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  1. Samurai S552XX 21oz. Top notch denim jacket - solid construction, very heavy, great fading potential which will take years to evolve - with pleasure - as I don't get that much wear-time. Never washed as it fits well and I don't fancy taking any chances - I'll rock it raw Swissjeansfreak style forever as I reckon it'll outlive me!! + Viberg, RMC ivory chinos, IH cowhide belt & Skulls wallet (hidden), Merz B Schwanen tee.
  2. One more... Jan does a really nice, well fitting shirt including chambrays... just send him your measurements and he makes to order... http://www.schmidtkoeln.de/schmidtkoeln/Schmidt.html
  3. The RMC 232S chambray is top notch. Have had mine 2+ years. Worn and washed it a lot. Still a great fit, great construction and just gets better with time. Definitely recommend it. I had an IH chambray but it was too boxy and too long - though the fabric was sturdy and the stitching sound. Roy's was (is) a funky chambray too. Nice stitching especially that line down the front placket. RMC all the way from what I've had though. All this talk of chambrays makes me want another just to test that out!
  4. Good posts Foxy and high praise of the workmanship indeed. Got my eye on the wabash chore coat... has anyone tested these out? https://www.dawsondenim.com/collections/jackets/products/indigo-wabash-sack-jacket?variant=20682922821
  5. SF01 wash day... duck pocket bags going strong, buttons oxidising nicely, stitch needed on the fly but otherwise plenty of life left in them... great job by Roy...
  6. TCB

    Only a little wear in the 20s since February but enjoying the comfort and slow and subtle changes... + Schmidt, Birks, Post O'alls, Sunspel, Tretorn
  7. Looking good UkeNo...
  8. Would be interested in the post wash measurements if possible JohnM.
  9. The new Roy is looking good. I can't justify it due to having a shirt backlog and insufficient days in the week. However must say I'm looking forward to seeing some fit pics.
  10. Any word on the t-shirt Volvo?
  11. Count me in for a t shirt! Any combo works for me.
  12. Loving the spec Volvo. Awesome patch and pocket bags. They're making me itchy for another pair. Looking forward to seeing the first pair on here and the competition evolve.
  13. Thanks mlwdp. It's an old solid silver chain from about 20 years ago that I repurposed by attaching a silver clasp. Yeah it does the job well.
  14. Thanks oomslokop. The blurb says it's a 14.5 oz (post soak 16.25 oz) loomstate unsanforized denim.
  15. Roy SF01 with sporadic wear since March 2013. This back reference made me realise how dark they were initially... https://www.heddels.com/2013/03/the-roy-sf01-special-fit-jeans-just-released/ and how stiff. The overall construction is spot on, especially the duck front pockets and duck lined back pockets and loving how the pockets have faded, the stitching and how comfortable they are. Plenty of happy days left in these. + Real McCoys, Honest Thomas kikko stamped belt, Skulls wallet, Converse.