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    1001XX DSB, don't remember which exact model Similar wear to the 601XX: maybe 2–3 times / week for the last year and a half Yoke needs re-stitching, and the crotch needs a patch, but I really like how they're looking these days
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    Eastman Rough Wear 27752 A-2 over Big Yank work shirt, patched and repaired old LVC San Antonio made 1933 501xx.
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    Same stuff with a splash of orange. skatestore hat, armor lux, atlast co, vans
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    Around a year and a half in the '51 601xx, maybe 2–3 days / week on average
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    Sugar cane m11026 - homemade tee - 80s carhartts - flat head engineers
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    Denime - Arket - Denime - Converse
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    Freewheelers / Warehouse / At Last / Viberg
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    calling @crownzip over to this thread... for me; nothing special, a x-post; but staying with the volumes for wintery feels m-65 / tcb / stan ray / tender / timberland
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    Pulled out some color today. Tender / WH / NB x lost art
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    Last month of the contest and we're winding it down. I'm on the road in Baja California riding motorcycles with my partner from Los Angeles to Los Cabos. A perfect way to close things out with these jeans. I hope everyone is doing well out there.
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    A bit dressed up in Monterey a few days back. Sun in my eyes hence the po'd expression. RRL RS MF Paraboot
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    M11026 came in. I love it! One broken box stitch… I think I might break em all! absolutely beautiful donut buttons … with “S” backs… and this cool cloth patch. I really like the denim, I feel like “nep” is one of the last things I look for in a fabric, but this has quite a lot of it: some details of the cinch: and a quick fit pic. Sleeves are on the slightly shorter side but I don’t mind, this is going to be a spring/summer jacket anyway. thanks for looking!
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    Another day another snow. Just embracing winter dishevelment, and first day in the TCB 20s. Most comfortable jeans I’ve had on day one that’s for sure. Mildly relevant - this picture mere miles from where Iggy grew up. engineered garments/tcb/birks
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    Sugar Cane 1953 Jacket Freewheelers Ironall 1920-1930s Long sleeve shirt Whitesville grey T-shirt Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX-0522 Nike Terra Humara
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    Showing the neighbourhood to the little one
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    Some old stuff, haven't been around. Spent the weekend in SF while picking up some goods from SE. 18oz IH se OD 633 14 double black 3s x se collab tee
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    Dingy vintage knit cap Vintage Wool sweater Iggy Pop tee (last wearing ever) Vintage "WOLFMAN" brand jeans. Keith Haring socks Vintage Nettleton steel toe wingtips Rings n tings "WOLFMAN" Jeans. Budget fashion brand from the 70s and 80s. Nice lighter denim, very high rise (16 inches!) and wide leg (9 inch hem). The tee shirt was sacrificed and pinned to my destroyed leather for tonight's IGGY POP concert. Also had some fun shaving my beard off all week.
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    Turns out that I was sent the black Boncoura 66 instead of the 9th anniversary…womp womp womp. They faded fine anyway.
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    New Denime after one day of wearing. Bought tts,fit is nice ,a little roomy in my (small) butt area.
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    The new denim is indeed a touch lighter in colour, also more weft shows through. Similar level of irregularities. Edit: sure, small variations in between batches can't be judged
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    Okay okay sorry for the frequency/quick succession. I also just washed these old as fuck S0500XX lot 8. My first real Japanese pants from back in high school, and my first taste of how interesting this fabric can be. Some diy repairs, and some from a local spot. crotch patch is old APC and newer Eternal scraps.
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    Jacket JELADO 407EXX Age of Longing Black Tag Type 1 Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX 0522 Jordan 3 White Cement
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    1,300 miles through the dusty desert on Harleys and back home again. Both in need of a good cleaning. Gonna give the jeans another couple weeks of wear before the final wash to end the contest. Hoping a couple great sleepers find their way out of the ether as we close things out.
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    And the day after Iggy Pop. My ears are still ringing but I'm not mad. Great show. We should all be so lucky to rock out at 75 years young. Vintage shrunken vest Iggy Pop tour tee Vintage brass buckle and belt Levi's 501 STF Same old boots IGGY at the Salt Shed, Chicago, March 10, 2023

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