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    . Made a video on reasons to stay clear from 1000deaths
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    Got them hemmed on thursday. I'm always a little hesitant with the hemming. These have been hotwashed once, so I'm hoping for a touch more of shrinkage in subsequent washes. They look a little sloppy with anything but the pecos boots. edit - jacket is a 71 Lee 101j I got in nearly deadstock condition from a goodwill. best day at a thrift store ever.
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    That was no secrect drop, it just happens that there is world outside planet America that exists in a different timezone, considering the brand is European, some might feel it pertinent given the continent it originates from. Just a rhought....
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    I guess I'll post these while I'm at it. 60's pants worn since October, countless washes/drys: Forgive the iPhone pics, I can't find my memory card for my Fuji...
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    Got the DD-1001SXX back from the hem. Gave them another hot wash and seem to have gotten a bit more shrink out. Love the fit.
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    TCB 50's jacket is getting close to a year, so I thought I'd post some picks. I started wearing this jacket in Portland where the weather was more conducive to wearing it a ton but sadly I now live in Los Angeles so it gets less wear than it should. I've treated it to many washes and trips around the dryer and as most of you know this thing holds indigo like a champ, so the fading is rather subdued.
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    Last pics I posted didn't do much justice. But got my picture taken for a book thats going to be coming out in a few months, https://www.instagram.com/supplyanddenim/
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    These are my son's (2 years old) Kings of Indigo jeans. Worn almost everyday for 7 months.
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    I am thinking to reitre the jacket once I've received the type I. the cotton stitching is unravelling on several places in the back panel, some have been already mended (quite poorly to be honest), but several other places will need to be re sewn soon. It would probably quite expensive to rebuild it and mend a few holes on order to withstand more years of daily wear... On top of that I tend to like more a dark jean jacket, especially when wearing a denim tux. I don't like anymore how it looks with dark jeans... So since I don't really want to destroy It's about time to wash it and keep it for special occasions. I love it so much that I would almost like to frame it and hang it on a wall! The wife would be delighted to hear this! I'll post a big photo dump once it's washed and ready to be stored.
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    my holy trinity. stevenson, left field, and warehouse...newest to oldest.
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    Pbj 14oz xx013, 180 days 2nd wash 600 spin 60 degree celcius with regular detergent. The brighter blue pics are taken under direct sunlight.
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    Picked up some barely worn TCB 50s; the previous owner had a tailor take in the seat and thighs a bit, so they're kind of tighter than I would like there. I heard that eating chicken thighs can make mine thinner, will report back on that front.
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    do you already have the olive prestos??
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    "Old" photo from 1 1/2 month ago. Sorry for the delay... Vintage Scarf Vintage 70s Czech Army Coat Battenwear Lodge Cardigan At Last & Co. Shirt (not visible) TCB 50s Red Wing 2966
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    The denim definitely benefits from a hot wash, I think. This pair will get very frequent machine washes in the future. (jeans are still a bit damp).
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    a little 50s update, coming up on a year of wear and washes almost weekly.
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    I tried this as soon as I got it and cut my neck with the strap lol.
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    Just got the jeans back from Indigo Proof after sending them out for some much needed repairs, would have liked to wait till the end of the contest but they had become unwearable for work. The belt loop I hang my keys from was just about to disintegrate, the pocket openings on both sides had started to come apart so I couldn’t use my pockets and the crotch had seen better days! Some pics of the repairs —
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    Here's some pictures of my 1001s. I've worn these jeans on and off for the last 3 years. They've had a lot of washes and a lot of repairs.
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    my left field muleskinner. 2 years of ownership, honestly not sure how much actual wear. Probably 4-5 washes altogether. Feels like a slow fader but that is probably because I don't wear it everyday like my jeans and I often take it off during the day when I am wearing it. Love the lining but it makes it too warm to wear sometimes. More of a fall, winter jacket for me. Best compliment I can give it is that I feel no urge whatsoever to own another denim jacket, this one really hits the spot for me.
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    FC 1109, bought in 2012 and worn only during the summer months, several minor repairs and countless washes.
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    Quick shot on day off Old watch cap Glad Hand (fits kinda big) sc1947 Broken Home oxford sun is still in my eyes
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    Hi Everyone, first time poster here. Just thought some people might be interested on this video I stumbled across today... Title says SS17 but it's actually for FW17. Good looks at the Patrol Down and Galvanic Down coat Really liking the new Haedn collection: Jacket/Overshirt/Blazer. There's a look at 2 new items... a new stylish Operand LS shirt and new Mionn comp pull over Lastly, a look at the new Nomin bag at the end that branespload has been talking about... definitely new geometry to the front
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    I've snagged a used pair of Sugarcane 47 from Setterman a few days ago. Here they are together with a tcb duck jacket, Deluxeware sweat and Rw8111's. Sorry the photo isn't the best...
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    Hey y'all, here are my '47s that have about a year's worth of wear. I bought them in September of 2015 and wore them daily for around five months before they felt dirty enough for a proper wash. They've gone through around nine machine washes since then, and they've had one crotch repair (more preventative than to fix any big issues). A hole has developed on my left knee, but not sure whether I want to darn it or hand repair... I'd say they're my slimmest pair of jeans and were definitely the "gateway" that eventually got me into straighter fits from other brands. Pictures were taken on my phone in my bathroom, so it's not the most accurate colour (shins are the darkest part but maybs not that dark). Hopefully I'll have time to take some fit pics! Here's to another year of wear!
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    Fc type II, ih sh 170, 3sixteen tee, samurai chinos, whites
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    TCB duck Buzz chambray Deluxeware sweat TCB 60 RW Seiko SK007 watch I'm in love with this new Deluxeware sweat. Been wearing it all day everyday since I've received it. Trying hard to emulate Jack Nicholson's style in Someone flew over the cuckoo's nest. Even the dumb face on photo 1 is part of the re-enactement!
