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    TCB 50s, maybe 2 1/2 years old, worn on and off, unknown washes
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    I hope you did not get ripped, because...
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    Conner's S409XXX M-WW2 Santa Cruz just arrived. Red flannel pocket bags Paper patch
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    SD-103s, 2ish years wear, lots of washes. Forced into early retirement, I flung myself off my motorcycle on the highway yesterday. Be careful out there. I'm okay, just scraped up but my pants are pretty wrecked. Probably the final update for these guys, won't be able to afford repairs for a long while. Front isn't too bad, you can see where my phone was in my pocket. The butt is pretty torn up. A lot of the stitching on the rear right pocket abraded away and the small hole from my wallet became a very large hole. My wallet and its contents were strewn across the median, though everything was still in one piece. All in all, a very sobering experience. Ride safely, wear real gear. I was wearing these jeans and my SG hoodie, and I'm incredibly lucky to have walked away from that. I was at least wearing a full face helmet, if I had been wearing a half helm (which I had seriously considered before leaving) my face would have been spread along the median. Have a great 4th of July everyone, be safe if you're out driving tonight.
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    This little guy has me run ragged Warehouse chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx M46 Vans
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    Quick indoor iPhone pics of my OA02
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    Fit pics of my new CSF jeggins S409XXX WW2 Santa Cruz
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    My usual environment.. outside a boozer with a bourbon in my hand. Turning 45 today! What the ..... Ginger turning grey beard 3sixteen Fred Perry Oni Clarks
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    Heyooo Just got back from quick jaunt through Germany and France! Was much hotter than I was expecting but I persevered and wore the Ooe's quite a bit. Spent most of my time drinking cider, wine and beer, quite wonderful! Few pics of me drinking and then the jeans, this time with some indoor lighting to change it up a bit. Stitching on the pocket openings are starting to go, hopefully they hold up for the last couple months.
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    July update, after another wash. I really lost track, but guess 7-8 washes so far.
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    My ues 400t in 34 is also very snug. Resolute 710 in 36 fits perfect, so does the fc1101 in 34. I couldnt fit a 34 tcb 505, the waist is pretty small for a 36. And they shrank a bit after a hot wash. Inseam is at 83cm and hem at 20 cm. And the roping got gorgeous.
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    New chambray with greenish slubby fabric
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    Hi, These were made roughly 1996-1998. They are call old buffalo patch model and they are warehouse's 2nd model (very 1st model is called kojima patch model as shown below). if you find this (see below) tag inside the jeans, then your jeans are probably made around 1996. If not, 1997-1998. the fabric is 13 3/4 oz, but its texture is much more solid than banner denim. Thank you, edit: found this picture form warehouse web btw, old buffalo patch is also used for 15th anniversary model in 2010.
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    Hey everyone. Been wearing these Brown-Duck Diggers for 8-9 months or so. I have zero photo skills so Im sure these don't do this denim justice.
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    The final major event was the visit to Konaka-San of CSF. We had to take a train out from Kyoto to get to his shop and we were greeted by a nice lady at the workshop (who I believe is his wife) and we saw Konaka-San great us while doing what he does most- sewing. As he finished up, we had a chance to look around and take pictures of his extensive collection of sewing machines. It was quite the experience to finally see this place in person. Once he was finished, we talked and he took us over to the Forty-Niners store to get the jeans and jacket. I did not know this previously, but he actually owns the store as well. I had previously thought that it he was associated with them, but he does in fact own the store. Google translate was our best friend again here as neither Konaka-San, nor either of the store workers had great English and my Japanese is limited (the store workers were of course, very nice and we did manage to have a pretty nice conversation.) He had some raw models, but also had some one-wash versions as well. I gravitated to these simply because I wanted to make sure I nailed the fit. I ended up with the size 36 WWII San Francisco jeans and size 42 WWII jacket. The best part about going with the one wash versions was having Konaka-San himself do the hem on my jeans. This was great because a short guy like me would never have been able to do this if I ordered online and is extra special for these jeans in particular considering that he is the only one who makes these. We did a gift exchange here as well. Along with Goto-San, Konaka-San was probably the most excited about the Bourbon we brought. He gave us each a Fortyniners towel and CSF denim coasters. We even met his mother who was at the shop and had the best English of anyone there! He seems to make his work a family affair more than anyone else I have met (besides Ooe Yofukuten). Everyone there was extremely kind and friendly and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet Konaka-San and be able to try on the jeans and jacket first to avoid