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  1. Your missing the part where he talks about loosing a testicle due to frostbite
  2. cool , thats my local shop
  3. @JDelage ill get you some later tonight but if i forget ( highly likely ) send me a pm @Geeman thanks mate its a Ground - alls cardigan made by the now non existant silverstone ( japanese repro brand ) , found it on ebay for a nice price and couldnt resist
  4. Another half assed attempt at a fit pic Groundalls cardigan Flatheadshirt Conners Sewing Factory m-47 jeans Vans
  5. perfect fit mate , like the look of the shirt/coverall as well
  6. these comments are just coming from the most recent ballpark hoody i have purchased , all my other mccoys stuff is tip top
  7. anyone notice a decline in quality from some of the brands talked about here ? one that i have had experience with is McCoys , there ballpark sweats were ( imo ) the best around for many a year but after buying there 40's style after hooded sweat a few months back i was anything but impressed by the quality of the fabric after a handful of wears and one wash , the fabric looked great when i first got it but after the wash it went really " bally " ... id expect that from a cheap £10 sweat but when paying the prices that McCoys are asking i think we would all expect better , maybe this was a one off but it still sucks
  8. My Conners Sewing Factory S409xxx M-46 wear them pretty much every day
  9. Mr Miura is a bit of an obvious follow for any vintage lover this guy has a lot of nice 40's levis , would love to have the chance to fondle those 46's for a few minutes Not all vintage but id feel wrong not giving my favorite brand a bump ( Conners Sewing Factory )
  10. Not a great pic or anything but it shows the true colour of the jeans
  11. New paper patch ww2 model from the conners instagram
  12. Some nice roping starting on my flathead sawtooth
  13. @Double 0 Soul nice to see around these parts again
  14. be very careful in sizing the 47 , there quite undersized compared to the other models