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  1. Not a great pic or anything but it shows the true colour of the jeans
  2. New paper patch ww2 model from the conners instagram
  3. Some nice roping starting on my flathead sawtooth
  4. @Double 0 Soul nice to see around these parts again
  5. be very careful in sizing the 47 , there quite undersized compared to the other models
  6. great fit foxy , did you get a 47 as well ?
  7. And dried....
  8. cool , we could do with more pics
  9. @Foxy2 any pics of yours floating around ?
  10. Like the look of that hudson hill sweat , bought a similar after hooded sweat from McCoys a few weeks back fot a hell of a lot more than $50 ... definetly gonna inquire about picking one up
  11. M-46's are drying after there first wash ( ill post some pics in a day or two ) so im wearing my M-47 for a few days .
  12. Two moon are a great option , they would be hard to beat when comparing price/quality
  13. @mandel9000 If i were you and was interested in the 701 cut id keep an eye on ebay for vintage pairs , ive seen pairs ( deadstock ) sell for a few hundered $
  14. @alvin_cheong the ww2 denim stretches quite easily , the 47 denim ..... not so much Please dont try and size down on these , the cut is not designed to be sized down much , the hips taper in and can be uncomfortable if you havent sized right
  15. Thigh is 11.75 and the hem is just over 8.5