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    @owlofminerva The saddle pants are looking great! Such cool and beautiful details on that pair, glad you’re liking them so far. Just wanted to chime in on the fades - I’m pretty sure the jeans you’ve got are a different denim than ALB and Broark’s pairs higher up on the page. Those both look like their contest pairs, which used a denim that got very “streaky” vertical fades and stayed a little darker in spots with a greyish cast as it faded. The original OA denim (as used in the saddle pants) seems to fade a bit more evenly, without the heavy vertical falling, and to more of a classic medium blue tone. Really gorgeous in its own right, but quite different in character. Also the OA denim is perhaps the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, especially with that crazy stretch you mention. Just to illustrate the contrast, here’s my two pairs of Ooe jeans at somewhat similar levels of fading, with the contest denim on the left and the OA denim used in the saddle pants on the right.
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    50's since November? Many, many washes:
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    Update on the daddy fadez washing regiment. Despite all the washes (~8-10), loads of texture and some creases starting to show. Fit pics are the most accurate color.
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    Gotten out an old' Uniqlo shirt during my spring cleaning and decided to wore it. It might be my only short sleeved shirt that I own (yet)
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    Tcb jkt Lee archives Italian navy surplus sneakers Daughter
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    Saddle pants. I bought these when they came out (last September, maybe?) and have been wearing pretty regularly since then. Maybe 100 wears? At least 5 washes in the bathtub. The denim on these shrinks/stretches A LOT. These go from skinny jeans to actually-quite-baggy jeans in just a few days. I've never had jeans stretch out so much in the leg. I feel like even the calf and leg opening stretch out. I really love the details and how they feel, but I was somewhat on the fence about the look of the fabric. And then something happened (the weather changed?) and they started looking pretty good. Still nowhere near what other folks' OAs are looking like -- ALB's and Broark's are what I am aspiring to. Probably need to be washing more regularly. In any case, I think by the end of the summer, these will be looking as good as they feel.
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    Lovely stuff Paul! I'm trying hard to convince my brothers to buy some decent tcb jeans....
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    Where did the spring go? I seem to have spent the last month on projects that still aren't finished. But I had a nice trip to see my dad in May for the old fella's birthday. My parents live in a town called Beverley, which is beautiful (see the ancient Minster, which I guess they started building around 1100 ad), kinda boring but boasts one of the country's greatest pubs, called Nellie's. I think it dates to the 1750s and still pretty much all original. Gas light. They have no trendy beer whatsoever; but do great bottles of Pale Ale, which I think I am consuming here. I hope during the course of this contest to get my own VOlvo back, @volvo240thebest. It's been in the shop for a year, work now finished but of course I've run out of £££. Hopefully will sort that by August! I've also been pursuing another restoration, of my own Jazzmaster. @erk posted his earlier. i bought mine rather a long time back, influenced by Tom Verlaine. They were incredibly cheap then, under £200. it had been resprayed in the 70s in a thick polyester paint, and I've always wanted to get a proper period paintjob. I dropped it off to the country's main specialist (having sold a leather jacket and three very good pairs of jeans incudling my 55 1955 LVC for the work) ... and it turns out it's quite a rare, ash-bodied model which would have come, not in white as I though, but in a see through blonde, and came out of the Fender factory in april 1963. I'd debated whether to get someone cheaper to do the job, but my man is the best in the world for blonde finishes, so it's turned out really well. Might have to sort out more stuff to sell in the meantime. Look out for an update when it's finished, around Christmas time I hope. Final pic is of a lovely bar in Doncaster train station... previously the 1st Class waiting room with excellent Victorian tiling. Then when I got home that evening, I cooked a salad pizza to remind the family they missed me. No real development on the pants... so I'll update those next time,
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    Quit old job, got new job, quit that job, and went back to old job. Lots of washes and wears. A little dirty in front but tis the job.
