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  1. Urban Techwear

    Czech this out UK Pounik fans. Nice.
  2. I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    Nice one G, congrats too on the no.1 spot! Do the Rifts still come with the tabi socks like they used too?
  3. Stone Island Shadow Project

    Digital lookbook. Nice and bright for ss18
  4. 30-day DIY Techwear Design Challenge

    Well I have to say that you are quite the inspiration and if this is just the start of your journey then I feel that you have a very bright future ahead of you, you come across as passionate and humble, quite rare in this age of talentless spotlight hogging wannabees, I kanye think of names right now(!) Thanks for sharing what can be done when driven, I look forward to seeing your own brand sit alongaside AOKU, both have a fitting place in this world.
  5. Urban Techwear

    To be fair, are any other staff members ever mentioned, it seems a little unfair that one person gets attributed to all the work when I am sure it's a team, it's a bit like like an Aphex Twin video with mr H's face on every body instead replacing Richard's grinning mug!!
  6. Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB my final piece of a holy trifecta, Stone Island Shadow Project Tech Wool Blazer in 3XL, then I am out of this game for good. Any leads greatly appreciated.
  7. Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB Burton X Black Scale Coalition Raid Anorak xxl Anyone know of one for sale anywhere?
  8. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Been wearing these keeping warm and dry too, works well with all styles too. GoreTex Clarks!
  9. Urban Techwear

    Love this parka from Musto.
  10. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P15-S XL Black unworn with trimmings SOLD P15-S XL olive just washed s/sheet Bearbrick & sticker sheet selling together
  11. Acronym.

    As is wearing your coat in the office I imagine?
  12. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    I quite like this leftfield entry from New Balance, seems to fit in with the aesthetic nicely, branding isn't overly evident too.

    eh? what?

    Hoping on the widescreen and not the pan and scan !
  15. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    @danii - I was going to post those, nice understated & stealthy, you blew my cover!