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  1. Yan90


    Strange, but that shit is unbeatable and durable af. My 61ws is still in like new cond after 3 years of daily use. Also it has pretty good breathability, so it can be worn even during summer time. -WS fabric: active shell ripstop windstopper ZAO or VEGA (don't remember the exact name) like on the J47A-WS, 61-WS, 25-WS etc. (not like WS on J50, 58, 68, 46) is the best fabric imo
  2. Yan90


    idk. but my seam tape is still ok. it was repaired about 2 years ago
  3. Yan90


    Many times for different jackets, flaws ofc.
  4. Yan90


    C'mon, just iron it carefully or use a hairdryer to heat the glue on the tape (there is no need to add an additional glue) and push it back. i've done this many times
  5. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J47-GT size L found
  6. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT J46-FO size S, 9,5/10, full pack for size M.
  7. Yan90


    Some kind of fake sale. P31a and J68 were sold out about 3 weeks ago. But now they marked soldout items with 50% discount (for Non EU customers).
  8. Yan90


    Same with all my MIC items. Crooked stitching, excess threads. P.S. logo tape from my j68-PL
  9. Yan90

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Omg. А whole 2 (two !!!) neg reps to each of us. But we gave you only one. You are merciless. It's acr sales thread not acg.
  10. Yan90


    Contrast zipper (raf rows+black coil) on Alpha Green>>>>zipper (black rows+raf coil) on RAF
  11. Yan90


    Post the pics, please. My local retailer has RAF in M but for 1100 eur
  12. Yan90


    Yep. I know. Same as all wide, extra/ultrawide pants if u hike them up))
  13. Yan90


    Maybe the synthetic RAF isn't so cool as stotz RAF. It looks normal on the pics from mothersite, but they are always deceiving.
  14. Yan90


    Check Notre styling. Some kind of cropped p31a+weird "RAF"
  15. Yan90


    Is there any color difference -DS RAF vs -S RAF?
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