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    @FAB FOUR 1946? How is the fit, especially in the top block? I was wondering how the back rise works out. Fit pics would be good if you get chance.
  2. MJF9


    @Broark top shirt, looks great!
  3. MJF9

    What are your jeans doing today?

    ^ lovely picture postcard back yard @lance
  4. MJF9


    ^ top find!
  5. MJF9

    Bryceland’s tokyo and hongkong

    Yeah it’s on the steep side... but they do look good... seems like no-one of Sufu has a pair to comment on...
  6. MJF9

    Mister Freedom

    ^ ah yes so it does... pretty fine looking material underneath them collars though eh...
  7. MJF9

    Bryceland’s tokyo and hongkong

    Anyone rocking the Brycelands 133 jeans? Interested in hearing about fit, how they wear in etc and any fit pics... cheers...
  8. ^ yeah it's the same fella. What a business model. Also benefiting from operational cost efficiencies.
  9. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    @Frost extra rep for the white Trickers!
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    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Usual stuff... The Well Dressed Head CSF Sunspel FHUTT TCB Viberg
  11. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Ha yes... previous post edited with parentheses for historical accuracy!!!
  12. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    @Maynard Friedman yeah... made a(n embarrassing) u-turn!!! Took me a little getting used to
  13. Lot 162 On and off gentle wear over the past 6 months... in rotation with others evenings and weekends Not much going on yet Tho the popping blueness on the back belt loop promises much
  14. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    At Last At Last RMC IH (belt) Viberg
  15. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Thirded... lovely shades and serious leg twist!
  16. MJF9

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Measurements are as follows on the type 1 as promised... apologies bit tardy in getting them through... Size 46 Raw - Post 30C wash in cm Shoulders 52 - 50 Chest 62 - 57.5 Length 65 - 60 Sleeve 67.5 - 60 Opening 57 - 52.5 Size 44 (turned out too small for me) Shoulders 51 - 49 Chest 59 - 56.5 Length 65 - 59.25 Sleeve 63 - 57 (yes 57, not uncommonly short in type 1s of the period I understand) Plus Konaka's official chart for comparison Significant shrinkage and variables to navigate if you're planning one - good luck! Not sure if my 46 will shrink much more if I wash on 40C - anyone tried?
  17. MJF9

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    A result at that price!
  18. MJF9

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Did you unpick the cinch? If so, looks neatly done.
  19. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Ha yes mate. This working week malarky is obstructive enough before we even get onto non denim working weeks!!
  20. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    MF Velva Sheen FHUTT TCB Viberg Weekend WAYWT spam
  21. MJF9

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    The good lady's Outstanding Co are tough old jeans... They're now starting to show some lovely shades of blue
  22. MJF9

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    CSF Merz Tender belt MF Viberg
  23. MJF9


    For comparison, I have an At Last Lee ‘44 repro size 44 which is short and boxy around the waist but with no cinch. The 42 was similarly boxy in the waist opening - minor difference, but tighter in shoulder and chest so didn’t look in proportion. Worth checking out Denimbro if not already done (Lee thread, page 1) Dr Heech (I think) is wearing one with cinch pulled tight but still relatively boxy. Looks really good imo. Depends on where you want it more fitted but if it’s the lower waist area, an hypothesis would be sizing down might only have small impact and result in more fitted top section and not look as good as your current fit. Also, as we know, the measurements are often up and down for the same size so who knows if that cm will be gained or maintained! Initially on mine, the boxy fit niggled me. After 6 months, now I just roll with it. I like the look and think that’s how it should be on my frame, so f-it. Your height makes the longer TCB body work for you. I reckon it’s looking good mate. A bit of a ramble and no hard conclusion but thought I’d share some thoughts!!! Keep us posted...
  24. MJF9


    @Aries does tightening up the cinch help?
  25. MJF9

    The Flat Head

    @Broark very nice! Interested to see wabash fit pics