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  1. Birthdays is approaching. Warehouse lot 900 or TCB slim 50..... Know a lot of guys on here are not into slimmer fits especially TCB but I can't wear loose fits. Just don't suit me.
  2. Geeman

    Chore coats

    How did Maynard miss that one
  3. Geeman

    Chore coats

    I've had my eye on this tcb one for a while and Broark posted a nice one in the unknown japanese brand thread yesterday https://tcbjeans.myshopify.com/collections/outers/products/copy-of-tcb-tabbys-jacket-charcoal-grey-duck-11-2oz-one-wash
  4. I ordered from Amazon JP and it took less than a week
  5. Geeman

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Looking at he new global rakuten express..... You have to upload yur I'D documents to prove it's you..... anyone done it? Obviously slightly hesitant to provide a website with a copy of my photo ID/personal information. ....
  6. Geeman

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Wrong thread
  7. Geeman

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Nice jacket and colour is great for wearing with jeans
  8. Plenty of brass fish hook and caribiners out there. Have a look at UES
  9. Geeman


    Cheers both
  10. Geeman


    Measurements of both the S and M..?
  11. Geeman

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    If I close my eyes I'd swear it's Unders talking.
  12. Geeman

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    Burgus Plus TFH 70s
  13. Geeman

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Re the logo tees, I actually bought one. When I first got into RMC years back I really wanted the original logo ringer t. They only came in black or white, couldn't find my size anywhere. When the new one popped up I grabbed one just to scratch a 9 year itch!
  14. Geeman

    The Flat Head

    Cant remember if I have posted this before, pulled this put of a drawer today I'd completely forgot about it. Special addition t I bought from TFH stall (meeting the man himself) at the Pronto Denim Carnival in BKK back in 2016 I I think THC tshirt with all their sub brands logos on the back. Cant actually recall wearing it. Excuse the creases Great colour for summer.
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