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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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The Olas look great. I just picked up a pair of Dry Slim Jims. This is the same denim as the Olas? Would one be able to expect similar results? I was very suprised at how soft the denim on the SJ was.

I am on month 3.5 on a pair ofDry Greycasts. These are pics pre cold soak:



And a couple after (Very similar though they seem to be wearing faster now):



*I had the pictures embedded, however they were huge and I do not know what to do about that.

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i don't know how they compare to apc. they're straight leg. nice and slouchy. the ass is not baggy, which is excellent. i feel like the ones they have now are much more tapered and a lot less dark. these were almost black when i first got them. i heard they were 14 oz, but i don't really know anything about them.

korn feat. ice cube

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^cool man, thanks....nice MJ vans too

well I finally took some decent pics of my ralfs after there first wash. 60C wash with hang dry after five months of very heacy wear.

I posted some pics last week or so but the pics i took didnt really show the correct color too well and i finally snapped some good ones







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