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  1. Would be interested in the post wash measurements if possible JohnM.
  2. The new Roy is looking good. I can't justify it due to having a shirt backlog and insufficient days in the week. However must say I'm looking forward to seeing some fit pics.
  3. Any word on the t-shirt Volvo?
  4. Count me in for a t shirt! Any combo works for me.
  5. Loving the spec Volvo. Awesome patch and pocket bags. They're making me itchy for another pair. Looking forward to seeing the first pair on here and the competition evolve.
  6. Thanks mlwdp. It's an old solid silver chain from about 20 years ago that I repurposed by attaching a silver clasp. Yeah it does the job well.
  7. Thanks oomslokop. The blurb says it's a 14.5 oz (post soak 16.25 oz) loomstate unsanforized denim.
  8. Roy SF01 with sporadic wear since March 2013. This back reference made me realise how dark they were initially... https://www.heddels.com/2013/03/the-roy-sf01-special-fit-jeans-just-released/ and how stiff. The overall construction is spot on, especially the duck front pockets and duck lined back pockets and loving how the pockets have faded, the stitching and how comfortable they are. Plenty of happy days left in these. + Real McCoys, Honest Thomas kikko stamped belt, Skulls wallet, Converse.
  9. Very nice shirt Broark. Great buttons.
  10. Yes they're a battle pair. Black arcs. Bronze top button. White tab with three blue dashes on the coin pocket. Think that was about it for differences from memory.
  11. Making a little progress with these Samurai x Denimio 19oz 710s from July 2016. First pair of Samurai. Love the solid construction, weight and fading despite only weekend and holiday wear in rotation with a few other favourites. Gave them a quick soak before wear and intend to keep going until at least July before washing. Looking forward to the fades to come having seen the stellar pairs that make it on here! + By Schmidt, Iron Heart x 2, Converse
  12. TCB

    Good luck with that Volvo. I got spanked about £75 in customs charges when I got my TCB 20s... I still wince...
  13. TCB

    Thanks Volvo. They're great jeans - very comfortable with plenty of room in the top block. In fact, the light weight is a nice, contrasting change to the Samurai 710s I'm (mostly) rotating them with. I think the 20s will be a good friend this summer.
  14. TCB

    Decided to throw caution to the wind and get some suspenders (or braces if you prefer) for my TCB 20s... well, they were made for them. I know opinions are polarised but I must say that I'm loving them. TCB 20s, For Holding Up The Trousers, SJ Cathcart, Viberg.
  15. TCB

    If your purchase is over 12,000 Yen from Denimio, it's free shipping. There is a shipping fee direct from TCB.