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  1. Conners sewing factory S406XXX Size 40 £150 plus shipping
  2. Conners S406XXX still available , open to sensible offers
  3. Conners jacket now priced at £230 and ill split the cost of postage with you ( free in the UK )
  4. Some fella from Hinoya called me a criminal because I asked if they could put a low value on the customs form ....... proper mastermind I am
  5. Got these 2013 bred 1's about 6 weeks ago and ive put countless miles into them , really nice shoe and a colourway that I've wanted for ages . Prices are crazy for breds but I got these for a decent price , being honest I would have preferred the 2016 release but I didn't want to miss out on these and end up having to pay double for some 2016 . As usual I stained the midsole and swapped the laces for some foxtrot laces . Really I can only think of 3 more jordan 1's that I'm after 1 . Kentucky 2 . Black toe 3 . And last 1 of the meralic pairs .... maybe a navy or purple
  6. Out with the muts Vintage 70's coach jacket Nike hoody Conners sewing factory s409xxx ww2 Jordan 1 breds
  7. I think the devis jeans were a few years before CSF iirc , that would have been the first time i remember hearing about a 46 501xx
  8. Those little 5's are class ... the 2's as well . I'd love to pick up a pair of bred 4's but I've never owned a pair of 4's and im not sure how I'd get on with the chunkier shape ... ? Im sure ill end up with a pair at some point
  9. Conners sewing factory s409xxx ww2 still available
  10. Went to a crystal maze / escape room place , the room was tilted at 45 degrees .... felt like i had a few too many Tee from local shop 2 friends started Conners Jordan 1 Chicago ..... grumpy ninja Sneaking suit Jordan 3's
  11. Got tattood yesterday wearing my conners ww2 Then had a few too many beers ...... I'm feeling it now
  12. Always smile when I see a pic of them being worn , real pitty I couldn't make this work and they stick around for longer
  13. I still check in mate but I'm just not as interested in the whole denim scene as I once was . I've been about the forums for 15 years or more and I think I've maybe just had my fill of getting hyped about the next new thing . I miss the old sufu days when everything was actually "new" ( to me )
  14. I wouldn't hold your breath , when is the last time we seen a tab on a pair of sugarcane ? 07-08 ?
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