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  1. PRICE DROP €576 Shipped World Wide
  2. SOLD Acronym LA6B-DS Alpha Green Medium Full Pack, 9/10, No Flaws Made in EU €725 Shipped Anywhere
  3. By the way: "Grailed prices" are unrealistic attempts of scalpers. Buying items just to make a quick buck. That's why those listing just sit there for months/years on end. I bought these pants to wear, and did. I put them up for sale, because of financial necessity, not because I wanted to get rid of them. The price I asked was clearly very realistic, because I sold them within 2 hours, to a gentleman who will be very happy with them next week and is clearly financially able enough to instantly buy a pair of pants at that price point. Also if you had looked at the pictures, you would have seen the pants are in absolute immaculate condition. Negativity is a disease that slowly eats you from the inside and quickly spreads to all of those around you. I hope you get better soon, for the sake of everyone. Happy Easter
  4. Well I do see you. Only I see a worn adult posting with crybaby energy. I hope you have some fun soon!
  5. 100% predictable still. Missed you man, how have you been?
  6. SOLD P38-E 1.1 Medium 9/10 SS22 Wolf Pack Mint Condition Pay me tonight and I'll have it shipped out before the Easter Bunny can say "Encapsulated Nylon"
  7. WTT WHITE J104-WS MEDIUM 9-10/10 For my J1E-GT MEDIUM 7/10 DM for details about the condition, but overall it's pretty good. First owner, bought directly from Subnet, I have an invoice to prove, in case of doubt. You can also email me at [email protected] (will probably reach me faster than in this forum) Kind regards
  8. Apparently this is also him, and he scammed someone right here with this SM1 last week. So beware of new accounts I guess...he's probably still around here right now reading this. Laughing, alone, yet laughing.
  9. I've been quite actively buying, selling and trading in this "community" for 5 years now. I've trusted many people with F&F payments and trades. This is the first time I've been scammed. I choose to believe that it's the exception, not the rule. But yeah, if you want to be sure, be sure.
  10. Yes, he is actually very proud of his achievements, and laughed at us when we were finding the information on him. He even confirmed his address (which is also the address Ryusaka's jacket was sent to, which has been delivered, because as he knows we don't have anything to "report" him on, besides being a liar and an asshole (this was confirmed by his alleged ex-girlfriend on instagram) It's all a very weird and sad story. I personally didn't lose too much (besides some faith in humanity), but Ryusaka lost an ACR jacket, and at least 2 others payed him a few hundreds for ACR pieces that were never sent.
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