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  1. dr and maynard is too kind i will make sure i gives it a 100c hot wash before i shipout interesting to see a different replacement buttoms in this overall
  2. For the dapper x csf i wait for 4 years
  3. I think i have this somewhere in my room 1 Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse 2. Mister Freedom Denim Pea Coat 3. Sugar Cane S1943 4. WHITEFEATHER MFG CO GREENEBAUM TYPE 1870S BLOUSE 5. Warehouse db s506xx 6. Csf x CUSHMAN 22506XX 7 Csf x 3face 506xx 8. Csf x dr ww2 >>>active 9 csf S406XXX M-WW2—VALLEJO — 10 runabout goods BRANDER jacket 11 vtg JC Penney Foremost size 38 12 vtg JC Penney Foremost size 42 13 levi lvc 555 506xx size 44 14 vtg 507xx size 38 15 vtg 507xx size 42 16 vtg 506xx size 36 17 vtg 506xx sixe 38 18 vtg 506xx size 40 19 vtg 40/50s lee 91j 20 levi lvc 1920 21 Militora s506xxe 22 warehouse GREENEBAUM 23 Dead stock 70s Blue Bell 24 SIGNAL GARMENTS WWII 1940's STYLE Type 1 Jacket 25 payday ww2 jacket chore jacket 26 vtg unknow ww2 Chore Jacke 27 vtg1940-50s wwii the free land chore jacket 28 the ace WW2 shawl Collar jacket
  4. Not new lvc, maybe 10, 20 years ago the Washed LVC is lile this
  5. Sure mate 23 in 26in Around 27in Back around 26 in Around 24in
  6. Ha ha this is the dappers oem by csf, i think csf is busy for many others project, thats why the waiting time is around 5 years
  7. Finally got my dappers x csf aftet 5 years of wIting
  8. Here is the mid 66s levis for your reference
  9. Sounds good, i will give it a try. Thanks Dr
  10. I am waering the one from you, the sc one maybe next I like the SC one but just one red tag is missing
  11. Finally got my luck for the jacket and jeans
  12. Lucky you, I still try my luck to get the 43
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