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  1. Is there a Veilance pants that isn't noisy? (Maybe the anodes?)
  2. That MSRP is actually from 2014 when Acrnm did a second run but carry-on
  3. That Grailed CP2 listing is double the highest MSRP (~$900 at Union, was lower elsewhere). At some point the profiteering is too much...
  4. Ideas from Massimo Osti 2nd Edition
  5. Nonnative x Isetan Biker Blouson Leather Windstopper 2L Maharishi Leather Panelwork Blanket Coat, Leather Panelwork MA Jacket Civilized Reflective Cleared Jacket in Waterproof Leather Nanamica Leather Cruiser Jacket with Primaloft Lining Stone Island Featherweight Leather Down Jacket (Black, White) Aether Eclipse Jacket Moncler Cahoors ultrathin padded leather jacket, Vaal jacket bonus: Maharishi Leather Shinobi Pants, Leather Track Pants; Y-3 Leather Leggings (Womens); Snow Peak Matagi Mouton; Devoa Mouton ... any other interesting leather garments this season?
  6. IC: Ideas from Massimo Osti book
  7. FS: LA6-DS size S $old
  8. Apple Music is available on Android though. No to mention the numerous other music apps that can interface with iTunes...
  9. I bought the Staq but with the wrong length so ended up returning it. Decent details though I hadn't bought a pair of jeans in so long I had forgotten some still sell those with button-up flys. If I get another I'll probably swap-in a zipper.
  10. Need a return of the J4TS
  11. FS: LA7-DS size S $old
  12. to kickstart the list: The Good Will Out
  13. Can we compile a list for Nike ACG?
  14. ^^^^ Which seaso/where did you buy it? Contact customer support.
  15. So did anybody pick up the limited edition Monitor? I'm disappointed Veilance aren't offering more wool shells and leather doesn't seem to be on the horizon either