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  1. Can't agree more.
  2. NOT ONLY Sell but accept trades. J47a-gt J53-gt
  3. WTS: J1a-gt in L (great condition. only worn 6 times for fitpics) Must be sold lower than grailed price, open to offer.
  4. @agentbuca he is an honest seller, he sold the brand new jacket at retail price, very responsible and nice. Gift paypal and got a perfect condition one.
  5. WTT: MY J1a-gt in Large to trade with your j1a-gt in Medium. 3a-1 could be traded and in such case cash can be involved to make even the value. Willing to buy out if prices reasonable. Condition: my j1agt for receipt, purchased in 4 months ago, All tags and bags are well kept
  6. WTB: J47a-gt in M PayPal ready Thanks
  7. Hi, WTB: Cp2ss in Medium size Shipping cost and pp fees on me. I have cp2ss in Large, my large can exchange for your medium. If the condition is 9/10 same as mine. Thanks
  8. WTT (WTB): A) Looking for trading or the best is to buy: j1ts-s RAF green in M P25-DS in M Minimum 9/10 condition. (No flaws nor unremovable marks) With following items: J1ts-s BLACK in Large (10/10) with all tags arriving J1a-gt in large (9.5/10) bought from in Nov 2016. Worn 5 times. All pack, tags kept well. J43a-gt (9/10) buy in new, just tried on from Mr Xu over 100+ reputation in this forum on Nov 2016 LAf1 downtown (10/10) in size 45+ cash Acronym presto lava (10/10) in L+ cash 3a- 1 (9.5/10) buy in drop in March 2017 through a friend. (Worn 3 times)+cash C) All pack, tags kept well, pics can been taken under request
  9. PMed, thanks
  10. Looking for three items, jacket and pants. A) jackets WTT and WTB : Looking for J1ts-s/ RAF green/black DUO/ size M or L , condition 9/10 -10/10 Willing to trade with below items, willing to pay, while latter preferred. Items I have for trading: j1a-gt in Large (condition 9/10, just worn 6 times, no wash, purchased 4 months ago. I even use a DIY jacksling by my factory without using the original one (if buyer like,I can make a spare jacksling as gift also). With official receipt from ACRONYM. With all tags) J43a-gt in Large (purchased from another accredited member here Mr Xu Jianfeng. With tags) Below items to trade by adding cash: J61-ws (10/10) in size M 3a-3ts (10/10) 3a-1(purchased last month condition 9.5/10 from official site) but lost receipt but with box and tags Air Presto Mid/ color: Lava volt (condition 10/10) in size L Af1 downtown hi sp: white/black size 11 (condition 10/10) ------------------ pants WTB WTT: P25-ds in size M or L P10ts-ds in size L THANKS
  11. Hi, PMed, thanks
  12. WTB - J1TSS Colour: RAF GREEn SIZE MEDIUM or LARGE acceptable PAYPAL family gift mode payment. BUYER will manage DHL or UPS shipment charges.
  13. Hi, I'm seriously looking for cp2-ss, but seems it's not available on the official website, anyone can top me where I can buy it? Second hand or brand new is alright. I can pay up to euro 1000.