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  1. minya

    Anyone have the Buzz Rickson Pattern Recognition MA-1?

    so I'm bumping a 2 year-old thread. (hi everyone) I bought the Pattern Recognition "Slender Cut" MA-1 a few months ago, from History Preservation. It's amazing. It makes me look kind of like a turtle, but a tough, buff turtle (like a mutant ninja turtle) and I dig the look. fyi, it's not very slender, but I like it anyway. Can't even imagine what the original aka "heritage" cut must be like. I love it but it's still really stiff. does anyone know if these jackets will soften up and age at all? I'd love for this jacket to get a little more worked in, but, it's nylon, so who knows...
  2. minya

    Matthew Williamson for H&M

    sorry guys - pictures are a no-no for now.
  3. minya

    Robert Geller S/S 08

    agreed, my belted leather in 48 fits like an absolute dream. I preordered some fw08 stuff in 48... hope it all fits me!
  4. picked up these two Lmaltieri shirts hoping I would somehow fit into them... and I didn't. they are 100% cotton with trademark Lmaltieri details -- rough seams, reversed placket, and amazing fabric (the cotton feels and looks almost like silk)... they're from 2002 and seem to be in immaculate condition -- they look essentially unworn. the colors are beautiful as well -- the first shirt is a deep, dark purple, like an eggplant, that looks dark brown in certain lights. the second shirt is crisp white, NOT ice blue as my terrible photography skills seem to suggest. as to sizing -- these shirts are both marked size 3 and would be fitted on a sz 46 and somewhat loose on a sz 44. really quick measurements here-- shoulder-shoulder -- 16" pit-pit -- 18" overall length -- 24" sleeve length -- 24" I'm asking $210 shipped in the US per shirt, or $385 shipped if you buy both. int'l slightly extra. also up is a pair of Alfredo Bannister dark brown elongated combat boots. size 43 -- not especially oversized, so these could easily work for a sz 42 with an insole. I love these things but I rarely wear them anymore, and I could use the closet space. these have been worn quite a few times and are well taken care of, but please note that there is a scratch on one of the toe boxes -- I've kept the leather in good shape but this scratch is still noticeable... this is only a cosmetic flaw and didn't damage the leather, but it's still there. these retailed for 38,000 yen and with current exchange/proxy fees that would bring them close to $450 shipped... I'm asking $220 shipped within the US. coming later: buttonup shirts from Engineered Garments + Wings & Horns, reversible nylon jacket from H&M, and a few other goodies (all $60 or less)....
  5. minya

    BAN khoiphan92 this instant

    Do not post people's personal information or you will be banned. Thanks.
  6. minya

    fake or real, u judge

    God this thread sucks.
  7. minya

    WAYWT shit talking thread

    Don't import cross-forum drama.
  8. minya


    Mihara Yasuhiro
  9. minya

    comme des garcons for h&m

    I believe this will drop in about 5-10 US stores -- the flagship ones, i.e. the ones that carry Mens Black Label.... NYC, DC (iirc), Toronto, San Francisco, and probably a few others.
  10. minya

    Backpacks !

    I didn't win it
  11. minya

    how to be sufu enough?

    You've got a head start on shitty posting.
  12. minya

    Backpacks !

    I should have paid more for this, but, oh well.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=280211267714&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=018
  13. Raf jacket sold -- price drop on RO jacket to $525.
  14. Bump bump... some nibbling, no bites... BUY BUY It's not particularly slim fitting -- it's not meant to be a tight jacket -- but it fits very true-to-size. I'll see if I can take a fit picture sooner or later...