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  1. Floorboards

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Celine M&S Aqualand Evisu Lowa
  2. Floorboards


    Picked these up just after they dropped, quality is awful just due to poor choices of material. Gore ripstop through the body is annoyingly loud to walk in and much too stiff, also delaminated from the rubber rand after about four wears. Currently covered in mud under a pile of wellies in a farmhouse.
  3. Floorboards

    WAYWT Shoes Edition

  4. Floorboards

    Evisu is still loved!

    Thanks! Here's a couple fit pictures, with my gf photobombing
  5. Floorboards

    Evisu is still loved!

    So I picked these up at Placebo in Sofia, which is a really nice little 2nd hand shop. I can't find any online details. The denim is really lovely and heavy, yet soft. The tag is missing a "made in _ " label, but the quality is outstanding (cinch and watchpocket stitching lines up perfectly with the waist, tonal single needle work throughout, selvedge waistband, chainstitch hems, the works) whoever had them before me removed the suspender buttons and sewed on some belt loops, but they really didn't match so I took them off. Best fit I've ever had. Any ID help would really be appreciated!
  6. Er some backstory would help your cause btw I have sourced painfully obscure jawns from all sources, but I don't have a reason to help you yet. Maybe your wife is right. Isaac
  7. Floorboards

    Style Inspiration

  8. Floorboards

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Probably made in Cardigan Bay, in Wales - there was a town that did all the UK denim (for M&S and any number of seventies upstarts) that is now being exploited by Hiut Denim. Look up Hiut, they have a good fades and fixes insta and some backstory if you're interested. I gave away a pair of black "made in UK" 501s when I lived in Aberystwyth..
  9. Floorboards

    Beginning cinema

    I'm going into art school in september, and have recently realised that my main.. locus or whatever is cinema. However, i'm not on a film course and have no experience or materials to begin shooting, which i want to do as quickly as possible. So i wondered if, for a start, i could get advice on cameras to purchase? I was considering super8, but purely for aesthetics and the purity of actual film being used. However, there are cost questions and the difficulties which arise from using a dying method, like developing and viewing and such.. Then i was considering digital.. which just seems poor and not as sacred as using film. plus pixellation, unpleasant to use, etcetera.. but then it's cheaper, easier, and a lot more convenient to view. So what i really need is recommendations. On pretty much everything.
  10. Floorboards

    G.H Bass loafers

    Just about to buy a pair of these on Oi Polloi, yet unsure about sizing. Obviously the most common pitfall of buying online, has anyone had experience in sizing these? I'm a UK eleven in Chucks, but a thick pair of boot socks fit between my feet and my Redwings (UK 11) so i'm not sure. Any help appreciated thanks
  11. Floorboards

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Fit pics? I've been looking towards these for a while. I'd imagine they react like any others, just a boiling soak to get the shrinkage out, etcetera..