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  1. MJF9

    Nice Things

    These beakers are good for all sorts Before those above I got two from elsewhere... both cracked on first use... if you look closely you can see the vertical crack line... no quibbles refund provided And there you have two new plant pots...
  2. MJF9

    Nice Things

    I think these are pretty nice... hand thrown 200ml cups / beakers Pottery seems to be facing both high demand and high inflation I’ve had my eye on buying stuff from Jono Smart for ages but, despite being on the mailing list for the drops, it had always sold out almost instantly Not last time… fastest finger came first... though the price did actually make my eyes smart… however, by then, I was in too deep again They don’t disappoint – beautifully done
  3. MJF9

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Freewheelers / McCoys / Butcher Products / Vintage / Adidas Superstars (Lee Quinones)
  4. MJF9

    Vintage clothing and footwear

    Vintage US Army field trousers, dated 1956 Picked them up from a shop in Ukraine via Etsy Only gently worn - well, I know they had been worn from the, ahem, stiff handkerchief in the pocket - t'was amusing chasing the wife with it, at least... all washed and clean now though The seller marked them as M-51. The inner label doesn't specifically say this... the other interweb versions I've seen, though with limited searching, do reference M-1951... however the specs look the same. I'd be interested to hear from anyone on Sufu in the know Irrespective, I love them - quality throughout, massively spacious, lovely sateen fabric, adjustable waist yadda yadda yadda The first couple of photos are closer to the true colour
  5. MJF9


    ^ seconded / here hear Anyone going for the Lee repro tux? I'm keen to live vicariously only on this one
  6. MJF9

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I wrote to Roy in 2018 trying to buy a pair... he told me he only made about 5 pairs, custom Cone denim, never sold any as mentioned above, he just gave them away as gifts... and he didn't fancy making any more unfortunately!
  7. MJF9

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    @Double 0 Soul that a shame, after all it was only a bit of nail varnish and you could have easily brought it Back to Life
  8. Hope you're OK @Double 0 Soul... and also hope the nurses are OK too after their ordeal
  9. MJF9


    I hope you credited him on your old blog called Denimbro
  10. MJF9

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    And one of the owners (brothers?) had an early, supremely well-faded pair of Tender jeans
  11. MJF9


    @Duke Mantee Awesome craftsmanship on the belts (said it before but seeing the above selection makes me say it again), all in what seems such a short space of time
  12. MJF9

    Shoes that look better with age...

    ^^ always good to see some ladies high heeled boots on here now and again Duke
  13. MJF9

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Where Maynard where? Tell me more please...
  14. @unders perfectly normal (on here, cough, at least)... I also check resting pairs periodically for any signs of fresh fade... nothing yet but hope springs eternal
  15. Start as you mean to go on matey... denim tux has gotta be the essential garb for the big day! You can take your pick - daytime tux, night time change of tux, the morning after fresh tux... would be interested to hear if anyone spots the difference
  16. How overpriced... I've got these for sale at £21,000 for anyone looking for a steal
  17. Back to wallet chains... Ahh but don't overlook the actual functional advantages of the wallet chain you rugged clothes wearing desk sitters you When the prospective pickpocket realises to get the wallet he has to take the bloke that the wallet is attached to as well, that should dampen his enthusiasm eh OO talking of neckchains reminded me that my wallet chain is a solid silver neckchain that was a birthday prezzie in yesteryear, repurposed Must say though, I'm now mostly using card wallets, not yet e-wallets! It's been that long, I see my chain has tarnished
  18. MJF9

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Hickorees do / did great scarves - I have three... if anyone comes across a remaining black twill one on their hunts around cyberspace, let me know
  19. MJF9


    @unders cracking development there... it's not that long for the jeans either iirc? That shirt's excellent, so full of character
  20. @smoothsailor Awesome work there... what jeans are you planning after these?
  21. MJF9

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Best wishes for 2022 Sufu'ers! Tender x 3 / Tretorn
  22. MJF9

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Ah yes I do as much of that as I can mate, though it's also my lounging around the house wear (but no longer my training gear)
  23. Aye, must be worth half a point with kind festive marking
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342