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  1. It's an error, you'll prob find most countries outside UK show stock, don't mean to piss on your bonfire - they advised sold out by chat a few days ago.
  2. I bought a pair of lows in my normal size and found them painfully narrow, to the point I could not wear them, but I do have wide feet, would love a pair that fits so might need to seek out a pair of US 12 / UK 11 - They certainly look interesting.
  3. Wts P15-s xl green sorry no bag or spec sheet (!)
  4. Lighten up sweetcheeks were babbling on about bloody clothing, not cruelty to children!
  5. No, they are normally taged 54 as per the euro sizing, largest being 56 or 38" if I recall, strange that they use 2 sizing conentions for tops and bottoms, I just wish all companies simply stated the size in inches then it would be easy to select the correct size. My xxxl shadow is smaller than an old ACG large from '97!
  6. Seems like I touched a nerve. sorry. at least we agree on the tissues then
  7. Revelation: Just wear the clothes, outside, not just in front of a mirror and walk around in them. Maybe even in the rain sometimes, not just in front of a computer, in time you'll learn to forget about the bag and A4 photocopied sheet, the drawer full of other bags and sheets, the 'used' tissues next to them and, you might even learn new words when experiencing real life interraction over snapchat instagram, et al, and terms like cop, drop, etc will be replaced in the supermarket, and other places of better than 4k human inerfacing. Eventually, after prlonged exposure to these new found experiences you'll notice that some of the garments have marks or holes in them and that you need to actually buy a replacement or, heaven forbid, open one of thosed sealed $1500 plastic bags containing a pair of trousers, laughing to oneself, as that money could have bought a round the world ticket alowing you to vistis actual shops selling the same clothes, bought by the same people that were like you, with pristine plastic bags and pristine A4 photocopies of clothes that were 'dropped' and 'copped' and stored, and have wry chuckle to youself....
  8. Looks to me like: top chart = chest size bottom chart = waist size That certainly follows the sizing I am used to with the brand.
  9. Told you!
  10. There are some on ebay too. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STONE-ISLAND-SHADOW-PROJECT-LEATHER-HOODED-SHORT-PARKA-XL-RRP-1600-/252921192680?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  11. I get the distinct feeling that there are alot of panic buyers in action but at least the option of return if purchased via Nike is good thing. I'd like to see / feel the items before buying and their policy is pretty risk free.
  12. Like your post number G: 666
  13. I actually quite like them and the blue is growing on me, nod the the ACG of old, oh how I loved my Mowabbs back in 91
  14. Full lineup here I believe http://www.hanon-shop.com/the-blog/nikelab-acg-su07-apparel-footwear/