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    And this is my pair 6 months passed. I came back from the repair and on the second day my knee broke again.
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    I foresee some major changes coming my (our) way and I don't think it will only affect my jeans budget
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    Grayhair tcbsetup vans
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    皆さんこんにちは!私は後輩と一緒に薪を手に入れるために山に行きました。今年カットされた薪は来年のストーブ用です。 山には杉がたくさんあります。しかし、これは売りに出されています...私はあまり多くはありません、私は野生の桜とオークを持って家に帰ります。 2台分の薪を確保しました。帰り道にはとても不思議な場所がありました。宮崎駿の「もののけ姫」に登場するような場所です。ハハ 帰りに自動販売機でコーヒー缶を買って休憩しました。100円硬貨で買える暖かさ
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    Same shit, different day.. S&M 555 £2 Tee Vintage Junky Vans I had a walk up to the old Ski Village today, it was built on an area called Parkwood Springs where folks lived shoulder to shoulder with heavy industry, the whole area was returned to nature by the pre-war slum clearances.. When the Ski Village used to get into financial difficulties the owners (allegedly) torched it...some years later they torched it again...and again. When it became wasteland back in the early 00's i used to go to allnighters here, watching the sun rise over the city was quite magical, or it appeared so at the time, in recent years it's been a Traveler camp but the council moved them on and once again it's returning to nature.
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    ship john hat, warehouse jacket, real mccoys sweatshirt, sugar cane jeans
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    bronson wh margaret howell tcb nike
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    Freewheelers Dylan, Mulholland, 1936 Oil Burner Long Sleeve Tee, Lot601XX 1951 c/w Warehouse and White’s
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    ..another day in the hood S&M Bikes 555 £2 Tee £4 Belt JSP 46's Vans
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    Finally showing some fades A lot of pics, tell me if i need to calm down... (there is a way to hide some pics on sufu ?) I need to be more careful when i shoot some pics, my 40s almost flew away, it's a stormy weather in Belgium at the moment
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    WDH / Ooe / RMC / At Last / Viberg
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    I suppose introductions are in order. The name is Jim. Good to meet you gents. Jamiesons Shetland SC41947 Salomon xt6
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    Papa Nui Cushman Full Count belt (replaced buckle RRL) TCB 40s Paraboot
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    Unorganized and half proofread J28-WS notes. I ignored the carryover 28 stuff because there have been a lot of 28s already, but obviously fit/pocket set up is good. -hood is seam taped, the first I have seen for WS ACR jackets. Having peripheral vision with full rain protection is very nice, especially if you wear glasses. The only ACR hoods that have kept my glasses dry are this one/j1e, full snorkel hoods, j74, 76, and the j1 2.2/j59. -WS is less rigid than GT pro, so the boonie sits more relaxed when not worn compared to the J1E. On both the 28 and J1E, I have found the hood to sit flush with only the two center hood snaps connected. The outer ones are easy to reach for more security/coverage as needed. The hat diameter is smaller than the J1E, which fits my head better. I do like that I can fit a beanie under the J1E's hood, but since the 28 is WS I probably won't be needing a beanie when I'm wearing it anyways. -WS construction also means the elbows don't flare, while still providing unrestricted movement. Puffy elbows was one of my main gripes (albeit minor) with the GT pro version. The 28 sleeves are also a perfect length for me, generally medium sleeves are slightly long on me. -Auxzip is a nice addition, previous "full featured" WS jackets like the 61 and 47a did not have it. I would have traded auxzip for self stowing / packability -2.2 collar works well in WS, especially when folded down and means backwards compatibility with other 2.2 J1A's and the J59-GT. I have my 28's hood on my 59gt, and have been wearing the 28 without a hood. -Chest snap would have been nice. The 81 has three, with the same? low weight center zip/narrow centerfold construction, and the 2.2 J1A has two with the same collar set-up. -As with the 47A-WS, the back waist cinch is a nice addition (though one I rarely use) -RainDrop seems like it will work, but I haven't played around with it much and haven't needed it. Leaving them stowed you essentially have two mezzanine interior pockets. Since the stowing strap for the RainDrop is in the middle, it also acts as a pocket divider. It is nice to have as an option though the 28 already has more pockets than you would need.
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    That's better Still really stiff so they arent sitting very well but here is some post soak fit pics The good @Dr_Heech doesnt think I have the willpower not to soak the 50's ...... I'll ( try ) and prove him wrong Edit .... Think They look a lot better with a double cuff
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    My 50s that I still wear from time to time to alternate with my 40s, it is always a pleasure to wear it Mackie | Nanamica | Trove | Uniqlo | TCB 50s | Clarks
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    Another wash and some daylight for a change
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    stevenson beanie 3s type I Flat Head flannel Roy R01Sail visvim kiefer
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    All of the science that I do happens inside of a stainless steel vacuum chamber. There are a few windows on the chamber, but never as many as we'd like there to be—and, as such, the areas around them are always crowded with lenses and mirrors in order to fit all the different sorts of light in and out that we can. Because of this, in the 3+ years that I've been working on this experiment, I've never really gotten a great view into the science chamber. As a matter of fact, it's been so long since the mirrors and lenses started getting added that the person from whom I inherited the whole thing, in his 7+ years working on the experiment, never got got to see directly inside the chamber either—at least not from any good angles. Right now, after a series of mishaps, we're in the process of pumping out our chamber. A very small amount of water got into it and stuck to the walls, and this is reacting with the rubidium that we use to do science and creating hydrogen, which doesn't stick to the walls, and which causes trouble bouncing around. To get rid of the water, we need to wrap the chamber up in heater tape and fiberglass and aluminum foil and heat the whole thing up pretty hot while it's connected to a series of pumps; to wrap the chamber appropriately, we need to remove all of the surrounding optics. For the first time in almost a decade, it's possible to get a good view into the science chamber. For me, this is a Very Nice Thing.
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    Ellie is doing well although she’ll need a good few days of recovery and close monitoring - so thank you for all the good wishes, they were and are greatly appreciated.
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    newboyscap // chore coat // SC Shirt // Pecador Belt // Burgus Plus Lot 700 // Viberg x IH
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    Patagonia X warehouse hoodie X Tcb 50s X Russell mocs
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    Flat Head x 2 Freewheelers Lofgren
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    Cheap beanie / TCB / TCB / Red Wing