the issues that many have had with sizing his clothes. Of course, the jeans and jacket themselves are stunning. Like many, I would not say they are sloppy, but they certainly aren’t surgically clean the way Flat Head/RJB and Roy make their jeans. However, it is very obvious that Konaka-San is very skilled with his sewing machines. I’m actually impressed at how clean they are considering he folds everything by hand. Trying these on and handling them, I really do get why these are so sought after by people. I don’t own any other jeans that have this much personality right from the get go and I absolutely love the fit of both. I don’t need to go into further detail as others have already done a better job than I could of explaining the quality of Conner’s Sewing Factory, but I will say I am extremely happy with my tux! That’s about it for denim sort of stuff, but we did do some other fun things. The best was going to the Yamazaki distillery- Japan’s oldest whiskey distillery. The tour was fantastic and we made a couple of English-speaking friends while there while trying some world class whiskey. They downside was that all of their best products were out of stock there and at any store we went to L We also stream-sniped one of my brother’s favorite twitch streamers and met him and Andy Milonakis in the lobby of our hotel because as luck would have it, it was the same one they were staying at. My brother asked for a picture and Andy just told him to give him a kiss instead Also, here’s a picture of my brother wearing an octopus on his head because reasons. That’s about all I can think of. Sorry I wasted a whole thread for this. I’ll be reposting a decent amount of this in the respective threads (CSF, Clinch). If anyone has any specific questions or wants to know about anything else we did, let me know. If you actually read all of this, then you are very patient and are my new best friend! Another bonus is that we walked so much and the food was so healthy that my fat ass has lost 10 pounds since leaving for the trip!
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    Just put I believe the 4th wash into my Sugar Cane 1947 slims after having worn them for the past year as probably my most regular pant (alternated with that black pair of Sugar Canes that I destroyed).
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    Another update on my M-46 Really like how the rivets are tarnishing
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    Tcb ranchman Hubb leather belt Tcb 60s Chucks
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    taking care [of the] brood with some lvc, tcb, army surplus boonie, chambray n birks
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    Finally finished my Bachelor degree in medicine and got my hand on a correct camera to shoot and practice Adobe Lightroom. Ref: Visvim Wabash Unionmade + United Arrow shuttle loom shirt Barns Stevenson Overall Visvim Grandfather's Swiss army backpack from the early 50!
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    Been meaning to post these for a while [image dump as ever, apologies] a venerable pair circa 2002 be me go into tokyo evisu store ask for skinniest cut blanks [I do not remember number but believe was 0005 can't say 4 sure, model number inside provided for those with know-how-ledge] custom order huge white daicock painted for my behind it was a thing at time... [as stated on other thread: I am not afeared of the exaggerated] wear them til its gone how times changes things... [muh other jawns have a long way to go...]
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    Fresh from the wash and fully dry in about an hour, gotta love the LA sun!
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    At the farm tp feed some ducks Flathead shirt Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx M-47 Vans
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    Thanks Mate! Heres my 505. Fits looser than i recalled so i think of doing a hot wash. But theyre very comfy, like sweatpants.
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    Wow, glad to hear you ended up okay. I have done many extensive pocket replacements and seat darning jobs in the past and would be happy to repair your pants with my leftover 15oz sda denim for cost of shipping. would like for you to be able to keep wearing those as they look really great and I'm sure hold a lot of value for you personally. pm me if youre interested!
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    Quick phone pic of my Type III blacks. They've been my only black jeans for a couple years now. Probably 6 months of total wear and one wash. I looooove this denim and the fit.
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    Knickerbocker x Heddels Fleur de Bagne Dawson denim Novesta
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    Just started wearing these again, since at work tighter pants are seen as more formal.... Anyway they have been getting some great wear but the moment I get home I throw on my "comfy pants" Also, this is what happens when you wash the 18.5oz fabric often!
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    Looking good everyone. Recently had to repair the stitching on the crotch and back yoke. Back pockets are basically destroyed but will wait to fix until after the contest. Also desperately in need of another wash, probably about the 6th or 7th.
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    Me .... just the usual Jack in his new vans
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    Not my best photo ever, but I figured it was worth it to show my TCB's in their natural habitat. I am currently working a Reenforcing Ironworker job at 2 new highrise buildings in Vancouver, we are only only floor 3 of 65 on one building and 24 of 57 on the other so far. I hope these 70s Bushpants make it all the way to the top!
