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    • Another perspective:   i choose ACR for it stands some really good designs variety of materials to choose from(no gore again,kido)  relatively easy to buy(hell yeah,i know its almost done,but compared to Aitor Throup or so,still easy right?)   This brand is,just like dude mentioned,like Porsche,you could find more expensive,or aggressive design,but its Porsche. Same as Rolex.   Unless the price would be sky high at last(retail,no grailed tricks),or papi offers souless designs all year around,its the time i say bye,may not yet. Hate is real,but it would not stop your from your own style,any styles if so,like i wear head to toe at the office,then we call it all condition gears,and sorry Nike,not you.  
    • WTB a non-insulated hooded Veilance hardshell in black and XS, such as the Actuator, Composite, Arris, Align, etc.
    • This reminds me of a similar situation within the Porsche community, another one of my interests. 

      If anyone is familiar, this was happening with the 911R, a distilled down "pure" and "heritage" 991 (chassis code for the latest model year) that was fairly limited. Allocations were first given out to major players with Porsche, i.e. 918 owners and people with collections that are equivalent to the GDP of a small African nation. Once the cars started trickling in, people were asking insane amounts of money for a car that was 200k out the door from Stuttgart. Anywhere from 750k to 3 million from what I recall. Same goes for the GT3 and GT3RS. 

      What happened? Nobody bought them. A few are now sitting at 600k. Still an outrageous markup, but on par with most limited Porsches.  That's the key to this situation or temporary price spike. Not a lot of people can afford a limited edition Porsche. Not a lot of people can afford (or want to buy) an ACR piece. Acronym just happens to be right outside the comfort zone of many people's purchase ranges, in my opinion.  Hype may drive up prices, but hype does not sustain prices.  
    • I just want to say that I meant cool as in acceptable to me. Hah.
    • 2nd has a page for a "new" TFH jacket here: However, I wonder if that's not simply a photo of the 6008? It doesn't look very different...