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    A Review of the J56-S (RAF) Just got this in a few days ago and I'd like to share my initial thoughts on it. I specify that this is a review of the RAF J56 because there's a few small details that are unique to that version, and I am of the opinion that the RAF J56-S is not only the final form of J56, but the best jacket that Acronym has released in the past two seasons. I bought J56-GT when it was released. I liked it. Didn't love it. I liked the design, but I always thought that GT Pro was too stiff a fabric for a jacket like the J56. The J56 design-wise is simply a modern take on the M65. Even the numerical name is like taking the 65 and twisting it around. I may be reading too much into the numerical significance of Acronym's naming of the 56, but my point is that it's a reworked 60's Vietnam-era military garment and GT (at least the GT that Acronym uses) isn't the proper fabric for a jacket like that. Ventile, a classic military fabric that seems more appropriate. RAF tapes - The RAF J56 is the first jacket to employ RAF green forcelock and logo tapes. It's a minor touch, but a nice one since you can use these RAF tapes with all of your other jackets. The chest pockets - This right here is the jacket’s identifying feature. They are conspicuous and give this jacket as a distinct “Acronym jacket” look. Voluminous, symmetrical and ergonomic top waterproof zip-access pockets. Even though they're detached from the jacket, they're easy to unzip and zip with one hand due to the way they are sewn to the jacket. These are the same style pockets as the cargo pockets on the P24A and the 3A-MZ3. They can hold quite a bit and still not interfere with the lines of the jacket. In fact, the jacket looks better when the chest pockets aren't deflated and have something in them. In addition to the top access, you can access behind the entire detached pocket from the side in the style of a hand-warmer pocket. I find this to be the singular flaw of the jacket. Those side-pockets are awkwardly accessible and you look awkward when you have your hands in them. That part of the chest pockets is mostly unusable, unfortunately. The bottom two front pockets - waterproof zip access as well and have average volume. Suitable for easily accessible items and suitable for hands (I personally prefer to pocket my hands in my pants pockets when wearing this jacket, but the bottom pockets are certainly an option as well). Overall the jacket has an abundance of storage space that, when filled, doesn't negatively affect the look of the jacket. Gravity pockets, interops, detachable hood, internal or external jacketsling - We are all familiar with these Acronym staples so I won't get into them in the review. They are all accounted for and certainly add to its appeal, but they are not a unique facet of this jacket. The liner-compatible zip, which appears to be the new standard for Acronym, is present as well. Cinches - As with J56-GT, there are SpeedLock cinches at the bottom of the jacket, however the J56-S adds an additional cinch inside the back of the jacket at the midsection. I don't think they mentioned anything about this in the pictures or description, so it came as a pleasant surprise. This may seem a minor addition, but it significantly increases the versatility of the jacket. When cinches are loose and wide open, the jacket is suitable for a liner or warm layering. When midsection is cinched and bottom is as well, the jacket turns into a more fitted and sharp looking field jacket. Closure - I'm sure that there were some people initially turned off by the fact that this jacket utilizes snaps & buttons as its closure. As referenced in its official description, this is a "contemporary nod to tradition" and I personally appreciate that Acronym approached the snap/button closure in a unique and functional way. The snaps attach by folding the right side out towards the inside of the left side of the jacket, creating a windproof closure. The big buttons close the front. All but one button in between the top of the chest pockets are hidden behind a flap. A nice detail - the fabric that lines the interior of the flap is a soft touch, felt-like fabric. On the RAF version, this fabric is a contrasting black color. I personally don't mind all the snaps and buttons, but I can see how someone would find the whole process annoying. As with most Acronym garments, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You really must wear the jacket a while to really understand how nice it really is. I really can’t recommend this jacket enough. Grab one if you can.
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    Warehouse 800 1.5 years. Hot Washed/Dried every two weeks. I love the texture of this denim.
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    WTS: J28-GT, Medium, 9.9/10, selling for net of my cost if you can prove you've sold Acronym at cost or below cost before or if it's your first Acronym piece. Accordingly, with proof: $1500+shipping F&F; $1550+shipping invoiced. If you can't prove either, $1850+shipping F&F, $1905+shipping invoiced. Sent to a valued community member.
