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  1. FS: Journal Standard ventile Coat, Tan, size JP 1 (XS/S), worn — $69 Outlier merino Watch Cap, Charcoal, worn — $55 Fujito ventile Jungle Fatigue Jacket, White, size JP 1 (XS/S) — $69 Pictures and Measurements
  2. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    Outlier has resorted to selling cotton logo tees now...
  3. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    ^^^^ I tried the DIY method the other summer but the JP fans I imported were a little too loud YET didn't provide enough cooling for the tech/ventile shirts I was working with. Add fans in a padded jacket to eliminate sweat is little more than security theater. Although... if it were an air permeable linen or ramie jacket... the breeze might actually be effective?!
  4. SuE

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: Acrnm SM1-AK, worn: $old Nike ACG Scaiter, Black, worn: $old
  5. SuE

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  6. SuE


    I don't have an issue with 'Made in China' per se. My complaint is with the nature of the reveal for which I don't think there's a good excuse. If anyone wants to ask him why he wasn't upfront on Twitter then sure whynot but I'm past that
  7. SuE


    And it was never the company's way to manufacture in China
  8. SuE


    Hold up — I didn't say it's a personal insult; don't put words in my mouth. As opposed to perhaps Outlier, who put the info/picture on the product page when they first manufactured in China then followed up on social media with the specifics about the manufacturing company It doesn't have to be a big PR rollout via Hypebeast or whatever ffs. You're a journalist, you won't pick up the phone if Errolson calls? You're telling me he can't get an interview up witj Fashion Law blog? He can't make an announcement or two on Twitter? He can't explain on his website? That's bare minimum and he fell short
  9. SuE


    There is no excuse that this info should come out via a customer picture and a LOL Instagram comment posted after the jacket is sold out. I'm disappointed in errolson's ethics
  10. SuE

    arcteryx veilance

    I understand the interest in the new direction, and the concern if you don't like. Some of the more vocal fans of Veilance have been designers and brand directors; this is basically what they do for a living. However, as long as there's no visible branding on the items, it'll barely factor in my purchase decisions