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  1. The '42 jeans are coming through... living vicariously on these... look forward to the reviews
  2. Freewheelers 1922 and Derrickman / Belafonte / @Duke Mantee / Converse
  3. 1933 / 37 set up Jacket hanging around in Malham after a walk Jeans getting some fresh air after a day on my legs - I'm holding on hopefully until mid-summer before they get a wash, see what happens
  4. I heard Freewheelers are thinking of doing a line in incontinent trousers for the ageing population... calling them underalls, like overalls only different
  5. I hope it's going to reappear on Sufu! The wabash I mean (as well as the model... WAYWT is calling you out mate 😉) The cardigan is another beauty... what's up... has global warming reached Scotland??
  6. Freewheelers Ironalls / Butcher Products / Belafonte / Buckweat
  7. ^ especially with all the squats you've been doing pal!
  8. ^ I found the WW2 felt slim too after wearing wide jeans... however, as you said Julian, it didn't take long to swing around and get used to them. I tend to now flip in and out wearing them and all's good, especially as the denim has softened up lots
  9. Thanks gents - confirms suspicions - suppose it'd have to be Easter or December holidays then to fit with school here
  10. To folks in the know... what is Japan like from a weather perspective in July? I'm considering taking the family and we're pretty active. Perhaps 5 days in Tokyo then travelling to 2 other places in Japan to mooch and take in the culture. Climate charts show Tokyo as hot. But is it bearable / ok weather for mooching or not? Any insights on other places that are milder appreciated. I'm conscious weather charts don't tell the full story. Thanks
  11. At Last 147 and 677J / Big Yank by Anatomica / Duke Mantee / Viberg
  12. I'm not sure I agree with this 😃
  13. Yep I wouldn't disagree with you Marnard... though I'm not sure what you're not sure you agree with To add... my FW WW2 era jackets are far more cleanly constructed (and a different fit) than my SC or Connors repros of similar era... though I'm not sure if that's FW's design choice or they were copying a cleaner vintage specimen from that time...
  14. All cool doc... it only really reminded me of the FW thread chat hence my update above
  15. Reopening the chat with @shredwin_206 @Duke Mantee in the FW thread on the 42 denim... I'm hearing again that the denim is not new (it's the WW2 denim used on the recent models) however the features are new. I know Shred heard the opposite... x-wires somewhere...
  16. Must say the denim looks a very nice rich indigo colour... and nice drop shoulder on the jacket... and of course there will be all the fun with sizing we can expect from TCB... generating interest for the observers and cortisol for the participants!
  17. I wouldn't want this thread to unravel... but it's like going into a 30s repro thread (if one existed) and saying what's the point of adding a cinch and suspender buttons to the jeans, or a 50s thread and asking for a 25cm rise instead. Or looking at the latest TCB 1890s repro and questioning why there's only one pocket... If the manufacturers are doing a repro, then if what they're copying has wonky-ness then I'd expect them to replicate that. It's just a feature of the time. When the bloke above snips off the extra thread and gets some wear into the jacket, it'll come up looking grand imo. I'm a sucker for a variety of denim jackets... so happy to embrace the repro features... I am always taken by how the industry does reinvent and evolve itself with new versions or repeated versions of repeated versions... the new 1942s, the 1890s, the... will it ever end... hopefully not... long live Sufu!
  18. @AlientoyWorkmachine Kapital looking good... not sure I've seen that version before... how are you finding it?
  19. I thought it was the same denim too Shred
  20. If you can make that happen, you'd be a Hiro
  21. @calvinasincalvin I had a look in my files for sizing but no joy... you might (stress on the might) find some if you page through this thread. IIRC they're sanforized (?) and do shrink a little but much less than non sanforized. You have to wash them at some point (presumably) so you could try cold to begin with and then edge up the temperature based on how much more you need to shrink them. Good luck and keep us posted!
  22. Nodding with @chicote on the jeans measurements... also the jacket dress length is 65 which is too long for me (not sure why they go 'modern' on jackets)... not that I was in the market, but if I was...
  23. @Broark must say they caught my eye too... they look pretty robust?
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