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  1. I have a blue pair. Quite a stiff, heavy fabric. Pocket bags are almost to thick for comfort IIRC. I'll have to dig them out asI haven't worn for ages.
  2. My first pair of FC were hemmed in store at the Tokyo store and were great.
  3. That's good news. What this forum is missing of late is a grumpy northern monkey
  4. Scored a pair of 710 2nd hand. They've arrived loom to be completely unworn and still have the blue tag attached with the orange plastic tie. Took a chance as previous conversation here suggested I need to size up in the waist (glad I did! ) and the 34 leg would actually come in around 31. Am I right to assume these will lose more length and some width on first wash? Couple inch in length and a 1/4 inch in width below the knees and these will be golden and no hemming required
  5. @JDelage Amazon JP is always worth a try as lot of stores have a shopfront there and it makes the ordering process very simple. Shipping/duties calculated upfront just takes a bit of searching to find the item. Note, if you have an Amazon account/Prime account it works across most Euro countries but not the JP site you'll need to set up an account . It's a faff but worth it, most of my Beams Plus I get via Amazon JP. I've actually had refunds from them when the exchange rate has dropped between ordering and delivery!
  6. I pm him the other day to check in but haven't heard back. Hope everything is OK
  7. Apologies for the image quality and slightly menacing angle.... Vetra Kamakura seersucker shirt Duke TCB Sanders JP
  8. I'm considering some ecru jeans, just started looking
  9. Continuing the conversation here as the mods are being slack 😆 Loopwheel t arrived. Nice fit and decent enough fabric. Not too boxy and a decent neck opening without being too tight. Can't complain for under 30 quid including shipping Just ordered a Ivy Stripe t as well.
  10. Say TFH 3 times and he appears...
  11. Ran the Manchester Half Marathon today. Now off to eat Thai food and drink Thai beer. Baracuta Kamakura shirts Duke FC Tim's
  12. Geeman


    Seconded. It's a great colour for matching dark brown shoes.
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