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  1. iamstarwars


    Do you know when the tabs are disappearing? Will this spring stock be tabless? Looking for a one wash 107 in size 3, and having a hard time finding one.
  2. iamstarwars


    That's the best I can do right now. Honestly, it took me a while to really like them. They go through an ugly stage between 2-6 months, but they've since become my favorite pair.
  3. iamstarwars


    From your pictures and description, that pair looks a lot like my Sumi x top Sorahiko: lighter fabric than the regular Nando (10oz maybe?), the grey tint inside, and a rich dark blue that fades to a greencast grey. If I remember well, the warp is nando and the weft threads are dyed in sumi ink.
  4. iamstarwars

    Kapital jeans

    I remember reading about Kapital jeans, but I don't think they have their own topic. I received a pair of the Cisco model so I figured I might as well start one. I didn't have the money for the natural indigo one, and didn't care for their repro model, so the Cisco seemed to be a good choice, at a very decent price (15,500 yens). For some reason, the cut is different from what I expected, it's very slim and low rise. I also sized down one, which was dumb. It took me a few minutes to button the jeans, and they need to stretch to feel comfortable, but it should work. The denim is very dark, almost black and very smooth. It kind of reminds me of the feeling of the 00X denim used by Studio d'Artisan, even if the denim of the Cisco is RHT.