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  1. What do you mean custom made.....? Custom made by Momotaro / Japan blue?
  2. I don't get why any store wouldn't ship overseas in its day and age. Why turn away business.
  3. I really like the look of the new RMC Indigo Aran jumper Shame the wife has clocked the price already so will have to let it go off the radar for a while tho....
  4. @mikecch we are all guilty of it I suppose but great line: A conversation regarding gentrification of workwear would be interesting, but at least 10 years too late.
  5. I love how Cucoos indecision lasted 6 hours between posts hope they work out dude. I love SDA.
  6. I don't mind a sock shot if it's not a super skinny jean rolled up to specifically show of the socks or a casual adjust of the cuff... who actually adjusts their cuffs that much!! On Redwing I like them , great boots for the money. ... except the Moc toe! Just don't like them and the skinnier the jean the worse they look.
  7. Concentrate on 2 but have another 18 in rotation....that's probably 20 years worth of denim. Sacraficing food for denim you won't even get to wear.... Dude, wear what you got already and go grab a big fat burger.
  8. I think the Thai denim scene is far from over, you only need to look at last week's Pronto Carnival, which was Prontos 10 anniversary by the way. Pronto has the lions share of the market ( and also the status of being the premier store for the can affords and real denim geeks) has a massive selection of brands across mutiple stores in BKK alone. They are real clever with it and spread brands and models across the different stores to prevent them all being the same. They also have considerable pull with the brand's and will often stock new releases and restocks first. They are usually very quick with PBJ and hold a lot of stock. As for prices rising there, I don't see much effect on the consumers, you've never seen so many flathead leather accessories being worn and we all know they ain't cheap! There's a lot of new comers also, West code store ( find him on IG) stocking pherrows Jelado Sugarcane Orgueil and so on, Oscar Denim stocking Toys Mcoys, Samurai and Selective for Alden and other top end shoes. Then you get to lcoal brands like Nama (greatshirts!) And Crows the list goes on... Raw in Thailand has got a lot of life left in it yet.
  9. TCB

    The 50s slim looks a good fit for me. Looking at the measurements on the site, I take it they are not taken flat BiG style but round the circumference? From experience how accurate are there measurements?
  10. Get them to confirm measurements from an actual pair laid flat as their sizing charts are rarely accurate. I wear 31 in nearly every brand I've tried and could have sized down 1 if the front rise would have allowed. There's ample stretch in them.
  11. 512 has more taper. 517 is a little slimmer in the top block but a touch wider below the knee. Stick with the 16oz XX denim, the 14oz is like paper thin!
  12. Rowans Creek is very nice
  13. @dudewuttheheck my personal favourite is 1792. There's several variations and I'm yet to try one I didn't like!
  14. Yup. That's Royal Mails handling fee....
  15. The other week I ordered a tshirt from the USA, paid 36 dollars (29gbp)plus shipping , when it got here Royal Mail stung me for 8 quid for VAT (fair cop) then another 8 quid handling... for me going to the post office to collect it myself!