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  1. Mongmeohotdau814

    Studio D'artisan

    hahaa, ok. you're right
  2. Mongmeohotdau814

    Studio D'artisan

    I see you in every brand @@ !, so which brand do you like most? b_freak ?
  3. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    OK, agree with you, they are too skinny, making the movement very difficult, even cutting with rooms like 3002 is not enough for me, or people with a sporty thigh
  4. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    I read on reddit, thighs 3002 after soaking will shrink by 0.5 inches, and never returned to the original measure, that right?
  5. Mongmeohotdau814

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    622 GC 6 month wear
  6. Mongmeohotdau814

    Samurai Jeans

    710 19oz. 1 year 6 wash
  7. Mongmeohotdau814

    Samurai Jeans

    beautiful faded , I wonder which pair in the samurai have opened such small legs ?, S0500 or S0511?
  8. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    Maybe flat head does not really suit you
  9. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    very nice, brother
  10. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    thank you soo much, It seems size 33 is my size, if waist dose not stretch to 34 inch
  11. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    If your point of thigh measurement is the crotch (not under crotch) the result is 12.25 inches, it's too big for me. Do you think I would go for the size 32 (with 32 inches in the waist, with the measurement of Self edge ) and it will stretch to 32.5 inches? This is an example of how I measure my thighs in tanuki
  12. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    Overall it all suits me, I might know how you measure your waist and thighs?. I read the article said 3002 shrink a lot, but also stretched quickly the original, with size 33 then I know there will be 33.5 inches in the waist @@!
  13. Mongmeohotdau814

    The Flat Head

    Regret, but want to find fit again ! wanting to buy 3002 (after misalignment 1002). Do you have measurements of 3002 size 32 or 33 for me?
  14. Mongmeohotdau814

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Your actual waist is measured in any way bro, I'm measuring the flatness of an older pair, the result is 33 inches, measured according to the body's levis (where the minimum waist) is 32.5 inches. Still confused about the way Levis VC measured the waist, they are not very clear
  15. Mongmeohotdau814

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    thank you very much, i will try a pair of 66 ', can i ask some sizing questions ? My true waist when measured on a worn pair (BIG flat method) is 33 inches What size i can go?