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    Gentle reminder: you've ripped off some folk on the IH forum... Screw bacteria, how about refunding them ey?.. https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=634.msg528645#msg528645 https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=634.msg528645#msg528645 https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=634.msg528645#msg528645
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    Hi ! senpai here !! with maximum love from japan !
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    Minus the sun in my eyes, it was a Toyo type of day... Buzz Buzz SC1947 BH oxford Without the wallet chain, I look like I came fresh off working the dock.
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    I decided to channel my disappointment over the loss of custom pocket bag fabric into something a bit more positive and fun. After practicing on some fabric scraps, I made my first foray into embroidery. Other than a small section on the left where I made the stitches too tight,I feel pretty good about this. I was especially happy that I avoided sewing the pocket shut:
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    ^ excellent my efforts bob dong t shirt and frogskin camo p44 pants tcb 50s jkt excelsior shoes
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    tcb tcb santalum ltt boots
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    Somehow I'm reminded of that time when I was an exchange student in Argentina and had to present Norway in a school assembly, and someone asked about the Norwegian monarchy from medieval times until today. I shaked my head and said "Aaaaah, es un quilombo...", a word I associated only with mess or chaos, the way I had heard it used colloquially, when in fact it means brothel of the nastiest kind. I just couldn't figure out why they were all laughing so much In other news: Wearing the 2.0 jeans today and I had forgotten how much I like the fit. So comfortable and also clean and stylish.
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    Roy RS2's just washed. Nihon Menpu fabric.
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    sunny sunday fit gonna rock the jeans with a single bucket cuff until they'll hit the washing machine for the first time, then we'll see.
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    Business as usual... Hillside scarf Samurai type 2 Roy chambray Post O'alls Roy SF01 IH x 2 Viberg
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    Old tweed jacket and turtleneck Re Lookus jeans Sanders
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    Really need to get my sewing machine and sew the hem of the pants. Visvim/Outlier/Orslow/Paraboots
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    cheap n1 repro deluxeware sweat Re Lookus XX jeans Santalum ltt boots
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    Buzz Ricksons usmc pants Tcb Black cat JK Chucks
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    1702xx That fabric was crazy!
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    I dunno about other old timers but I'm priced out now. At $2k+ for a goretex jacket or >$1k for trousers you can't try on, I'm going to spend my money at Veilance, where they're "only" $400 and can be tried on. Fuck the resellers, fuck the hype. But it does warm my heart to look at grailed and see a ton of stuff with ridiculous prices that's sat there for months and months. I hope they all take a bath.
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    Healthy amount of symbolism in that video: NG3-PS Errolson represents old school, "tech" ACR Cowboy Errolson represents new wave, high fashion (high priced) ACR John Mayer is really Hiroki Nakamura in disguise JM/HN wants to sway E to follow visvim's path, the high-priced road, with his sweet melodies. Cowboy E is forced to face his former tech self and decide if he wants to kill him and move forward. We're at the cusp of ACR's new business model and audience. Will Cowboy E pull the trigger and go full Nakamura?
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    Here’s a spring update on my 1101’s. These were worn often all winter and had several spills, washes, and utter disregard. Got engaged in these jeans, been on countless vacations, whale watching, all kinds of shit. I suppose I treated them how jeans were meant to be treated. I believe my last update was October, 2017. I hope you all don’t mind the photo dump.
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    My cat spilled that beer on my computer as I was making this post. Hope you guys like it.
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    Hello! I am delighted to have fun with you all here. However, starting to wear at work starts from September.
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    Hurray, the forum seems to work now! Snapped a pic in between downpour of today. TCB 30s hat Visvim Samuraï TCB 50s Slim Converse JP
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    Much blueness today... Cabourn Lybro jacket The Hillside scarf & pocket square Post O'alls Royal Traveller Vest Real McCoys 232 chambray Self Edge x Dry Bones SEXDB19 Iron Heart belt (hidden) Viberg
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    I wasn't so sure about my 60s, after sizing up from my 50s, but they are really growing on me. Super comfy.
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    Wh tcb contest wesco boss
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    For what it’s worth the CS has definitely improved of late in my experience so I hope this is a sign of things to come. Replies actually happen now! Regarding being priced out I think it’s silly money indeed but, frustratingly, I just can’t find anything I like better despite trying so I just tend to find ways to step up. It’s inside my head to another level. For example I own a fair bit of Veilance, all of which I’ve bought “cheap” on sale and it’s good stuff but, being extreme to illustrate the divide for me, it just feels like I’m wearing grandad gear in comparison. Throwing on Acronym items still gets me psyched whereas Veilance just feels very pedestrian and I personally get nothing off it other than nice looking functional gear. I don’t pick up a Veilance jacket and think “yeah!” I just grab it and forget it (arguably the sign of something doing its job!). When I’m sifting through my Acronym bits it genuinely excites me to wear them each time. At the end of the day “it’s just clothes” of course but I’m clearly struggling to grow out of it...just wish my fingers were faster on these websites in my old age!
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    Some musings from the week... some pork belly, spring flowers, and surf
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    Coming in with another 50s update! 4 months wear 3 hot wash and hot dry. I find the fabric reacts better when washed in a top load as opposed to a front load washer. Does anyone else find that? Or am I crazy. I converted a friend to the 50s. Also included some day one pics. W38.
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    I cheated on the contest jeans for two days as I received a pair of re Lookus after two months wait and I had to try them out. Anyhoo I'm back at it with even more vigor and gusto!
