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  1. Floorboards

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I actually recently made myself a silver one, but I use it for my keys. Designing the S hook or clasp is actually the hardest part.
  2. Floorboards

    Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    Aye sorry the internet is just a bit slow up here
  3. Floorboards

    Your biggest issue with techwear is ?

    honestly came on here to talk about being "that crackly arsehole" if I wear any kind of waterproof membrane to the cinema
  4. Floorboards

    Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    Helmet hoods are 236% more dank than those shitty rollout hoods that were standard in the 80's, actually protects the face and doesn't look like you're dodging the rain by ramming your head up a condom Is probably why
  5. Floorboards

    iconic denim photos

    Which part of the world was the pub in? They're wearing clogs and gansey sweaters which marks them out, to me at least, as either welsh or cornish. They might be local to that area if so, and the picture of the ship scratched into the wall indicates that it was near a body of water.
  6. Floorboards

    The Great Outdoors

    Any advice on new goretex vs vintage? I have a mix of paclite, pro shell, new and older jackets and 1 pair of vintage goretex trousers, all seem to have different material qualities and variagated waterproof/breathability ratios, but I can't find a clear pattern - some vintage stuff seriously outperforms modern, and vice versa pics/details if interested