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  1. Flash

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Bit of a fit update on my size 34 ww2 , been wearing them quite a bit and the Denim has really started to take shape im still surprised they fit considering the 30’s I had were wearable , slimmer than they should have been but still wearable
  2. Flash

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Look like they were made for you
  3. Flash

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    LA GEAR !! With the flashing lights , childhood memories mate . Pestered my mum and dad for ages to get a pair
  4. Flash

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Thanks mate , that’s the goal with all this I suppose . I’m going to stick with these for another year at least before moving on to the second half 46
  5. Flash

    Conners Sewing Factory

    More of the same from me ... S409xxx M-46
  6. Flash

    posting images

  7. Flash

    posting images

  8. Flash

    Vintage Denim?

    Jack's doing his best to get a bit of enthusiasm for vintage around here
  9. Flash

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Mate that's awesome
  10. Flash

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Not to disappoint with a good picture , here is another shitty self taken pic McCoys sweat Buzz Rickson chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Converse Jackstar
  11. Flash

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Nice to see some Jordan's being worn Love this colourway soo much i had to get another pair
  12. Flash

    Vintage Denim?

    Almost bought these display levis from 47 -51 yesterday but when I went back to pay the guy backed out ( said he would think about it )
  13. Flash

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Maybe it's the much anticipated Fubu collab ? They are probably sized up a quite a bit ??
  14. Flash

    Conners Sewing Factory

    @Maynard Friedman they definitely feel tapered when worn but the leg opening is still about 9 inches
  15. Flash

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Gave my ww2's a wash , love this denim ( 99% of the fades are a credit to Dr Heech's gardening work ) . Crazy leg twist and roping on this pair Curling tab