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    • ^Can't remember if it was a year or two ago when White's was first sold and everyone was jumping on the Nick's train out of fears White's quality would be diluted...I never ended up buying a pair of Nick's, but consensus seems to be they're damn hard to break in (check out some of the pairs on denimbro, and people having to move on due to the pain of break in), though extremely tough and robust. In my opinion, while bigger and thicker may equate to more durable and longer lasting, I feel you lose a bit of aesthetic shape and flow that are still in tact with White's which aren't as "bulky". For my purposes (ie: NOT logging or fighting forest fires), White's still suit me just fine, and I think they'll remain that tough, well built classic all-leather boot with classic styling for years to come. I know that's not really what you were asking though ed!

      Also, did anyone catch those Wesco engineers from Standard and Strange? Holy hell how did I miss out on those...
    • *****Post originally from Grailed. My feedback for reassurance $400 Undercover's SS10 'Less But Better' Water-Camo Print Windbreaker. 2nd owner Size: 3 (Japanese large, fits medium) Worn a handful of times. Condition 8.5/10 
      ***Note: there's a small micro-tear on the right pocket. Seam tapes are all still intact (Some minor crumbling around the neck area), otherwise everything still looks pristine. Measurements: 
      Shoulders: 45cm 
      Chest: 50cm 
      Length: 73cm 
      Sleeve Length: 66cm Material: 
      Cow Hide straps ---------------------------- I'm 5'4 with a slightly broader physique. My measurements are... 
      Chest: 42” / 106.68cm / 1/2 - 21” 
      Waist: 39” / 99.06cm / 1/2 - 19.5 
      Shoulder: 20” / 50.8cm / 1/2 - 10” 
      Length: 30” / 76.2cm / 1/2 - 15” 
      Sleeve: 24” / 60.96cm / 1/2 - 12” ------------------------------------- ***I will NOT ship internationally unless you insist at your own expense. 
      Item will be shipped in the states via USPS priority (2 - 3 days) once payment has been accepted. I try to ship within 24hrs. Open to cash offers. 
      Serious inquiries only. 
      Be PayPal ready when offering or I'll block you if you can't follow through. NO trades 
      NO returns
    • Anybody with nicksboots here? Pls elevaborate? Roberts? Hotshot? Lasts? Fit? 
    • Lovely faded pair @cusswords! Is it size 31?!?
    • ^ Listen to this man and sell me your WHT DAF1 plz. Size US10 or 10.5
    • xpost from the Strike Gold thread Bit of a plug for my Strike Gold workshirt in the marketplace... but this a cool 12oz denim shirt that they did about 4 years ago with contrast cat-eye buttons. Thought I'd throw it on here, don't see tons of shirts round these parts.    
    • My Wolverines after a year (about 6 months effective wear). I really love the colour and how they scuff.