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  1. lee porter


    I have both in a size 38 hope this helps they both come up one size smaller imho
  2. lee porter


    I got through another store they’ve sold out already though I know they are releasing so many good jeans and I already have too many I really want to double denim with the deadstock type 1 jacket too
  3. lee porter


    Thanks dawei94 ordered another pair of jeans
  4. lee porter

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I take a 34 in freewheelers 51s and 38 in resolutes just got the 711s they’re so good
  5. lee porter

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    When is this happening duke
  6. lee porter


    That’s exactly what I’m waiting for Dawei94 I haven’t seen them anywhere
  7. Can someone reckon a USA proxy please I’d really appreciate it cheers lee
  8. lee porter

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    They have three models in the same denim. which they call the last resort it’s really nice and comfortable denim the 301 with the wonky pockets I think is based on a 51 model and the 302 which is a 60s type and the 303 which is a 55 correct me if I’m wrong
  9. lee porter

    Evisu is still loved!

    That’s good they look lovely ahlvahroe
  10. lee porter

    Evisu is still loved!

    Nice what weight are these ones 15 or 18 ?
  11. lee porter

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    embrace the wonkyness beautiful colour denim quite similar to vanishing west’s 51s in colour and fit but smoother if that makes sense
  12. lee porter

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Wearing the wonky pocket jelados
  13. lee porter

    Wrangler Repro Appreciate Thread

    Yeah they do!
  14. lee porter

    Wrangler Repro Appreciate Thread

    Wow they’ve lasted well shredwin
  15. lee porter

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    I did the m25 raves too in 89 brilliant never see anything like that again just pleased to have experience it wasn’t the same even the next year in 1990
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