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  2. Nice shirt @Syncd86! Thanks for putting this on my radar. Can you share measurements for your size 36?
  3. Bought it earlier today!
  4. Anyone going to buy this book?
  5. small shoes?
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  7. Tough one. I have a pair of the SDA-103 in a 31. They didn't shrink much but they didn't stretch either, even after several years. I still have to breathe in slightly when I do the top button up. It's weird as they are really roomy everywhere else - thighs and leg openings are pretty wide. What other jeans do you wear, for comparison? I usually buy 30 in Full Count, 30/31 in PBJ, 31 in Momotaro
  8. I have the J36 listed on Grailed. I guess I really do not want to let go of it, but it's there for interest check.
  9. some of their designs are based on vintage shirts and can result in wide chest measurements and shorter sleeve length. also, the actual fabric shrinkage might have turned out differently than expected. in the end you have the choice between a period correct fit or sizing to accomplish a more "morder" fit - which can be tricky and produce mixed results... anyhow, your shirt looks good!
  10. You know what they say with people with small feet
  11. Here is the size chart from denimio, check those measurements against your own. I use to use blue in the green soho measurements for sda but they have taken them down.
  12. You are right,back then I got tons of time to choose from the model,especially for j36.duotones were m at last,and these time were 2014 October or so. Just like j1a-gt, being selling for like ages(I know the model are mass production for costs lower) but with a nice promo vid they sold out like hell. And people start chasing these. Call it humanity.
  13. Whilst we're on the topic of the older models... Does anyone have the GT-J20? What's it like? It's the jacket that made me discover the brand.
  14. I'm not a fan of the duotone stuff personally but I remember that one sat around on the website longer than the black one. Its following increased over time I think.
  15. New Warehouse 8.5 oz denim new shirt, been a bit itchy to begin with but really lovely shirt. Picked this up from the local store, sizing was a bit strange, took a sz 36, I normal wear 40-42 so not sure how warehouse decided on their sizing.
  16. I'm really interested in the Studio D'Artisan SDA-103 jeans. I wonder how much they will shrink in the waist? I'm usually 30' in the waist, do I need to size up?
  17. $2700 to buy or sell? I would imagine someone with a lot of spare cash might pay that for the duotone if they really wanted it but the black release from FW1314 is only worth half of that at most (imho) if it was BNWT. Obviously ymmv.
  18. Those are some damn fine looking jeans. Love the overall color.
  19. Because the J36 is one of the really great examples of form and function working together beautifully. Very clean lines, great fit block with the added extras of fidlocked flak pocket that is practical yet doesn't make the design look messy and a fast hood for different looks. Go duotone on it and you have arguably the most sought after jacket in Acronym's history.
  20. Really? I don't get why it's so sought-after.
  21. Yep, it takes a long time to see everything in and around Taipei. Next time!
  22. I had a pair of 4302 a few years ago, shrinks about 2" in the waist and 2.5" in the leg iirc. Nice denim, a bit warehouse-esq and I prefer it over the OA fabric.
  23. ^Lovely place ... wish I had more time to experience the less touristy places outside the city ... & a chance to meet up w/ my denim brethren.
  24. It's very rare to get a mail back from them these days but if you send the item back they will process your refund pretty quickly in my experience - you just don't get any interaction.
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