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    I hope it’s OK that I made a new thread for this. Much of my trip involved activities that are quite related to this forum and I like to talk/type too much, so I figured this was better than clogging up another thread with too many posts. We landed in Tokyo and our hotel was pretty damn nice. We could actually see Shibuya crossing from our room, which I really enjoyed. We wandered around for a few minutes after checking in and had the best ramen of the entire trip on the first night. The next day, we went to Akihabara and we found the anime boobs quite easily It was pretty fun, though. The arcades there were insane in the best way possible. Enough of that though, our first big appointment was going to meet Goto-San of White Kloud boots. White Kloud has been the ultimate grail item for me along with a Himel Bros jacket. I got my Himel jacket last year, but a pair of White Klouds always seemed like a pipe dream. I contacted Goto-San a couple of years ago when I figured I had enough money, but was told that it was required to go to his shop to get a pair made. I did not really understand this way of thinking at the time and was very disappointed, but obviously I had no choice but to respect his rules and basically gave up on getting a pair any time soon. Fast forward about a year and I had the opportunity to go to Japan with my brother. I messaged Goto-San immediately and made plans to get my measurements taken. He was very nice as far as I could tell and he even offered to meet us both at the train station and take us over to his shop personally. We had a 2pm appointment, but after experiencing the meaning of punctuality with Japanese trains (seriously, how can America screw up trains so much while the Japanese do them so perfectly?) we decided to arrive a little early. Just as I figured, we recognized each other quite easily. Despite Japan’s fascination with vintage American clothing, those who would fit in on denimbro are needles in a mountainous, humid haystack. Despite the fact that he said his English was poor, it was surprisingly good as far as I was concerned. We walked out of the station and he gestured us into a taxi. I tried to pay for the ride, but he refused me. The shop itself is beautiful. It appears to just be the bottom floor of his house, but it’s quite nice and was of course covered with boots. Once we sat down, Goto-San gave us some Japanese snacks and cold tea and told us he would need around 3 hours to get everything done. The time actually passed quite quickly. Google translate was our best friend and we managed to make decent conversation during the process. The measuring process was more thorough than anything I could have imagined. I was measured personally by Brian from Role Club and I thought that he covered everything, but Goto-San is on a whole different level. He measured my feet from every angle, felt them with his hands in certain areas, etc, and then had me try on some sample boots. He had set aside a size 10 for me, but after measuring, figured out that I’m the equivalent of a size 9 in his boots. This is where he really started to go above and beyond. He didn’t have a pair of size 9 boots that were ready, so he took the most finished pair he had and started nailing heels to them so I could try them on properly. Once he had got them on my feet (of course he tied them for me as well) he had me walk around for a bit. As soon as I said that they felt pretty good, he motioned me outside. We went on a 15 minute walk of his neighborhood so I could really get a feel for what fit right and what didn’t. We got back and after some consulting, he added a thin insole to each boot and we had another nice 15 minute walk and I gave him my final notes on the fit of the boots. Finally, we went through the options list. I pretty much went all out with these. If I’m going to have one pair of lace up boots, they might as well be exactly what I want. They will be essentially the same model as the one shown below. He calls this the blucher, which is his standard trench boot/packer boot model. I went with the smaller round last and without the toe bump. His leather choices are quite extensive, despite having only two actual leather types (chromexcel and badalassi). There were at least 8 colors of badalassi to choose from and as tempted as I was by the blue and green colors, I went with the cognac so I could actually wear them consistently. I also went for handwelting rather than stitch down and of course chose his double row sole stitching. The final option I went for was to get the brown heel and sole from vibram so the sole would actually match with the outsole color. Next came the gift exchange. I talked with Neil from Standard and Strange before going and he advised me to bring something for the most important people I was visiting. I brought 4 bottles of Angel’s Envy because 1. It’s one of my favorite whiskeys and 2. I looked and it did not seem readily available in Japan. Goto-San was very pleased with his gift and in exchange, he gave me a card holder made out of the cognac leather that my boots will be made out of. We told him that we planned to head to Mushman’s afterward and he offered to call a taxi for us and apologized for not having time to take us there personally. Once it arrived, he attempted to tell the driver where to go, but quickly figured out that the driver did not know where to go. He got in with us and directed the driver to the store and again paid for the taxi. I tried several times to give him money, especially because he was probably going to take yet another taxi back, but he refused