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  1. Longshoot but … I lost 1 piece (I assume it’s right one) from HG1-AK, but i crumble from thought that I have to throw away acr piece. Maybe there are someone out here who also lost one piece and willing to sell his and help me collect full pack once again) ”laughing cry face” so …. WTB HG1-AK
  2. Is there someone who tried to repair cigarettes burn on MP jackets? Specifically on j55-MP or la5-MP from collab with Nemen. What did yo do? What materials you used?
  3. also would love to test out "new" fabric
  4. j86 preview on ms can't say for sure ... either it so cool or so lame There is so much going on on this jacket and it's looks interesting from the distance but up close stitches and zip near chest pockets looks sketchy thoughts?
  5. Want to shoutout to @Jzy_daniel Very cool guy, instantly shipped after payment. Do not hesitate to work with
  6. Who have photos of wear and aging of last iteration 3A-1 Foil and Mix bags?
  7. WTB - 3A-1 Laminate Conditions is discussable will be grateful for any offers. PP ready, located in Finland
  8. Who can share their acronym setup for more or less cold winter? What jackets \ insulator combo do you use and for what temperature range?
  9. Enjoy your pricy tech journey! And take a closer look to insulators and mid layers. They are relatively rare and imo so cool and unique by the way, what do you carry inside 3a on edc?
  10. Well, if you think about that as a TEASER and may be those prints not just t-shirts … but chances are small
  11. Seems like a lot of T-shirts again. Those circular patterns looks kinda cool, tho on one side I looking for something cool and new, but on the other hand summer drops always wasn’t the best, and I hope to save some cash xdd
  12. Seems fine for me. GoreTex mesh usually easy to distinguish
  13. looking for sizing advice of J77-AM I am 173 \ 77 and usually wear M for most of acronym pieces, but by measurements and model photos it looks like M would be too drape for my height. Looking for more snuggle, close to skin fit. Can anyone share their experience of J77-am? tnx in advance
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