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  • classifieds 2023

    Buy and sell anything at the supertalk classifieds. Clothing, shoes, accessories, animals, aircraft. Watch out for scammers and follow our rules or the supermods will spit fire and poison on you. This forum is for trading personal products. For businesses wanting to sell or advertise products please contact us and we will sort out other options for you.

    buyer beware

    superfuture is not responsible for any transactions taking place between traders. buyers and sellers are members of the general public. superfuture will not be involved in any negotiations or settling any disputes that arise between traders, nor will superfuture disclose user private details unless required by a formal legal court order. For more details read our legal and privacy policy. 

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    currency options

    classifieds pricing


    indicate if shipping rates are included or excluded your final sale price. 

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    process for seller

    01  Create advert [listing] and include details for shipping price 
    -->  make sure you have completed information on classifieds menu > my details 
    02  Await buyer enquiry
    03  Entering discussions becomes a pending deal. Sale is closed to other potential buyers at this point.
    04  Buyer makes purchase 
    05  Sale is completed
    06  Payment made to seller
    07  Update listing status

    process for buyer

    01  Contact seller 
    02  Buyer makes purchase
    03  Sale is completed
    04  Await receipt of goods

  • supermarket rules

    01  For private individuals to trade goods
    02  1 item or 1 packaged set of items per listing
    03  Seller is responsible for getting the goods to the buyer safely
    04  Traders are solely responsible for all applicable taxes, duties and shipping fees
    05  You can link to items for sale elsewhere. [Ebay, Grailed etc]
    06  Provide accurate descriptions, sizes, colors, and condition of products
    07  No fakes or replica products
    08  No offensive material

  • guidelines and tips

    01  Ship with tracking. This should be insisted by both sellers and buyers as it protects both
    02  Be prepared to ship products within a day or so from purchase 
    03  Do not wire money no matter what a seller asks. You are being scammed
    04  Do not send payments as gifts unless you absolutely trust the seller. Sending gift payments via Paypal will limit your ability to file a claim if your money is stolen, this has happened to several users!
    05  Proper packaging. We have gotten reports of stuff arriving in poor condition due to inadequate packaging, so use common sense here
    06  Your reputation is everything. Use the trader feedback system astutely
    07  Everyone likes a good buyer and good seller
    08  Be supernice. There are enough dickheads in the world already


    To be eligible for paypal protection always have a confirmed shipping address and tracking code. For details check paypal for buyers and paypal for sellers

    Secured by PayPal

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    for more information contact us


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