again. At Mushman’s, he translated for us and helped us around the store. I was mainly looking at getting one of their vests, but unfortunately, my size was not available. He then walked us over to the train station, taught us how to add money to our subway cards, took some pictures, and bid us farewell. I have to say, even my brother was blown away by this experience. I have met quite a few craftsmen and brand owners in my short time with this hobby/passion, but nobody has been as kind, thorough, and committed to perfection as Goto-San. He took that pair of burgundy boots out for me to take pictures, but handled them with gloves and wouldn’t even touch the uppers. He also made sure to tell me not to touch them. It seems that once he has finished and polished up a pair of boots, he does not allow even himself to touch them with his fingers. It turns out that I am only the 5th non-Japanese person to get a pair of his boots (and I think a couple of those people are from Iron Heart and possibly Good Art as well) and I told him that there are actually quite a few people that would like a pair of his boots, but can’t get them due to his policy of meeting the customer at his shop. When he heard me say this he thought for a second before saying something along the lines of “Maybe, but meeting is better.” That basically sums him up right there. He makes less than 60 pairs of boots every year, but if I am anything to go by, he treats every client like family and I can really see now why he is so committed to his policy. Just from seeing his boots in person (they are stitch perfect as I expected) and spending time with him, I can pretty much guarantee that his boots will be my most prized possession, even above my Himel jacket. I’m sorry for typing too much, but it is very difficult to express just how incredible this experience was. He even remembered the day I told him we were leaving and on that day, messaged me a picture of the whiskey bottle I gave him and wished my brother and I a safe flight home. In fact, that right there may be what sums him up best. Not only was it a kind and thoughtful gesture, but only he would be so detail-oriented to send the message on the exact day we were leaving. Anyway, it will probably be around a year before I get my boots, but you can bet you’ll be seeing them quite a lot once I get them. I know I didn’t mention Mushman’s in too much detail. It was a nice store and the staff were friendly, but the stock there was not as extensive as I was expecting given what their online store looks like. Obviously, they had quite the collection of Rainbow Country jackets, but I’m not in the market so I didn’t look into them too much. If you’re in the neighborhood, I recommend it anyway. It was not the most impressive shop that I visited, however.
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    Post vs prewash. A lot happened, i love the fit and the roping. Might make this my dwc3 contest pair.
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    Ah yeah, photo time. It's a nice sunny day in NYC finally! I like how they're wearing through at every prominent spot on the right side from my work bag's friction. Little bits of stitching are starting to go on the front and back pockets, but they should be able to make it through September.
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    Just realizing we're over 15 months in! Time to get some more pictures up...Here's mine from a month ago, they've lightened up a bit more:
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    New York Hat Co Super brand TCB Fresh pair of Stevensons that I was gifted by a friend Redwing My pup Todays outfit really has me thinking about my next clothing purchases. Its time. My current closet is started to feel stale
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    Stetson/random tee/samurai s003jp/vans
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    small update on my 50s jacket ... mostly used to layer this year as most of my jeans are still dark and i am self-conscious of my canadian tux becoming too austere. it's also the graveyard of unfinished embroidery -- every single thing i've started on it i have abandoned hahah. anyway, moderate amount of wear over the last 2.5 years, washed pretty often. sorry they are a bit blurry, wanted to keep iso down so had to go real low on everything else. thanks for looking!
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    No2 2001: leather patch taken off different jeans, gulls repainted by evisu after originals wore off.
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    Simply awesome Flo! I was really glad when you picked up a pair of Full Count as I knew you will create a masterpiece! Here is my update. Roughly 4 months of wear (started February 1st) and 2 washes. I love that original hem Had to re-stitch the seams in the inseam already twice
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    Denime XX size 38 Orizzonti
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    Great you saved the Phaeton web data before they took it down, superb. Can't help you on SS18... Thats a ways away before things will start showing up. But I can help you with a few numbers and letters all strung together in a line... J16-GT J28-GT J61-GT J56-S J62-S J64TS-S P23A-DS P23-S P25H-DS P26-S J58-WS J65-WS NG7-AM NG7-PS S14-AM S18-AK SM1-AM.
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    Yamane Deluxe Hayaoki
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    Bronson hat Buzz chambray Bronson chinos Marina militare sneakers
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    S710xx after wash