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  1. FS: Outlier Dreamweight Tee, XS, Black, WTF no dot (loose threads) — $old Outlier Dreamweight Tee, XS, Black, WTF no dot (loose threads + ladder hole near hem) — $old NB: both tees Outlier Dreamweight Hoodie EXP 022, S, Black, loose threads — $old Stone Island Nylon Metal Watro Ripstop Insulated Face Shield Cap, M, Black, light use (tags included not attached) — $149 Takahiromiyashita The Soloist Haori Denim Jacket, 46 (JP1), light use — $369
  2. SuE


    On the other hand is it really sustainable to ship a jacket halfway around the world just to fix a minor issue?
  3. SuE


    Many S. Koreans (and other East Asians) wear face masks on the daily and the Acr x Coevo one is quite functional with the air filters. I guess face masks are still seen as cosplay in the West but it’s flu season and I kinda wish it wasn’t.
  4. SuE


    those types of questions moved to reddit.com/r/Outlier
  5. FS: Outlier EXP Futurecharge jacket, Marine, XS, used — $old Journal Standard ventile Coat, Tan, size JP 1 (XS/S), used — $old Outlier merino Watch Cap, Charcoal, used — $old Fujito ventile Jungle Fatigue Jacket, White, size JP 1 (XS/S), worn — $old
  6. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    Outlier has resorted to selling cotton logo tees now...
  7. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    ^^^^ I tried the DIY method the other summer but the JP fans I imported were a little too loud YET didn't provide enough cooling for the tech/ventile shirts I was working with. Add fans in a padded jacket to eliminate sweat is little more than security theater. Although... if it were an air permeable linen or ramie jacket... the breeze might actually be effective?!
  8. SuE

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: Acrnm SM1-AK, worn: $old Nike ACG Scaiter, Black, worn: $old