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  1. "i mopped my floor before taking these photographs" - classic. - I just mopped my underwear after seeing the price !
  2. Great, and wont break your heart if it gets lost or has coffee spilled on it! just goes to show that the price of something that cost 400 times as much cannot be justified.
  3. I'd also have a look at the shadow project back catalogue too, eveyone has prob missed a trick or many there.
  4. We need some images of the upcoming winter release as I'd love to save for a jacket but my search on the internet has thus proved fruitless. Anyone have any bounty they'd care to share?
  5. stil selling...
  6. What we need is a return of the BDU shorts, been wondering for many a year why they've not made a return, is it perhaps that woth the advent of the P17 + P25 there is a compromise? I 'm sure they'd go down well. Given that there is an entire back catalogue in fact of ACRNM, wouldn't it a superb idea if they considered the notion of a pre order for a remake of some of the classic designs, after all the patterning is all there, no need to expel time and energy on that. Also it could be promoted in a Kickstarter type way in that in order for production to commence, a certain amount of orders need to be placed prior to manufacturing, this means a no risk situation to either party. It would hopefully kill off all the scalping too. I would imagine there is enough interest on here to gather up a group of individuals ready to go. Next up, what items would form the ACRNM REDUX vol.1 ? S-J1a J36-GT duotone? answers on a postcard.....
  7. Y-3 Bargain coat here @ 70% off https://nowhere.ie/sale/clothing/y-3-mutable-p-coat-grey
  8. All those poor missing spec sheets, " lost, like tears in rain "
  9. I'll take a pair of those then.
  10. I'm waiting on my Tilak Poutnik Sage sweatshirt to arrive, not that I shall be wearing it for a few months (probably) too warm at the moment. I'd happy take it over it's overpriced ACR cousin and I love the stealthy logo! I'll report back on it's arrival, now if only the Living Mutants shield sweatshirt could make an appearance somewhere, I'd kill for that and their V-bomber.
  11. @Marw - looks like you know a thing or two about "back to the old school" too - that Sir Vicious avatar
  12. @brainerd666 "With no shoe string in em, I did not win em I bought em off the Ave with the tags still in em"
  13. Meta bag madness
  14. It's an error, you'll prob find most countries outside UK show stock, don't mean to piss on your bonfire - they advised sold out by chat a few days ago.
  15. I bought a pair of lows in my normal size and found them painfully narrow, to the point I could not wear them, but I do have wide feet, would love a pair that fits so might need to seek out a pair of US 12 / UK 11 - They certainly look interesting.