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    easily the worst season

    This is beyond horrible.
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  5. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Shoutouts to @Bigyen for being a great seller, quick responses and shipped incredibly fast. One of the best seller's I've had the pleasure of dealing with.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Acronym.

    Yeah not complaining at all, I've been chasing the pen holder for a minute. I like the new stuff too.
  8. Acronym.

    I thought this release of mods and bags has been amazing. I’ve been searching for a pair of mp2ts for the longest. And thought things like the mz1 and mts6 would never come back ! Not to mention almost every bag returned. Big price hike true but I’ve been searching for so long it was nice to wake up to go to the bathroom at 520am and secure the Bag lol
  9. Workshirts

    Who wants a trade? bought a double never used still raw
  10. Mister Freedom

    The Olive CPO is great but the price is painful. Haha

    So much nope.

    The insulated jacket has a cool (architectural) design but the fact that nike decided to ditch the idea of detachable liners is bafflling. Not feeling the print either. Looks like a budget version of the SISP 'spider' filament pattern on the spring summer nylon metals. Hoping the hoodies / t-shirts and accesories are better than this...

    https://www.bstn.com/en/p/nike-nrg-acg-cargo-pant-aq3524-395-106135 https://www.bstn.com/en/p/nike-nrg-acg-cargo-pant-aq3524-010-104523 https://www.bstn.com/en/p/nike-nrg-acg-dwn-fill-parka-aq3517-100-104529 https://www.bstn.com/en/p/nike-nrg-acg-dwn-fill-parka-aq3517-010-104535 https://www.bstn.com/en/p/nike-nrg-acg-insulated-jkt-aq3531-010-104572

    Wow those pants look horrendous.
  15. DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    couple of stuff in london. the usual tourist stuff. mostly showing my aunt around, some places i've been before, some new to me as well.. Mostly shot on the 6D in Raw...
  16. Unbranded brand denim store gift code $110

    Well I mean I can at least figure out where the classifieds are.
  17. Kapital jeans

    pix? pix! or didn't etc.
  18. Unbranded brand denim store gift code $110

    yeah well expectation begets reality, especially for you apparently. one can only dream of ever being as clever as i'm sure you are.
  19. RT @MadeinGB2013: Northampton Sneaker Co! It’s #Sneaker Time! Follow @NmptonSneakerCo or view https://t.co/8jsmKu9gX3 from @MadeinGB2013 ht…

  20. Unbranded brand denim store gift code $110

    you said ebay only before. i don't like ebay, they're theives. i don't know what grail is but i'll check it out. thanks for at least providing some sort of help at least, but the toddler level finger pointing going on with this rating system is a bit over the top...
  21. Acronym.

    This happens to every luxury brand that goes mainstream and has resell potential. People will still buy into the brand no matter what.
  22. Unbranded brand denim store gift code $110

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law Well that didn't take long
  23. Unbranded brand denim store gift code $110

    and your elitist views would fit better in nazi germany as well.
  24. Mister Freedom

    It's a great fabric and it goes great with denim. It was previously used in a version of the garrison shirt. Personally, I like the green denim garrison shirt a lot more than the CPO, but that's me...
  25. Mister Freedom

    Can anyone here convince me that the olive green COP is a great shirt? I was going to order the indigo COP from Japan but is't not available. So it's olive or nothing. I understand the new fabric is not as stiff as the indigo one. Can it be worn ticked in? And how does green match with blue jeans? I guess with the color, there won't be much to expect interns of fading or breaking in...
  26. Conners Sewing Factory

    I wonder if some one else has explored the painted pocket aspect of the war time model? the miracles of the transition period... [tongue-{{firmly}}-in-cheek.gif] irl I know mostly-only the lvc version of reality in which the fit is interestingly different for the '44 and the '47 (a higher rise for the '44 and mildly more generous thighs, but a significant difference to the earlier 30s cut, hardware and denim - the '44 denim much darker and even than the '37 denim - the '44 like a 30s rise but with skinnier legs and a dark-dark denim) which is just foreplay for request: would love to see the 30s CSF denim worn in a little: anyone have any or any links?
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