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supertalk discussion forum guidelines 2023

Guidelines have evolved as the supertalk community has developed over the past 24 years. supertalk forums are a place where everyone should feel comfortable to contribute and take part in 
discussion. Report abuse or tagging @superfuture will alert the moderation team to users who disregard these guidelines.
1. General rules
2. Posting guidelines
3. Warnings / Suspensions / Banning

1. General rules
- Threads that are not strictly related to forum topics will either be moved to the according forum or to 'supertrash', or deleted.
- Posts containing obnoxious, derogatory, defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting, vulgar, vile and vicious content will be deleted and member suspended.
- Promoting conspiracy theories, fake news and disinformation will lead to immediate permanent ban.
- Use of hate speech in the forums will lead to immediate permanent ban. 
- Strong personal attacks are not tolerated in any part of the forum.
- supertalk is a politics and religion free zone. All posts containing political or religious comments will be deleted. supertalk has a diverse international membership and any political or religious discussions tend to degenerate quickly so are strictly off limits.
- Use simple common sense when posting and don't be a jerk. keep in mind that miscommunication occurs often on internet forums.
- Be respectful. Every word carries weight and everyone deserves the same respect no matter their role or level of IQ. Everyone should feel able to contribute knowledge without being intimidated abused or harassed. 

2. Posting guidelines  
Things to think about before posting

A. Creating new Topics
- Has the topic been discussed before? [if an old thread contains much of the information you're looking for, read it and bump it if necessary]
- Is the topic relevant to the forum in which you are posting?
- Is this thread’s topic similar to any other recent threads? [Use the search function!]

B. Replying to Posts
- Are you posting in the right forum?
- Does your post add to the discussion?
- Is it helpful or necessary for other members to see your post/question?
- Do you have anything constructive to say?
- Are you derailing or spamming this thread?
- Are you including all necessary details?
- Are you keeping posts in order?. If referring to a previous earlier post you can quote it using the quote tool or tag the poster [using @username]
- Is the information you are sharing appropriate?
3. Warnings / Suspensions / Banning
Moderators have a set of tools to automatically assess content and create warnings. Warnings will have associated suspension penalties depending on the severity. Once a member accumulates a set number of warnings they may be permanently banned.
A. Posting warnings
- The forum is NOT a chatroom. Keep idle chatter and clutter to PM [private messaging]. Excessive chatty comments will be removed. If you have a question about someones post that is specific for you and the other supertalker then it may be better off done by private message. 
- Members who post excessive rambling, inconsistent or unhelpful posts may receive a warning from moderators.  
- Purposely shitposting, baiting, or trolling users will result in your thread/post being deleted and your account possibly being suspended - or if it survives - your thread moved to supertrash.

B. Illegal content
- Is the content or links you are posting legal? supertalk has a zero tolerance policy for hosting illegal download links and posting unauthorized private information and photos. 
- Posting or requesting such content in the forums or via PM may result in suspension.

C. Inappropriate content
- Peddling racial, religious, homophobic tropes and insults.
- Promoting conspiracy theories, fake news and disinformation.
- NSFW content [not suitable for work]. supertalk has always had a somewhat lenient approach to certain content that other websites do not tolerate, however will have limits and all content must only be posted within the supertrash forums.
- supertalk does not allow graphic / violent images or explicit nudity to be posted on any forums - or sent via PM.
If you have any questions about guidelines or suggestions for improvement please let us know.
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