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  1. ...exactly, "dont shit where you eat"
  2. Interview with Errolson about the whole reselling bubble: "well we first saw guys selling within a small community and profit was not really the motive, there maybe this much" "then after the LF1 thing with Nike we saw some crazy shift, we started to see it go to like this much increase" "then it went all whiskey tango foxtrot to like" "then out of nowehere, like some bright silver flash and silence" "...and that was it, the whole thing went voooooom, it just went straight over the event horizon, there's no going back dude" "that's when I knew it was time to move into fly fishing in British Columbia"
  3. I picked up a pair of ACG woven trousers, sorry can't bring myself to say pants! I have to say I love them, easily as nice as p15 or p17, they appear to be really well constructed, and as pointed out they do run big, I love the rear facing slanted pocket on the back right, I bet if it had an acrnm label people would be all over them, but they're not which is bloody great as it means I can buy about 5 or 6 pairs vs acrnm prices ! if you get the chance they really are worth an audition, that is if you can get over brand snobbishness, honestly, worth it. I'll get round to sticking some pics on here some time. cheerio for now!
  4. interesting adidas number creeping in from the mainstream NMD Vest
  5. Big happy thanks to DVP & Dolphinski for a great transaction, supernice folk.
  6. Just a quick headsup sale here. I have 2 pairs of DAF that I am sending back to Nike as 1 is too small and the other fits but I cannot get over the pointy winkle picker shape, I love the inner softshell bootie bit and straps, but cannot abide the front medial onwards part of the shoe. So if you are interested let me know in the next couple of days as they are going back to the shop other wise. Size 10 UK - Black & Olive Size 10.5 UK - Black and red - my fave colour ! I am in the UK. - give me a shout or get left out and let another person buy them from a retailer.
  7. gentlemen of the USA: https://store.unionlosangeles.com/products/af1-downtown-hi-sp-acronym?utm_source=Union+Los+Angeles+Newsletter&utm_campaign=37097b21a2-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_02_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3f88bb4deb-37097b21a2-127439813&mc_cid=37097b21a2&mc_eid=fa1c6e14a9&variant=30506869513
  8. *sold out*
  9. This looks like an interesting material and jacket.
  10. Who :Paul Where: Village in Hampshire UK Work: Small company that designs pemium business cards Prefer to design clothing or fragrance while living in rural northern Sweden, or start life again and study as an architect I've loved street wear since the 80's but first got interested in trainers/sneakers in the 70's, I've always been a fan of scifi and drawn to the dystopian look, blame MadMax and an early exposure to European adult comic artists via Heavy Metal Magazine, was inspired by Blade Runner when it came out and have been keenly awaiting 2019. I love the idea of blending various styles together and the functionality of tech fabrics, with a broken futuristic look. Always been interested in drawing and artdesgn in general with a fetish for furniture and architecture and an ice hard block of industrial design. Animal,- Cuttlefish, now that is some next level tech. But have a mini dacshund as well as two children.
  11. I always regarded Acronym as a mutant, adapt and survive, mutate and divide type affair and you also have to remember that Acronym is also Acronym. The strong vibrant colours are also nothing new at all, remember the roll neck knits in the bright red and chartreuse of many seasons ago now ? This was way before the Nemen . Both the design agency and also the clothing brand joined at a molecular level but surviving apart, a parasite symbiot ! It's strange as I am sure that Shadow Project would get alot, I mean ALOT more coverage if it was touted as Stone Island x Acronym, but it isn't so it doesn't. I am looking forward to ss17 to see what comes in from the left field, 1st in queue for the sarouel too so long as I can afford them (& fit into them)! !
  12. Some bearded goon from the UK, will probably buy them !
  13. I bought a pair of the Stone Island:NIKE Sock Darts but wasn't overkeen on them so sent them back, if you are looking for a size 11 UK they will be back at the flagship store next week. The green versions.
  14. and they spilt Tippex on the rear, clumsy clumsy !
  15. someone got a nice buy http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/acronym-/272543556320?hash=item3f74dca2e0%3Ag%3Apg4AAOSwNnRYk1J3&nma=true&si=2TUAFARM1eHlu3R1k6m9OvYf0vY%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557