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  1. Nice to pick up a Samurai shirt that fits me well: nice texture
  2. A few nice days of sun, now soggy. At least it cooled off enough for me to throw on a jacket. MF, Trophy, Nudie
  3. @indigoeagle thank you, its the ARISTOCRAT SHIRT - NOS DOUBLE INDIGO TWILL
  4. MF shirt, Warehouse DD jeans and UES cap
  5. Yesterday was corporate day at a pretty cool engineering/architecture firm. MF, Tender and FW Today is work from home day, MF and FW
  6. 5 needed the extra shoulder space for the sleeves. I love it.
  7. I definitely sized up in these, maybe too much. This is the them after the 2nd hot wash, it was on the hottest setting and I’m much happier now as they were still looking clownish.
  8. Got this Tender number off the Lost and Found sale. Very easy relaxed fit and I love how it looks with jeans. Chuffed to bits. Colour is hard to photograph with phone cam but the first pic is more true then the others, they are a bit rich in colour.
  9. Went to Clutch in London for the Yamane pop up store, got to shake his hand and kind of talk to him but mainly got him recommend some pieces for me and walked away with these. I like the taper as the straight leg version looked a bit shapeless and short on me, these are roomy in the top block and tighten up as they go down. They are the one wash version and crispy right now and was wondering if I should bother with another hot wash, not sure how much the patch can endure.
  10. Tender shirt and orSlow navy denim
  11. Cushman x CSF, Tender ecru shirt at Pink Lake at Torrevieja. A bit cold at this time of year for the local inhabitants
  12. Nice to have a breather from deadlines and clients. Layered up for the joy of just leaving the house… MF, Benzak shirt and jeans Sleeve deets, MF jacket and an extra MF jacket to top it off! Been living in comfy clothes while working from home so I felt the need to blow the dust off as many pieces as possible.
  13. It’s a bit out of season but there’s a Winstone’s Icecream shop that’s pretty good, usually surrounded by roaming cows. Worth a visit.
  14. Showing edits to clients so went with MF, orSlow, FW and RW Bonus action/deets shot
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