedia). It was really popular with base jumpers until they banned it after too many accidents. I arrived at the swanky hotel famous for it's view and saw only this for the duration of the stay. Haha. Just before the wedding I had time to hurry up this steep hill behind the city to photograph the view for this update. Cruise ship still in the way there... An extremely Norwegian sight. On the way down I came by this place. I didn't walk the line... But I couldn't resist climbing this thing! The wedding was held at my friend's childhood home. I never realized she was that old money. The place was huge, so nice, with an exciting history. Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, one of Norway's most famous writers and one of three Nobel prize laureates in literature from here, was a friend of the family. As was Henrik Ibsen, the playwright, and Alexander Kielland, another one of the big ones. A scary portrait in the dining room. Probably a relative, they weren't sure who. My friend told me that because of that painting she was afraid to be in that room alone when she was younger. I would be afraid today. Finally: Jeans on a train. That was the only time I wore them during this time. Too hot, plus dress code at the wedding. (It says that the size limit for photos is 7MB but I get an error for anything bigger than 2MB hence the small sizes.)
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    みんな、こんにちは。 私はTCBの大人のソーシャルツアーに行きました。 店のスペースはシンプルで落ち着いた空間でした。 私は長い間初めてここにいた友達と再開して、とても幸せに感じています。
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    flew over to Germany last weekend to see @volvo240thebest play a festival! we had to drive all the way from Berlin to stay in a castle near Frankfurt... ...only to drive to another castle to be at a concert... ...in order see the maestro play the flute in TCB 20's!
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    Bruce Lee started as a dishwasher in america
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    I just received the J68-S white colorway size S from the mail. Posting my first impressions. The cut is very form fitting, more so than all my other acronym soft/hard shells. The Stotz fabric is smooth and silky to touch, very comfortable feeling, very comfortable to wear. The white color is milky as some have mentioned, and i definitely think it will be difficult to keep the color pristine. But i think aging the piece is part of the deal with a color like this. I just hope that the white will not turn yellow over time, which will be worst than having some dirt or use marks. The jacket can be worn in a variety of ways. Sling and acronym collar tapes come in both white and black. I am not too fond of the contrast, so i will likely have it all white. Overall i really love this piece, in terms of the pattern, its my second favorite to last winter’a J56-S which is my favorite ACR to date, in terms of functionality, comfort and looks. I don’t think as a white jacket, its wearability is compromised. It is not as attention grabbing as the volt colorway. I am very happy with the purchase.
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    Hello everyone! Evolution of my 606, I’ve been wearing them on and off for the last 2 years, I think they have one year of effective wear. Peace!
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    I received my White Kloud boots today. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is ridiculous. They are even better than my Clinch and Role Club boots, making them the best work boots in the world. It's not easy to get a pair, but if you ever have the chance to go to Goto-San's workshop to be measured for a pair, it's worth it. A full write up will be on my website eventually. I'm taking some time to bask in the greatness of these boots first.
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    Still lurking around The 3005 are hanging around unloved... only wearing my 105BSP's at this point... funny since the 3005 are still perfect in my eyes, but after "creating" them I wanted to try something else. For anyone who forgot..
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    23 month bump, Some photos of my Okinawa and Hawaii Jeans, both worn for 8 or 9 months, washed every month. The Okinawa ended up getting much tighter at the hips but was cut more straight down the leg. The Hawaiis were roomier at the hips and waist but tapered a bit more. With the whole family (2009, 1947, Okinawa, Hawaii)
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    FC1108R have arrived - W33 measures 92cm in the waist (aligned) - seems like they expect it to shrink 5-6cm or more in the waist and then stretch back out to 85-87cm... about 6-6.5% effective shrinkage in weft - seems a bit too optimistic, but lets see!
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    Threw some quick photos up here, can take scans when I go into the office Tuesday if there are specific pieces people want to see in higher definition: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qdlbdcfux02eq3l/AAD_nRxB_IS7DoV4LdgojoIDa?dl=0
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    Here are a few more I just took. They do not fully show just how white parts of the thighs have gotten but that was the most natural light I could find in my new apartment...
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    €1500 shorts have to go in here, IMO. And €700 tank tops.
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    then latterly some summer reading to do & who knew nietzsche wrote rhymes… (some included with tangent relevance on online saltiness, patinated postures and how best to achieve fades) the trump-magic book strangely penned by a founding member of blondie (best read alongside adam curtis’ recent ‘hypernormalisation’ on dugin-putin and co.) magic seems a relevant theme amongst meme-kekking-magic and #witchblr hexxing of yee ol’ patriarchy then of some attempted relevance to theme of thread in my tangents found this in anthology ‘denim dudes’ a variation of this thread’s official tux top-half worn by hitoshi uchida and a wrangler lover’s rodeo clown dream incarnated by rikiya kanamaru; oversize fit and braces worn to an over 9000 status… and then finally the beach…
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    Trying to ignore how hot it is outside. Papa Nui Fort Pierce cap. Freewheelers. Lady White Co. CSF 1946. Viberg boondockers.
