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  1. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    The votes are all in, counting is over and the new Champion has won by a clear margin. Once again lots of great entries, incredible photos and some beautifully aged denim, sadly this time there is only one winner. And the winner is............. Spitfiredealer Thank you all for competing and giving your time to this over the last two years. Much love, Mega
  2. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    And the voting is now closed, the winner will be announced in the next 7 to 10 days.
  3. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    Apologies for the delay guys, and apologies for not making the voting clear. I thought I had done it at the beginning of the comp in a pinned post. - No you can’t vote for yourself. - Yes you can do a 1st, 2nd, 3rd to avoid ties. - The email address must be working as I have quite a few votes in already [email protected] Last day for voting is December 31st
  4. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    Ok guys, submissions are now closed. This is going to be tough as the standard is very, very high. Votes can now be sent to..... [email protected] Remember, only votes sent by those competing with be accepted. Good luck to all.
  5. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    Please use this thread for all your final submissions, using the following format... - User name - Country - Jeans brand and model Your pictures should show most of the following.... - Photo when new (if available) - Evo pic - Detail pic(s) - Favourite pic (travel, fun, whatever you like) - End of contest pics All submissions MUST be made by December 1st. Votes for the winner should be sent after December 1st via email to..... [email protected] Good luck to all!!!
  6. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Ok guys, last day today and a happy Halloween. New photo threads for final submissions will be up tomorrow both here and on the IH forum, along with the email address for voting. For your final submissions I would suggest... Current condition pics Evolution pics Detail pics Your favourite pics from the last two years, which can be any travel you have done or just your favourite fun shots you have taken. Well done to all that made it, and I’ll be checking that you did make the full two years, let’s get this thing done! Mega
  7. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    I have a weekend with Giles coming up so never say never, but I have no immediate plans for another contest. Which Tee was it you wanted in which size, I have a few different tees still kicking around so I can have a look what I have and send you one in the mail if I have it dude, just pay postage.
  8. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Not a problem man, although this contest is my retirement from contests, organising or competing. I spend most of my life in “business” attire these days unfortunately. The contest end is November 1st btw.....should have mentioned that in the other post.
  9. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Reminder..... So at the end of the contest I will set up final submission threads on both Superfuture and the Iron Heart forum for those still competing to put forward their final set of pictures, plus any information regarding their jeans that they may feel is relevant. After this I will do a full review of the contest threads to ensure that only people who have actually “competed”, by posting regular updates throughout the duration of the contest.  The final step will be to set up an email address for contestants (and only contestants) to submit their votes for the winner, I can verify this through my email list.  The timescale will be…. - One month after end of contest to submit final pictures - One month after final submissions for voting - Up to one month (probably less) for vote counting and issuing of the final prize. The prize pot will be awarded solely to the winner, no second or third prizes, and the pot stands at £703 (after deduction of Paypal transaction fees). Good luck to all still playing, Mega
  10. Megatron1505

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Please post all photo updates in here guys.
  11. Megatron1505

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Due to the recent talk in the Unknown Japanese Brands thread about some of the Chinese brands (and Maynard moaning like a small girl), I thought it might be best for them to have their own discussion thread (and brands from other countries). Brands talked about so far .... Red Cloud http://blog.sina.com.cn/redcloudindigo http://www.tuckshopsundrysupplies.com/product-category/red-cloud-denim/ Sauce Zhan http://zhan.renren.com/saucezhan?from=ownerfollowing&checked=true Bob Dong http://bobdong.taobao.com
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