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  1. KMRGR


    I don't own J68 so can't comment on that jacket. But I have the same issue with J47 when I take my hands out of the pockets - there's a slight snag on the way out because the zipper isn't sewn completely on the edges and it interacts with the sleeve velcro. First world problem, but problem nonetheless! J1A has no issues though cause the zipper is sewn on the edges. To chime in on the MiC conversation - The zipper track on my J1A 2.2 was all dinged up and jagged (as if they used a zipper that was rejected and didn't pass QC) when I received it brand new. Didn't want to make a big fuss about it at the time. But figured I'd add my experiences into the mix..
  2. KMRGR


    The J1B multi reminds me of the Arc'teryx x BEAMS Beta
  3. KMRGR


    That's too bad about SSENSE, cause they're otherwise a top notch retailer with great customer service. If ordering from Canada, Haven is good at shipping full pack with bag and spec sheet. Not sure about ANNMS Shop - curious if anyone ordered from them and received full pack?
  4. KMRGR

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    @kobebean deal of the century just a few posts above yours
  5. KMRGR

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J45M-BW Small If you have one, just message me and we'll work something out I will give it a good home and promise to patina the shit out of it
  6. KMRGR

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Being optimistic here WTB size small & brand new full pack J46-S black or RAF P10-S SS18 black or RAF S19-DS
  7. KMRGR


    Can anyone share experiences/pics of their used J1A-GTV or J66-GTV? Curious how they've aged given the raw seams and safety vest colour.
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