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  1. WTT / WTSP15-s XL Black NWT and bag and receipt - for P17-S/CH XL
  2. I feel less community and more mob these days, I feel it's time to say farewell.
  3. I know, I have the time off already but not the funds - aaarghh !
  4. FFS, surely you can just send it back for a refund you've only had it a day.
  5. I've said this same thing on more than one occasion, but I think it's best left as is given the stupid fanatical buying that we've witnessed. Shadow does as Shadow is.
  6. It had to happen, oh well. Pastures new I guess, it's finally gone full virtual vapourware.
  7. I like the fact that there is a certain androgyny being introduced, but also unless production numbers are upped then the potential buying market has doubled, gone is the femme line. Interesting tactic.
  8. I always thought it was what Acronym wants rather than market driven, they always acted in this way so far, or at least that is how it has appeared.
  9. They are just the manufacturer of the material, makes it sound exotic though right?
  10. Frankly, we in the UK are being taken up the ass and they are going in dry! ((sorry about that metaphor))
  11. What you folks outside the EU have to remember is that we in the EE (for now at least, shut up already, don't get me effing started) have to pay 20% tax by default, so you probably get it Statestide for less than us anyhow and given the weakness of the GBP I'd be rubbing my hands together !
  12. I say, sit back wait for tomorrow and enjoy the ride, you like, you buy? - Again, there is always another loadout approaching in 6 months. No panic buying for me.
  13. Yep, there has really been a seismic shift in availability which I feel has in some way tarnished the secret societyness of it, as when you shared the brand it was because you found it by an act of seredipity and loved not because it was the cool thing to be seen in, now nike opened Pandora's box, the genie is out. But like Pandora, I guess we have hope left...
  14. You can share my makeup G, no need to fork out on a new bag for your lippy, it's the weekend, I'll see you at THAT club xxx