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  1. It’s a bit out of season but there’s a Winstone’s Icecream shop that’s pretty good, usually surrounded by roaming cows. Worth a visit.
  2. Showing edits to clients so went with MF, orSlow, FW and RW Bonus action/deets shot
  3. Back at the Shard. Benzak and Orgueil
  4. @Maynard Friedman thanks May. I thought it would be strange if someone hadn't mentioned it already. Just for consistency, it’s good to see I’m still late to the party.
  5. @superfuture Sorry if this has been already brought up by someone else, but after reading newest post in a subject, underneath you can either click back to the main super denim page or on to the next topic with the newest unread post. Didn't it use to say what the name of the topic was? Its handy to know that as some topics resonate with me more then others and when on my mobile you have to scroll up and and down to find out what brand you are on. It's no biggie but it's a bit of a time saver.
  6. WH DD and Novesta
  7. @MJF9 there was a ‘myth’ that the Russians planted a nuke under the palace to keep the Poles in line.
  8. Benzak, Sam’s, Gustin The view from the studio
  9. Really like the details on these jeans when I saw them on the Clutch website and managed to get them for less than half price ordering them overseas: Orgueil Lot OR-1001. They came one washed but were quite loose so I gave them another hot wash and left them in the sun to dry off (it only took a few hours in todays sun), looking forward to see how they sit once I worn them a bit and they relax, just need the weather cool off….
  10. Samurai do a nice pair of baker pants. I got mine from denimio for a good price
  11. Living in my jean shorts and loving this Mister Freedom linen pull over. The colour is not as vivid here and around the arms, pockets and button fasteners there are already signs of fading. I think it will age nicely (after one summer!).
  12. Enjoying more cutoffs!
  13. My body doesn’t handle heat well, so for the most part I’ve been slumming it. However in Poland where I’ve been visiting friends and family, the weather has been a mixed bag. Enjoying today with a couple of Tender pieces and a pair of Gustins that I breathed new life into by having 20 inches chopped off.
  14. A nice mix that I’ve on in the background to my daily life.
  15. My office for the day. FW and Benz
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