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  2. I really like the discussion happening now and plenty of good points are being made. To touch on a point that Questlove made, I've done a fair amount of reselling of mainly Supreme and flipping of paintball guns. For Supreme I do it as a short side hobby and only do online manually. It's not exactly a big time investment. If I grab a hype item in a demanded size within the first 15secs, I can find a seller within the hour easily. My main criteria is being able to sell something quickly and not for the highest profit. I don't like having products just sitting there and want a quick turnover because again the time investment isn't much when copping online. I feel like in Acronyms case the supply is not high enough to warrant being able to sell fast in addition to the fact that the price point is much higher which makes it a less attractive arbitrage opportunity. In Chaosens point, I agree that hyped items will sell instantly. However when was the last time we've seen a J1A, J28, J36, J47A released on a regular basis? This recent season didn't have a star jacket that was hyped for the resell. The J56 and J57 didn't live up to that and we didn't see any of those resell. This resell market is interesting but I don't know if it will last because of the high prices of the hyped items with no one to buy them at a quick enough turnover. Not many people have a bank account where they can float $1500 on their credit card and hope to make a profit on it.
  3. I'm not complaining about the price spike, I'm just trying to demonstrate that there are lasting effects from posting these kinds of sales listings since it feeds the resell culture that's becoming more pervasive. We've gotten to this point only because people keep posting higher and higher prices. I just figured as a community here, we can try to avoid aggravating this problem since it doesn't help any of us that are actually into the brand for the long run (for the reasons I mentioned in my previous posts). You've been a helpful dude to the community all along, what does the $4.5K post really accomplish? It's potentially more damaging than you might expect, satire or not. I personally have nothing against you selling high, sell it privately or set the price lower and field offers instead?
  4. I personally don't use it but I do think the buy/ask system for sneakers is a pretty cool gimmick (for lack of a better word)
  5. I don't disagree with what you guys are saying, but I feel that the way Grailed works (or the way people are using it) is a huge part of the problem. Having sold on few things on there, the amount of low balling that goes on is beyond frustrating so I think it forces people to list thing much higher than they are expecting to sell at just to drive away the lowballers. We all know the average transaction is done at a significant discount to the listed price. Ultimately, a bit more transparency on actual transacted prices would be a really nice addition. I know it's harder to do for clothes than for sneakers, but I really like what StockX has done, ultimately it helps goods trade at their fundamental value.
  6. acronym search on grailed has been pretty interesting since the hb article i feel like no one is actually selling any acronym anymore. posts on there are just for flexing the collection.
  7. The dark grey it's beautiful too... And Maynard posting a photo? Must be a special day! Maybe it's not raining in Marmite land?!?
  8. TCB

    Peep dat roping : D : D !!!
  9. 1.5'' too tight on the P2P is too tight imo 1.5'' too wide on the shoulders is less of a big deal. I have shirts that measure 17 and 18.5 inches wide respectively
  10. My snowflake sensibilities have been triggered. Do you mean gouging? Are you suggesting there is exploitative pricing for items of conspicuous consumption? Like ethically dubious pricing strategies for veblen goods? I would ask you to stop and consider the ethics of price gouging in the context of conspicuous consumption: can you unethically price luxury goods? Anyway, I'm sorry if you actually meant "gauging" in the context of me trying to find a price for the 5TS. In any case, I'm not really intending to sell my 5TS for anything but that pie in the sky price; it was more meant as meta-humor that was coincidentally timed with that hypebeast article. I love my bag. I mean it'd be nice for some prices to come down so the upper-middle class can get some of this stuff but complaining about a price spike on Acronym is the most first-world problem ever. The price creep is ridiculous, I was trying to highlight that by putting my bag for $4.5k, I do apologize if sarcasm and satire isn't really evident on the internet.
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  12. Yeah... it's just getting worse. Every time I refresh the Grailed ACR search, there's someone new selling something with an even more absurd price that one-ups the ones before. I feel like I'm witnessing history.
