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  1. New fit in natural indigo released: https://www.dartisan-onlineshop.com/smp/item/SD-800.html
  2. If you want an Oxford you can tuck Kamakura have a nice range. Beams Plus Oxfords are also nice and don't have to be tucked
  3. I'm living through you.... Be a while before I make a trip back. Enjoy!
  4. @peter1 there is a sale thread Here
  5. Opposite Fullcount? @reallypeacedoff
  6. I have mental images of you hiding in the cellar secretly eating cheeses while sobbing softly.... Why was it down there in the first place
  7. This thread is 8 years old WTF! Where has that time gone.
  8. Weird as in of the wide range of length options , they don't actually measure near the length stated. Given the further shrinkage to get my desired length; @ 29-30 nches, I actually should order 33 then!
  9. So looking at Bears charts, Resolutes 31 inch inseam actually measures 29.5!? (Weird from a brand that markets the variety of options available) Given I usually Hem to 29.5 - 30 anyway... can I expect further shrinkage??
  10. The shop in Dakiyama, near the station and Saint James shop is (or was when I was last there) nicer than the one near Harajuku Plus you have 45rpm, UES and Blue Blue Japan quite close by.
  11. Is there anywhere that details the changes to the fits on the FC range when they dropped the arcs and tab and 'relaunched '
  12. Geeman


    So the 50s denim continues to shrink after washing?? Everyone else get the same? Mine have lost about an inch in length after 2 washes now so wearing without a cuff. They actually look good with no cuff and one break at the the shoe so no loss. Might get a second pair and leave an inch extra for future shrinkage so I can keep the cuff on a pair. The 50s denim ages and wrinkles so nicely
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