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  1. 3sixteen hoodie are great, don't own one but have handled. JMC are nicer but priceier
  2. Cheers dude.
  3. Looking at the same cut myself @SLAB is the size down 1 guidance the same for the xx and signature denim? Also mate, was asking about the warehouse lot 900 in the warehouse thread (one page back now) think you wear em, could you chime in?
  4. And are they the banner denim?
  5. Cheers, am I on the right track with the 900s?
  6. Where can I find a reliable fit guide / size chart for warehouse? Looking for a fit like my SDA 107. Thinking lot 900?
  7. @Naoto Ver.2 I have a couple MIJ cons. 70's are still nicer overall but the japanese are closer to the original chucks shape. Always worth checking the abc marts stores that are all over the place for deals on cons and japanese only models as is White Atelier in Shinjuku and Journal Standard. The Japanese Purcells are very nice though, retaining the shape of the original but more padded. The Purcells are not MIJ but just Japanese models. I like em so much I doubled up when I bought em! Sorry for the geeking out, I come from a cons obsessed family!
  8. @Max Power please don't let our geeky demands for measurements and shrinkage info derail your honeymoon plans Have a great time dude.
  9. Great store. @Max Power 991xh are on my hit list. Will be intrested to hear what the shrinkage is on them, I'm assuming the black are unsanforised as well.
  10. Annual leather care day... OGL wallet. 5 years old. I'd be lost without it. Phone pics
  11. I see SDA have opened a new store in Ebisu, does anyone know if this is replacing M'arjuian in Shibuya
  12. That's a great shirt.
  13. Yes mate. With Thailand Turkey Hong kong Cuba Berlin and Amsterdam inbetween! Live for those holidays! Was about to ask you guys for recommendations outside of Tokyo? We are in Tokyo for about 7 days with a day in Yokohama. Looking to spend 2 nights elsewhere. Suggestions? We'll be pretty shopped out by then.
  14. Roll on end of March, 2nd trip to Japan. This threads keeping me constantly reminded it's coming!
  15. ^^ I also get called this by my daughter, who's now 20 and my youngest, as well as the bloke hipsters want to be when they grow up!