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Found 818 results

  1. braille_teeth

    Tender Co. Denim

    Stumbled across this post introducing (?) denim from a UK brand called Tender. If half the things they say on their website are true, this is the most obsessively small-scale thing I've heard of short of hand-weaving the fabric. They hand-dye the fiber, hand-cast all the hardware, hand-tan the leather in tan oak juice, etc. etc. Has anybody seen a pair of these in the wild yet? They have a guidebook which is password protected. I hate being tantalized. Eh?
  2. Since we've been getting tons of small, insignificant questions that don't need their own threads, here is a thread where they can all go. RULES: 1) DO NOT SHIT UP THIS THREAD. This is not a supertrash thread. Unnecessary, stupid replies will be deleted. Offenders may be temp banned depending on my mood. 2) DON'T POST UNLESS YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION OR ANSWERING ONE! 3) DO NOT BE A JERK OR AN ASS OR BE SNIDE OR SARCASTIC! This thread is for all those dumb little questions that don't need their own threads, so don't come in here if you don't want to read them! 4) This is for small/dumb/personal questions. IE: "What should I buy next? What is starch? How do I shrink my jeans? What is STF? What is sanforization? What is my waist size? What inseam do I get? What is hemming?" etc. etc. etc.
  3. rnrswitch

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    http://www.roydenim.com/ Sorry if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find a thread on this dude. Has anyone around here heard of this guy? I have stumbled across his name and talents over a couple of blogs. It seems he started as a collector of sewing machines and became really interested in Jeans and has since attempted to perfect his skills at making jeans. I believe he made some canvas totes for Cone that were give aways at some trade shows. . Here are some pics of a pair of jeans he has up for sale on the website. RAISED BELT LOOPS I love plain rivets and those buttons holes are nuts. The plain donut hole buttons are also a nice little touch. The price of a pair of jeans sewn by him is $150 made of Cone Mill selvage denim. Pretty good price. Anyone around here purchased a pair?
  4. I think it would be fun to have a thread for us to talk about times we sized incorrectly, unfortunate or untimely blowouts, missed connections with a pair that just would never work out or just random general nonsense for our little community here. So, anyone have any stories to share about when they first got into denim?
  5. allacedout

    Sugar Cane Denim

    wanted to know if anyone has these? http://www.rakuten.co.jp/hinoya/119706/256094/132077/ how do they fit? cos they look like a not so baggy cut compared to 501 47s. how do they wear in time? does anyone have any pics? also, how does the size run? i'm usually a 29 in most brands. do they shrink alot?
  6. iloveredstripe

    Ande Whall Denim

    Has Superfuture 4.0 eaten Ande Whall alive ? Is he no longer persona non grata at Supertalk ?
  7. mikecch

    Warpweft Company

    Indonesian brand, retailing around $150 to $210 depending on fabric weight. Pretty nice details all things considered, I think. Denim is from Okayama.
  8. beatle

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of denim jackets everybody's wearing So here's mine - LVC Red Tab Worn for ages...only one wash...
  9. rodeo bill

    home-made jeans

    I'm sure I remember a few people alluding to their own home-made jeans projects, and I thought it would be cool to have a thread for jeans that people have made themselves. Doesn't matter how amateur they are, and failed attempt stories are welcome too. Home-made is always best:)
  10. TokenIndianKid

    The Strike Gold

    hey i was just looking around at klax on via rakuten and saw these the denim has a really nice sheen and the patch looks really cool too can anyone shed anymore light on these heres the link! http://item.rakuten.co.jp/klax-on/sg101/
  11. tried to find a denim (didn't end up buying) regrets thread but couldn't find it (i thought there was one already?). if there is, mod can merge. let's start with this one from @BrownMetallic in the 45rpm thread: "Bought a pair of Sorahiko 2010 at their NYC upper westside store when it came out. They were an updated, slimmer version, w/c fit me real nicely. But, for some insane reason I returned them ... 1 of 3 denim decisions that regret to this day" fire away!
  12. BlackPig

    Trophy Clothing

    There has been some discussions regarding Trophy Clothing on other threads recently. I think a dedicated Trophy Clothing thread would be a great place for this exciting brand. Info: http://trophy-clothing.com/ Where to buy: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/moveclothing/ or Direct from trophy-clothing. In the future they will be made available from SuFu member Megatron1505 - stay tuned! I bought my Dirt Denim Jacket and Blackie Jacket from move clothing. Dirt Denim Jacket 2605 - Regular fitting jacket and comes in at 14.5oz selvage denim. Very slubby and hairy texture. Blackie Jacket 2905 - Slim fitting. I don't have much info on these jackets other than what I've mentioned. And of course info from Trophy-Clothing website translated into English. So please share your info, thoughts, likes, dislikes etc...
  13. #GRAY

