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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Is it just me or those look uncomfortably tight? Those look like they've been worn for a while now too. How come they haven't stretched out?

--- Original message by Phrost3 on Dec 13, 2005 05:15 PM

i don't know, theyve loosened quite a bit now.. they've stretched in the waist, thighs, knees. I wear them on the hips but I could go lower if i wanted to. They're snug but not "uncomfortably tight". Mind you, they are a 25 waist.

I guess the angle of the photo makes them look quite uncomfortable.

Edited by wax on Dec 13, 2005 at 05:32 PM

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Those don't look that tight. Does everybody just like to swim in their jeans?

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since my threads getting no love...

yea so here they are. i've been wearing them straight since only about the end of november. wore them to bed a few times too i think it really helped with overall feel of them.








thats my schedule that's been in the back pocket since the beginning of the semester. it started out in my APCs and then when i started wearing these i transported it.

any comments and/or critisism's are welcome

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Here are my RR greycasts, I've had em for about 3 months, I try to wear them as much as I can but not necessarily everyday...I'm 15 soo yeah...They're a 31/32, I could have gotten a 30 waist but I ordered online when I first got them so I couldn't try em on beforehand. I'm thinking of taking em to a tailor to get them taken in an inch or so like that one guy did with his rrds. Do you guys think I should?

bad lighting=bad pics. ehh.




comments? anything...

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sold these on ebay a while back, the fronts were pretty destroyed. You know what they look like new...


--- Original message by LIVENUDEGIRLS on Dec 15, 2005 11:02 PM

Yo livenude girls. Are those selvage 501s, cuz i ain't never seen non selvage 501s look like those.

They look good.

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Huh... my guess would be 80s and early 90s levis then. The recent jeans lose their indigo way to fast to achieve such contrast.

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you can't tell in the pic, but the pic on the furthest right was actually still really dark. By the looks of these jeans you would think the creases would stick out but they were extremely flat. I purchased all three of these jeans for a 40 bin although I knew they weren't my size, just to check them out in person and flip them.

honey, you're my religion

Even though you haven't yet expanded

To include a heaven after

Even though I have demanded it

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Since I'm home thanks to the MTA, I thought I'd post my favorite pair. These are APC Standards (size 38 y'all skinny biatches!) that I bought back in August of 2004, I wear them 2-5 times a week during the colder weather months, not at all during the summer. These have never been washed (and suprisingly don't smell at all) but I think I'm ready to give them at least a cold water soak. I'm really happy with the way they're coming along, they really seemed to advance once I started wearing them again this fall for some reason. Now that these are ready to wash I'm thinking about my next dry pair, but I can't decide between the Nudie Straight Sven or the Sugarcane '47's. Anyone have any advice about which ones are cut the most like these (they are the original Standard cut, not the New Standards)?






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