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  1. Yan90


    Already fixed. Acr are spotlight clowns.. https://www.reddit.com/r/TechWear/comments/125doho/clicking_eth0s_on_acronym_stockist_page_takes_you/
  2. Yan90


    Kk. But recently it was P39-M not - PR in the post. That's why it was weird for me. Also P44 gt doesn't exist.
  3. Yan90


    P39 under p44 for snow and p10 in ch for rain. What's the point? Rash move...
  4. Yan90


    Steve Jobs' turtleneck.mp4 P31A-DS and Steve Jobs' sign turtleneck on Issey Miyake's show. Ages ago...
  5. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT J55-MP Black size S for size M; S14-AM size M for size L.
  6. Yan90


    J47>>>>J1 and j28 tbh. It's clean and not hyped af.
  7. Yan90


    I bought a jacket from him on Grailed. Nice guy tho
  8. Yan90


    -CH have 2 versions: 1. soft and thinner version (P16A-CH FW1415, P10A-CH FW1516). Drapes more like - DS, no good imo. 2. Rigid and thicker version (P10-CH SS16, P10A-CH FW1617). Drapes amazing. I sold all my P10\A- CH, cuz its wears out quickly between legs, but keeping P16A-CH. I altered them a bit, they r still like new, drapes pretty nice.
  9. Yan90


    already counted three victims of this mf
  10. Yan90


    Renamed jackets also so weak imo. Real downgrade. J46 still >>>>> j99, 103, etc. Same for the 86, it's like a jacket from the riot division.
  11. Yan90


    Weak score for a scammer of the year. only 1 scam deal lol.
  12. Yan90


    Buyer have a ppal protection cuz he bought it via reversible website. Usually "item isn't as described" is enough reason for a refund from ppal. P. S. I believe the seller's account has been hacked.
  13. Yan90


    Scammer alert. Be careful, don't buy. Recently my friend bought it from him on reversible and he send an empty acr cardbox with USB cable to him. Grailed listing still up and he just confirmed that the jacket is still available for sale. https://www.grailed.com/listings/39455656-acronym-duo-tone-j1a-gtpl-ss18?g_aidx=Listing_production&g_aqid=a301948611bed349606255b56c1b9811
  14. Yan90


    Welcome. XL looks really good on u.
  15. Yan90


    5'10 athletic build. P23a-S and P10-(s, ch, ds, e) size M. No issue with the calfes for me. If u'll take L they'llbe too long and ugly for 5'10, meanwhile M might be too snug. So, maybe, p23 and p10 just a wrong choice of pants for a really huge calfes.
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