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  1. Plus it also depends on the belt used, for example. I use my thicker Hollows belt for my war and post war jeans, and my thinner Duke belt for all the pre- WW2 jeans, which is comfortable over suspender buttons and a cinch.
  2. @Broark The Winstones ice cream shop is on Roborough Common, a few hundred feet from the Bear of Roborough pub/hotel. The cows have gone in now and won't be back until the spring (woo hoo!) And as Toegun said, well worth a visit.
  3. If you happen to come across Minchinhampton Common on that day I'll give you guys a wave 👋
  4. Shame @Broark, as for the last couple of years l've been celebrating the holidays in London with my Mrs and her sister (and my 3 yr old niece) but this year due to work commitments l'm down in the cotswolds, otherwise would have loved to. I've got a pair of conners to hem at Soas which is in Shoreditch too! Next time for sure.
  5. @generic_guy so l'd hazard a guess at 1970 as that Scoville zipper looks to be the first after the change from Gripper and that's around 1968/69. Nice score.
  6. @generic_guy V stitch or double bar at the fly button area? This would help date them. Looks to be the larger script for 505 on the patch which along with the redline would put them at late 60's. As the 505 only metamorphed from the 551z in and around 1967, then these are an early pair from late 60's IMHO. Also that button looks more copper than enamelled, which again is a pre 1969 feature.
  7. @reallypeacedoff top marks for 1980's space lego kits! As a Gen X'er it was my last lego hurrah before ditching it altogether in favour of Astro wars and Munch-man.
  8. Oh yes @Double 0 Soul l am with you on most of those points. This is why l think 50 years for a pair of ds 501's, in a 'golden size' (well golden for me hopefully) of 35x38 (they are stf so final size is roughly 32-33 waist, 34.5-35 inseam), will be their best time to shine. My Mrs has a considerable collection of hotwheels redline cars and trucks, from 1969-1971, most are still 'mint on card' and even those that aren't are in mint condition. Her dad bought them one by one from the local shop as her mum lay pregnant, obviously hoping for a boy. They've been in a box ever since. I enquired about value and did a little bit of research. Over time l found out they are very valuable (to the right collector) and suggested she might want to consider selling but emotions are strong (her father passed away with cancer when she was 19 so they are special to her). Some years later l mentioned it to her because she was skint at the time. I also pointed out about vintage items peaking in value (although toys rarely do drop in price considerably) but alas she wasn't having any of it and they still lie in a box. Back on topic l am wearing my SC47's with arcs 🙂
  9. Yeah Martin, l've been certainly leaning that way for the last few years. If l could could get the 5k, easily and without bullshit/scammers and whatnot l'd be glad to pick up a couple of pairs of raw 601xx and spend the money on a holiday or a similar treat. Anyway like l said, no rush.
  10. ^yes saw this but l'm useless at how to translate (where is my tech minded Mrs when you need her?) Thank for the info @indigoeagle. I've often wondered how people find out now how much their old deadstock levis are worth (asking for a friend) not so much the resale value, although that is nice to know; l'm torn between waiting until 2028, when mine are 50 years old, either selling them (depends on monetary value? Silly to wear when they're worth 5k) or wearing them (sorta go with your heart/just enjoy them for the now/jeans were meant to worn etc etc) I'm in no rush anyway.
  11. ^Anyway l'm not holding my breath 😉 But just in case, and while we're waiting, here's my son's first pair of jeans with a busted seam. These non selvedge H&M jeans were pictured at the start of this thread (on a farm holiday with my ex-wife) but unfortunately they've been wiped out by the great photobucket scam. And here they are now, next to a pair of jeans that currently fit him (he's not fuckin having them!). What a difference! Also a bonus pic of him wearing his redline selvedge H&M's (whilst out on a local fire station open day) again already discussed earlier in this thread. I'll grab a pic of him wearing the freewheelers 47s at some point if l ever see them again. Probably already swapped them with someone for something else 😄 Edit. Apologies again for the sideways photos, this has only been happening since the new tech updates
  12. ^Dare l say it @Maynard Friedman, but would love to see an old photo of said ensemble, if that's not too much trouble? Hey you can chop the head out! 😁
  13. Same here. My boy had the opportunity to wear 2 pairs of late 60's wrangler 13MWZ when he was 11/12 but chose the comfort of joggers instead. To be fair though he did wear the old type 3 l bought him (age 10) and the vest version (age 13) which was a gift from Flash. But now he's turned 16 and is at the local FE college studying music production and everyone and their wives there are into vintage lol. So at last he has seen the light. Obviously it's modern vintage but last time l saw him (he lives with his mum) he was sporting a brown 90s Nike sweat, matching brown Jordans and a pair of grey widish Carharts. He was going on about old 501's and what should l look for etc and so l threw him my old FW47 601xx which were tts and now he absolutely loves them. So my point is that it's all swings and roundabouts, patience is a virtue? or something of that nature.
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