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  1. Since we've been getting tons of small, insignificant questions that don't need their own threads, here is a thread where they can all go. RULES: 1) DO NOT SHIT UP THIS THREAD. This is not a supertrash thread. Unnecessary, stupid replies will be deleted. Offenders may be temp banned depending on my mood. 2) DON'T POST UNLESS YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION OR ANSWERING ONE! 3) DO NOT BE A JERK OR AN ASS OR BE SNIDE OR SARCASTIC! This thread is for all those dumb little questions that don't need their own threads, so don't come in here if you don't want to read them! 4) This is for small/dumb/personal questions. IE: "What should I buy next? What is starch? How do I shrink my jeans? What is STF? What is sanforization? What is my waist size? What inseam do I get? What is hemming?" etc. etc. etc.
  2. minya

    Eternal Jeans

    Fantastic... I just unwrapped these a few hours ago. Awesome Xmas present. Exactly what I wanted: slim legs that aren't tight, beautiful, rich, heavy, stiff Japanese denim that is so dark blue it is almost black, and the perfect size (size 34 measures about 32" in the waist -- nice slim fit on me, and should fit perfectly after a week of stretching). Thanks to djrajio for his assistance in getting me these jeans. Great service. Here's a (terrible) preliminary picture: http://img489.imageshack.us/my.php?image=81110ws.jpg
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