  13. TCB

    Just broke 70 for the first time this year so I thought I would pull out these aldens for the first time as well. W/ 50s jeans
  14. Yup, in theory, but as you mentioned, there will always be exceptions However, those teenagers with thousands of dollars (mommy/daddy money, no doubt) are still just one-in-many. Most of those kids in line fit the "casual streetwear kid" archetype and are trying to buy into the hype, and have much smaller pockets. They're in line because they can't afford resell and can only afford retail Sup products < $150 - $200. Back in the day when it was possible to grab a decent Sup item online within the first 5 minutes of a drop, I remember the higher-priced jackets would sit untouched for a decent amount of time. I attributed that pattern to the above. In any case, let's say these teenagers shift and decide to divert their thousand-dollar funds to purchasing ACR for the purpose of re-selling. Who's going to be buying them... the common streetwear kid can't afford $3K - $4K ACR resell jackets. Sure, a couple of rich folks will take the bait and buy a few... but the mentality for the general populace who buy into the idea of "streetwear" just can't justify spending that much on one item. The general, smaller populace who buy into the idea of "luxury wear" is a different story (but I'm specifically talking about the streetwear market, which I assume most people associate ACR with). But yeah, still all speculation. Just my $0.02. We'll see what happens in real life
  15. I would be inclined to agree with you guys, but if you've been monitoring Grailed (or other sales platforms) at all, you'll see that the demand is very much real despite the price barrier you guys are mentioning. Acronym has amassed a cult status as of late, especially given so much social media exposure, and it clearly shows. A J47A-GT sold in a matter of minutes for $2,500 just the other day; each time an absurd sale like this occurs, it sets a new precedent for the market "value" of the item; which only fuels the hype/resell culture even further. The Supreme example might not be perfect but in my opinion it's highly relevant. In spite of any price barrier you guys might think exists, I'm virtually certain that when Acronym restocks 3A bags or any of the hyped goretex jackets (J1A, J28, J36, J47A), they're going to be bought up instantly (and a good portion will go to resellers). The demand is very real, and the reselling / price gauging (like @CARLOOA is inadvertently doing) is just making the situation much worse for all of us that are into Acronym for its intrinsic value rather than the hype. It might be a bubble, but given the short supply, prices are not coming down anytime soon; at least not for the hyped goods. Anyway, the trolls are out in full effect now and it seems there's no stopping them
  16. All - on a washed denim shirt do you think it's best to opt for shoulders that are 1.5" too wide or P2P that is 1.5" too tight? Looking at that 7001wr ...
  17. That makes sense in theory, and I theory. But in the real world we've seen that that's just not true, and ACR is not immune. Watch those Complex Supreme line up videos...teenagers (some 14 year olds!) buy thousands of dollars worth of Supreme in a day. Tell that same impressionable, chasing-IG-likes kid that ACR is the new hype and I have no doubt he'd divert those thousands he spends on Supreme to ACR. At that age I couldn't imagine spending that much on anything, but we live in a strange world today.
  18. Agreed, the only reason it got out of hand in the first place is the fact you could scoop the lf1s and prestos for ~200 and get a quick turn around for at least double. Nobody is buying ANY proper acrnm jacket and flipping for double the same hour. I don't see a bargain tier of acrnm ever existing, ACG has enough proper acrnm DNA that I think it does a good job as a diffusion line already. Cutting corners on ACRNM branded products is not on the table for them.
  19. One good point a friend made to me as to why ACR may never reach the the exact same levels of hype we've seen Sup reach in the past few years is due to it's high barrier-to-entry for the common streetwear casual. The retail price points are well above-average for ACR products (not to mention the even higher price points for resold ACR), so it's much harder for a mass population of streetwear fanatics to "hop on board" so quickly. Unless you're making good money, you really have to save some dough and invest in an ACR piece. Sup is much closer to the "fast-fashion" demographic of the common streetwear kid. Unless ACR changes its production and availability strategy and starts churning out large amounts of cheaper quality/cheaper product, I don't think the tables are going to turn anytime soon.
  20. Good on you Volvo, I'm wearing my grey Deluxeware sweat today too!
  21. ...exactly, "dont shit where you eat"
  22. I think you guys underestimate the lasting effect. Look at Supreme...relatively tame prices circa 08 then exploded and hasn't come down since, and with Supreme there's not much inherent value there (e.g. quality). Acronym does have a lot of explicit value (cut, patterning, articulation, pain-stakingly calculated in its design) plus now the brand recognition. If Supreme can live on name alone, I don't see how Acronym is going back down. Oh well, you sleep in the bed you make.
  23. Actually, there is one big problem with the ACG trousers - they're all drawstring waists and have no belt loops. So forget carrying anything heavy in your pockets!
  24. Nice work since Oct 2015!
  25. Orgueil button up TCB jacket Sugar Cane pants Dr. Martens
  26. My 32/34 was not short like that. It seems strange to me - perhaps the smaller rise on one size down? Mine were 34.2 inches and shrunk to 32.2.
  27. That's a great looking sweat
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