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  1. Conners Sewing Factory

    I have not seen any complaints about them so i would think they are good
  2. Conners Sewing Factory

    They are not made by Yoshiaki Konaka hence the cheaper price , I don’t own a pair myself but they seem every bit on par with other repro brands
  3. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Vintage late 60's converse I'll be sad when these one day become unwearable but going by how these feel that won't be for a very long time
  4. Conners Sewing Factory

    Really should start posting more . I've got a bit tired of the whole forum thing , mainly because I'm more interested in vintage ( though I can't afford good pieces for myself .... Just my son ) but hopefully I can get back into it because there really is a cool community here Well here is an update on my 46 first half , haven't worn any of my other pairs yet except for a few days in my 47's And a comparison pic with my 46 jacket And not to miss the opportunity to plug a sale https://www.grailed.com/listings/6583960-Conners-Sewing-Factory-S409xxx-San-Francisco-ww2---McCoys--tcb---LVC-warehouse---samurai---flathead---- Got my ww2 Conners listed for sale , I'd rather sell here so if your interested send me a pm
  5. Tiger selvedge no.1 denim mate , there 14.5oz iirc and they would definitely stretch a little , probably to 31ish And Sufu discount applies ( is there an emoji for slimeball second-hand car salesman ? ) @Thanks_M8
  6. Thanks mate , I'll give you a nice discount if you see anything you like
  7. Shameless sales post https://www.grailed.com/users/myitems I'd rather sell here so send me a pm if anything takes your fancied , an obvious Sufu discount will be applied Some of the pics are messed up ( photobucket is being a prick )
  8. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    McCoys hoody Buzz chambray Conners jeans Vintage 60's Converse
  9. Basicly a place where you can talk about that grail vintage piece you could never afford/find and would like to see a repro of , or whatever you can think of really . I'd prefer if this thread didn't turn in " wanna see bpj do a collab with flathead " but if that's what you want to see then who am I to judge Id love to see a repro of the blue toe Converse , these were introduced in the mid 60's iirc and didn't stuck around for long . Would be perfect for Warehouse or maybe McCoys to do Pic taken from http://www.chucksconnection.com/markrecobcollection/
  10. Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    the rise is definitely shorter than the 47's but i wouldn't call the 51's overly roomy in the top block , i think the taper of the 51's can make them look a little roomier in the top block but there no bigger than the 47's (as far as i can remember )
  11. Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    i had the old denim 47's and new denim ( for 2014 ) 51's , id recommend tts for both , the denim does stretch but its just like any other denim ... nothing crazy hope this helps
  12. Vintage Denim?

    Jack's new jeans arrived this morning Along side his 503zxx
  13. Vintage Denim?

    there a 26 mate , should fit him in about ......... 10 years
  14. Vintage Denim?

    Got some late 60's 302 levis on there way for my little man
  15. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    I've got an old McCoys tee that must be close to 8 years old and it's still going strong so the tee shirts must have talked a real dive , I've bought quite a few of sweats from them the last few years and they still see top notch ( the one pictured is about 4 years old and from before the change in management ...... I think ?????? )