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  1. Three more of these lovely Tezonmeya t-shirts landed recently I went with 2x long-sleeved in the 185cm size (roughly XL) and one short-sleeved in the 175cm (L) I'm a big fan of the fantastic, warm, dull and deep (almost oxymoronic but true) plant based colours... and how well they wear (I see them as casual with many uses) Julian shared his lovely faded t-shirts above which spurred me into action +++ I have to say that the service from Tezomeya was excellent... great communication with much appreciated flexibility that has set me up for summer - very pleased Nibi-iro... delicate gray from green alder cones + iron mordant Miru-iro... khaki green from bayberry tree bark Kenbourguro-iro... deep black from indigo + Bayberry tree bark + iron mordant Plus here's the full colour range for those interested...
  2. Oof it's hot and sticky out there... Freewheelers / Denime / @Duke Mantee (not visible) / Converse No shortage of pockets and hanging loops!
  3. Star of Hollywood / Belafonte / @Duke Mantee (not visible) /Converse
  4. At Last / Rototo / Buaisou / Canes / @Duke Mantee (not visible) / Buckweat... featuring big Lee-esque pockets
  5. Not today but recent trip to Johannesburg... A few pics of the Anglo American (think gold, diamonds, precious metals, De Beers) buildings in Main Street, Johannesburg centre of the old CBD... now minor part last century corporate colonial splendour, major part modern run down inner city depravation. The Stampede or The Impala Fountain by Herman Wald, in bronze, stands out... "The Stampede was my first impression in this country, nature’s most graceful charge that competes with any man-made efforts, unconditionally acclaimed by child or adult, by amateur or connoisseur, unbound by time, fashion or ‘isms’." Fascinating country that gets more fascinating over time as stories unfold And the Jo'burg winter sky never disappoints...
  6. Bump!!! I got this Tender hand-thrown blue hadal zone cutaway sgraffito coffee mug just before William closed the UK operations Seems to change colour in the light from deep blue through what looks brown to me It's really nice
  7. For Mirrorball, they are good on Instagram or email - [email protected] The go-to for many of us here is Hoosier who you can transact with through Instagram Both will take PayPal Both ship internationally Good luck!
  8. @Broark wow... congratulations mate... that's great news!!
  9. The racism makes that party fit only for the bin and never office imo...
  10. Seems like the little denim devil in your head might want another 😉
  11. ^ not from a social standpoint, though the UK is a mess there too. I read that Le Pen is winning an alarming share of the vote for the party previously called the National Front... basically racists... sad days... hopefully the right way prevails Anyway best get back to denim eh!!!
  12. It ended up costing me all in £288 which I'd like to recoup but please DM me if interested and we can have a chat.
  13. Alas the Ooe type 2 did not work out The measurements on the actual jacket were significantly less those quoted by the seller - hence it doesn't fit me. Yahoo seller said shoulder 53.5 cm - it's 4cm less. And chest is 2cm less than quoted. Annoying but you pay your money and take your chances. Lovely jacket though!!! And it is now up for grabs. I'll post it on the sales thread and it's up on Grailed - however do DM me to discuss costs!! There is a write up on it here Actual sizing (it looks like it's been washed already, tagged as 44) Pit to Pit - 59.5cm Shoulders to seams - 49.5cm Arm outside - 59.5cm Length 58.6cm
  14. ^ sadly Sunak and Starmer are two cheeks of the same arse! You're right, let's stop there and stick to denim
  15. @mlwdp the purpose of those buttons came up in the Unknown Japanese Brands thread for similar Bronson t-shirts I got (I know... someone (me) posted in the wrong thread while all 3 mods just let it slide... I know)... apparently they were used for hanging the t-shirts out to dry... mine came with some string for that purpose... did you get strings with this?
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