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  1. I'm surprised that this thread doesn't already exist (if it does, then my apologies), as I figure there's enough people on this board who are as particular about their t-shirts as they are about their denim. Whitesville is my current favorite for t-shirts. They're cut very short, are incredibly soft, and come in 2-packs. Whether or not they're actually loopwheeled I don't know--they're thinner than most loopwheeled t-shirts I've handled. Still, undoubtedly the best t-shirts I own. Very durable. This, I think, is the "offficial" loopwheeled t. Doesn't come in a two-pack, and is very thick and heavy. They also offer more colors, but I find myself wearing the thinner t-shirts more because they're cut shorter. Anyone have any experience with Velva Sheen? *pics to come in the OP*
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