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  1. At the farm tp feed some ducks Flathead shirt Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx M-47 Vans
  2. TCB

    I like the flathead shirt but i would wear it more if it was a littlle bigger all over , it measures 19 across the chest and 17.5 across the waist
  3. TCB

    Could anyone with a size 38 take a chest measurement ( pit to pit ) and another across the waist area ? Thanks for any help
  4. TCB

    Thanks for all the info lads
  5. TCB

    quick question for any ranchman owners , does the torso taper down much from the chest ? i love my flathead western ( forget the model number , its the sawtooth repro ) but it tapers quite a bit edit . had a look at some sizing charts and the sizing is a bit weird ... 112cm on a 38 chest ?? i remember there was a lot of sizing errors when it was released
  6. All he wants to do is walk mate ..... and climb , cant take your eyes off him for a second The hoody and trousers are from next
  7. Me .... just the usual Jack in his new vans
  8. the ww2 San Jose is described as a lower rise slightly slimmer alternative , how slommer ????? any ones guess , the one piece of advise i would give you is do not try and make any of the cuts slimmer than intended ... as BF said , the hips are pretty snug
  9. a little mate but nothing extreme
  10. Another update on my M-46 Really like how the rivets are tarnishing
  11. Looking good mate
  12. Not leather boots but after 40 years i think these look ok
  13. This little guy has me run ragged Warehouse chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx M46 Vans
  14. Very cool
  15. not much happening today so i took some pics the patch is in nice shape but i dought it would ever survive a machine wash only lemon stitching on these are the belt loops , arcs and 1 thread in the chainstitch super washed out redline