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    Starting to run low on days where I can wear a jacket! TCB 50’s jacket Velvasheen tee Tender 129s Common projects
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    quick couple pics of packaging and a first fit, since the fit pics were taken the top block has stretched a bit. the jeans are raw but Hiroshi wanted to wash them before sending to make sure the fabric shrunk to the amount he expected. That's the first w36 he makes so he had to pattern out the cut and make sure everything worked fine. Denim is gorgeous, thick and crunchy, I was worried that it wouldn't stretch much but luckily after a couple hours of desk job they fit comfortably. Not the best footwear either to highlight the cut. White's look ridicolously massive with a smaller hem! However, very impressed with the jeans. totally worth the price considering this is a one man gig.
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    And one last photo dump from the peasant snowlands.
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    RMC A-3 mechanics cap ELC type A-2 Full count 0105xx
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    happy easter yada yada rastafari one love tcb 20s contest updated fit I'm really glad I've only soaked the jeans so far, the cuff stays firm and the overall fit has more of a stovepipe vibe.
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    Extremely low-quality photos incoming! JWJ El Patron / Sugar Cane lot 401 / Wolverine 1k mile not shown: Gustin T, Last & Loom socks, ~12-year-old REI belt
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    Not today but last week when I was on the South Island of New Zealand up in the Southern Alps: The Strike Gold Velva Sheen TCB 50's Contax G2
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    Not much of a fit pic but I wear the same stuff all the time so you get the idea Trying to channel our inner Fonzie Conners s406xxx and s409xxx jeans Taylor Toyo t shirt
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    Happy easter. Stupid pic but whatevaaa
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    Some fabric shots of my 1003HXX
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    TCB 20s... with FHUTT, Merz B, Viberg...
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    This is a bit late to the party, but I recently picked up a J56-S to take some heat off my other daily-wears. After speaking with some other active users on here I wrote a review about my experience with it and other Acronym jackets in general. I think purely in terms of form the J56 is a pinnacle of Stotz Acronym jackets. Aesthetically, it's perfect for what it tries to do and is hands down the best looking cotton jacket that I have ever put on. I love it. However, functionally, I think the pocket array is underwhelming and a novelty at best. The chest pockets, which we can all agree are a brand fingerprint, are extraordinarily difficult to get in and out of to the point where I don't see myself using them for anything other than non-essential storage. They are also obnoxiously dustbin-like in their propensity to catch food crumbs and other bits of debris. I don't look forward to cleaning them out. The hand pockets, which I have always considered to be a weakness in brand design, are also underwhelming in user experience. As usual, I find myself feeling like I would have liked to see something special there other than waterproof zips. As a daily-wear jacket I can't ignore a comparison to my pre-KG era J28-E. It's an older model but it checks out. Acronym clothing is a funny thing in that one can look at the photos and surmise how things might feel and perform, but there's never a substitute for actually wearing it. What I mean by that is that the J28 has, in my opinion, to be a rather crude-looking and novelty-esque aesthetic at face value. A sarcastic feeling of, "cool pockets bro," very much comes to mind. However, when actually putting it on we can see how abundantly practical the compartments are. The larger mezzanine pocket is absolutely perfect for a cell phone or other slim electronics, the smaller one being great for items like keys, lip-balm, or what-have-yous. There is also the secondary larger pocket which I use as storage for all sorts of other miscellaneous practical items like cables, folded papers, and other materials. Then of course, and this is the most important part and where the J56 falls completely flat, is that their placement is in such a way that we do not have to contort our body in any way to get in and out of these. They are effortless in their design and user experience. In my humble opinion it is the perfect array. I really like the J56, but the J28 will always have a special place in my heart even with all it's holes, rips, and repairs. It is sun-faded to the point of being brown-looking, and the cut of the jacket is pretty boxy and outdated for all intents and purposes, but I'll wear it until it falls off my shoulders into a pile of lint and stitching. I don't like it just because I think it looks cool. I like it because it performs well every single time I put it on. The J28, for me, is the apex of functional design and daily-wear experience and I will be very sad the day that I put it to rest. A Stotz version, even with the J56 in my arsenal, would be a very tempting purchase if Errolson were to ever release one. I am forever spoiled by its near perfection.
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    Giving you guys my best 1800's coal miner cosplay look today courtesy of Ooe Yofukuten. Ooe Yofukuten chore coat. Ooe Yofukuten tee. Ooe Yofukuten DB01. Viberg boondockers.
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    Kinda crazy but I dont think I ever posted this... I'm so happy I can have this forever!
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    Happy egg eating holiday everyone! Over dyed German army parka, Muttonhead cap, TCB 60’s and Diemme shoes in Kudu.
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    yo... I've been busy with school, then SuFu broke for me, so i'm finally getting around to uploading these. I got the jeans on the morning of the 14th so i immediately put them on and wore them to school for the day. The denim was initially way more dark and grey, with a very stiff texture. very crunchy. Aftter the soak the colour lightened up the the deep blue i remembered. I washed on hot with a very hot dry cycle for an hour. i think i got all the shrink out of them right off the bat. After the soak the denim was like crumpled paper. the denim had a crazy amount of texture, i was a little concerned i overdid it with the extra hot dry but it calmed down in a couple wears. Super happy the jeans are back i was missing them quite a bit. I'm not too peeved about the pockets, except they kind of feel smaller than the old ones, maybe i'm crazy... I don't have my measurements right now, i noted them down but i forgot them at my place(writing this at a friends house). I tried to cuff the pants to the same length so you could see how much they shrunk. PRE SOAK a an interesting little irregularity, i think it was just caused by the denim being folded. It mostly disappeared after the wash. POST SOAK
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