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    Been enjoying everyone's updates, sorry for not posting, not too many exciting shots to share. Been busy with various stuff, but also enjoying those crisp early mornings. THis photo is of the pooch in a particular point in Greenwich park, where there's a number of Anglo Saxon burial mounds. In cold weather they often look markedly different from the surrounding ground - the psychic energy of the ancient folk lurking below? It's a great location - from here you can see modern skyscrapers, and the 17th century Queens House, while just further down is the site of the main Roman temple in the area. we had a dry January - until last Friday, which is Burns night, when one reads the poetry of the Scottish poet, and eats haggis with tatties and neeps - mashed potato and swede. Always a glorious time. I paired mine with Laphroaig. The winter for me was a time for de-cluttering, so I've been selling stuff on eBay for the last three months at least. Including in what's gone so far is a 28mm VC Leica lens, Hofner Club 50 guitar, Couesnon alto sax, light fittings, vinyl 45s, my 555 '55, King Crimson and George Harrison CDs (nearly £200 for those alone) and other random items. The premise was to cut down on stuff and get what I have working; which meant , for instance, I got my Heuer Carrera fully serviced, and had my Jazzmaster restored. I think I mentioned earlier, it turned out it's quite a rare guitar, with an ash body, in a blonde finish, which is the earliest custom colour. I have it sitting in the living room now, and obviously i'm churning out some top riffs. It's great, all the pleasure of new stuff with none of the guilt. I also have a lovely reissue case, swapped with Erk for some Big E and LVC stuff. There's the usual TBC quick update. Pockets are going now. It's looking more and more likely that from this fall I'll be starting a new job where, for the first time in 30 years, I won't be wearing denim every day. This therefore means this is my last chance to win a denim contest, hence I shall be using sandpaper, power tools, blowtorches etc to make sure I beat Volvo to the prize.
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    So- here’s a big photo dump. Everything from some recent denim photos to wine, camping, hiking, surfing, New York, Los Angeles and everything in between. Jeans are beginning to hold on for dear life. Threads are beginning to become bare but I’m loving their current color and patina.
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    finally these jeans are taking off apparently.. about 11 month in now on and off.. the cat ear arc design really makes sense once the jeans are worn in. I think at this stage it look really good tcb always deliver with roping!
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    [feels pretty shameful to follow up Paul T's epic win with this... but... in the spirit of posting per wash] another wash, 60 degree C this time slowly moving... twisting evolving...
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    •Samurai 710XX •Woolrich Woolshirt •EFFECTORfuzz X Vanquish •Post O’alls •Viberg Ironworker •Coach cap+gloves •DarnTough
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    Engineered Garments workaday RMC (needs another wash, still a bit long) Fullcount Redwing Merchant
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    lvc 1890? i am sure others know more on the denim type and mill bought as one of my first raws re-surfacing from lendings and the archive
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    Hillside Well Dressed Head Samurai RMC Tender belt Roy Viberg
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    just found this pic from the weekend, quite happy with how the jeans look hahah
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    Finally some decent light to photograph my Memorial Jeans. Maybe about 5 months of steady wear and two washes. Washing a little less frequently to see how the denim responds to longer periods of wear.
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    This one is for you @JohnM , orSlow 105 in size 3
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    SE05BSP, now retired.
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    Not to disappoint with a good picture , here is another shitty self taken pic McCoys sweat Buzz Rickson chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Converse Jackstar
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    Vintage wool beanie and scarf, vintage Spiewak Golden Fleece A-2, TCB60’s and Fracap shoes.
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    Hello, want to share my 710 evolution after 7 months with many wash. Thanks!
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    EVISU [could probably post in superdenim too and get some rep] BEANIE / AOKU 021404OKAU / BAPE / NAMELESS / ISAORA / NA x GITS / THE VIRIDI-ANNE / AOKU 081924 / ADIDAS
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    Cross post from DWC thread. I think 11 washes now
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    This shirt along with a pair of Jomon jeans with sterling silver hardware were the first items of clothing I bought from R by 45RPM at the end of 20004 beginning of 2005. Back then, they sent the jeans back to Japan to have the hardware changed! I liked the shirt so much that I immediately bought a second one which is new, unworn in my stash. As can be seen, I’ve worn this shirt to shreds; it’s my favorite. Notice the scar on the right shoulder repaired by a local seamstress who also did the best she could with the placket. I wore a hole in the right sleeve and sent it back to the Soho store. The seamstress used a beautiful sashiko stitch. Notice her hand stitching running along the length of the patch. Here is the new one.
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    it's futuristic TRIPLE TAU, a freemasonic symbol, predicting new world order, rising prices and shutting subnet.
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    A couple from the last few weeks: oakley//acrnm//nikeacg//aoku//gyakasou acrnm//nike//demobaza//nikelab
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    They look great Ryan! My little contribution: Santa Cruz M47
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    Sneak peak I'm pretty busy recently. Just got a new phone so I could finally take some photos. I'll give a nice good update soon
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    new old Cane's again… Sun Surf / Joe McCoy / Sugar Cane / Red Wing
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    washed and in the wild filson-boncoura-tcb-grenson