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  1. Iron Heart 12oz Denim Overdyed Shirt, Mercerized Cotton Selvedge Chinos, & 633 Fit Restocks Just in from our favorite heavy-duty clothing makers we've got new overdyed denim shirts and black mercerized cotton selvedge chinos. Iron Heart developed this new fabric they've made out of mercerized cotton, giving the chinos a nice sheen and extra durability. Along with these new items we've received fresh runs of the 633s-OD overdyed straight tapered jeans, 633s 21oz denim jeans, and the 633s-14 lightweight jean. Shop Iron Heart Online
  2. Weaving Shibusa - A Film About Japanese Denim - Available Online! Weaving Shibusa, the film which we've held premieres in San Francisco, New York City, Los Cabos (Mexico), and Berlin (Germany), is finally available digitally. Weaving Shibusa is the story of Japanese craftsmanship and dedication, shown through their love and fascination of denim. The film gives unprecedented access to the mysterious and storied industry of Japanese denim, told by the only people who can; world-renowned vintage denim experts, the highly regarded "Osaka 5", responsible for Japan's denim revival, as well as passionate innovators who's unparalleled work has made "Japanese Denim" synonymous with the highest quality possible. What makes Japanese denim special is not only the materials, machinery, and techniques, but also the people and ideas behind the process. This film reveals the intense passion and insight behind Japanese denim. You can now rent or buy the film online. This film is best played on a big screen with a nice sound system turned way up. Buy Weaving Shibusa Online
  3. The base denim is the 18oz vintage selvedge denim. Have you ever handled or worn in a pair of overdyed jeans? It's a pretty unique thing and has a very unique feel and look to it. Overdying denim is something IH doesn't particularly well, I've never really seen any other company's overdyed garment look anything like what IH is capable of making. The hardware all ages during the overdyed process quite a bit, but we haven't seen anything fail due to this aging that the hardware goes through. The buttons and constructional stitching all look pretty wild after going through the process and over time will wear off as it's washed.
  4. There are no plans to remake the 633s-OD. We did one big run of them, and the second half of the run arrived at shops just a few weeks ago and once those have sold out we're not sure if there'll be another run.
  5. The Suvin Gold stuff is completely amazing. I've not really felt anything like it before. We actually have Suvin Gold jeans coming in the fall along with more sweaters (in new colors) and tees.
  6. No, you can buy the shirts directly from his site as he's been doing for a year now.
  7. What just happened this morning is unreal, especially if you're a deep Aphex Twin fan: Tons of tons of unreleased work even from The Tuss and AFX aliases.
  8. I wouldn't wait for those, it could be quite a while before that project is "finished". In the meantime, he's releasing some of the best shirts I've seen coming from anybody, I personally love those short sleeve shirts he's been doing.
  9. 3sixteen's Heavyweight T-Shirts, Pocket Tees, & Henley Tees We've been carrying 3sixteen's blank tees for many years at our stores, but we've finally gone all in with their t-shirt collection and now stock every color in all three versions. We have them with no pockets, with a single chest pocket, and a henley version. All three styles come in white, black, gray, and indigo-dyed navy. These are the best tees you can buy at this price, especially considering the knit jersey is custom designed and woven for 3sixteen. They're built to last, keep their shape even after many washes, and have a nice narrow collar ribbing that's been triple stitched. All twelve of these tees are available now at our stores, check our online store for more details. Shop 3sixteen Online
  10. Self Edge Website 4.0 Update We've just updated our website so that all elements of it work better, faster, and are more efficient for you. We also have some new features we've been working on such as client submitted product photographs, a better Jean Finder, Paypal Express checkout, a better/faster mobile UI, and downloadable archives of our past lookbooks. Size charts are very important to both us and our clients. With our new site refresh we've remeasured every jean we carry so the measurements are as accurate as they can be. Also, from now on we will be remeasuring every jean which we receive a restock of so that you can know that the measurements on our site are as close as possible to the jean you're receiving. We're very excited about a new photo uploading tool where you can upload worn photos of your jeans, shirts, jackets, or leather belts/wallets. With this new tool we're building a large database of user submitted fit photographs and worn-in denim or leather photos to be displayed on that product's page. You can upload directly from a smart phone or from your computer, just go to the product page you'd like to add a photo to and upload your shots. Our popular Jean Finder too has now been tweaked to work even better than before giving you more accurate results for a jean that matches the measurements you're looking for. Many other small tweaks have been made to our site so that every element of it works better and faster for you, we hope you like the changes we've made. Within the next week we'll also be announcing a new music related feature, stay tuned!
