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    • I guess I'm not in it as deep as some of y'all but I maybe have a (slightly) different take on it. Being that arts is my profession I really enjoy the creativity that goes into something so limited by nature as the blue jean. I guess it's like seeing innovations in fonts or something - the letters are fixed so what you do with how they look is what makes it interesting. So when I'm fighting buying a new pair it's usually because there's a little twist to it that makes me enjoy it as a bit of craft. I don't know much about Levi's history nor do I care to because what they make now is mostly pretty crappy compared to what they used to make, and many other places do that particular thing better - at least to my mind. But that translates to, instead of me trying to hunt down a great replica or some deadstock piece, I'm quite interested seeing what @rodeo bill or some other small scale designer is upto - from an artistic perspective but also because the small scale designers make more interesting stuff that I like to mess with. The pandemic definitely steered me into more of a rabbit hole as like many my world shrank, but I'd still hike and walk for miles (needing comfortable shoes has largely spared me from the artisan boot world as even a broken in pair doesn't compare to some cheap adidas or vans) and since I've been more or less lone wolf in my work for years the ritual of putting on jeans in the morning goes way back (you really don't want to get in the habit of spending a day in soft pants that is one slippery slope).  Then again, my collecting problem is dedicated exclusively to photography books - given how often I've moved putting any other collection on top of that just wouldn't be possible - books are pain enough. But to that end a pretty effective limitation for me has been never to "collect" i.e. nothing in the closet that I don't plan on wearing immediately and theoretically if I don't touch it for 6 months it's gone (not great at abiding by this). Still, it's a push and pull with consumption because I genuinely like spending my hard earned money on the work of another artist and artisans but I don't need what I don't need and wearing out some of this stuff takes a awhile! I've been not terrible this year (two pairs) but the end of the year is putting some pressure on as I see a hole in the wardrobe (as usual). Maybe I wouldn't see that hole if I didn't see the fits that I liked but didn't have, haha.  Cherish what you have is good advice though. No one in my life cares about it, at all. 
    • Sorry to bring up a post from last century; there hasn’t been much activity here. 
        Does this advice still ring true for one-wash eternal? I can reasonably expect a half-inch of shrink in length with a wash?
    • Good stuff.  About to do the 51 tux myself.   
    • WTB
      J72 DS - Black M in good condition at fair price.  Been looking for this piece since it first dropped. 
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