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Found 78 results

  1. View Advert ONI 622ZR relax taper jeans, 20oz. 31w, 29" ins. Oni 622ZR Relax Taper slim fit. 20oz loose-weave Secret Denim. 2018 edition. Purchased from Blue In Green in November. Now sold out in this size on their website. Priced to sell. Need to size up one more. Jeans bought raw and hot soaked once. Have been worn twice with NO visible wear. Jeans were hemmed to 30" inseam when raw. Inseam at 29" now. Waist is 34". Leg opening 6.9" Please PM me or email with any questions. Will ship international or domestic anywhere USPS goes. Advertiser mlyngard Date 01/20/2018 Price $145.00 Category denim  
  2. View Advert NWT NAKED & FAMOUS WEIRD GUY INDIGO X NATURAL INDIGO SLUB STRETCH SELVEDGE 50% OFF!! I'm selling a brand new with tags, never worn pair of Naked & Famous Denim Weird Guy Indigo x Natural Indigo Slub Stretch Selvedge for $87.50, 50% off the $175 price tag. The tagged waist is 30, the measured waist is 32. Very nice pair of quality denim with bespoke features.For more details and sizing info visit http://bit.ly/2Bl8GvP. Advertiser krylon80 Date 12/14/2017 Price $87.50 Category denim  
  3. View Advert SKULL Linda Indigo Denim sz 2 Lower Rise/Hip Hang Skull by an Alchemist - Lightly worn women's jeans in indigo Sits at hip. Worn occasionally for about 6 months when purchased in 2007, and have been unused since then. I am a 26" natural waist and 36" hip -- these are snug on me. Waist (LOW): 30" Hip at widest: 36" Front Rise: 8" Back Rise: 11.5" Inseam: 30" Leg Opening: 7" Across/ 18cm Advertiser ment0s Date 12/08/2017 Price $150.00 Category denim  
  4. View Advert SoSo custom indigo selvege jeans 32w/29ins SoSo custom made/bespoke denim jeans. New condition, never worn. If you know this brand, you know this is some of the best denim out there. SoSo is a company based out of Sweden, with the jeans made overseas. The quality is excellent. Model dimensions are Straight Classic Selvege Fit Custom details: 13.5 oz green-line selvege denim, with a noticeable green-cast. Signature red/silver fly buttons, Black Brass rivets, hidden cpinpocket selvege, hidden fly selvege, 'sand' color stitching. Brown leather patch. Single-stitch inseam. Tagged size 32. Hemmed at S&S to ~29" inseam. Actual measurements: w: ~34.5, f.r: 11.75", hem: 8.25" across. Retail price $159.00 with custom details. Please see linked to model info for more details. PalPal preferred please. I can accept money orders and checks but they would need to clear. Will ship national US or International via US Postal Service Priority. Shipping free. Advertiser mlyngard Date 10/03/2017 Price $85.00 Category denim  
  5. View Advert Momotaro 0405-V Hi-Tapered fit 15.7oz 34w / 30ins Momotaro 0405-V Hi-Tapered fit. From Standard & Strange. These are the one-rinse version, so all shrinkage is done. New condition, never worn. If you know this brand, you know this is some of the best denim out there. Tagged size 34. Hemmed at S&S to ~30" inseam. Actual measurements: w: ~34.5, f.r: 11.25", hem: 7.25" across. Retail price at S&S is $265 Please see linked Standard & Strange sizing chart and model info for more details. PalPal preferred please. I can accept money orders and checks but they would need to clear. Will ship national US or International via US Postal Service Priority. Shipping free. Advertiser mlyngard Date 10/03/2017 Price $175.00 Category denim  
  6. View Advert Blue Blue Japan Indigo Heavy Sweat Deck Jacket Selling an indigo dyed sweatshirt deck jacket from the Japanese indigo masters, Blue Blue Japan, in size 2 Retailed for over USD500, bought this a few season back. Haven't worn it much, maybe twice for very short duration, pretty much look very pristine. Made from what I think is loopwheeled or at least, very high end sweatshirt fabric, dyed in pure indigo, giving the jacket a very deep, dark blue color and it's guaranteed to look more awesome as it crocks. The item is in a very nice USN deck jacket inspired cut, with two warmer pockets in the hip and one slash chest pocket. Even the pocket bags are dyed in indigo. The trims and the collars are all indigo dyed pure wool. There are two closures, buttons and YKK zip. Advertiser cungster Date 05/14/2017 Price $400.00 Category outerwear  