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    What a ride! Sorry for the poor image quality, but here is my final entry! They appear too dark in some images due to my iPhone and indoor lighting, however the color is more vibrant light blue. It's been a pleasure wearing these the past year and a half+, and I look forward to breaking them in further as they're just getting started in my opinion. Cheers! Most accurate color: And finally....a rare fit pic! Thanks again to the folks at S&S, Ooe, all of the contestants, and everyone who's been following along!
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    Flat Head X Tender Evisu Birken with Kapital socks
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    ACG gtx blazer & woven pants, out shopping for candles earlier this year with younglings.
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    TCB 20s... in the fading autumn light...
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    I thought I didn't have too much going on for my 50s but after a wash the grainy-ness of the denim just sky rocketed!! edit: unfortunately, public wifi killed the quality but you get the idea.
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    TCB Bernie Sanders shirt Tender Vans Black Lab
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    Sometimes you just got to copy the cool kids
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    have about a years worth of wear on this Sugar Cane Okinawa so I thought I'd take some photos. I had the arcs for most of the time and then decided to take them out to see if it'd leave a permanent outline. I
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    Drink hipster Coffee for energy. Kapital X Tender Evisu Birken X Tender socks
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    lovely fit @bartlebyyphonics don't worry about too much posts, keep it up! I've tried hard to find footage online of the tcb20s presence on Hungarian television but failed at it, either the tv stream is gone already or the website oesn't accept an Italian IP address... but I found this.. first stage outing for the 20s, together with a huge (in every sense) virtuoso of the Hungarian cimbalom.
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    The denim after 5 washes (don't ask)!: And while I don't have a triple pleat, I CAN offer you the awkward Uniqlo mirror fit pics (Fullcount Type 1 under there somewhere): Was wondering how everyone's look so slim, but realized it's just the front angling. Here's my true JNCO fit:
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    My Okis. In rotation for just about 2 years.
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    Finally have a day off work today, so I decided to take a little bit of time to shoot photographs of a few pairs of my now semi-retired or waiting for repairs jeans. The photos probably arent the best because they are Iphone (doing this really made me want to buy a proper camera) but i'll try! Will be posting a few pairs over in the Sugar Cane thread aswell if anybody is interested. Anyway.. I spent a good chunk of the year wearing my TCB 70s bush pant as my regular work pant (I am an Ironworker) and they got really destroyed. I believe I was somewhere around 100 days and 3 or 4 washes when I put them away, but I dont remember the exact numbers
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    https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZoMtyvJkvZS1IgHI2 Finally getting around to posting some photos and measurements. pre-soak waist 40.5cm front rise 31.5 back rise 42 thigh 30.5 knee 24 hem 23 inseam 93 post-soak waist 38cm front rise 30 back rise 41 thigh 30 knee 22.5 hem 21.5 inseam 86 the light denim in a loose cut is super refreshing from my FULLCOUNT 1108 or Samurai 710xx. My current rotation of jeans are all my favourite pairs of jeans. love the cut of the samurai, love the length of the fullcounts and how care free they are, love the denim and the comfort on the TCB. currently biggest gripe with the TCB is all the hardware sometimes it makes me anxious when i'm wearing my nicer clothes and on furniture but that's about it. really excited to see this denim age. I especially love the mobility provided by the TCB's i can do all sorts of Taekwon-Do moves in them Super excited for this contest!
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    Fresh TCB 50’s. Hemmed by Self Edge LA and throughly nuked in the washer/dryer. Super excited! sorry for the wonky lighting.
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    NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN The is usual garb Engineered Garments jacket Real McCoys chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Vans
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    My daily outfit- pretty much wear the same thing every day TCB 30s j crew oxford TCB 20s alden plain toe boots
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    Updated fit pic after a few days of wear and the denim has had a chance to relax and settle. Also went crab fishing the other day.
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    1915 1937 1955 compared with TCB 50s 1955 iphone pic. need to get better pics of these but my dad is wearing them nowadays. 1947 - my first pair of selvage jeans. kinda wish I hadn't sold them all, but they nolonger fit me and I needed some pairs that did.
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    It's finally getting cooler Feltraiger watchcap SSDD a2 deck jacket Pilgrim Surf JP Flannel SC1947 Whites special appearance by Thor (wife's dog). He's a mighty one lol.
