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    • Surprised haven went up without a med, probably got backdoored tbh   I'm currently studying Computer Science and Engineering and this is pretty interesting to me, and would like to learn/work with you on this stuff if you don't mind!
    • yup they changed their location, pretty crazy what can be found regarding the Acronym Dynamics s.r.o. in 1 min
    • If you're from Japan, then you can order from - same as everyone. They don't need to care about a particular market, because if someone from there won't buy it, someone else will - they only have a limited amount of pieces. The price increase is not based only because they feel people will pay it anyway - it's the only way to grow and earn more if you can't actually produce more.
    • So there was this info going around (?) that there was less stock for this collection due to some changes in workplace law? What I never understood is if the department doing Acronym is exactly the same as the one doing the Tilak lines (EU/JPN/Military/Poutnik) or another department attached to that factory. (daniis post above answer this somewhat) But If there are less pieces of clothing in total, it would make sense that this would be one reason for the increased price. Also maybe my impression that pieces seem to be getting more complex construction wise plays into both as well.  I wonder what they're going to do. Find a new factory in Europe? (is there one?) Keep raising prices while producing what is possible? Move production to Asia? I would feel a bit different about it all if they decided to stop producing in Europe. For a while at least, I guess... I have 'no problem' with raising prices to arrive at a returns level that compensates for years of hard work or to get to the level you feel your work and time is worth (plus funds for future plans). But I refuse to believe that price increases happen because a certain someone feels like people are gonna pay it anyway.  
    • I have recently noticed they changed the address of the czech production company, its still in sumperk but it's no longer right next to Tilak. This could mean they have smaller, but independent factory. That change occured in 2015 which kinda aligns with faster sellouts/lower production.
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