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  1. @JDelage just discovered the ignore function, will save a lot of angst. . @chewie ain't no joy greater than rediscovering an old loved tshirt
  2. Indeed it is. Was your post I quoted anything to do with denim? That was exactly my point. Please keep your posts relevant to this forum and refrain from posting the same info repeatedly.
  3. Possibly your most irrelevant post to date.
  4. Voyej, Obbi Goods Label are a decent price point with nice products.
  5. I third that! SDA are tight/small in the waist. I got a fair shrink in the leg when I washed though, a quarter inch or so in the width if I recall.
  6. Nice one, interested to see them. Any info on the 17oz denim?
  7. Late night tube SDA flannel SDA 107 PF flyers MIJ Filson
  8. @MasonAlexander let's see them worn not rolled up to the knee?
  9. I dont want to jump on Ed as well but.... if they are super ugly why would you buy for 120?
  10. Will probably cop at some point this year mate been lusting after it long enough.
  11. ^I wear chore coats, RMC and Nama Denim,or Engineered Garments engineer Jacket when not wearing a denim jackets. On my wishlist is the Engineered Garments Workday jacket as modelled by that @Flash wears.
  12. @volvo240thebest moved onto the bourbon after a cider and lager. Bourbon is my usual tipple but as an English man its compulsory to drink cider and/or lager on a sunny Saturday afternoon
  13. One for quenching the thirst one for sipping. Beautiful day for the beer garden 24oz PBJ a questionable choice
  14. @Danny @ Rivet & Hide you mentioned a new version of the PBJ X011 coming in 17 oz and a touch more taper. Is that still expected?