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    ^ me too! in particular there's one pair I've seen on IG and not here that's looks very promising, and then I look forward to see Paul's at some point. It seems either this pair is tougher than what I though, or the fact that since january I work mostly from home killed my fade skills. little real life update, while waiting for the fadezzz.... This week I've been a couple days in Zurich, Switzerland. I was invited to see the final round of the Concours Géza Anda, one of 5 top piano competitions in the world. The Festival I work for is one of the international partners and we always invite one of the prizewinners. The final round usually takes place in the Tonhalle, which at the moment is closed for renovation. The replacement hall, though, is cool as fuck. A repurposed industrial building that has been prepped as concert hall and that has some really incredible acoustics. yet another opportunity to be reminded that I live in "peasantland". I have no pics of the winner, anyhoo she's called Claire Huangci, she's an American of Chinese origins and she's absolutely amazing. I was pleased to find myself agreeing with the jury. my outfit for the finale and following cocktail, I know you all want to see it cheap Swiss peasant lager, 6 SFR a bottle. fast forward to today, cheap peasant lager in the land of true peasants, € 0,76 a bottle just finished this, didn't know Joe Lansdale, now I want to read everyrthing he wrote. truly captivating stuff let's keep it at least a bit jeans related, me on the way to super market Me on the way back from supermarket, backpack full of 0,76 peasant imbibements, I managed 10 66cl bottles for 7,60, just a bit over that single Swiss beer. bye bye the peasant
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    Just took delivery of a new mto pair of boots. made by a brand called Winson, from Indonesia. Much better quality compared to the other Indonesian brand, I've tried. Santalum. There is no comparison in fairness. They're all stitched by hand, and peep the stitching itself. The owner, Emil, is a pleasure to deal with, and clearly very enthusiast about his work. Lace to toe design, the maker modified his last to accomodate my needs (higher and wider toebox). leather: rough out sole: brown midsole + Dr Sole outsole and heel peep how clean the stitching is boots were sent with two different kilties, longer (as on here) and shorter (last pics). And here how the rough out looks after two coats of sno seal, two coats of mid brown polish, leather laces and shorter kilties/no kilties. A darker polish would have been nice, too. nicely done, subtle woodmans heel Very well made boots, I dare to say they hold their own against well known makers. They're ready to be hybernated til the next winter now haha!
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    Some iPhone shots of my Warehouse Hinoya 1001HXX at 300 days
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    Staying in a shitty hotel in Florida and I finally have a phone that can post photos to this forum! 50's
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    Quick snap of my 60s
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    Fit of my new 47 after a handful of days.
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    Jeans, and beer belly nearly exploding. sorry denim photos are not the best. Lighting was no good when I decided to take them. It's been a grey overcast day until I decided to take off the camera...
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    Sat'day cosplay... RMC daisy mae ELMC t-shirt Post RMC N3 Viberg Aviators (hidden)
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    trying out a barlteby bob dong t shirt tcb x tcb rw
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    helloooooo everybody!!!!! some bartleby style moments of the weekend. went for a walk in the fields around home to pick up wild strawberries. fierce plastic rucksack show off. We can't that thing off her back as of late... peasantland peasantland part II part III strawberries living the [peasant] dream Architectural Digestive Papaveri margherite 22 kilos on my back for a couple km.
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    My yearly update... 2000 No.1
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    Been playing around with different sizes and configurations of no-waste pouches... planning to release a whole ecosystem of these things somehow and soon. I also tech'd out the Dyneema Leather Universal Duffle idea a little bit with some VX42 X-pac As always, comments, feedback, suggestions, criticisms... all is welcome. Thanks for reading!
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    @greathoudini @longshanks Thanks ! It’s a Soulive noragi from the past season that I bought in Kojima (jeanstreet) last summer while I was visiting Japan. Today a simple outfit with a plaid shirt. visvim/barns/TCB/OakStreetBootmakers
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    Here is the A2 I bought.
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    Great updates all! It's been crazy hot in Gothenburg the last couple of days so the 20's have recieved some rest and mainly stolen the limelight during the evening shenanigans. My department and I went to a vineyard/spa called Ärsta vingård for a conference the other week. I had no clue that there even existed vineyards in Sweden. Let alone that there's 70 of them. I've also taken a trip to Växjö to visit a friend. We went to see Hanna Järver - one of Swedens new promising pop icons, took a walk in the woods and had fika at PM Bröd & Sovel that was crowned Swedens best café in 2018. It was alright. Other than that it's mostly been a time of hanging out at the sea and parks. Quick fit pic to keep this at least a little denim related!
