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    Wash number whatever it was last time plus one:
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    Summer is finally showing Resolute 710
  5. 32 points
    Warehouse / Hollows / Cane's / Tricker's
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    CSF / LVC / Hollows / Viberg
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    Hole in one Warehouse chambray and jeans Vans Toy story tee Nippers N01 Jordan 1
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    My favorite Tee (Flat Head THC) favorite accessory (Flat Head leather bracelet) favorite jeans (Freewheelers’47) favorite sneakers (Lofgren x SE)
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    Newboyscap // Small Bird Overall //Pecador Belt // TCB 40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    runabout covid tee rising sun Yukon birks
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    Brass / Signal jeans, Nike
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    Bootleggers day Freewheelers Cassady, Bootleggers 91b, Freewheelers Ruth, Bootleggers Steamroller c/w Warehouse and White’s
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    Bootleggers Wavy, Freewheelers Greaseball, Medium weight tee, Locomotive Engineer Overalls c/w White’s SD and Tender
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    Kapital / Merz / Warehouse / MOTO
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    Took my work jacket home for its annual wash before putting it back in the drawer for the summer. Photos taken at 12 noon in direct sunlight this time around..
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    first time posting here. on our morning walk. great looks everyone! have a nice day. railcar, pbj, rgt, oni, viberg
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    Rototo hat, Warehouse sweat, TCB 50s, Birkenstock
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    I’ll take some proper pics once washed, promise.
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    UES/Ooe Yofukuten/New Balance
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    Nothing exciting Fit comparison on my Duck Digger 43 and 46 now that they’re both molded to me pretty nicely. guessing at most 60 days each, both had a warm wash around month or so in. I rotate bi weekly ish DDS1003XX 1943 model DD1003XX 1946 model They fit me... and pretty well I think. The 46 are just a more versatile pair when it comes to footwear, and the denim is of course the bees knees
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    Had a little fun going for a 60s London vibe to take my daughter to see CRUELLA last weekend. (Great art direction, inspired costume design, great soundtrack and knock out performances. And the recreation of 60s and 70s London was great too.) Cheapo sunglasses Vintage Velvet blazer Kate's pearls LVC Tee Cropped Orange Tab 517 Polo socks Cole Haan beaters Special guest appearance by our Doodle Hugo's fuzzy butt.
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    Chorin’ barefoot on a freshly pressure-washed deck, this morning // Finally found a good deal on a down vest in my size RMF / Joe McCoy / TCB
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    these have reached the perfect level of fading for me personally. they’re now out of regular rotation and will be worn sparingly so I don’t just turn them into shreds. Ha
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    keeping the pale pant parade pootlin' along tcb40sjkt [worn @kameisenpai-style]-cabourn-r.mocs