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  2. Haedn Overshift is fire. Must cop IMO
  3. What a steal;
  4. Should we not have a shirt thread, for indigo / denim, chambray, & flannel shirts?
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  6. Right now I'm an engineering summer student, going into my last year of school this Fall. Working on a parking lot and road in Jasper National Park.
  7. White Mountaineering F/W 2017
  8. I recommend the Calvin Klein Microfiber boxers. They are really comfy, and havent seen a change in quality after wasing for years. Theres obviously the branding, but that seems to be the case with most underwear. I usually pick them up in outlets whenever I'm in the US for roughly 15$ a pair. Besides these - the Uniqlo AIRism are my go-to.
  9. Nah. I've been so happy with them that I haven't felt the need.
  10. Thanks dude, they're next on my list to try with the Saxx then. Have you tried the UAs to compare them?
  11. Double Post
  12. Probably not responding because I bought them on Monday. I'll shoot him a message and suggest changing the listing.
  13. Is this any of you? User isn't responding.
  14. Amazing! I'm pretty sure I missed it but what is your job?
  15. Eat more cheeseburgers.
  16. WTS: J62-PB M full pack
  17. Slightly off the current topic, but I have a slight issue with my p10ts-ds, the narrowest part of my waist is 84cm which is about a size 33, wear a size M in acr, and the waist on my p10's is pretty damn big, big enough that I can't wear them without a belt, and when i tighten the belt down, the waist crinkles, ans kind of "bulges" under the belt at some points. Is there any way to prevent this extremely superficial issue? it just kinda bugs me.
  18. Holy fuck mate, that's a nice view to have at work.
  19. PSA here are measurements of 1101w size 32 after a couple hours of wear: Waist - 33"Thigh - 12.25"FR - 11"BR - 15"Inseam - 34"LO - 8" Selling these if anyone is interested. Trying to figure out how the new marketplace thing works.
  20. Hello, been wearing the roys at work and afterwards in the mountains. I'm working in Jasper National park, one of the most beautiful areas of Canada. My job site is at a very high altitude, so it is actually quite cold. Luckily my Canadian tuxedo is keeping me warm. Jacket is Bob Dong 23oz. Most of these photos are taken either on Mt. Edith Cavell ( where I am working), surrounding highway viewpoints, or Pyramid lake. Pyramid lake is great in the morning before work, as no one else is there that early. I can watch the sun rise, and swim in the cold glacier fed lake all by myself.
  21. @Dolphinski Meundies. I posted them above. No risk trial. If you don't like the first pair, you keep em. Super comfortable, durable, and long wearing. I've had no issues with mine besides some very light fading after 3 years of wear among my 9-10 pairs.
  22. OK, funds are in and the clock is ticking, Ed!
  23. You do indeed, get those hands scalded!
  24. Outlier Ultrahigh Waterfall made out of Dyneema composite.
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