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  1. Its been said before but the best value for money chambray is the buzz rickson
  2. Got another pair of M-46 s409xxx going for the second half this time but im getting olive herringbone pocket bags to replicate this pair of vintage 1946 501xx from marvins vintage Originally i was going to order a pair of M-37 but the more i thought about it i realised im not really a cinch back man , while i appreciate a good 30's 501xx as much as the next vintage lover its the 1940's that is my favourite era
  3. I got more on the way
  4. You could also look for an older Cushman/Conners collab as it used the same denim My pair
  5. You are correct mate , there the original M-46 using the "mirua" denim ..... but unfortunately the denim is no longer available , best bet is checking yahoo auctions from time to time
  6. Fit pic of the Jelado after hood sweat Think i must have been mid smile or something when the pic was took ..... cant be all that bothered to take a new one
  7. TCB ranchman Conner Sewing Factory s409xxx M-47 Vans
  8. Still in business mate
  9. Got a new Jelado after hooded sweat from NoKipple , great fabric and i really like the vintage Spalding repro tag
  10. not much has changed from my last post but i took some pics ... so thought id post them
  11. Im sure you got some funny looks ...
  12. @Cold Summer think you are right .... 7002
  13. Got some stuff for sale First up is a Flathead sawtooth denim shirt , love this shirt but it is just a bit too tight after a few too many slices of pizza so it has to go The tag size is 38 and the measurements are as follows Chest 19.75 ( pit to pit Length 27 ( from base of collar )Sleeve 23.5 ( from shoulder ) Price is $130 plus shipping
  14. shameless sale post Next is a pair of Evisu 2000 No.1 Tag size 31x32 , measurements are as follows Waist 15.5 F rise 11B rise 14Thigh 11.75Length 32 Hem 7.5 Price is $110 plus shipping