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  1. How did you size these? 'true' to your Nike size? (which for me is usually +0.5 my 'true' 'true' size) or the foot length scale on the Arc website? or...? I'm nowhere near a stockist. Cheers.
  2. SOLD, thanks everyone. The lightweight Arc'teryx Veilance Blazer LT is a sleek and versatile piece of outerwear that fits trim, but can wear more like a shirt with its stretch woven plain weave techno fabric and gusseted underarms. Good to very good condition. If you need any more pics or other measurements just ask. Shoulder to shoulder (rear): 19 inches Chest width (pit-to-pit, front): 22 inches Sleeve length (from shoulder seam): 26 inches Pit-to-pit measurement might be a bit bigger than I list, the sleeve does not join in a traditional manner.Shipping (boxed, tracked, signature) is at cost, eg. US/Canada is $23 USD, UK is $25 USD. Thanks for looking.
  3. FS: [Australia] Veilance Blazer Lt Large Lyra Grey $250 USD + shipping Good to very good condition. If you need any more pics or measurements just ask. Shipping (boxed, tracked, signature) is whatever it costs, eg. US/Canada it'll be $23 USD, UK is $25 USD. Cheers.
  4. I'm also interested as in your fabric choices. The balance between competing goals make me want to sample a wide range of fabrics, but being in Australia makes access a bit harder. My goal is for travel/light exertion shirting acceptable in looks/drape as an outer layer (in okay weather). For me the synths I've tried seem too external air permeable to be comfortable in as wide a range of temps I find wool comfortable.
  5. Previously I would have said the Mionn IS jacket should be sized up one from your usual Veilance size (hard to be sure of that before you start buying any!). But now I think my non-sized-up S is an overall better fit then the M I also got. Just a little constricting across the back if I reach forward. It would less of a potential problem with the vest. An S is also my mainline Arc'teryx jacket size. The small Mionn IS jacket (last years) and small Blazer LT (this years) both have the same rear shoulder to shoulder measurement in the way I measure (fairly taut, 18"). I can fit the small Mionn IS jacket under a small Atom LT, but it does stick out at the front bottom a bit due to the higher cut of the Atom. So the vest should be fine overall. I've only had the Blazer LT a week or two and it's summer so I've only worn it a couple of times. Really like it, but it can be a little bit noisy, a bit swishy, especially when donning and doffing. I think the pockets are better (esp. the internal ones) than the Mionn IS jacket.
  6. Thanks for the heads up (code is Blackfriday), bought a Blazer LT.
  7. Barneys markdowns.