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    • Hi guys! I'm waiting for an answer about the hemming and we haven't decided how to handle the one-washing yet. Of course you'll be able to change your mind later on if you forgot to mention it, Kuniyoshi-san starts sewing in August after all. Here are measurements after a hot rinse and now a 40 degree machine wash. Waist is measured flat (not aligned) and the rises using Shingos measuring method. So it shrinks a little more than the chart says. But then it stretches out. Size 35
      Waist: 42 cm
      Thigh: 32 cm
      Front rise: 31 cm
      Back rise: 36 cm
      Inseam: 83,5 cm
      Hem: 20 cm 
    • Is there an answer re hemming by Kuniyoshi-san? Also who will perform the one-wash? Kuniyoshi, Shingo or Göteborg?
    • Came for the thread title, stayed for the discussion! My favourites have changed enormously over the years (I imagine this is true of almost all of us?), but at the moment I really love: The Mister Freedom lot 64 cut (extra medium, almost high rise, generous hem for engineer boots), especially in the Okinawa denim and NOS Organic Cotton. The Mister Freedom chinos also deserve honourable mention. The Real McCoys 004 and Joe McCoys 991XH. Very similar 60s style cuts, great fabric, an extremely comfortable jean. The Samurai 710 if I want something a bit more contemporary, quite a mid-low rise, slim silhouette. Following @Iron Horse's example, some fit pics. Mister Freedom Okinawa lot 64 (with bonus moody little man): Mister Freedom NOS 64: Mister Freedom Chinos:
      Real McCoys 004:  
    • Can you confirm these are Japanese made? They don’t say LVC anywhere but I bought them maybe 10 years ago on Ebay. Over 40 years of STF 501 experience but I don’t yet feel qualified to wear these. Wash tag is JP and pricetag is JPY. Thanks
    • Seems so as the only numbers that have changed from @Bobbo‘s posted numbers are the waist measurements, which I think are a result of measuring the inside circumference of the waist. The waists seem big. I’m waiting on @Bobbo to post his measurements this weekend before ordering because going up +2, as recommended, yields a bigger waist than I’m looking for... Getting a size 35 would bring the washed pants to a waist of 33.8 instead of 33.  Jeans look great though and I’m excited for them. It’s also worth noting that if you want your jeans raw you have to state so or else they will come one wash.
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