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  1. deadbilly

    Techwear sale-steals

    Harvey Nichols has 50% off their prices of Veilance. Info from Reddit user tempura_glitch.
  2. deadbilly

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    FS - PM for details, sizing info and more pics, all shipping from Oz 1. Nonnative Size 2 Blue Windstopper Double Rider jacket $150 USD + shipping from Oz (~$25-30USD), like new, with tags 2. Veilance Anion Medium Vest Ordessa Green $200 USD 3. Veilance Actuator Medium Black $400 USD
  3. deadbilly

    arcteryx veilance

    I've had one a few months, but only worn it a couple of times so far (summer). It's my usual Veilance size (medium [but I'm a S in mainline Arc'teryx]), I'm a 38 chest but the stuff I've got or had sets medium to be my default size (Mionn blazers in S and M, Blazer LTs in S and L, Anion vest in S, Actuator in M, the shirts (Component and one I can't recall what it is) I've got seem to be okay for me in S tho'. My main fit issues with anything is the width of my back!?! Anyway the fabric is not too obnoxiously loud (a bugbear of mine, does the Blazer LT fabric ever quiet down?), the sleeves are a little long for me, I don't like the way the collar stands up with the rollaway hood in it (maybe my neck is too short- I'm about 173cm/5'8" and 73kg/162lbs), the smaller of the internal pockets is on the left which is annoying to me. But overall I like it (but I did get it for decently cheap from someone in the same city). Upper arms are pretty roomy, nice patterning. Slight fleece lining, so the Arris or Actuator would be better when you want Goretex and exertion. I can't really see the jacket as a mid layer under something else, 1) I'm in a temperate zone, 2) it has no stretch and the material is closer to the Field Jacket in weight than Goretex Superlight. But I can easily fit a Small Arc'teryx Atom AR as a mid layer- due to the room upper arms. Adaptability wise (which for me is how do I like/enjoy the garment inside for social settings) I'm not so sure- since it's plastic it'll always look a bit raincoaty (but the cut/fit does offset that) and it isn't silent. No fits, but ask away if you have more questions.
  4. deadbilly

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    Hit me up if you need more info. Just realised a Styleforum login is needed to see the details on these links I provided. FS: Veilance Anion vest in Small Ordessa green $250USD (or reasonable offers, plus shipping from Oz), details and pics here Styleforum Anion vest, one flaw (pics to those interested). Jeez, I don't want to sell my only Ordessa Veilance item. FS: Veilance Actuator Black Medium $400USD (or reasonable offers, plus shipping from Oz), pics here: StyleForum Actuator Hardly ever used, don't need it after getting a FJ soon after. One small blemish on shoulder, pics to those interested. Garment bag (might increase shipping cost tho').
  5. deadbilly

    Your biggest issue with techwear is ?

    Swish, swish, swish, argh shut up tech wearing fool (self directed).