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  1. Took a tour of the now closed Steelhouse Lane police station in Birmingham. For those not local it's a Victorian police station and jail house. It's seen the likes of Fred West, the Birmingham pub bombers and the gangs that Peaky Blinders were based on pass through. If youve watched the BBC series then the scenes inside the cells are filmed here. Here's me getting my collar felt
  2. How about Bass Weejuns? Affordable, bit of history, will last ages with the type of wear you'll put into them?
  3. My usual environment.. outside a boozer with a bourbon in my hand. Turning 45 today! What the ..... Ginger turning grey beard 3sixteen Fred Perry Oni Clarks
  4. I sold of my pairs that got no wear. Leaving me with just 3 pairs to rotate which is plenty for me. Oni 512xx SDA 107 PBJ xRH Will at some point cop the following to replace as the above wear out JMC 991xh Another SDA 107 pair as they are simply a great pair of jeans FC1110
  5. I think he was just asking do my feet look big in these boots.... @orchestrion for my taste they do look big but it depends what look you are comfortable with. If you are used to a slimmer profile it will take a while to get used to but if it doesn't feel right it's not going to work for you
  6. I have chup, anonymosism and pherrows socks (which are real thick and chunky) but Mikes spot on, a nice to have but not exactly essential
  7. Measurements just don't add up for me unfortunately mate
  8. I really lust over momotaro just can't find the cut that works for me.
  9. Boots, denim, barbour. A common combination for me.
  10. SDA 107 are my favourite pair.
  11. Whilst drying jam something in the waist that keeps it under tension like a solid wooden hanger for example. Most jeans will stretch back to raw in the waist
  12. Did I miss something or to old to understand?
  13. Frost appears to be wearing some brown UES in the WAYWT thread
  14. Might not do the patch any good though. Washing on a medium (40c) is usally enough
  15. Sipping a bourbon outside Amsterdam's smallest bar Sugarcane Oni Red eyes.... Yeah that's right I got my pinkie sticking out