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    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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    Urban Techwear

    Which masks and accessories have y’all been wearing?
  3. I respectfully disagree. We’re not discussing say athletics here where perhaps someone might get that new aerodynamic swimming suit then slack off in training. Function is for everyone. Fashion as already acknowledged is different. I’ll stress again that I respect the Rick quote but it’s also worth pointing out that what size is considered looking good is culturally specific. It’s possible to ‘fat’ and beautiful — also to be ‘fat’ and healthy! If you want to be thin or bulky then by all means go for it but I pause when someone says self-hate or encouraging others to publicly hate
  4. Hold up. I’ve always respected that Rick quote but don’t conflate fashion and function. No amount of working out is going to make your body waterproof
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    It’s not a form fitting custom mould case; it uses some elastic straps that allows for a (small) range of sizes — but those straps are annoying on newer tablets with tiny bezels. I think it could still fit the new iPad but certainly not the Pros. It’s a 3A-11TS is a great functional design though and I always wished he would update it for the iPad Pro + Pencil considering this was part of the description: "Will also fit a Moleskine® extra-large soft notebook and work as a wearable in-field writing/sketching surface." BAGJACK still offers their version of the bag (without the molle) and was told they could make custom sizes upon request for those who want a 13” version now... ideally though you’d get like Mission Workshop to offer a modular version that can be combined with your daily carry but used standalone when appropriate
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