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  1. lyraman


    Thanks MJF9 that helps especially giving the Real McCoy measurements that fit you. I have the work coat in a L that fits, the sweatshirt’s measurements are tricky, but with the drop shoulder I’m going to consider getting one.
  2. lyraman


    MJF9 ,beautiful sweatshirt, I’m trying to figure out if those short sleeves will fit me. Could you possibly tell me what size sleeve from the shoulder seem you normally wear without a drop shoulder? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info Maynard. Damn made a mistake- It’s not Jeanshop, but Jeanstore , anyone bought from them?
  4. Anyone bought jeans from Jeanshop in UK, are they dependable?
  5. lyraman


    I’m no expert, but have bought several pairs of 45rpm jeans over the years. The weight seems like 12-14oz denim. The sorahiko are pure indigo, only the very expensive jeans are natural indigo , over 70,000jpy, and some have AI in the name, also the Jomons have come back for the USA market and they are natural indigo.
  6. The Tender Co. Oxford jeans are a very nice, very wide cut too and come in some very interesting dyes.
  7. Broark the overalls look really nice, did the overalls shrink to 36”?
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