  11. Actually responding to what you said on the other forum today.. I've been selling Japanese brands in North America for 11 years now, every brand I do business with with the exception of 1 has at one point produced something in China. Some (such as Iron Heart) have stopped producing in China after a negative reaction from some of their consumer base. 100% of the time something has been made in China I've been given the same reason for it, that there was just no way to make the item in Japan and hit the price point they wanted to hit for that particular product. The choice was always make it in China or don't make it at all, and some choose to make it in China, some choose not to make it at all, and some (like Flat Head) don't care what a product is going to retail for so they just go full blast with it in Japan and end up with something super expensive (but very nice). To say you're getting MIC at MIJ prices is incorrect, you're getting MIC being sold by a Japanese brand which has to import the product into Japan to sell it. Had that same item been made in Japan the retail price would have been far higher. A souvenir jacket which is 100% produced in Japan costs about $650 to $850 USD in Japan, that same jacket made in China can be half that. That's why a Tailor Toyo jacket is half what a souvenir jacket costs from a brand like Flat Head, one is MIC and sold at a lower price, one is MIJ and sold at a higher price. I've never seen a Japanese brand trying to charge MIJ prices for something they've made in China, and as I do the buying for 5 stores I'm pretty in tuned with wholesale/retail prices from Japanese brands. Souvenir jackets are a complicated example because they require two completely different factories to produce them, one for the jacket and one for the embroidery. There are actually Japanese brands making the jackets in Japan then sending them to China to be embroidered then back to Japan to be tagged and sold. They're upfront about this and explain that they want the jacket to retail for $500 instead of $600.
  12. I just got the Fuji X-100F for the same type of use and it's the best camera I've ever owned from every aspect.
  13. The Studio D'Artisan Summer Collection of Suvin Gold Tees, Sashiko Jeans, & Shirts Studio D'Artisan has just delivered a summer collection of goods all the way from Osaka, Japan. In this new collection we have dark indigo sashiko "jeans", a stick and mud dyed t-shirt, the wild ass Strawberry Cough dobby shirts, indigo-dyed flatlock stitched t-shirts, and some over the top soft Suvin Gold cotton loopwheeled t-shirts. This collection of items shows that SDA is not afraid of going to extreme lengths to produce even the simplest of garments. You need to see and feel the fabrics they've made in this set of items to fully understand what is going on within these shirts and jeans. All these items are available now at all Self Edge stores along with a full restock of SDA belts, mugs, key hooks, and jeans. Shop Studio D'Artisan Online
  14. Flat Head x Real Japan Blues Left Hand Twill Jeans & Stamina Slurp Shirts The new Flat Head x Real Japan Blues have just landed. These are made of an original 14oz left hand twill denim and come in a straight tapered fit. These have the most impressive front pocket opening stitching we’ve ever seen, two runs of double-needle stitching timed just right so the needle hits the same spot every time it goes into the denim. We had this run specially made for us with a mellow back pocket, the regular run made for other stores have a leather inlay in the back pocket stitching design. We've also received Flat Head's newest fabric developed for shirts. The Stamina Slurp fabrics are a medium weight (10oz) woven shirting fabric with massive character done in shades of red and blue, both which pop when seen in person. These are done up in a new short sleeve shirt pattern with a very cool new collar design. Along with these new items we've received a fresh restock of the SE05BSP slim tapered jean. Shop Flat Head Online
  15. They're not super slim, they're just slightly slimmed down traditional fatigue pants, except with some amazing details. I would go down 1 size from your regular Japanese jean sizing, the inseams are 33".