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  1. No mate , i was hoping to find a european retailer so i wouldnt be paying a fortune on shipping
  2. anyone know of a place ( europe or the states ) where i can get a pair of these Jackstars ? not sure if there a Japan exclusive or not
  3. Great fit mate , best pic in a while
  4. Looking forward to seeing them finished mate
  5. took some pics of my two favourite sweats i was kind of pissed at how quick the fabric went bally on this one but after a few washed it has actually aged nicely and has an almost vintage feel about it 40's style after hooded sweat this next one was based on a vintage sweat provided by Sanforized ( instagram and blog poster ) the vintage sweat and my repro
  6. no idea mate , got it a few years ago in Tokyo
  7. took a few pics of my favourite Warehouse shirt ( Big Yank repro ) the vintage shirt it was based on my Warehouse repro
  8. @shanextyrer to be honest mate i thought they looked really uncomfortable from the start and i got the feeling you were trying to get a more modern , slim fit from a cut that would be impossible to achive , if these were a 34 then a 35 would probably be perfect . if you were to order another pair id say just embrace the loose waist ( my 46's and ww2 have a loose waist ) and the wear a belt
  9. Just a few random pics S409xxx M-46 Rivets are starting to tarnish nicely Tab is also getting nice and curly
  10. After measuring my ww2 pair they only taper .75 from the knee to hem but they have been hemmed
  11. @Broark corrext mate , the 46 are looser around the hips/top block but only slightly so i wouldnt let it sway you too much on sizing ... if your unsure always go for the bigger size I think @edmond measurements seem a little off , my ww2 are slightly tapered , i would compare them to my other pairs but my ww2 is 1 size smaller than the rest of my conners ( first pair , if i could do ot over again id size up 1 more )
  12. Ill send you a link on instagram
  13. Yoshiaki still sews all the mainline jeans ( ww2 , m46 , m47 , m41 , and the jackets ) Kaoru ( the guy im guessing is/was the apprentice ) sews the M54 jeans
  14. heres the long version
  15. Said it before bit thats a great fit mate