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  1. TEKsevenZERO


    I sold my cp2 for a 1/4 of the new price having only been worn once ! Oh hindsite my evil friend.
  2. TEKsevenZERO


    One of the best ACRNM looks....just saying, I think the Ridgemont High sets it off, wabi sabi...
  3. TEKsevenZERO

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Just putting this out there if anyone's interested... Got my old Analog jacket in XL, you know the one that Errolson designed with the thousands of pockets and lights in the hood, it's in green and packs away into its own satchel/pack. Also got several pairs of ACG woven pants in black (L+XL) & green (L) that I'm happy to sell if anyone's interested. Jacket would be $1000 (offers welcome) pants would be $150 each PPG or add 4% shipps from the UK.
  4. TEKsevenZERO

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    it's a brolly you wally
  5. TEKsevenZERO

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Looking to sell the bearbrick and sticker sheet together - no idea on price as never seen them both for sale so silly price of SOLD to comply with pricing rules but am open to offers, you know they are as rare as tits on a fish! Happy to send worldwide but prefer to keep it UK as can get sent special delivery free for insured next day delivery. Have a good old clear out of various stuff and found them again after being safely tucked away. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. TEKsevenZERO

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    Longest of longshots. WTB Living Mutants shield leather bomber in the largest size they made - xl or xxl? A headsup or lead greatly appreciated.
  7. TEKsevenZERO


    Don't know about you but I love me a good old wabi-sabi wrinkled spec sheet! Remember kids not buying Acronym is more Acronym or something like that
  8. TEKsevenZERO


    Yep, a divisive design for sure, but I reckon if you tried them on they'd grow on you, much like a parasite @scamster$500 is steep, but then I know a brand that sells sleeveless cotton vests for $600 - and sell like hot cakes!! - too rich for me
  9. TEKsevenZERO


    Crazy messed up, but I like them!
  10. TEKsevenZERO

    The Great Outdoors

    Always heard good things about them, despite not being particularly well known, much like other niche brands, being Swedish too is always a good for me, like Haglöfs.
  11. TEKsevenZERO

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    A little breeze calls for a light jacket, just as well my Byborre arrived today, together with the obligatory oversized ACG pants from a few years ago, they're getting nicely faded now.. Welcome to the half century club. Shootout to @fasttimes - cheers for the intro, love it.
  12. TEKsevenZERO

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB UK 10/10.5/11 Nike Footscape flyknit DM
  13. TEKsevenZERO


    Surely though the ironic/paradoxical thing is that in the 'real world' acr wearers are by the nature of numbers alone and, individualistic, and while cavorting around their natural habitat do indeed feel that way, however, only when meeting up for group therapy session on the interwebs does the paradox kick in and that individual suddenly become the clone/drone hive dweller. Does this not feed that "oh damn, so there are more out there" type of feeling? So can you all not enjoy being together alone? Either that or disconnect from social media that feeds the paranoia or rot or whatever it is folk are feeling and return to that pre-state of blissful individualcentricity (yes, I know non real word). Don't forget when we first started buying Analog/burton etc (pre acronym the clothing company but design agency) there was little to no social media/hypebeast etc, and since then the early adopters that then welcomed ACR with open arms as a distillation of those and related projects have grown alot older and evolved, some beyond or moved sideways, this might also explain why alot are shedding their collections or this might also be because the share price is right to sell!! - If you get what I mean, you can't blame some to not look a gift horse in the mouth. Right now I think the wave has been ridden and the glassy tube has folded in on itself, we've reached the impact zone and some will paddle out back again to await the next set while others will take the whitewater ashore. Sometimes getting back to 'out there' is better than being seen 'in here'...
  14. TEKsevenZERO


    I find the words of Tom Ford relevant here too: “Never, ever, ever wear anything you are uncomfortable in. Because that is what you’ll project: ‘I look like a fool.’ Even if you don’t – you’ll be tentative and not your best.” I'll wear an old pair of P15's and a £5 white or black tee from the supermarket with some fiip-flops and still walk tall, and "if you wanna know why I walk with a limp, I'm your grandmother's retired pimp"! - Thanks for Robert S for those words too
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