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    50's jacket, just about 3 years old
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    And while I’m here... heres my 2002xx I’ve had for two years. Jacket season is extremely short in New Orleans, so this spends more time in the closet than not. The banner denim is perfect for a type II and in my humble opinion this is one of the best denim jackets on the market.
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    More denim- not sure how much longer they’ll last. . . Easily one of my favorite pairs I’ve owned.
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    Shit quality but here's a few snaps after I gave them the second wash this weekend. Will probably be less wear time for a while now that the cold is creeping in.
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    So awhile ago I posted my Roy collection, figured I would post my Ooe collection as well. Excuse the poor lighting, the sun is directly shining on my balcony so lots of shadows. Only Ooe items not photographed are my double twist denim chore coat and the overlock natural tee. The most worn are my OA02XX's and the 1702XX contest jeans. I'm wanting to wear the DB01's and Saddle Pants more, but they both need hemmed. From back row: OA02XX, 1702XX. Middle row: Saddle Pants, DB01. Front: Boss Pants. OA02XX patch and hem: 1702XX patch and hem: Saddle Pants patch and hem: DB01 patch and hem: Boss Pants back and hem: And then just a few random shots:
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    Grabbed a J65-KM and I love it. It's a bit boxy and not necessarily an easy wear, but the hardware details are great, it's really fun to layer with, and it's super warm. The Small barely works for me and there are definitely angles where it looks too big on me, but if anyone here was curious about sizing or anything, let me know if I can help.
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    lost track of washes Chengdu, China
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    Stevenson cap and thermal Tender jacket Ooe contest jeans
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    It was shoe cleaning day so I figured I might as well take some pictures:
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    This post is pretty ridiculous. If you've been following Acronym (even at a surface level), you'd know that from inception the entire DNA of the brand is work in iterations. Sometimes it's small variations (i.e. change in fabrics, added or revised functions/features), sometimes it's new designs built from scratch. You're also trivializing a lot of design/patterning work that goes into some of these variations. There's often a lot more thought and R&D that's put into the process than you'd expect, especially if you haven't handled the pieces you're critiquing so offhandedly. I had my own reservations about recent collections but more often than not, I've been impressed when I actually tried them in person. And to answer your question, some original pieces from this past year that I've really enjoyed and have been impressed by: J66-GTV J68-S J69-GT (I've had the GT-J22 as well, they're completely different jackets..) J73-WS J74-PX P30-DS
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    Just sipping on coconuts in tropical Belfast..... Engineered Garments jacket Real McCoys sweat Buzz Rickson chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Vintage 1960's Converse Coconut
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    2nd hand tcb 50s + me being a “cool dad” in my boba wrap. The 20s are cool but the 50s cut is still my favorite.
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    MF IH belt Merz B At Last RW Dusk-like in the daytime
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    I am so surprised the WB2 soldout. It's such a lame piece of hardware, even if you ordered belt from 1000deaths and end up scammed you were getting a better deal then the WB2. I am even more surprised by the reception of the belt by community in here. I always thought acronym buyers are kinda aware what is available where and can tell why their 1000EUR acronym jacket costs 1000EUR. Dude, you seriously waited for a webbing with two D-rings since the SET-3 release?
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    Just a quick update— fabric starting to go on my back pockets
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    それで、TCB工場に到着しました! 井上さんは私の刺繍ジャケットの写真を撮った。 井上さんも服を着た。 よく似合っています!!!!!!!!!!! 修理の多く... ここには幸運な猫がいる。 井上さんは初めてジーンズを作りました。 これは暖かく、穏やかで居心地の良い場所です。 私は今年の終わりに戻ってくることを願っています。
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    TCB. Strike Gold. 3Sixteen. Roy. Viberg.
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    TCB. Freewheelers. Lady White. OrSlow. Viberg.
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    No real denim photos, although I’m due for another wash. Thanksgiving here in SF. My parents flew out to visit so I took them to a couple of my favorite hiking spots as well as a couple wineries, Peju and Darioush, where the fall colors were fantastic.
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    Hey fellas, how's it all going?
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    Here is the current state of my 1105s along with a fit from when they were new. I bought these one-wash while at warehouse store in Shibuya a few years ago. This is a great fit without being to slim through the thighs and no ridiculous amount of taper. I was also mistaken about the denim. The Warehouse catalogue now lists the upcoming 1101/1109/1105 as using the 13.5 ounce banner denim.
