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Superfashion Guidelines


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What is Superfashion?

- Superfashion is the place for topics relating to clothing design, information about designers or design houses, collection photos, archives, etc.

- Please do not make posts in this forum which belong in Supershopper or Supermarket. All irrelevant topics or posts made in Superfashion will most likely be deleted or moved to the appropriate forum.

Thread Guidelines:

- When starting a thread, please search to see if the thread or one close to it already exists before opening a new one.

- Please use the proper thread title formats. For example, when starting a thread for a specific collection, please include full designer or label name, season and if possible, the city where the collection was shown. Ex. “Ann Demeulemeester S/S 10 Paris”

- Thread tagging: please tag your threads with the designer or label name and collection season, if applicable.

Posting Images:

- For the purpose of posterity, please avoid hotlinking (making posts or topics using images with URL’s from a domain such as style.com), as sites often change their links or take collections down after a while. To prevent your thread from being blank in a few months time, if you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to re-host the images, it’d be a great help in the long run.

- If you need help posting images, please see hap's guide.


thanks everyone! if you have any questions or suggestions for Superfashion, don’t hesitate to PM me


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