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  1. It was expensive enough last year but this kind of price hike seems very unreasonable to me, but then it's not aimed at a normal market is it? The used market was always a great place to pick up old er tidbits but the whole economy has been flipped on it's head now, I'm certainly relegated to a window licker from now on.
  2. I like the semi translucent look, might be i the minority, I love Ryo high (& low) though too so am on the fringe!
  3. I had the issue with L so sold them for less than retail and never had the chance to replace them with XL sadly. I'm interested in the A version of the 23 but am in no position to purchase.
  4. There does not seem to be the feverish manic reaction to this seasons appearance, I like that, calmness.
  5. wanted JOHANNA SCHNEIDER please
  6. Not keen on those silver zips on the trousers they aren't the p23a-ds are they? Looking forward to seethe collection, not that I can buy anything this season mind.
  7. What is the name of your workplace? ((stalker alert))
  8. I do like Mykita and the estranged former partner ic-Berlin, euro(non UK) esp, german, danish, tend to produce larger frames. Good call, I have my eye ((sorry)) on a usedpair of Battista from Mykita but would love thir Mylon Pantera, buy buying without trying is a risk qt that cost isn't it? I always loved Cazal since the early 80's but again, hard to find a brick and mortar dealer, old school hip hop to blame especially the likes of west coast pioneers Egyptian Lover & Rodney-O love the engineering that went into the hinge system of ic- berlin & Mykita its this that ultimately led to the concerned parties arguing and eventually seperating, forming the aformentioned 2 companies, or so i have been led to understand
  9. On the subject of eyewear, what do my fellow 4 -eyed members wear to help with their eyesite, ie, prescription spectacles, that they feel compliments their clothing, my choice of glasses I feel do not match the whole aesthetic but I like them but am always interested new and interesting options, given my big head size. For information I currently wear Dita Insider (heavy rimmed acetate) and also some custom glazed Porsche P8000 sunglasses with removable/interchangeable lenses that I love but need new glass!
  10. I find the concept interesting, in the fact that it was based on data collected. Will reserve judgement on the garments until I am able to view them fully, pref in person. I am waiting on technology that enable a user to scan them selves and have the manufacturer taking the data and producing garments that tailor the bespoke garment, it's only a matter of time, I'm 100% sure it's happening soon.
  11. Interesting article on Nike and their new capsule created from data. Advanced apparel https://www.dezeen.com/2017/09/09/nike-unveils-advanced-apparel-exploration-collection-designed-by-data/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily Dezeen Digest&utm_content=Daily Dezeen Digest+CID_b685c07701a22e077a67be7134ea358c&utm_source=Dezeen Mail&utm_term=Nike Advanced Apparel Exploration collection
  12. No, I'd never getm buttoned up! -sorry
  13. WTT My P15-S XL (green) for Your P17-S/CH (XL) I'm based in UK but happy to trade across the Atlantic.
  14. Like something Moebius may have design for Alien I feel back in the 70's
  15. Left field offering from Christopher Raeburn