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  1. Creative people, be it painters, musicians or fashion designers, don't want to do the same for 20 years on end. They always have this inherent need for evolving their style and taste. You see this field of tension everywhere: consumers of creative work like music fans have asked artists for making the same thing they did years ago again because some part of their fanbase liked it. A very good example is the band Gorillaz in my opinion. To people who don't know their legacy and have only heard a single, older album for example their inherent style of change might not be apparent yet and so when they hear a new album they are appalled because it's not like that album they liked 15 years ago. Its the same discussion everytime they release an album. Same as every season here, and I think its just this barrier between creatives and consumers of creative work. The former want to evolve their style, make new work and avoid creative stasis. But the latter want more of the same because that's what they enjoy consuming and in the end, you can't blame either one of them. Add to that, that a large part of ACR's customers arent part of this vocal minority that we are here on SuFu or Instagram or Discord and it becomes even less clear what "the customers" actually want. And since we never truly know the amount of produced pieces it is tough to say when something is selling well or not. A P38-E that may have 15 pcs per size will obviously sell out instantly, but when a P15-DS that gets 60 pcs per size doesn't sell out that doesn't it sold well, it still might have sold 3-fold what the P38-E sold.
  2. I absolutely love the concept of the J70-BU and J65-KM looking like design prototypes, but I feel like the J70-BU looks a little too boxy for my taste. But again, huge fan of the exposed seams etc. Really cool!
  3. WTT J1A-GTPL sz L 9/10 for sz M or J96-GT sz M, EU preferred hat, tapes, sling, bag included. only fault is the size label coming off, which seems to happen to most GTPL as far as I'm aware
  4. I think they meant A == removable cuffs just on the P30. But you're right, the A or Advanced mostly meant extra pockets as far as I understand. If you look up the P30-DS from SS18 for example they have cargo pockets as well, but not as many and not as refined in they layout.
  5. I totally agree! But that's not what happened. Trashrepping and posting Errolson meme faces in response isn't "telling someone their art or experiments are not very good", it's just rude. As I said, respond with what you don't like about it and not just an insult, which is what trashrepping is. Respond like hanzen1138 did, with constructive feedback!
  6. man you guys are miserable. leave the guy alone for experimenting or at least explain why you don't like it instead of just trashrepping and memeing... isn't art and experimenting with it why we like acronym?
  7. WTT [EU] J1A-GTPL Black size L 9/10 Full Pack for size M 
  8. WTB J29-CH/-S in M out of Europe
  9. Don't listen to Yan, they're stuck in 2015 and cannot appreciate innovation and new features. TensonZip is really amazing and I love it on my J1, it makes access just that much easier and at least to me it looks really cool wether it's open or shut. A design brand, especially one focused on fashion, will inherently try new things over time and innovate on their designs. That has been Acronym's hallmark feature from the get-go 20 years ago. They always did things differently than anyone else and sometimes things turned out shit, that's how innovation is. I'd somewhat agree with that on things like InterOps, but certainly not TensionZip.
  10. For liner definitely J58, it's just an awesome piece that I feel great putting on basically every day during the colder times. Great utility from the huge outer pockets, very warm when it's cold, still cool enough when it gets warmer outside. Just a very versatile liner. P10 for pants because the pattern is just phenomenal work in my opinion. Every other pair of pants in a similar style I've tried feels shit compared to P10 when it comes to patterning work. Lastly for the shell I'd pick the J101-GT. Without owning one nor having tried it on, it seems like a great shell for everyday usability. No big dangly bits that get caught anywhere, cool collar, has a hood. Ticks all the boxes for an everyday shell. Obviously J1A or J47A are more exotic but I think I'd prefer something more 'neutral' if I had to wear it until the heat death of the universe.
  11. I'd be more worried about the carrier losing my package than the tailor fucking up to be honest. If you can find a good tailor with good track record in your vicinity I'd say that's better than the best one in the country but you have to ship it to them. Just my 2cents, though.
  12. J96 looks great on you! I didn't like it when it first came out but it's really growing on me, might have to get one, too... How do you like the chest pockets? Is it possible to store some gloves or a neck gaiter in them without them looking too bulky?
  13. I think it is just a combination of them switching a lot of products to being Made In China and thus being able to produce more at a lower cost than in the years before that. Plus the hypebeast fad that started off in 2017/2018 seems to have died down, which isn't a bad thing per sé, since those kinds of customers aren't in it for the product, but mostly for the value of it and they were the ones using bots to buy out everything back then. Wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Correct, and you guys complain whem it sells out too fast, when it sits for a day, when it is too expensive, too cheap, too original, too re-release, too ...
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