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    Hi all, long time lurker! Just thought I'd share my warehouse lot800 which are about 8 years old. Have worn these to death. edit - apologies for phone pics
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    I think I've got a new hobby now... Merz - Denime 66 - Veja
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    Hi everyone! I made a closet a while ago. Make the space here a closet. Of course, while consulting with my daughters. I attached a frame and a middle shelf. The rest is the door. I used an old scaffolding board for the door frame. The door is a French herringbone. done! My daughter is also satisfied with the result!Haha And my recent pair! The back pocket also has a nice atmosphere!
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    #brotherhoodofthebib @bartlebyyphonics My pair of tcb boss of the cat should here next week, I couldn't resist either ; ) Tcb seaman X Lee Jp X Excelsior
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    Here they are post wash. I’ve meant to wash more frequently with this pair, but this is only the third plus the initial hot soak. Mainly, I’m the problem as I still like washing in the tub by hand vs machine. And with a young child, work, life, just don’t always have the time to dedicate to that. The photos don’t look a lot different I think but they certainly look lighter in person. Five more months to go! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s continuing evolution!
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    I don’t believe I’ve posted on the forum since the start, but here’s a few shots of my pair. I’ve worn them most days and usually give them a wash every other week.
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    Once a lurker, now a user. Hello everyone! My name is Hugo. I am a novice (at least I consider myself) denim enthusiast. Buzz Rickson / Velva Sheen / Momotaro / Vans / Oscar
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    Journal Standard / Tellason Flannel / TCB 40s / Excelsiors
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    Tcb boss of the cat overalls
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    Navy issued hat, carhartt, atlast, clinch.
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    Thought I’d give a bit of an in depth update. Some threads are starting to unravel and I can see where my pair might end up in a few months time now. Both pocket bags where the thing that broke first (This is very normal for me) and where mended months ago. Left side by hand and right hand side first with machine and later by hand. Both are in need of some more work before the new holes get larger. After that the threads at the crotch where unraveling. Caught it in time and matched up the thread colour pretty well I think. Had to mend the back pocket where my wallet where making a hole. Below the pocket you can also see a fault in the weave (loom shatter?). Both knees are wearing thin and might break any day now and here’s to the million dollar question, to mend or not to mend?! Usually I’ll always mend these things but this being a comp I’m unsure. It’s harder to see the natural evolution with a big patch over the evo right?
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    Mister Freedom + Warehouse 1003's + Birks. Magical weather in these parts right now.
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    Definite chill in the air now Vintage usmc deck vest Conmers S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1
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    getting chilly for the last two days here in oregon. today i’m wearing: ship john hat/jacket big heavy iron heart hoodie (i love this thing) mister freedom lot 64 hawaii jeans and john lofgren m43s
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    stetson tcb40jkt baker pants 70's
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    wearing warehouse tux (jacket is DSB and jeans are 1001xx banner denim) plus lofgren m43s
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    I’ve been terrible about update post. Here are 2 pics from yesterday. I will make time soon to take more detailed photos.
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    After being lost in the mail for some time, my BS-0A03XX's finally showed. My favorite pair of OOE's so far, they are so comfortable (though the fabric isn't period correct) and the 03 cut is perfect for me.
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    can't resist a good-weird pocket... 70s sears-tcb 'boss of the cat' bib-o'alls-redwing [cropped, beret and pink shades in full captain sensible mode...]
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    Checking in so as not to get out of the habit... At Last x 2 / Butchers Products / Viberg
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    Fasty nasty pix
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    Lots of faded indigo pics today... Reliance Garments Guideboat Co Made in America Indigo Shawl collar sweatshirt Seiko 5 Levi's 501 STF (12 years on and off) Polo socks Thrashed Horween shell Longwings over due for a resole Never heard of the maker before but it has a great vintage fit and the rope dyed indigo terry is fading beautifully. Look at those sleeve combs!
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    50s after another summer. These are holding together really well after all this time and wear, they might outlive me
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    a repeat performance this time garnished with a positive outlook for the day... buzz-[reglazed]rayban-lvc type1-vintttaaage vest-lvc 55 [non-cone]-attractions [trouser non cuff silhouette n boots calling out to monstrous comedy of ttttremors...]