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    Ooe x Bandana Almanac... slowly slowly...
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    post soak/wash/dryer...the denim becomes alive!
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    Seems like I finally got the sizing right on my Lot.001XX - again, many thanks to the crew at Standard & Strange! Here’s the bunch of Real McCoy and Joe McCoy denim that I already had around... Real McCoy Lot.001 & Lot.003 (straight-as-can-be cuts) and Joe McCoy 901 (straight-but-slimmer cut). My pair of Joe McCoy 613 was not at hand... Now backed by the new, soaked Lot.001XX... Right between Lot.001 and Lot.003... Lot.001 is straight, but with a modern, short rise top - Lot.003 is straight with a old-school high rise top - Lot.001 has a slight taper from the knee on, medium rise top and curved outseam.
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    Ciao Fit update. Heat is brutal these days here in peasant land. 34 degrees today and humidity around 90%. Still wearing jeans because I want to win this contest.
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    Real McCoy's M-65 Vintage hoodie Studio D'artisan SD-102 (pre lawsuit) Redwing
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    ^c'mon breh, you aint even trying. venmo him
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    This is the jacket all the waiters on my Super Villain mega-yacht are going to wear.
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    Gather round, my friends, as I recount my tumultuous relationship with Flat Head jeans! Fall 2011: Hey, I moved to Japan, and suddenly just wearing Nudie doesn't seem good enough anymore. This Flat Head brand sounds interesting; look at this Sidneylo guy's jeans! They look rad. Maybe I could wear jeans as rad as that. Muh Contrast! Must buy Flat Head. Acquired: F310 from 2ND. Pretty Good fit after a cold soak. But dang it, I'm still at that phase where I'm insecure about being Really Tall and wanting my jeans to go down to my heel after I cuff them, so these seem to short. Let's sell 'em. Oh well. Early 2012: I need length above all else. The SE05BSP is the longest Flat Head jean out there, so let's get it! Hey, these are kinda tight in the lower thigh. Almost like I have Kinda Weird proportions. Maybe I should just wear a straighter fit...? Nah! Stacks For Days, baby. I am so insistent on making these jeans work that I wear them every day during a visit to Houston... in July. And I walk around outside a fair amount. I'm starting to think there might be something wrong with me. December 2012: Alright, I'm ready to try something different. Let's try the 3009! That's, like, a slim straight fit, right? It should fit pretty much the same as my Samurai S710! I miss having a Really Long inseam. Let's soak and stretch it out by hand! Man, this is hard. And I have to do this every time I wash them?! Ugh. This fit isn't slim straight at all! It's all boxy in the top! Well, at least my legs have some room. Time to pull the jeans down so they sit below my hip bone - so, you know, I can have some more inseam length! Fall 2013: I've been working at Flat Head six months and still haven't bought a new pair of jeans. That's gotta change! 1001 it is! Finally a great-looking slim straight fit! Man these jeans rule. Time to wash them. Oh crap, they shrunk some more and I've got the Dreaded Lower Thigh Tightness. And they sit well below my hip bone. The things I go through for my fades... Spring 2014: You know what? I never wear these 3009s anymore. Let's send them to my brother. They'd probably fit him well. Fall 2014: I've been wearing these 1001s for nine months! They look Pretty Good, but muh thighs. Let's donate them to Rivet And Hide as a faded sample! Oh shoot, I don't have any Flat Head jeans anymore. Spring 2015: Hey, there's a denim contest coming up, and I've never worn any Flat Head heavyweight denim. Let's get the 2111! Fall 2015: You know what? I really don't like heavyweight denim. Or lined back pockets. Bye, 2111. At least I've still got my Flat Head denim shirt! Early 2017: Hey, remember the F310 back in the day? Those fit pretty good, right? I'll buy them again. I don't care about a long inseam anymore. Give em a nice spin in the washing machine to get all that shrinkage out. What the heck?! Good grief these are tight. Maybe that first pair I got back in 2011 wasn't fully shrunk... I give up. August 2018: I'm tired of low-rise fits. I'm tired of stuff that's too tight in the thigh. I want my jeans to sit at or above my hips and sort of have an old school fit. I don't care about a long inseam anymore. I don't care about getting Maximum Contrast Sick Thai Fades. What's this? Great deal on a new, unused pair of Japanese 3009s? Alright, alright, let's try this again and hope this one fits like my old pair.
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    I really don’t think so.
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    took them out last weekend after the first proper wash...