  7. Hello all, I will try to keep this short and to the point, but here is a bit of backstory. The past few months I have been noticing my skin developing rashes and red patches, namely on my legs, arms, and fingers. I consulted my dermatologist and it was clear I was having an allergic reaction to something(s). I thought about it and it started when I began wearing a pair of freshly bought Oakstreet BootMakers Indigo soaked trench boot. For anyone that has worn or handled a pair, you know just how heavily soaked those beauties are, they bleed like crazy. I also bought a pair of Japan Blue JBCD0463-IDBL Cote D'Ivoire's at the same time of the boot. But, I notice I felt tired and had a headache when wearing those. I initially thought the reactions to be a result of just those jeans, and put them on the shelf, not wearing them for months, but continued to wear the boots. Fast forward to the present, last week I had an skin patch test for skin allergies. I had the option to include my own items to patch test as well as numerous other preset allergins. I decided to test the Japan Blue's, the boots, and my Momotaro Type I GTB jacket. Lo and behold the boots and jeans tested very positive to a reaction, but the jacket did not. The only thing I can think of connecting the shoes and jeans is the indigo, but the fact that the jacket did not test positive leads me to question if it's a specific type of indigo (if there is such a thing) or if it's indigo specific to a region. I contacted Oakstreet and they told me that the boots contain nature indigo from the Fujino region of Japan, I was curious if anyone here knows if Japan Blue uses the same source of Indigo? I have a pair of Oni 20oz Secret denim that I've worn for a over a year and never had a reaction like this, as well as a pair of Roy's and Leftfield. If anyone can give me any information it would be most helpful. I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row and know what to avoid so I don't run into this hell again in the future. Sorry for the extensive post and thanks for your time! P.S. I will be selling the Oakstreets and Japan Blues very soon, if anyone is interested please PM me.
  8. FS: SExIH Iron Heart 633s sz. 32

    IRON HEART 633s size 32 - imgur link photos taken by a window with natural light. I've been wearing these for close to 2.5 months now. The waist has gotten a bit too big on me and I find that they fade too slowly. They're still more comfortable at 21oz. than most raw denim I've ever worn, though. Whiskers are starting to break through, wallet fade is fairly clearly defined on the back left pocket, and while the comb wrinkles are fairly defined, there's almost no evo on the combs, knees, or thighs. These have so much life left in them that your wear will surely overshadow mine in the long run. At 36" these are ready to be hemmed to your desires. I have not washed them since purchasing them. Measurements (the [iron Heart](http://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2835.0) way): Waist: 17.5" across Front Rise: 10.5" Rear Rise: 15.5" Thigh: 12.5" Knee (13" down from crotch seam): 8.75" Leg Opening/Hem: 7.6" Inseam: 36" Asking **$200 OBO**.
  9. I got this Strike Gold Loopwheeled Sweatshirt a year or two ago on the forums, and it was a bit too small on me, so I never wore it. It's showing a little wear and fading from the previous owner, but it's got a lot of life left in it. I think it was washed once or twice by the first owner, and I washed it once when I got it. Never put in the dryer. $120 shipped USA There's a bit of fading around the collar and sleeve cuffs, and some on the elbows, etc. Measurements: 22" Pit to Pit 20" Shoulders 22.5" Sleeve 25" Length
  10. £110 tracked shipped anywhere in EU. New, still with tags! I made the absolute rookie mistake of buying size too small. Anyway these have been tried once and that's it. Really lovely jeans. They also have silk screened image on the left back pocket Tag size: 30 Waist: 82.6cm/32.5" Front rise: 25.4cm/10" Thigh: 29cm/11.4" Inseam: 89.9cm/35.4" Hem: 18.5cm/7.3"
  11. Obscure Artisanry

    Hey everyone, I started this topic to discover how everyone's thoughts are about artisans in general, and how you perceive the growing counter-movement against "poorly made" products. My name is Jeroen and I'm from The Netherlands, and I've been in retail management since 2000. I've had the privilege to be working closely with Mr. Raymon of Red Cloud & Co. from China and the guys from Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies in Singapore in the past, and I frequently visit denim artisans in Europe such as Manuel Canova of IMjiT35020 Manufactus and Mohsin Sajid of Endrime (to name a few). In 2011 I visited Kurabo and Collect/Japan Blue and it was an eye-opener for me. I was always very keen on denim, as I was obsessed with the work of Francois Girbaud, and being able to see the craftsmanship and respect for tradition they have in Japan, was amazing. Currently I have a site going which, amongst others, focuses on telling stories about artisans/makers. I used to run Union of Artisans platform, of which the new site is an offspring. I'm also the co-host of the Artisan Challenge, which runs alongside the Denim World Championship (kudos to Megatron for that!). Anyway, I've been doing quite some research on how the millennial generation is trying to be more aware of how they consume and that the so-called "hipster" is actually very good for the global economy. Interestingly