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  1. Yan90


    P30a-ds 1.1 has different style/"improved" buckels. Thats why it tighens up better than on the P31a and previous version of the p30a
  2. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J33-E Alpha Green size S (more preferable)/M Or WTT for my J33-E Black size S, tried on condition, full pack. Maybe ill add on top NG4-PS as a gift for size S in new cond.
  3. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT J33-E Black size S full pack 9,9/10 condition for J33-E Alpha Green size S
  4. Yan90


    Raccagni has many tapes of metal pullers, including an uncool chrome one as on ur jacket. So, it's a bit weird to compare ugly chrome raccagni to ugly chrome /or silver ykk. The og ng-3/-4 has gunmetal raccagni with absolutely different type of zip puller, and its definitely looks better. Meanwhile, their difference in price isn't sky-high (about 4-5 Eur max for YKK vs 8-11 Eur for Raccagni).
  5. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB for my friend J72-AK size M/L WTS J68-PL size M, black, new, full pack, retail
  6. Yan90

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    J33 is a goat. Reminds me a long version of CH-J31 in great -e fabric without wb400 delam bubbles. I have a black one too. But dont like to wear it with black -e nylon pants. Looks like а plain uniform imo.
  7. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT J33-E Black size S (full pack, 9,9/10) for J33-E Alpha Green size S
  8. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P10-CH SS16 Imo the best p10 iteration with more volumetric and "rigid" knee articulation in dense and thicker -СН (not as previous FW1516 thin -CH version. size S (I'm sizing up to M, that's why selling) Black color, but looks more like beautiful deep dark navy Full pack 8-8,5/10 680 usd net
  9. Yan90


    It's sweat stains like on gt pro. Pretty common problem for -WS fabric. A permanent flaw.
  10. Yan90


    J1A-GT V.2.2 Built with 3L GORE-TEX® PRO [Next delam generation technology] **Up to 200% more delamination compared to previous generation Gore-Tex® Pro products
  11. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB for my friends: 3A-6TS Olive Xpac; J44-SD Black and Green size M; J28-WS size S, XL; S13-W Black size M. Prefer to buy outright but we have for a trade (+/- cash): P38-E size S; P23A-S Raf Green size S; P30A-DS v.1.1 Black size XS, S and Alpha Green size XS, S; P34-E size M; J50-S Raf Green size M; J1B-GT White size M; J46-WS size M; J61-GT/GTV size S and M; J61-WS size M; GT-J16 size S; J83-WS size M.
  12. Yan90


    Maybe u can send me ur CP4? Still dreaming about making non stripped down version of j28 in ws. Need fabric
  13. Yan90


    Ofc no. Sorry
  14. Yan90


    Actually only 350 for him (also he sold his og p10 in size M, after receiving these pants)+ my time, but not my soul ( didnt give him the patterns and interacted with the tailor on my own). i keep p10 patterns in my safe) have no desire to distribute them for making more copies tbh. Still prefer og p10 in -ch or -e nylon tho.
  15. Yan90


    Maybe. My local tailor made the p10a-s for my friend for about 350 usd total incl. stotz fabric, hardware+copying and improving patterns from my og p10 (see attach). The result was inconspicuous. Tried them on. Imo it turned out better than the og p10 (I have 4 pairs of og p10).
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