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    You could try emailing their parent company sales@1kcorps.com
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    Been awhile guys. Been wearing this pair of 1101 off and on since last summer. Don't know how many wears or washes, but a lot. After awhile I just decided to start washing whenever I felt like it. They're coming right along though. Thread and crotch has held up surprising well as a result.
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    [sorry, feel like i'm blitzing the thread: will shut up after this] but in the mood for sharing... slightly better lit fit-pix with more references this time: the million dollar hat man tom mix pictured in the 20s with something akin to the triple pleat (similar pockets and slender arms, but only a double) and the most extreme blanket coat (with something fitwise akin to jeggings...) 1920s simulacra, then and now...
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    Nice updates boys. Greetings from Budapest. I'm here for a concert, not time for sightseeing as usual, but tomorrow we should be featured on the national broadcasting TV so the 20s will make a tv appearance haha. playing as a guest with a great band of traditional Hungarian music, we'll try out a bit of spaghetti goulash fusion.
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    New York Hat Co TCB x 3 Jack Purcell Converse
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    Oh, didn't see you there was just browsing around for a good read at the local molecular biology library Vintage M-51 Resolute 710 New balance 990
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    A bit busy during the weekend, but here's a little something from the last days. Quick elevator photo on the way to a music quiz, my favorite pastime after quitting basketball all those years ago. We're a quite good team, if I may say so myself. We know each other from working in different record stores throughout the 00s. After mixing up two Tom Waits albums, a lot of album years and a few other stupid misses, we came in third in the end. The winners of this round managed 96 out of 100 points! (Not my handwriting here. Mine's so tidy that I get to do the official one, this is just to keep track of our points.) I'm having some trouble with the auto-focus in macro mode, but here's a couple of shots of the jeans in their current state.
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    Minor photod dump. Post wash fit pick- definitely got all the shrink out of them. Length is perfect for me and slightly snug through the chest but still fine with a sweatshirt underneath. Worn with my 60s jeans for comparison.
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    So, long term thoughts with a few pieces: For reference (I know I've said this a million times here) I'm 5'9" 182lbs (as of today) usually 38-40R off the rack suit size, 16"/33" shirt, chest size ~41", my true waist is 33" and my inseam is 31". I usually wear a L in Stone Island Shadow Project tops, 48–50 SI:SP bottoms, M in all Acronym, 3 in Visvim, M in all Veilance tops, 33" in veilance pants. I live in a temperate climate (50–65F in the fall, 40–50F winter, 50–65F spring, 70–80F summer) with high amounts of rainfall especially FW and very little SS. J55-MP: This fits slightly oversized—if you're thinking about the sizing on this piece the measurements are deceptive since it seems it's measured on the outside of the garment over the holster pockets, there was a Grailed seller out a few months ago who listed as this as being undersized, they're on crack. Anyway, quick feature recap: garment dyed, nylon outer and loose woven inner with polyurethane interlayer; raccagni super-r two way main closure with a wind flap; two holster and two front waist pockets, both detached entry 5mm reverse coil zips with autolocking sliders; nylon cuffs; shockcord hem with left and right adjusters. Don't think I'd ever sell it at this point since I wear it roughly 3–4 times a week and despite seemingly no appreciable technical fabric specifications. I still have no clue what the multiprene is other than some polyurethane material that is a putative insulator. The jacket isn't resistant for more than a quick shower. I also doubt the windproofing. Notwithstanding all of the seemingly negative qualities, I love this piece—my love for the piece begins and ends with the look of the fabric: the closest analog would be Stone Island Nylon Metal meets the Jordan Elephant print. I am quite conservative with colors in my wardrobe so I am biased toward different textures and finishes—the 55 has both. The fabric has a sheen to it and texture that is really unique. As to other features, the holster pockets are quite useful, they can fit a phablet like the note or iphone plus but it gets quite awkward with larger objects. I would say they're perfect for a wallet and smaller items. The front pockets, like other detached entry Acronym pockets, are quite voluminous with the pocket space going almost to the back—the jacket can be laden with a good amount of stuff without appearing too bulky. Additionally, the jacket is quite durable with no appreciable wear at roughly two years of constant use (other than the loose lining pilling slightly at abrasion hotspots where the loose jacketsling rubs against the back). It's pretty amazing that the cuffs are also in wonderful shape, no fabric pulling or appreciable wear either. Finally, the 55 is insulating to the point where it's usually my only mid layer—it's