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  1. First time to get a MIC jeans, looks good with the prcie below 250 usd
  2. When to the local shop to re work on my 50s
  3. Ha ha i think it is made for csf themselves https://ameblo.jp/fn1849/entry-12797093021.html
  4. Got this set of left hand twill csf from yahoo action now no more search for csf ha ha
  5. Actually is pre soak (raw), the inseam match with tag L32.
  6. Ha ha ha just the LB 40s , BF need some information to join the club
  7. Nice, iis this special one? don"t see this from their website
  8. Here you go Dr, i just found that my first vtg levis also late 50s ha ha, have fun
  9. Here you go Dr hope you still can identify it ha ha
  10. Got this 50s today too bad that The jeans have been altered by the previous owner,who hemmed the legs and cinched the back of the waist
  11. Got this 40s 50s 91J and unknow wwii jacket, not much vtg lee information i can found
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