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  1. Wts j36-s night medium $1200 usd comes full packed 8/10 j83-ws large full packed 8/10 minor flaw on zipper $1300 j1l-gt medium jacket only. Good exterior but stained on neckline. Priced accordingly $725
  2. Which 260 sample did you see them at as there are a bunch off locations in NYC?
  3. Wtb s-j1a or e in medium j72-ds in medium black have for trade j83-ws large e-j1a large
  4. P46-DS Review Overall pant shape is a bit weird for me personally. They fit kinda like tubes on the lower half. Pockets are standard. The flaps are a nice addition that makes stuff feel more secure but sometimes is cumbersome to grab due to material being a bit stiff when new. Vents are great in these pants especially in NYC when temperatures change going in and out the subway. Only issue I have with them is that the back vent flairs a bit due to the tension (?)zip function which makes the shape of the pants not very flattering. Belt system is a pretty mediocre and I find myself using a normal belt instead with the pants while having the integrated one as decoration. Have heard many people say they want to a pickup a pair of P46 as an alternative to the P33-DS however in my opinion the pants are completely different. P33 feels like a streamlined tech trouser while P46 feels like dryskin pajamas. Hope this helped!
  5. WTB P36-E size small or any leads on a pair or WTT Have for trade if interested J74-PX white med J28-WS med E-J1A med P24A-S Raf small the new ds panel ones
  6. WTS J28-GT FW17 Sz Medium full pack Good condition no delam or stains. Only minor signs of wear on speed lockae. $old Located NYC. Thanks P44-DS grey XS like new $750 full packed. WTB Still looking for P36-E small/medium still
  7. Long shot but WTB P36-E size small/ p38-e or WTT can add cash if needed have for trade possibly p38-ds black small j28ws medium j74px white medium j84-s black small j83-ws large 3a-1 l2. wts p41-ds medium black 600 brand new no pack
  8. Wts p41-ds black medium new no pack $700 j101-gt white small new no pack $950
  9. Wtb p34-e/ds small black p24a-e small
  10. Wtb j28-e medium thx can trade j28-ws if interested in medium
  11. Longshot but please reach out if you are selling J28-E or J1A-S/E in a medium
  12. Wtt p38-e medium 9/10 flawless no bag or spec sheet. looking for a size small can add cash or additional items ontop. Or possibly p36e(small) or j74-px in white medium. Thanks a bunch
  13. Wtb p38ds black small p34 black small any material j47tsgt medium j74px black medium have for trades in acr small/med tops and bottoms. Thanks!
  14. Wts p43-gt black brand new. Sz small $800
  15. Wtb j47ts-gt med j74-px med
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