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    • Worn for two days measurements are P2p 57cm Shoulders 50 cm Overall length 69 cm.  
    • The front fly rivet of my OKI-515...
    • I've been wearing my p10-S's for about 5 month straight now(both at work and out of). Just recently washed them by hand and drip dried(thank you for the patience due to years of selvedge denim/first world problems). I had to wear another pair of so called 'pants' in the interim sans the thigh phone pocket. It felt weird. In fact- it felt WRONG. But I did some really DEEP soul searching...     And carried on. I resisted the urge to retrofit said 'pants' with a pocket that would simulate the p10-S's.   I struggle with that every goddamned day. Just knowing that I didn't have it.   Due to soilage.  
    • ^Great look indeed! Having owned a few pairs over 6" I've decided that 6" is as tall as I can go comfortably. I never wear my 8", 10" or 12"s which are relegated to collecting dust in the closet while my 6" Farmer Ranchers are worn pretty much every day. I've been considering doing a custom build for one or two more boots at 6", but simply haven't needed them since my Farmer Ranchers are still solid. For daily wear, I agree that full spec Smoke Jumpers are overkill; Stick with either Bounty Hunters, Farmer Ranchers, or Semi Dress!
    • WTB> J43A-GT Jacket in size M            P10-DS black in size S             ACRONYM x NIKE Air Presto Olive in size S   Willing to pay well  
    • yeah that beer was great. i'm not a huge hops person and prefer a more balanced summer ale kinda craft beers that's light and refreshing. haven't heard about them but definitely keeping an eye on them now. australia has quite a number of craft beers manufacturers but still can't be compared with the huge amount in the US and europe. yeah the hole is a pity. sorry guys! i was hoping if anyone was near a selfedge (i believe they're only 1 of 2 worldwide that i know) with a darning machine, it could be fixed. sadly, there's none near my region at all. 
    • dis “For me, I literally can’t wear another pair of pants if there isn’t a phone pocket on my right leg. I feel naked.”