so, this movement has parallels with the much-discussed Third Wave Coffee Movement which is about coffeemakers and coffee-consumers going back to the roots of coffee and truly want to know "where does this bean come from and where is it going now". There's an article on the millennial generation, from a while back though, on The Guardian which discusses a few similar points to this topic. Based on that article, miss Amy Leverton (Denimdudes book) also wrote an article on how denim is moving forward in a more conscious way but also discusses how retail deals with it. I'm very keen to discuss with you all here how you perceive denim development and your thoughts on artisans, or perhaps the misuse/abuse of the word artisan. There are loads of brands popping up nowadays claiming to be artisanal, handmade, whatever but basically make the poorest of poorest product in the market. This, in my opinion, plays a part in the mass-chain stores such as H&M and Zara claiming they too make "authentic" "tailor-made" denim with a horrifying stitched-on selvedge ID. For me personally, I hope I can be a small voice within the industry showing true artisans and how they care for their craft. I believe the world forgot many beautiful crafts and that they're slowly returning to the industry, and more important, return to retailers that start caring more on the WHY and HOW it is made instead of WHERE it's made and the best margin. Compared to most segments of the fashion industry, the denim industry is one that can more easily be filtered and has a very lively community of consumers/denimheads that sometimes even know more about the product and "making of" than some retailers or even makers. To see how this industry is embracing craftsmanship is a blessing and therefor I hope you want to get into the conversation and express your opinion/thoughts/annoyances etcetera.
  12. For Sale: Momotaro Vintage 0202 Deep Indigo x Black (Slim Straight) In like new condition hot soaked but unworn, tags included (unattached). Asking $170 shipped + fees. (free shipping to US). Would keep them myself but pre-stretch they’re already too large. At blue owl and other places these jeans sell for up to $295. Buy them hot soaked and save! (B.I.G measurement) Waist: 31 Front rise: 10.25 Back Rise: 14.75 Inseam 34.5 Knee: 8.25 Opening: 7.75 15.7 oz. Sanforized Momotaro Original Selvedge denim Deep Indigo warp x Black indigo weft 100% Zimbabwe cotton Low Rise with a Slim Straight leg 5 button fly featuring Original Momotaro buttons Pink Momotaro Selvedge ID Pink Inseam cotton thread Copper Male Rivets Copper Female Rivets with Momotaro Peach branding Herringbone pocket bags with Momotaro logo embossing Deer skin leather waistband patch I’ve only posted here a few times but have EBay account (Comradesnowball). Contact me if interested. Thanks for looking.
  13. Hi, I have for sale two (2) pairs of Deth Killers denim. Both are slim fit, with kevlar woven in. These are heavy duty riding pants, 4 button-fly. Both are still in plastic package, never worn, mint condition. one pair indigo and one pair black (which is more of a darker grey). These are pretty much impossible to get nowadays since the company went out of business. Made in the USA. Indigo - 32" waist - Asking for $200 Black - 31" waist - Asking for $200
  14. Livid Jeans - handmade in Norway

    Hi everyone, I have been browsing though the Superdenim threads and was surprised not to find a post about Livid Jeans, so here we go!! (Apologies for the huge pictures) Livid Jeans are small manufacturing company from Norway, focusing on the true craftsmanship, superior quality and old traditions in making jeans. Livid Jeans remains today the only apparel manufacturing company in Norway, with a passion to uphold an old trade and conventional craft in a country where a once blooming textile industry is gone, and the fine craft with it. Livid Jeans’ product portfolio today consists of two different production lines. One collection handmade the old fashioned way in Trondheim, Norway. The other, a ready-to-wear collection line handcrafted by a small family-owned factory in Barcelos, Portugal. Both lines offering superior quality garments with equal purpose. The Made in Norway line is the heart and soul of the brand. Whilst the majority of jeans are crafted with around 20 hands, Livid's jeans are produced with only 4. Only a select few industrial machines are used to make every pair using mainly single needle lockstitch construction in their very own studio in Trondheim, making Livid Jeans the only established Denim factory in Norway. It can take up to 2 weeks for a pair of 'Made in Norway' jeans to be crafted and are only available on a made to order basis except for a select few shops in Europe which have limited numbers of the line. I will actually be doing a Q&A with the Founder of Livid Jeans, Jens Olav. So stay posted...
