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  1. Workshirts

    I love a chin strap!
  2. No real pattern for me, wear a pair couple times then rotate unless shoes/top dictates. Only wearing new pairs at the moment, selling or have sold off most old pairs. Got my PBJ waiting to go back in the mix when I've shed a little more weight.
  3. It's fine by me. Rather that than a lengthy post with mutiple pics of a specific item clogging up the threads.
  4. It's OK to declare you're selling and provide a link to the post or site but don't list the items individually in the respective threads.
  5. Warehouse

    With you on the UK import tax, been stung myself lots of times. If you can afford the UK mark up and try on in store then you should go in and buy them, especially when relatively new to raw or trying a different brand. For brands I'm familiar with I ship from Japan. One wash should be snug in the waist at first but will stretch out with wear as will the thighs but not so much. Tight thighs are a pain though as they also impact on the rise if too snug. A lot of these questions and points have been going back and forth for a long time but you have the best option available to get the right fit. Go into SOAS, R&H (unbeatable service ) or clutch cafe and try some one wash pairs on.
  6. Beat me to it . This ^^ R&H will sort you out even if yu don't know which pair you want.
  7. BS United Oni Denim Pics

    I didn't like the 14 oz denim, it felt paper thin and started to wear through very quickly. No such issues with the 16.5oz
  8. Full Count Denim Thread

    Yes the one wash will still stretch out, I can't comment on a 32-33 measurements as I wear 31. Also,... what Ooms said.
  9. Full Count Denim Thread

    Rule of thumb with Fullcount is size down one. Very forgiving denim and comfortable top blocks. Go one wash, take the guesswork out.
  10. Warehouse

    And blue in green has WH with size charts
  11. Workshirts

    Take a look at Momotaro shirts
  12. Not a duffle, but I use a filson 24 hour tin cloth briefcase for all my bag needs and carry on duties..solid bag, plenty of pockets and the wide strap means it's comfortable when there's a bit of weight in it.
  13. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Shameless plug https://www.grailed.com/greiglewis4 RMC /TFH / SDA /3sixteen PM for questions or shipping
  14. Studio D'artisan

    I have 107 and he 1110. 107 in the 15oz standard denim are my favourite jeans. Fit is the same in the leg but the top block in the Fullcount are bigger with a higher rise. Go TTS at least in the SDA and down 1 in Fullcount. The PBJ have more taper but actually have a bigger leg opening in the same size. Go SDA!