effectively a 3 season piece for me. So I guess I have to address criticisms, I only really have one: no external jacketsling point. Having the newer style pieces with the external jacketsling points is amazing, it biases me against the older pieces—the sling can get into the way sometimes where it looks like a shoulder holster and it can cause wear on the interior of the jacket from the hardware abrading the liner fabric. P24A-S: This fits slightly oversized. If you have a mesomorphic/endomorpohic body type, you shouldn't have to size down on these. Let me rephrase, unless you're a smollboye, I don't think you should size down on these. This assessment is purely aesthetic but if you're ectomorphic/built like slenderman, don't wear BDU style pants, it only makes you look even more frail. The waist isn't the issue as much as the intended articulation, if you're sizing down the articulation doesn't look like it'll work as intended (like the P20-S). As a quick recap on features: stotz etaproof construction (functionally waterproof if not certified waterproof); ykk locking fly zipper; press stud main closure; 12 pockets, slant pockets count as four, two detached cargo with ykk reverse coil 5mm zips with autolocking sliders, two raid pockets with press button closure, two back pockets, and two welt phone pockets; reinforced knee and thigh; articulation, that nice nylon seam detail on the inside cuff. These are your pants if you have a lot of small stuff to carry without a bag. They work well but the pockets have a lot less volume than they appear—especially with the detached entry cargos. For volume reference, I can put a pair of gloves in one side and maybe a hat in the other without the pockets being overladen or bulky. Also, they can fit an ipad mini but not a nintendo switch (s/o Alyxbot). I actually have no idea what really can go into the raid pockets conveniently other than a wallet since the size is so square—Minidisks? Altoids? Ritter Sport chocolate? While these pants seem like the evolution of the P3, I think they're closer functionally to the recent SI:SP combat cargo but they're quite weird since I think they're more aesthetically capable than substantively capable. The placement hampers the use. I think the 16A has the best cargo location hands down, literally hands down the side access without bending over. Back to the 24A, the articulation on these pants seems like an angular iteration of the P16 pattern, effectively. I feel like they achieve the same feel with the severe taper from the knee downward. As to BDU vs BDU, I think the SI:SP combat cargo does utilitarian side of the fashion BDU better than the P24A but I find the P24A to look much better. As with the J55, I don't think I'd sell these since I am enamored with their look and feel—I wear these 2–3 times a week since getting them. Little appreciable wear other than abrasion from the press stud buttons. They feel really nice when worn a lot, as with most stotz. The articulation really helps with the lack of give to the fabric. They're loose without looking sloppy—I feel that's an issue with a lot of the oversized acronym pants. Resistance is great, they're as advertised, windproof and functionally waterproof. An interesting aside, etaproof isn't certifiably waterproof in most cases but it is effectively waterproof for most practical applications. I've been outside in constant rain but not hard rain for 45m–1hr and no penetration. TL;DR: both nice, 55-MP more than expected, 24A-S less than expected functionally but not disappointing. Don't see rotating either out of my wardrobe anytime soon.
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    Running double TCB yesterday (jacket and chambray). My jacket is finally starting to show some character and I am very excited
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    On this beautiful day I went to the nearby botanical gardens with the hope of getting some nicely lit action shots of the jeans. It was - of course - full of people. Since I find it quite embarrassing to take pictures of myself or ask a stranger to do it, you get mostly nature and city this time. The Museum of Natural History A famous tree (can't remember the story) They have a lot of different plants from all over, and a few years ago they got some hemp with an almost non-existant THC level. People still wouldn't leave it alone, the staff even went on the news to say that this plant is pointless to smoke, so they had to put it in a cage (check out the antlers casually stored in the box behind - very Norway). And now there's a sign as well: When I got back home I took the elevator to the top floor of my apartment building. To the south there's a lot of construction and a fairly new part of the city emerging. A bit controversial too, since it has blocked the fjord view for thousands of people. The other direction. On the top of that hill, a little to the left of the middle, is Holmenkollen, a famous ski jump arena. They actually built a new one years ago in the same area, just a little lower on the hill so that it's not very visible. The old one was kept as a tourist attraction and it has a very steep zip-line. I've never tried it, but I want to. A quick fit-pic taken in the back staircase (not used much, no interruptions) as I came back in. I cut the head off, not for anonymity but because I looked like an idiot. The fit is quite tight in the seat and thighs, but not uncomfortable at all and the waist is roomy. I'll take some close-ups soon, hopefully tomorrow. Most importantly; cat approval!
