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  1. Just to change the topic a little, do you think this community as a whole is suffering from the same mutant 'collecting gene' ? I find it terribly difficult to feel 100% satisfied when I make a purchase, and by that I mean once the item has been acquired, I feel ( wrongly I think ) that I am on the hunt for the next item, a bit like big game hunting I suppose? (Not that I have ever partaken or condone the activity). There must be a hardcore few on here that know when to stop and be satisfied, the contrary is so evident by the selling and huting that goes on. So would anyone like to chime in with the one item that they would be prepared to feel 100% satisfied with and stop the maniacal pursuit of happiness for ? I think mine would be the J36-GT with the green or black sleeve XL of course ! What's your panacea or endgame?
  2. I would say to folk here, "don't shit where you eat" - I trust you understand ?
  3. Offtopic, but please, someone educate me or enlighten me about the allure of Supreme? I'm serious.
  4. That was no secrect drop, it just happens that there is world outside planet America that exists in a different timezone, considering the brand is European, some might feel it pertinent given the continent it originates from. Just a rhought....
  5. I wonder if the words olive / black / asymmetric apply?
  6. snubnet
  7. I got the jeans and although not quite as heavy as my old 17oz Deluxe ,will turn out lovely. I am now at the unpicking stage for a good few hours with a seam ripper, ridding my rear of the fugly shiny silver thread used for the gulls. More pics as and when...
  8. SI:SP / ACRONYMxSTONE ISLANDxBAGJACK transformer bag = $450 obo PP
  9. I'm interested to see if this will be adopted by the urban community, it has potential to reach far. https://www.dezeen.com/2017/03/08/nike-pro-hijab-design-female-muslim-athletes-sportswear-fashion/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Dezeen Mail 347&utm_content=Dezeen Mail 347+Version+A+CID_d99d969612cf2ae91433eed020ed99d1&utm_source=Dezeen Mail&utm_term=Nike unveils Pro Hijab for female Muslim athletes
  10. I wear those top shoes at the weekends, I think that is my leg in fact ! - who's been peeping through my curtains ? ? I like the uppers, it's just the sole, but again, that just my taste (or lack of) !!
  11. I understand the upper but that sole takes me back some 20 years and seeing the airbag reminds me of stripper shoes !! ((so I'm told)) I can certainly understand why so many like the air max, I've never been fond however. But it's all down to personal taste and there is no right or wrong.
  12. @CTB - I got these for about £50 - they'll do for a few years ! My deluxe are lovely, but have a crotch blowout, so haven't worn them for a couple of years, need to get them repaired and start beating them again. Here's a pic of what are arriving shortly: I did think of getting the seam ripper out and picking off the the 'gulls' but in time they'll wear and with the fading will look nice, give them about 3 years of yard labour and bingo ! BTW, do you know if Evisu still do the hand painting gulls anymore mine are pretty much gone on the deluxe?
  13. Open to offers on this - when you think that it is from the same designer and manufacturer as Acronym's offerings, it's will be a steal in comparison, technically and aesthetically more interesting too.
  14. I wouldn't - try getting hold of a pair of Nike ACG woven ( 851978 model ) they are shorter and less expensive and you may find you like them more ! - I recommend sizing down on them, there should be a few pairs floating around the bay
  15. Vipp lightporn - my next purchase for home.