  15. Journal Standard JS Homestead Brand new with tags Small Made in Japan $200 shipped CONUS Incredible indigo dyed jacket with a herringbone-like texture. Partially lined in upper back area and unstructured. It has 3 patch outer pockets and 2 internal pockets. Outer chest pocket has a pen slot. Great, roomy internal pockets. Button hidden behind lapel. Measurements: Pit to pit: 19.5" Shoulder: 16.5" Sleeve: 24" Length: 26" No flash slightly brighter lighting, no flash
  16. Selling my pair of Dior Homme 21cm Indigo MII Used Sz.29 Sparinly worn for 2 years and washed 3 times. Now all washed again and fixed to sell. Its a beautiful pair. Its been hemmed to 29.5~ to have a bit of a cropped look. the pictures dont do justice at all. If there are any questions, please dont hesitate to ask, Thank you! 200$ shipped.
  17. WTB Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Coat XS

    i'm looking for an apolis indigo wool chore coat, size XS. let me know what you have! thanks.
  18. This is a gorgeous Apolis indigo wool chore jacket in size small. It's a little too big for me. It has a few months of wear, but these will last a lifetime and only get better with age. I'll trade for an XS OR I'll sell for $185 shipped within the US. More details here: http://store.apolisglobal.com/jackets/indigo-wool-chore-jacket/#raw-indigo Here are pics:
  19. FS: Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (31)

    I'm getting out of the denim game and selling off my pair of PBJs. These are the XX-011 model in size 31 that I purchased from Blue in Green and originally retailed for $285. I've worn this pair on and off for 3-4 months before hanging them up. Denim is not mint/new but in truly great condition with plenty of life left. The lighting in the pictures exaggerate the amount of fading that has taken place. This pair has the right amount of slub to it. With further wear, the 3D effect will only enhance and look better. As you can see, they have started fading nicely! Pants have been hot soaked once and will remain stable at their current size. They've also been hemmed from their original length. $110 shipped or best offer. Please PM me with questions! I'd love to help you out. Measurements: Waist: 15.75" Front rise: 9.5" Back rise: 14.5" Thigh: 11" Knee: 8" Leg opening: 7.25" Inseam: 31.5" VIEW ALL PHOTOS HERE!
  20. Hello! For sale are a pair of Momotaro 1705s. 30" waist and hemmed to a 30" inseam. They are currently on ebay, but I will end the listing and sell to a board member. OR you can purchase on ebay! Asking $210 plusshipping http://www.ebay.com/itm/251360331189
  21. Haven't been on here in awhile, haven't sold anything in an even longer time. Hopefully we can work a deal. Shipping included in price. Everything via paypal. International is cool as long as your willing to pay some extra shipping. R by 45rpm Size 2 (S/M) Slim shirt with wood buttons, button down collar, and a rounded box hem. 100% Cotton Made in Japan Condition: 7/10 $150 Shoulder - 17.5" Chest - 21.5" Sleeve - 24" Length (front) - 27.5" Length (back) - 30" 45rpm & size 3 Light blue gingham with 7 mother of pearl button with bias cut chest pocket detail. Slim cut 100% Cotton Condition: 8/10 Made in Japan -sold- Shoulder - 19" Chest - 21" Sleeve - 24" Length (back) - 29.5"
  22. Putting up for sale my unworn Iron Heart Hickory Stripe work shirt purchased last month; it has been cold washed once (I do this with all shirts before wearing them). It has only been tried on. The shirt is amazing I'm simply looking to fund something else at the moment. Size is XL and measurements on the Iron Heart site are accurate http://www.ironheart.co.uk/shirting/ihsh-78.html $165 (obo) shipped world wide.
  23. Asking for 100 shipped via gift. I don't ship internationally. Got them on sale hence the asking price. Worn sparingly because they are too tight in the waist. Only washed once. Thanks for looking!