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    Warehouse tcb 50s Red Wing
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    Yesterday at The Wave, on the UT/AZ border. IH 555 18 oz and Double Indigo Duck type III are the new staples. Paired here with kanreki shirt, 7.5 oz white loopwheel tee, and ebbets field hat. Bonus dog because she's cute.
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    All this talk about Type 1s so my lady took my picture wearing my LVC one. It was real oversized at first but after a wash and dry it shrank up quite a lot. This maybe the fit you are after @aho but its only LVC not TCB lol. Im also wearing the 1940s hat to complete the full denim look.
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    new 50 1.2 lens so i decided to play around with it. this site looks completely different since the last time i was here
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    The wife wanted to get in on the fun. 3sixteen Tender Chucks Black Lab
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    Well, I would have posted fit pix. But apparently I'm posting dog pix. I got a huge amount of shrink, which did come in pretty much at target size. I did a straightforward 40 degree wash with no seap, and wasn't surprised by the huge shrinkage so much as the feel of the fabric, incredibly soft with a huge amount of crinkling. This is right outside my comfort zone as all the 1890s, 1920s or 30s cuts I have, Levi's or Lee, are still really crisp and stiff compared to these. Those other repros are generally much wider altho I haven't done a comparison. Outside my comfort zone is fine but I can't seem to get the cuffs right, they're all over the place, I'm trying for a highwater look but they keep rolling down. I suppose I might end up pressing them! Anyways, there is a constant downpour for my first day out; we were up in Greenwich park near the observatory and zero meridian. My son feels my interest in denim is unhealthy and that dogs are more interesting, hence the fit pic. I have a 30s leather jacket that i know will look great with these but the zip is knackered. I was waiting to get it fixed at Aero but will investigate a budget local repair so I can team the pair up for the winter. I've tried a few shoes and boots. These are hardly any wider than my 50s I think, but call for different footwear as the cuff is deeper. My vintage Veldtschoen are too dainty; haven't tried my Lennons yet as we had visitors round and the sound of me running up and down stairs in those boots scares people. So today I'm sporting the more recent Sargent Veldtschoen. The fallen oak tree is 500 years old; it's from the era when this was a royal park with deer running around, and is called the Queen Elizabeth Oak as the young princess reputedly played in this location, which is by the old Tudor Palace. It was completely hollow by Victorian times and was used as a lock-up to imprison drunks etc! It finally fell in a storm in the 80s or 90s. The other photo is a view of the city from One Tree hill, a favourite spot of the poet and lexicographer Samuel Johnson. You can see the old Naval Hospital, built around 1680-1760, with Canary Wharf behind. Anyways, great to get these rolling and I looked forward to seeing everyone else out and about.
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    Cigar shell indy + IH quadruple indigo: 18oz indigo 555 , tonal stitch indigo western, and double indigo duck type III. Just a tad ridiculous.
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    I'm fine with some Japanese competition. The more, the merrier. Also, photodump from before the wash with a bonus Indigofera blanket that now sits on my wall.
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    Quick and dirty pre-soak fit pic. I think these will be bloody good after a wash.
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    Ready for the walk to the pub Hat stolen from the wife Freak Store BDU UES PBJxRH RW
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    Hey all, (especially @bartlebyyphonics ) I meant to have these done four or five days ago but I've been busy. Last night and tonight I got to business, sent my $20 and lo & behold, I have an entry: 18.5oz Kuroki Mills by Jorge Pantalones. and a quick soak before I wear them tomorrow: I made these along with 12 other pair. Here are a few process photos: Cutting table chaos Setting the run & fell, then finishing it on a Kansai dbl. needle chainstitch machine My beloved Singer 69-8. I honestly wasn't sure if it would plow through all ten layers of this 18.5oz denim but it handled it with aplomb. Contest hasn't even started yet and I've already had a blast. I'll get some pics of them on tomorrow when it's light out. Cheers!
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    I figure some people might want to see the P26-S outside of the Acronym website (Haven's End-like model pics don't count). SM1-AM Mission Workshop Schoeller denim jacket J25-WS P26-S IWC Mark XV Rick Island dunks