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  1. Dr_Heech

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Polyester thread throughout.
  2. Dr_Heech

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Tbh my friend, apart from the last Cone triple pleat (with no pocket flaps) all of the other triple pleats are inaccurate anyway - but l see what you mean, that distressing warrants a face palm emoji. Lvc's best time was (imho) 1999-2003, just before it changed from Levis vintage clothing to 'Lvc'. Saying that, their 1955 model has always been (more or less) consistent over the last 26 years or so, as is their 1947 model to an extent. So l guess for the last few fanboys (and fangirls) it's time to stock up on what's left. Maybe I'll have a look at the 55s when l'm up in London next although doubtful I'll end up with a pair.
  3. Dr_Heech

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    ^But they're stitch for stitch reproductions, what do you mean?? I gave up on them around 2005, with only 3 new pieces bought since. Plenty of decent Japanese companies doing better if you dont mind the lack of arcs. Still got several wearers and 2 pairs of nos so no l won't be shedding a tear either.
  4. Dr_Heech

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Ahh ... but can you wear the type l under the type ll, that is the question?
  5. Dr_Heech


    Not whilst sat on a mower in the pissing rain! And l'm not a Levis expert, more of an enthusiast
  6. Dr_Heech


    I'm not sure. If only there was a Denime expert here who could tell us
  7. Dr_Heech

    Vintage Denim?

    @mk3radial difficult to find leg 38 or leg 40 in vintage Levis 501 nowadays, so congrats. A recent pick up or did you own them from new? If they had a patch it would have read 2501 0117 (the 2 being the code for 40 leg length) - same stamped on the inside wash tag.
  8. Dr_Heech


    XX type from 1999.
  9. Dr_Heech


    Been looking through old Boon magazines, mostly mid-late 90's, and came across this Denime 213 from 1996 - [Edit] l also found a pic of the XX model jeans from 1999 but it's too dark to get a decent pic.
  10. Dr_Heech


    I really love that belt @beautiful_FrEaK - nice and simple with the type of buckle l've always preferred. Are those your new Denime's? Interesting in that pic how far the front belt loops are apart (from each other) compared to, say Conners or Lvc.
  11. Dr_Heech

    Conners Sewing Factory

    No, thank you @silencejoe
  12. Dr_Heech


    Thanks @unders that's of great help mate.
  13. Dr_Heech


    Thanks for the response anyway and yes that's my understanding of the 401 model and as you say, on one or two of the other models, the freedom-sleeve (and diff. cuffs) seem hybrid-like. The 483 'plain rivers' (no V's) looks good and a bit (?) heavyweight but unsure if it's loopwheeled/reverse weave or not. They have a black and a green in this model and the measurements work out well with current wearers. I haven't delved into anything with a double V as l'm a bit over it recently tbh. l have 3 cushmans (double V's) and 2 og buzz ricksons (single V). Too many peeps saying that my jumper is on back to front, then when they see the front of it they give a 'wtf?' face Would like a WH single V but no luck yet. Am going to London soon and will have a chat with the staff at Son of a stag and see how that turns out. They have some models (?) that at least l can try on, then I'll take it from there. Won't be buying at their prices tho. I think the 403 is similar to the 401 apart from the shoulder seams are more fitted and the 404 is the regular freedom sleeve model. Both are double V style so although nice, are going on the back burner for now. Hey l'm in no rush but further investigation may be required.
  14. Dr_Heech

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    ^l've done that before on my steel toe dunlop wellies - cheap as chips mate but does the job.
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