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    WTB: J49-SS size m or l J66-GTV, size m, used would be fine FS (adding new items): SP1TS-S size s, used, full pack, color white,550 net. Update, I also have one size m same condition P24A-RAF, size m, used but good condition, 9/10 solid, 900 net DS-J12TS, size m, used but good condition,9/10 solid, 750 net, that is the thick wb400 version 3A-3TS, bnwt, xpac 2018 version, 900 usd, net last one P26-S, used, 9/10 solid, full set, raf, size m, 850 usd S19-BR, bnwt, 400 usd, size xl SS-V4C with full set 3A-SR1, both vest and SR1 are size m, SR1 pretty much brand new, V4C around 8.5/10 condition, with no spec and ziplock, 1500 usd net S-J8, size m, full set with 3A-SR1, no ziplock and spec, 1500 usd net, jacket 8.5/10 conditon J1A-GTV, size m, full set, 9.5/10 conditon 2000 usd net SS-J7C,size m, no ziplock or spec, 9.5/10 condition 650 usd net PL-J1, size m, no ziplock or spec, 9/10 condition, 800 usd net SS-JF1B,size l, pretty much brand new, fits male acr size s, 750 usd net E-J21, size l, pretty much brand new, 750 usd net LA5-MP, size l,olive, bnwt,500 usd, no spec(from haven so just haven ziplock) S14-BR, size m, melange, full set,9.5/10 condition, 450 usd net S14-AM, size m, full set, 9/10 condition, 650 usd net P24-S raf size m, full set, 9/10 condition, 670 usd net E-J3, size l, 8/10 condition but no tear etc, no sling, no ziplock, spec, logo tape or magnet, 450 usd net SS-J25, size l, olive, pretty much brand new, 750 usd net
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    Don't think I've posted how the Seamens trousers fit, so here they are. Works wonders in the summer heat.
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    slouchfest mister freedom pure blue japan
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    did manage to put the new Lot 64 Organic Cotton edition next to the older Okinawa and Uncle Sam editions - didn't have the Election Edition here with me in Moscow...different light settings...
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    CDP 507 xx / Vincimus Tee / Dockers K-1 / Aimekije Corp. Shoes
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    My engineer collection: Top Center: Clinch boots by Brass Tokyo in black Japanese vegetable tanned cowhide, red upper stitching, mid brown edge finish, classic narrow last 11" height Top Right: Wesco x Standard and Strange in Horween olive waxed flesh, motor patrol last, double leather midsole, brown vibram outsoles, 12" height Bottom Right: Role Club, flat toe last, brown CXL horsehide, dark brown edge finish, one heel lift lower than standard, 11" height Bottom Left: John Lofgren in natural CXL, 11" height Top Left: Clinch by Brass Tokyo in Italian vegetable tanned horsehide, light tan contrast stitching, 9" height (I would have gone with 11" if I had the option), natural edge finish, classic narrow last.
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    So here's the new made in USA Five Brother flannel I scored from Donna1992 on Rakuten for $50. I couldn't pass this deal up. Fits great and heavy so this shirt will be limited to colder temperatures.
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    So much for being more active, but here's bits and pieces since the last time. Finally started my vacation and kicked it off at the family cottage in Strömstad close to the Norwegian border. Brought with me one of the unfiltered juicy IPA's I made earlier this summer. A friend of mine had been home in Ukraine and brought back a little coffee present for me. Took the train up to Stockholm over the day to see Hellacopters perform at Gröna Lund. They're always so damn good but man, I don't like these shows in amusement parks. The audience is always shit. On Saturday we wrapped up Way Out West and I headed back to Strömstad to recuperate a few days. Brian Jonestown Massacre, St Vincent, Thåström, Arcade Fire and Amy and the sniffers were some of the best.
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    first champloo jeans. standard sda denim, sewn by double volante.
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    SS18 has been an amazing collection imo. Have you actually looked at how many pieces there were and how much variety? It was easily twice as big as last year's SS. If they had dropped it all in one go, we'd have all been completely blown away.
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    Pulling the No1 out of the rotation. Feels like I had been wearing this forever... Been really happy with the current state of fades so it's a good time to stop & give other pair some more wear. abit more closeup shots:
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    Out for a walk with the mut Real McCoys sweat Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Converse Jack Star Lola
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    daisy mae inactivity in action [utility resort max]
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    I am currently 1 month behind, as I did participate in a DB contest for 4 weeks. Anyhow, I thought is was time for a first proper wash (after the initial soak & brutal dryer action). before washing...different light settings... after the wash...
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    On tour in Brighton / Hove actually... Merz FHUTT TCB 20s Viberg
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    Circle A cap/very nerd glasses picked up at Inspirarion Brooklyn/92ish paper thin Minor Threat bootleg/Circle A d33/thrifted belt
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    meh Jackson's of Austin Wolf PackXJelado Anniversary tshirt trophy 1605bk Iron heart wallet chain BH oxford