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  1. lee porter


    I’ve found the xx much better fit than the 66 and the other one is it 505 I can’t remember
  2. I have the 1103s in a 34 and the warehouse 1001s in a34
  3. Beautiful freak best fitting resolutes for westerners they look great
  4. The 714 fit is so good
  5. 1103 fit is so good you need theses I haven’t taken them off since I got mine
  6. I used to wear adidas kick to school we didn’t have a lot of money grew up in council accommodation wouldn’t been seen dead in gola or hi-etc of dunlops it was adidas and puma then Nike came first Nikes were Wimbledons I had a cheap pair of diadoras went on holiday to Majorca and there was a sports shop next door to the hotel went in there every day looking at the diadoras the borgs where expensive you couldn’t buy puma states in the uk first time I saw them was in duffer in 89 they managed to get a load of dead stock from the states and sold them in there shop in soho
  7. Hi julian they are a 30 cheers lee
  8. Also got a pair of iron heart 888 21oz worn once too heavy for me £150 plus shipping
  9. I have a pair of freewheeled 1951 and 1956 both pairs I’ve worn once or twice both size w34 I also have a pair of monotaros 0605 w35 and a pair of denime 220 w34 will get some pictures and measurements on when I get time £100 each plus shipping
  10. Wearing my 220s today I’m not used to the high rise is it something the you get used to after wearing as I’m not sure these are for me ?
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