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  1. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Flat Head's D306 Straight Tapered Jean & Houndstooth Winter Flannel Shirt We're excited to announce that Flat Head has designed a new jean fit made of their 3xxx 14.5oz unsanforized denim. The new D306 jean has a true medium rise and a slim tapered leg but with a little extra room added in the thigh and crotch area. They've also increased the front pocket opening a bit on these. We've also received a new heavy winter flannel with a double brushed inside and real mother of pearly inlay snap buttons. Along with these two new items we've received a full restock of the 3005 straight leg jean and their steel buckle belts in both colors. Shop Flat Head Online
  2. The Flat Head

    We're getting a good number of their flannels this winter, just got the black/navy houndstooth and getting 5 more in about 2 weeks. Not seeing a black/green one from my notes though.
  3. Buzz Rickson

    They're not scratchy at all, they're made of a brushed and compressed wool, they're quite soft.
  4. The Flat Head

    We actually ordered quite a few pairs of these sneakers for our clients at Self Edge and we're getting them in the next week or two.
  5. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Stevenson Overall's Winter Collection Is Here! Nothing gets us excited like a new season of Stevenson's clothing. They continue to push themselves to create some of the most interesting fabrics with some of the most unique details. We have some seriously beautiful merino wool thermal shirts, Cody snap shirts in washed indigo or a new black/black version, Golden Gate jackets in sulfur brown or indigo denim styles, indigo dyed henley shirts in striped and black styles, and a completely new jean with some very interesting details. All these items are available now online and at our stores. Shop Stevenson Overall Online
  6. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Good Art x Gregoire Adjustable Cotton, Leather, & Sterling Silver Caps Good Art has come together with our good friend Gregoire Texier to create one beautiful baseball cap. The caps are custom made in Los Angeles for Good Art, then sent down to San Diego where Gregoire stamps, piece dyes, and hand sews rosette burst leather patches on them. The caps are then sent back to Los Angeles to be finished. These have custom Good Art taping under the crown, an adjustable snap-back, and an oxidized sterling silver (removable) button on the crown. These are available now in small numbers online and in-store. Shop Good Art Online
  7. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Iron Heart Kersey Shirts, Heavy Thermals, Type II Jackets, and Slim Cut Chinos We've got a load of new things from Iron Heart this week. We have Indigo Kersey shirts, heavy weight long sleeve thermals, 18oz raw denim Type II jackets, and slim cut chinos in khaki and navy. All these items along with restocks of all Iron Heart jeans and belts are available now at our stores. Shop Iron Heart Online
  8. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    The Poten caps are very different in many ways from the Papa Nui caps. There's more structure to the Poten caps and the construction detail is beefed up. The fit on the Poten caps is closer to a vintage baseball cap, so a medium lightly structured crown and a medium length and somewhat stiff brim. On the product pages we did the sizing translation into hat sizing to make getting the right size easier.
  9. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Introducing Poten - Japanese Made Baseball Caps Poten is a new line out of Japan which only makes baseball caps. They’re made in the same factory which produces for the major league Japanese baseball teams in Japan and they produce for nobody else. Brands have been hitting up this factory for years to make caps for them and they refuse. The owner of Poten, Hiro, is a baseball fanatic, and he said he visited the factory every few months for 3 years until he was able to prove that “he loved baseball as much as they do” and so they finally agreed to produce his line of caps. Hiro used to play baseball in college and in the minors in Japan, has a huge baseball card collection (one of the largest in Japan he says), and his corporate name for Poten is “Gwynn”, which is amazing. “Poten” is what a “bloop hit” is called in Japan. The hats are wild nice, nicer than any other straight ahead baseball cap we've ever seen. They come in cool fabrics, some of which are even technical fabrics (water proof, wind/water resistant, etc..). Every cap style has a super soft and supple inner leather headband which has been lightly treated so it’s not destroyed by sweat. The caps have zero exterior branding except for the stitches which you can see from the top of the crown from the interior branding tags being sewn into the center of the crown. The cap has a medium height crown and the brim has a medium length to it with 19 concentric stitches which feel and look pretty cool in person. If you're into baseball caps, you'll love what Poten is doing. The first three models in Poten's line-up are available now at all our stores and online. Shop Poten Online
  10. Shoes that look better with age...

    That's a good recommendation.. or the new Ventile Buzz Rickson hi-tops.
  11. Mister Freedom

    If the items are from the Made in Japan collection then they'll be in Japanese stores first and if they're made in the USA then they'll be at Mister Freedom and Self Edge first.
  12. Sugar Cane Denim

    It looks like you got the one-wash version, meaning you definitely need a full size down because that industrial washing/drying process gets rid of nearly all of the shrinkage in that denim. I would get one size down in the one-wash or better yet get a raw version of the jacket in one size down and do your own at-home soak.
  13. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Globe Specs Winter Eyewear Collection Globe Specs have just released their new winter 2018 collection of eyewear. These new models are fully handmade in Japan out of titanium, acetate, and nickel alloy. They've really stepped up the detailing on their glasses with this new collection and they now come in custom hard cases. We have five new models including restocks of all past models at all of our stores now. Shop Globe Specs Now
  14. Loopwheeled/Vintage T-Shirts

    They've been rinsed, so shrinkage is fairly minimal if cold washed and line dried. If you end up warm washing them or drying them you'll get about half a size of shrinkage.
  15. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    3sixteen Crosscut Shirts Are Here! A new delivery from 3sixteen just landed with two versions of their popular Crosscut shirts. We have a flannel version made of a heavyweight Japanese cotton flannel with enamel coated buttons and a double-needle chainstitch run-off and a linen and cotton blend denim version with custom concho snaps. Both versions are available now at all of our stores. Shop 3sixteen Online