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  2. WTS: J1TS-S RAF Green/Black Size M, as new condition WTB: DS-J5 / J11 / J29 in size S. Any colour/material. Must be in good condition
  3. going to HK for a week in october. looking forward to it.
  4. @Styleforum is currently conducting this year's 1st VibergGMTO__ thought I'd ask here, if any1 is interested in taking part making [this] urban boots design proposal made: "SMBH" Model: 6" SCOUT Boots, 2-tone Last: 2040 Leather: [Black] Tumbled Horsehide x Roughout Shaft Construction: GYW StormWelt[Black] Sole: [Black] Gloxi-cut Eyelets: 8-Gunmetal Toebox: Partially Structured toe Notes: • [Optional] Kilties • NO Pull-up Strap • *Indigo or Grey-Dyed midsole • All-around__ Grey**Tonal Stitching [including 360• welt stitch] 'Virtually ALL black, so I want to add some textural/tonal features on these. The **indigo-dyed midsole will eventually fade to a lot less contrasty blue-grayish tint, i presume ... the Gloxicut, I'm amenable to beige [if there are more interests, as long as it gets a grey midsole]. Incidentally, black Camel hide can be a substitute, if tumbled HH is not available. I saw the leather on a pair of derbies IRL @SampleSale ... nice soft high-density leather w/ fine pebble texture.
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  6. 3a-3ts with OG everything. Interested in cash/trades looking for p17 in small. Would also be interested in hoodies (large) or scarves/gaiters
  7. TCB

    I got my package that same weekend I ordered on a wednesday or something? Again great service from the man himself. Ive always kinda squeezed into jeans that were too small hence my ironic username but lately ive decided to go up a size instead of down. The carpenter jeans are the loosest fit I own for sure but definitely are comfy. I worked the past two days in them and its nice to not have my jeans sticking to my legs when Im pouring sweat. The hat is dope too, I like the simplicity of the design and long bill.
  8. i need a pair of doek shoes basket in navy size 9 or 27 cm. maybe you have a pair slightly used? or you can even buy me a pair? damn, i am dying to get a pair.
  9. I had the same problem, torn between S and M and went with the M, hopefully it works out!
  10. Hey Christian/Leftfield, is there any updates on whether you guys will be restocking the Collect Mills Black Maria Chelsea? I just got into a wicked car accident and the EMTs cut off my beautifully battered 4 year old pair. I'm glad I'm all right from the crash, but losing those jeans just breaks my heart so I'm looking to get a new pair to hopefully recreate those fit/fades I loved.
  11. I picked up an XL Broark -- was torn between L and XL. Looking forward to it. Roy makes good stuff and it's nice to support a one man operation.
  12. A lot of prestos (all colorways), be careful.
  13. TCB

    I have both the canes and the 47 and I find the canes to be wider, my 2 cent don't size down on the 50s. Same size as the canes or one up if the canes are tight.
  14. great pants but: 1. 2.
  15. There p10-ds on tao, but only one seller, so beware.
  16. i see this on the Bay...and sold at much lower price
  17. Somewhat off the specific topic of acronym. But a few users mentioned these SISP cargo zip vented pants on this thread in April. They just hit sale with full size run in steel grey.
  18. Mister Freedom / Warehouse / Nike
  19. From the Iron Heart forum, from Giles.
  20. TCB

    32 could work but I'm a frequent washer with a hot tumble dry so I'd stay 33
  21. White's Boots is getting into the high fashion world.
  22. Not sure if anyone saw this but taking it from the facebook group, creds to OP I know there isn't much selection but in my experience, acronym doesn't go on sale often. 25% off with code sale25.
  23. What we need is a return of the BDU shorts, been wondering for many a year why they've not made a return, is it perhaps that woth the advent of the P17 + P25 there is a compromise? I 'm sure they'd go down well. Given that there is an entire back catalogue in fact of ACRNM, wouldn't it a superb idea if they considered the notion of a pre order for a remake of some of the classic designs, after all the patterning is all there, no need to expel time and energy on that. Also it could be promoted in a Kickstarter type way in that in order for production to commence, a certain amount of orders need to be placed prior to manufacturing, this means a no risk situation to either party. It would hopefully kill off all the scalping too. I would imagine there is enough interest on here to gather up a group of individuals ready to go. Next up, what items would form the ACRNM REDUX vol.1 ? S-J1a J36-GT duotone? answers on a postcard.....
  24. Gents- i think i'll shortly be selling some 2000, No2 32 waist - let me know if there's any interest before I list them on Ebay
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