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    Have a new job that requires some slimmer fits. So no TCB 50s or 20s at work but I'm only there 2 days a week so I'm all in for the 20s contest. But in the meantime my 800s have become my work jeans.
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    back in them after the roys world tour. winter is coming, it's starting to rain and get a little chilly.
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    Not that much age to speak of yet but I took delivery of these Wescos at my hotel when I was in the US last week - thanks, Standard & Strange! The fit is very good, surprisingly comfortable, but I still didn't dare to wear them during the 20,000 steps-a-day madness that is SXSW. So the five minute walk to the grocery store just now was my first time wearing the boots outside. Looking forward to digging jeans with compatible hem widths out of the closet and putting these to good use, more and better pics to come.
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    After 6 years of not being able to fit into them, I can finally put on some of my favorite jeans ever. Roy RS1
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    Some recent shots, both pieces are the standard 13,7 oz denim that I thoroughly love. I think I constantly need one piece of Fullcount in my rotation from now on. And I even included the much ought after rear shots. And I found a nice chambray detail on the pocket flap, sorry it came out blurry.
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    Studio D'Artisan 5335. Approximately 6.5 months of actual wear and 10-11 washes.
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    In Ben Stiller voice: do it! Do it! Do it! Today: Kapital / TCB / Bronson / TFH / 70s
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    new jeans/old jeans first day with my ande whalls, starting to break them in to replace these samurais when the dwc is over.
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    Wasn't really planning on snapping any flicks today for this, but my homie BigHeadTaco came by. Take's a dope Japanese cat that tests cameras, and came by today to share the new Leica M10 with us and do a short video camera exchange with his homie thats headed to North Korea (Leica North America said "No way" to having the M10 leave the country) to shoot a Paediatric Hospital funded by the Canadian government. He must have shot this little jammer on his Iphone and I stole it from his IG when he posted it. I painted this denim Maple cap last night that a homie got me for christmas. I lost my "TS" Knickerbocker Mfg cap a few weeks ago, but found some acrylic and a brush in the basement that wasn't totally destroyed.. happy with how it came out. TS also works since they are my initials Strike Gold T. Mister Freedom 744 workman shirt. Love how much this has changed over the last 6 months. Orgueil Nep Jean. I actually really wanted to get the Earl55 cut from these cats, but the day before was watching James Corden and he had that model Cara Delevingne on.. I was hyped on her kit and she inspired me to drop into these, light, loose top, tight at the bottom, carrot cut pants. I've worn them a ton but since they're so light and loose they don't really show much age. Little different steeze for me but my ladys a stylist and I always get the nod of approval when I put em on, so all is good. I also like that I can easily have my hands in my pockets. Vintage Chucks. Love Tj
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    I'm overdue for an update. NYC has been interesting the past couple days with the blizzard that hit. Snow totals were underwhelming (only 5-8") but a fun day none the less. I was essentially snowed in with work and school cancelled. That means one thing for me- stouts! So I had a couple beers. The first was a Grimm Ales stout called sumi zest. This was probably the best stout I've ever had. It tasted like a chocolate covered orange creamsicle in stout form. My other beer was an IPA by LIC beer project brewed with elder flower. I also had some time to explore Central Park in the snow and cook. Made fried plantains, mexican spiced fish, with beans and rice that was made with coconut milk. As for the jeans- they are awesome! A size too big but no biggie. I'm embracing wide leg. Fabric has a nice small slub and a good neppiness to it. They feel similar to a smooth sandpaper (if there ever were such a thing). They also have a lovely hue of blue. Once the clouds go away I'll get photos in daylight to see the true color!
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    navigare beanie tcb seamen jumper tcb ranchman denim shirt fallbreak x allbluesco vest red cloud rc436xx jeans white's nomad
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    Volvo waywt short novel special for TJ Navigare beanie: vintage from late 80's, handed down from my old man. Special to me, holds sentimental value. TCB 50's jacket: my all time fave piece of clothing. I bought it from Inoue and this was from the very first batch he made back in 2013 (I think). This was actually the very first size 42 TCB made. I was wearing it when my daughter was born, holds sentimental value. Bronson grey mock twist chambray: bought recently on taobao for cheap. Nice, well made, heavy. Vest: cheap Asos tweed vest, I love the design, it fits well, it costed me 11 euros. Can't complain about that. TCB 60's: my second pair of 60's, which I received as part of the prize for the tcb 50's contest. Worn in rotation since June, they're starting now to look the way I like! I should stop to wear them once they're in full bloom? Or wear them till they're too faded? Dilemmas.... Whites Nomads: Volvo's all time best ebay score. Great boots, more people should consider White's for engineer boots as well. Natty cxl, Dr sole Composite sole, comfy as slippers.
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    Two old pairs I didn't post in a while: 500OG, 16 oz organic denim & 5000VX 21 oz. The OG denim faded really nice, too bad that all the models ran pretty small in size. The 21 oz has super high contrast, not what I like these days anymore.
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    RLY? I mean yeah there is a 70EUR difference on J57, but it's a physical store compared to ENDs and ACRNM.COMs and the stuff is imported from europe. There is 1EUR difference on the nemen cotton pieces tho. Y-3 is even cheaper at haven than at Y-3.com. SISP pants are 58EUR cheaper at haven then at END. So keep calm and support your local store, be glad that the shop with best selection (that goes in sale) is in your country and don't cry.
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    Like agreed with MaxPower we are gonna share our little internal battle here inside the Full Count thread. Here is my 1 month update (to be fair, the February is a rather short month )