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    The Flat Head Stevenson Overall Truman Boots
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    Warehouse Lot 800 after a year and a half of wearing
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    awash w. dainty fades another wash down the line telling myself three months of no-wear summer meaning scurrilously far behind patience patience patience [perhaps some will only have a bag of loose threads left…]
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    some recent purchases: Appaloosa Double Indigo Shirt and Lot 64 Organic Cotton jeans
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    Both ends of the price spectrum Mister Freedom jacket and boots, Bob Dong shirt and pants.
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    Tender Lot 900 jacket (awesome!), NSC sweater, IH black & beige denim, Paraboots...
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    ... the the TCB pics are one pre-wash, and a couple from what I think was the first major machine wash this weekend.
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    WTS: 3A-5TS Acronym LAMINAT L2 BLACK bag used a few times, no laptop sleeve! just pm me if you would like to purchase it for $650 USD.
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    you need to list an asking price (no asking for highest bids nonsense)
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    Just love breaking in a fresh/crisp pair of RAWs in the F/W time. The presence of remaining starch embedded in the yarn, after soak, serves as barrier to semi-repel the cold NYC wind ... also, I don’t need to bother w/ the discomfort of sticky sweat & [eventual] overbearing odor of a stale grungy pair of jeans. By S/S, they’d been washed &/or soaked a couple of times ... therefore, softer & more breathable. •FOB f151 •IH Shirt •Post O’All Jacket •Trickers Malton •Dayton Driver
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    Went out to the Texas hill country for a little weekend getaway this past weekend. Weather, views, and wine were all great. Papa Nui/Troy O’Shea cap Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Lot 64 Lady White Ooe Saddle pants Whites
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    Ebbets field cap, The Hill-side scarf, vintage Stans stuff down vest, inverallan cotton knit, lvc66’s and Red wing 8131
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    resoluto! tender rising sun tender blunnies
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    My wife got me a Gangsterville Glad Hand Shirt as a birthday present she thought was cute. The texture is neat. I know this might not be everyone's taste but it is from my wife. Expect this to show up in a WAYWT post.
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    Let's take a moment to appreciate all the hard work wildland firefighters in White's/Nick's/Wesco boots are doing in California. I live 200 miles away from the Campfire in northern California, but the air quality here is near toxic levels. Saw this image today on my feed and it really struck me.
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    Please excuse my face. Bob Dong N1 / Levi's sweatshirt / LVC '66 / Red Wing
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    Timeworn Clothing 118J Filson Wool Shirt MF Skivvy WH Ranch Dungarees 1960
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    Grainy picture time... The Well Dressed Head - L'Aronde At Last & Co 147J At Last & Co Lot 162 IH Viberg
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    to those who don't follow Inoue's blog or IG...Tcb is about to launch a wee line of Leepro products! TCB Catboy 30s jacket TCB Catboy 30s cinchback jeans and a modernized version of the jeans called slim 30s.. genuine cat hair on hide patch (!)
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    Freewheelers Sugar Cane Dawson Denim Dr.Martens
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    Been hanging around in the black forest over the weekend. carhartt duck-peacoat, sugarcane/wool 1947s and RW merchants.
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    I feel the whole bubble has burst on this scene, which is good news, time for the fashion train to move on to the next station and the core protagonists and those new to progress and further the vision for the niche and return back under the radar from the masses.
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    I've owned both. The Mionn is way slimmer—in my case I find it more flattering. The J58 has this permanently tightened elastic thing at the hem, and if you don't fill it out (if your hips are narrower than average) it tends to mushroom out in this awkward way. That being said, the J58 is made with Climashield, which is way more breathable than the regular Coreloft that Veilance tends to use (mainline Arc sometimes uses "Coreloft Continuous," which is more like the stuff used in the J58). As far as warmth goes, I couldn't tell you which is warmer (though everyone says the J58 is insanely warm, and I've found the Mionn prohibitively warm for conditions above 7 degrees celsius). Finally, I'd point out that the J58 uses windstopper, which is not technically waterproof, but is going to deal with rain and snow much more effectively than the light windbreaker material used in the Mionn, so I'd say the J58 might do better as a standalone jacket...
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    Taking the little man to see Santa Conners Sewing Factory s406xxx Buzz Rickson chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Vans