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  1. MJF9


    You're brave dicing with TCB measurements... good luck... The length at 62cm for 46/48 size does look ok though Clearly different views on Storm Rider fit, all cool whatever one fancies I had a Lee MiJ one once, slim fitting and I ultimately decided too slim as it was raw and reasonably stiff - the size never felt right Ralph's is nicely worn in so drapes well, unlike a new one, tho imo too slim I'm not getting one - but, if I did I'd go large... I think voluminous looks good... a quick squiz found these two ladies rocking theirs well
  2. MJF9


    @Duke Mantee top man - looks great thank you - look fwd to seeing this in the flesh... I hope you didn't get it dirty on that wet wood
  3. Outdoors and Indoors today... Vintage / Salomon / Buaisou / McCoys / At Last / Darn Tuff / Birks
  4. ^ this one... great photo, also a favourite (the dummy the fella is holding on the far left could easily be missed)... childhood ingenuity... these days it would only happen as a game on their phones
  5. The film Tish gave some escapism on Friday, with flashbacks to the late 70s and 80s in Britain suffering from Thatcher's policies. We didn't know any different as kids, but in hindsight, it was tough going for the working class back then and pretty bleak at times. Tish Murtha was a social documentary photographer from Newcastle who documented the area she grew up in. She captured some powerful images of the time. The blurb... 'Driven by a commitment to document the impact of deindustrialisation on working class communities in Northeast England in the 1970s and 1980s, Tish Murtha used her camera to expose societal inequality. She felt she had an obligation to the people and problems within her local environment, and that documentary photography could highlight and challenge the social disadvantages that she herself had suffered. However, despite early acclaim for her work, she was unable to make a living from photography and died in poverty.' The trailer...
  6. Hahaha snap... same in ours... that clip never gets old eh
  7. For all those who don't know what That's Life is... sausages... comedy gold...
  8. MJF9


    ^ yeah makes sense McCoys plays out a bit longer in the arm irl... though there are wrinkles to take into account too
  9. MJF9


    @lyraman sure mate... Mine is an L (the largest size they do) Buaisou - arm measured on the outside 57cm + shoulders width 60cm = 117cm total Real McCoys - arm 63cm + shoulders 53cm = 116cm The arm I wear varies but the position of the arm, in my experience, does depend on the shoulder width e.g. the Freewheelers 1922 jacket has shorter arms to accommodate the drop shoulder. Ditto the FW Powerwear hoody I have. A few of my denim jackets are 60cm arms. Need any more info or is this ok? While I'm here... I was asked about weight so here are some relative weights fwiw. I used one of those hand-held scales used for weighing bags for the airport. Real McCoys (lighter one, not Ballpark) - 550g - I believe this is sold as a 10oz Butcher Products 650g Buaisou 750g Freewheelers Powerwear hoody for completeness - 1,050g - it's a beast! 💪 So you can see where the Buaisou fits on the spectrum.
  10. Just bumped the Buaisou thread... it's an option chicote...
  11. MJF9


    Bump! Short, boxy, sturdy, quite wide-necked, dark indigo sweatshirt... Not the fit for everyone but I like it.... fits well under a short, boxy denim jacket without overhang
  12. I was a little surprised to hear about tardy German trains considering the punctuality stereotype I hear the Swiss have been trying to ban German trains going into Switzerland because their lateness delays Swiss trains Not that the UK smells of roses!
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