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    RS04, no filter bunch of years 0 machine washes maybe 15-20 bathtub washes 1 repair visit to SE a couple of years ago
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    Ebbets Field Maui Jim Gitman Vintage Denime Stance Tricker's
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    Relaxing my knee at Starfucks I mean Starbucks lol. They have electrolytes. Chopper shop in Austin (Jackson's is the best/shameless promo) Brixton a tight knee brace SC1947 BH
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    Next, some potato-quality post-soak fit pics, from just after their maiden voyage through the local redwoods: Really happy with these so far. The fit is just about all I could hope for, and the fabric is really something else—very prickly and stiff, with a lot of variation in color but not too too much slub or other unevenness. The leg twist is probably the most of any of my jeans, which I think goes pretty well with the aesthetic overall. A disclaimer: expect a flurry of low-effort posts over the next few weeks as I discover (and become over-excited by) more little quirks and details.
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    Just did what must be at least wash 12 on my 727s. They're 9 months old now and I can officially confirm that this is my favorite pair of jeans I've ever owned.
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    you know we're living in the postmodern era when a menswear spinoff of an activewear brand gets it's own activewear spinoff.
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    Brass Tokyo 18 months later.
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    Double post for double more outfit. This time some fresh denim and a new shirt I just picked up. What do you guys think about the "shoot" location ? I'm getting bored of my garage door. Visvim/Visvim/Visvim/BonneGeule/Visvim
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    Military inspired outfit for spring. Temperatures are getting a little bit lower in Switzerland. It's rare I'm not wearing any denim ! Visvim/Tezomeya/Orslow/OSB/Filson
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    hey everybody - just got back from a trip to Iceland and visiting some good friends in Berlin. I'll share some more photos later. its really windy in some parts of iceland. like crazy windy.
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    established bloom babies back on board creaking knees and zero expertise lost skin and flower arrangements indigo rain and go faster stripes that’s what this week’s update is made of
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    No denim RMC A-3 cap ELMC HH G-1 StanRay OG107
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    Another military outfit. Not necessarily denim so I don't know if it's inappropriate for this thread or you guys don't care ? Full Imgur album Visvim/Visvim/Uniqlo/Paraboots/Filson
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    Rolling Dub Trios, new and a few years old (with Vibram resoles).
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    Week-end off at the lake. Hiked on top of Rochers de Naye to get a beautiful view of lake Geneva. Visvim 2x / Tanner goods / Uniqlo / Birkenstock
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    Monsters Outside Elvis and Kresse Freshly bathtub washed Roy S&S/Lofgren/tsptr Double chocolate Sans chocolate
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    Wow, two years without any action here? Is Imperial still making jeans? SEXI23s. I bought these at least 5 years go. During that time, my thighs got a bit bigger. (Beer? Squats? Middle age? I'll never tell.) I'm not sure the slim tapered look is for me anymore, but I can still just barely squeeze into these. But I don't think I can mount a bike in these without ripping them in half, and since I ride a bike just about everywhere, these are definitely on the back burner. Probably at least a year of wear. At least 10 washes in the bathtub. One repair. I am pretty proud of these.
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    I got a pic to upload!!!! Hooray! Here’s my latest suit for my manual labor job, a sample LVC triple pleat and my 20s. Fades are starting to show on the front pockets and butt mainly. 2 soaks, no washes.
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    Great pic Erk and I like a lot your fit! Greetings from Germany. Spent the last couple days in Einbeck, beautiful village, where I had the chance to visit the PS Speicher Museum, a really impressive automotive history museum. Here's a couple pics, sadly no pics of the jeans themselves. German normcore Details No, we don't serve craft beers here We only sell cheap peasant lager
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    Same old, same old... Plus bonus weird leg shot as the weft caught my eye... Merz B FHUTT Ooe x Bandana Almanac Viberg Boondockers