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  1. SuE

    Techwear sale-steals

    Herno Laminar Gore-Tex Infinium Bomber at Altitude
  2. SuE

    arcteryx veilance

    I’m opposite. I’m wearing 30 in Terratex Voronois for regular fit (28 for ‘skinny jeans’ fit) but had to size up to 32 for the Convex LT as the thighs were too tight for 29-31 although the leg opening was good. I have to wear the 32 as high waist pants with the belt cinched tight for a decent look
  3. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    ACR ain’t shit (don’t @ me bro). The only great techwear brand is patagucci. Next question?
  4. SuE


    Don’t trust 18Montrose. I bought from them first season they stocked Acronym. They charged me Tax. They said there was no way to fix it or refund me but they might change it for future seasons. Instead they just raised their price lol.
  5. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    ? depop.com/outlier has no returns. I wasn't being misleading; get your facts straight. Not sure what their customer service has to do with their release process here. I'll state explicitly again that I'm a fan of Outlier and their products. I'll also add that I'm a fan of their customer service. That doesn't mean I have to be a fan of their release process.
  6. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    Huh? No brand is exempt from criticism and even if it's right for them doesn't mean it's right for their fans. I haven't even taken Outlier to task for their depop distraction (i.e. third-party ecommerce site, logo heavy designs on cotton american apparel blanks, no returns etc) which is the zeitgeist they built their brand identity against. Ain't nothing outmoded about pointing out contradictions in word and deed You think 118 will be back next year? or you'll buy whatever Outlier puts out next year?
  7. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    I wasn't a fan of Acrnm's SS18 drip-drip release schedule and the hype and prices are rising rapidly. But Acrnm has actual retailers and puts out more stock of the hyped pieces. Also Acrnm has a predictable progression of releases so it's easier to integrate products from their collection. Just because I'm not a fan of their approach to releasing products doesn't mean I'm not a fan of the brand and/or the products. So back to the experiments 118, 119, 120. Can we discuss em? Did anyone order one?
  8. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    which t-shirts, which pants? 10 years and their selection is still Ultrafine Tees and Slim Dungarees? What's the point of all these experiments? When the ramie is well stocked in the summer, the feral waffle in the winter, and the dreamweight all year round, then their basics would be worth pointing out.
  9. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    nah, Outlier has no solid selection and their basics are available seasonally at best. Their midlayers end up dumped in the WTF bins and all their outerwear are experiments. They are operating on a hype schedule now -- try to sell out everything in a minute, no stomach for holding stock -- with prices to match. I have no love for this approach.
  10. SuE


    Any thoughts on KR-SM1 vs SM1-AM vs SM1-AK? I felt the KR was the warmest with a tendency to overheat indoors. AM & AK don't stow as small, definitely not pocketable as KR, which makes the main function pointless
  11. SuE


    You're exposing some of your own biases here though. You're implying that unless the jacket/pants/bag continues to look new then it's not worth keeping. But if the Pants fade after 6 months, so what? It still functions. If the Foil 3As crumple and rip, so what? You patch it! The longevity of a garment is not solely determined by if it gets damaged. Your line of rhetoric (and these are your words as I don't recall errolson say don't buy a new jacket every year), "spend more on a jacket, get more life out of it" assumes that the most important criticism of fast fashion is that it's disposable and dispensable. However another line of rhetoric you could have drawn from the suggestion that consumption needs to change is 'spend more on a jacket because it fucking costs more to produce'. Customers shouldn't need to justify avoiding fast fashion because they get more functionality out of Acronym. It should be enough that Acronym isn't using exploited workers in Bangladesh and can trace the provenance of their fabrics. I'm not saying durability and functionality aren't important factors. But accusing Acronym of hypocrisy is a bit much.
  12. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    Sneak Peak (April 2018) – BikeRumor! Soft Line Shell practically a continuation of the J62 & J63. (reviews of the fabric can be found in the acrnm topic) Stone Island FW1819 438Y2 PERMANENT WATER REPELLER GORE-TEX® INFINIUM SOFT LINEN SHELL (Soft Line Shell Vest, with fold-away Shakedry sleeves) Stone Island FW1819 435Y1 PERMANENT WATER REPELLER GORE-TEX® PRODUCTS WITH SHAKEDRY™ PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY_PACKABLE (Shakedry Trench, with Nylon Metal Down detachable Liner - including back pocket for trench) I've been praising the packability of shakedry for a while and this might be the most inventive application yet. Zip-off sleeves have been done countless times before but zip-in I don't recall; Stone Island gives the convenience of a techbro patagonia vest with always available coverage when needed. Perhaps only Jared of Silicon Valley could pull off this pleather looking biker vest with the prominent pockets and back logo so I hope other brands borrow this idea for more muted designs
  13. SuE

    arcteryx veilance

    I hope y'all are keeping those receipts so when you try to sell/send for repairs in the future there'll be no one screaming "fakes"
  14. SuE

    Urban Techwear

    Ice Jacket In Dyneema Bonded Leather
  15. SuE


    Fuck these random releases