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  1. Really cool style mate , dont see a lot of people pulling off overalls but i think your wearing them well
  2. There great jackets mate , if my one ever falls apart ( could do with the the amount of time i wear it ) i wouldnt hesitate to get another
  3. Bad pic .... better than nothing i suppose Real McCoy after hood sweat Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx M46 Converse one star
  4. You got the ww2 type 1 as well , didnt you Ed ? Hows it coming along ?
  5. To help lighten the mood Jack in his dinosaur pj's and his vintage 50's 503zxx
  6. Got bored doing some spring cleaning ....
  7. Not that i know of mate
  8. Dont know that Yoshiaki worked for warehouse in the past but there couls be a collab sometime in the future
  9. Looks nice Ed All i have from Cushman is there ww2 cut made by Conners Wouldnt mind picking up a few sweats but i havent looked into a retailer that ships to the UK
  10. For anyone on the fence about ordering a pair ...... jump on over . They are a bit more expensive than most of the jeans we talk about but when you see the jeans first hand ( imo ) you can see where the extra work and passion for the product has went . Yoshiaki spends an enormous amount of time studying the vintage examples for little quirks that he can replicate in his jeans and it really sets his products apart Im obviously a pretty big fan of his stuff and that can make me come off as bias but in my experience these are the best jeans ( especially the ww2's because there is so much of thewonky sewing that i love ) that i have ever owened
  11. What size are the fullcount 1910 mate ( there a early 20's repro arent they )
  12. @Frost worn them at the weekendweekendsr about 5 months ( so not all that much actual wear time ) . They were hot washed twice at the start and soaked a while back bit this measurement is after some wear and would shrink back to about 31/30.5 and stretch back to these measurements
  13. shameless sale bump ( since when did sufu start charging a % fee to sell an item ?? ) evisu 2000 no.1 ( plain pocket ) size 31 tagged 31 waist 15.5thigh 11.75f rise 10.5 b rise just over 14inseam 32.25 £75 plus shipping ( send me a pm if your interested
  14. Doesnt look far off some vintage ww2's to me
  15. Another attempt to try and breath some life into this thread .......