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  1. FurnitureMaker

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    This falls under ‘reflections’. I really like the way red thread looks on denim. That about covers it.
  2. FurnitureMaker

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Kapital TCB Warehouse
  3. FurnitureMaker


    How about a few detail photos? Cool belt ideas, there.
  4. FurnitureMaker

    iconic denim photos

    No denim content, I await my well deserved flaying. Cornell Capa, 1958
  5. FurnitureMaker


    Cotton linen shorts.
  6. FurnitureMaker

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    @MJF9 Here are some more photos. Anything particular you want to see? Some thoughts on this model, of which I also have another pair that I’ve put about a years worth of wear. I’ll dig that pair out at some point to photograph and show the aging. At the time, 1998, the Antique Boutique in Manhattan had a good selection of Levi’s reissues. Studying the details of this model, which were explained in a supplemental book tucked into the back pocket, made me very excited. The back cinch was so different and fresh, it just seemed so cool. The extra rivet at the crotch, to my eyes made this model extremely distinctive. And the arcuates? Wow, still my all time favorite. To my eyes, this pair of 201’s (anyone know the story of this?) looked so distinctive that I am still surprised that no one has ever commented on them, or any of the many cinchback pairs I’ve worn. In terms of fit, they are quite comfortable and are a flattering cut. They are not a perfect reproduction, but I consider them to be in the authentic Levi’s lineage. A fantastic pair, made in the San Francisco Valencia factory. I will never wear this pair, because it represents something ethereal that is gone forever, never to return. It really broke my heart when LVC severed its historical connection to the Valencia heritage and I’ve never bought another pair. Thankfully there are so many other superb options being made.
  7. FurnitureMaker

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Here is a pair that I’ve had squirreled away for well over 20 years.
  8. FurnitureMaker


    Lately I’ve been in the mood to shake things up a bit from my normal 5 pocket uniform. These look tempting: Lot 1222 FLIP TOP STYLE PIQUE PANTS https://ware-house.jp/product/167690521/
  9. FurnitureMaker

    Denim Videos only

    Correct thread? Probably not. Here goes anyways… Has anyone watched a show called ‘the Bear’? Episode one has the lead character selling vintage Levi’s so he can buy meat for his struggling restaurant. The buyer complains that ‘painted arcuates’ on a pair of jeans are a problem. He believes they are fakes. He is schooled that the lack of rivets and thread arcuates are not only legit, but could fetch $1200 all day on eBay. The chef then makes a deal to sell a ‘1955 blanket lined type 3’ jacket. The buyer doesn’t ask any questions regarding the spurious dating of the type 3. Four episodes in and no more back alley vintage denim sales. For that matter, no one has cool style or wears decent clothes. I have lost hope. This could have been the best television show in television history. I am devastated.
  10. FurnitureMaker

    Nice Things

    Let’s pause the rotation of the cosmos for just another second… Wasn’t familiar with Phillipson. I’d be all over their double disk sander. Looks like it would be extremely smooth. I like, well really like, old American machinery too, and thats what I own. While I don’t have a Bridgeport, I do have a little experience with operating one. . They are common here and often able to be had for little money. Fantastic mills. In the same shop I rented that had the Bridgeport, there was also a Wadkin PK table saw. Without a doubt one of the nicest ‘Nice Things’ in existence!! It outshined every other table saw I’ve ever used, and by a considerable margin. The PK is the reason I have my English machinery fetish. Unfortunately, very few English machines were imported into the States. Canada had an importer for Wadkin and while still a rare occurrence, you do occasionally see something for sale in Canada. One day…
  11. FurnitureMaker

    Nice Things

    @Double 0 Soul SuFu is hitting my personal sweet spot at the moment. I have a passion for 17-20th century English furniture and joinery. But, if somehow we could steer this thread into English woodworking machinery, Wadkin, Sagar, Robinson etc… then all stars would be aligned.
  12. FurnitureMaker

    Nice Things

    Good call. Elm is so lovely and the tones on your set really shine. I can see why you went to such lengths to acquire them. I’ve made a couple of tabletops from elm. It’s not often commercially available in the States, but I would love to have a flitch or two.
  13. FurnitureMaker

    Nice Things

  14. FurnitureMaker

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    In the late 90’s, I was a roadie for the Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf. They had become friends of mine from past tours of the U.S. and when they needed someone to lug their gear from the van to the stage and back, I jumped at the chance to hit the road with them. We all loved vintage clothing and would stop at every thrift store we happened across while driving from city to city. I wore nothing but vintage tops, but I was not hip to selvedge denim. Over the years that I had known them I had noticed that their jeans looked so much cooler than mine. But I didn’t know why. Anyways, at a dinky little store on the Washington coastline, Billy (Basswolf) came up to me with a pair of ‘Big E XX Redlines’ he found and told me to try them on. They fit and luckily I had barely enough cash to buy them for $5.25. At the time I didn’t realize how generous he had been by giving me the opportunity to purchase them. As it turns out, I was a quick study under their tutelage and before I knew it I was headfirst down the slippery slope. They were true enablers as we called one of their friends who was about to leave Japan to come see Guitar Wolf play in San Francisco. All this to tell the story of the meaningful memory of how I had my first pair of mij Levi’s proxied and hand delivered to me in the middle of a national tour. If I remember correctly, the pair of 503b were paid for with an advance of my tour salary. Over the next few years, Billy would have me send him a pair of Red Wing engineer boots and he would send a new pair of jeans. A few years later Dry Bones made Guitar Wolf a signature pair of jeans and I was lucky to get a couple of pairs proxied from them. All this time later, their friendship and denim stewardship are some of my favorite memories.
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