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  1. Dr_Heech

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Woah, looks like you went for the military buzz cut Grant. We need to see alot more detail photos of those 37's mate
  2. Dr_Heech


    I have (not by me) exactly 13 months ago, and looks likely to be done again (fingers crossed as l can't afford a new one atm).
  3. Dr_Heech


    Ours is 16 years old. Had it repaired a year ago but the same thing has happened as last time (stopped spinning) - tried fixing it myself but l think it's the motor. Never had any screws left over though ..
  4. Dr_Heech


    Well at the moment everything is on hold as my washing machine broke down today Looking at the measurements (l tried them on raw and they are mahoosive!) I think that a 40 degree wash with low spin will do the job to start at least, once the machine is fixed obviously. My days of sitting in the horse trough are well behind me.
  5. Dr_Heech


    I can do that for you Mike. The 1922's were O/W and have just had their first wash (by me) today, and are dry enough to wear. Tagged a 34x32. Waist measured BIG style = 34" Inseam = 32" Front rise = 12" Back rise = 15.25" Thigh (from crotch) = 12.5" Hem across = 9" Vs 1922's (ok 1915's with belt loops) . Tagged 34x32 but Raw/Unwashed. Waist = 36" Inseam = 34.5" Front rise = 13.5" Back rise = 17" Thigh across = 13.5" Hem = 9.5"+ Obviously the denims are different. The 1922's use the duck digger and the are 1915's use a new 50/50 synthetic/natural blend fabric
  6. Dr_Heech


    Both got a wish come true then bud !
  7. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    I think you're right Martin. I think they would've dropped that feature eventually but l think Levis were always slow to change, so it would've been a few more years before that would have happened (?). Also, theirs was one of the few brands to have the cinch strap sort of under where the belt sits, making the cut off necessary, whereas most others the cinch strap sits under the belt so it's more of an option than a decision and/or loss.
  8. Dr_Heech


    These arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with them - will put some proper pics up at some point. Big thanks to @Flash for doing the proxy thingy for me, you are the man!
  9. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    Tbh mate l haven't researched either.
  10. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    In sort of answer to your question, l think all the jeans shown being manufactured at this time had exposed rivets and levis type arcs, but customers were fed up with the exposed rivets. So when Levis brought out their patented hidden rivet jeans (1937), alot of companies lost out, as this stopped anyone else using this idea for 15 years. I quite often think that the 1937 type 501xx would have been the standard jean for more years to come, if the war hadn't intervened.
  11. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    'Unknown' brands -
  12. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    Montgomery Ward's model 101 -
  13. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    J. C. Penny's 'Foremost' brand - c.1926-1930 model, difference between 20's and 30's buckle/strap placement, 1930's model vs late 1930's Levis 501XX, late 1930's with more stylised arc, late 1930's next to 1920's Can't Bust em Cpper kings (with no arcs)
  14. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    Vintage non-Levis jeans with Levi's arcuates 1925-1942. Carrying on from the convo in the Wrangler appreciation thread, here is a series of posts showing some pairs of non-Levi's jeans that have arcs which were clearly influenced by the 'original'. Although throughout Levis history there have been competitors happy to copy this design, my interest lies in jeans made roughly from 1925 until the beginning of the war. First up is the Lee 101 - c.1925-1929, 1930-35, 1935/6 'triple name', 1936-1941 Hair on hide.
  15. Dr_Heech

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    ^agreed @unders, proper old skool overalls fit
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