    Viapiana Custom Jeans

    Viapiana Custom Jean, Just received my first pair of Viapiana Custom Jeans in the mail yesterday. I didn't know a lot before I ordered the jeans but I had high expectations due to how detailed everything looked online, viapiana. This was an amazing process and I got to email the producer throughout the whole process. I started by simply picking out everything I wanted. Denims, Threads, Buttons, Zipper, Patch, and other parts of the denim. Then I measured my favorite fitting pair of jeans. I used his way of measuring to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. In a week they arrived at my doorstep! I choose these jeans because I wanted something simple, clean and had a lot of small detailing. Also I wanted something that would fit like a pair of my skate pants. I had high expectations and these surpassed it. I am very impressed with everything about what this guy does. My Jeans were: I-103RD (17oz Raw Indigo) Light Tobacco Stitching Copper Buttons and Rivets Veg Tan Patch Fit Pictures Coming Soon...
  14. ShAraLeEe

    UES Denim

    Hey all, Welcome to UES Denim, We are a Japan based raw denim maker. Our brand name “UES†derives from “waste†in English. Japanese people often reuse old clothes as dust cloths to extend these usages and call it “UES†since early times. We keep on making our products in the hope that you will use our products until the end of its life. Neither throwing them away nor, keeping them in the closet without being fully-used. Browsing our website so that you may get a better understanding of our concept and products. http://www.japaneseselvagejeans.com/ Feel free to ask any questions here or contact us at [email protected] Facebook http://www.facebook.com/UesJeans Twitter https://twitter.com/ues_japan 400S NON WASH 400S 4YRS IN UESD
  15. View Advert RESOLUTE 710 O/W 34x30 NWOT Clearing out some denim in the back of my closet. Feel free to send me a PM or any fair offers. I also have some other pairs up for sale as well msg me for bundle discounts. Only shipping to North America, if you are overseas I will have to double check on shipping rates since they can vary extremely. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resolute 710 O/W 34X30 Brand New without Tags. These were purchased factory one-washed and unaltered. Measurements (BiG Style - you can cross reference with the sizing charts on their website, not too much variance) Waist - 33.5" Front Rise - 11.5" Back Rise - 15" Thigh - 12.5" Inseam - 28-28.5" depending how you angle the measuring tape. Leg Opening - 7.5-7.7" Advertiser HAZARDkid Date 11/08/2017 Price $140.00 Category denim  
  16. starting a thread specifically for Samurai jeans - geisha denim Samurai x Denimio collaboration pair
  17. slowdownarthur


    Time Left: 1 month and 5 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    IH- 634N Great jeans, just not getting the wear they deserve. Washed a couple of times. Very little wear. Inseam hemmed by Rivet and Hide on a Union Special to L32.


    Nottingham - GB

  18. Sling & Stones Naomi Sz 27 Purchased from Self Edge in Los Angeles Worn approximately 10 wears Great Condition Measurements (following BlueinGreenSoho Measurement Guide: http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=)Waist:14.5" Inseam: 33.5" Front Rise: 7.5" Back Rise: 12.5" Thigh: 8.75" Knee: 7" Leg Opening: 5" (Tapered by Denim Doctors located in Los Angeles) Paid ~$350 after taxes. Asking for $200 shipped in US only through PayPal. Ebay link will be updated but will ask for $210 there.
  19. View Advert ONI 622ZR relax taper jeans, 20oz. 31w, 29" ins. Oni 622ZR Relax Taper slim fit. 20oz loose-weave Secret Denim. 2018 edition. Purchased from Blue In Green in November. Now sold out in this size on their website. Priced to sell. Need to size up one more. Jeans bought raw and hot soaked once. Have been worn twice with NO visible wear. Jeans were hemmed to 30" inseam when raw. Inseam at 29" now. Waist is 34". Leg opening 6.9" Please PM me or email with any questions. Will ship international or domestic anywhere USPS goes. Advertiser mlyngard Date 01/20/2018 Price $145.00 Category denim  
  20. View Advert Studio D'Artisan SD-103 32W Pre-lawsuit Fades Studio D'Artisan SD-103 Pre-lawsuit due to the arcuates and white tab on back pocket Well worn (around 3 years) with plenty of repairs to the knees and great fading Pocket bags are in need of repair but an easy fix Waist measures 16" across, inside leg 30.5" £120 + shipping from the UK Advertiser tobypc Date 01/20/2018 Price $170.00 Category denim  
  21. volvo240thebest

    WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    primo! edwin shawl collar peacoat no name bandanna cheap flannel tcb seaman jumper tcb foreman vest (not vis) Red Cloud RC436XX rw8111 !
  22. View Advert FS: Gustin Hand Dye Persimmon X Real Indigo 34* Straight On Gustin's Site These have easily the most memorable fabric I've ever encountered on a pair of jeans. The only thing regular about the fabric is how irregular it is. Unfortunately though, I didn't heed Gustin's warning to size up 3 sizes and these are a size or two too small for me. I highly recommend reading the description linked above on their website. Here are the measurements I took. I took waist and thigh measurements in two different ways which you can see in the labels for the corresponding pictures. Inseam 37 Waist 16.25 Waist across 16.65 FR 10.25 RR 13.25 Thigh 12.25 Thigh 1” down 11.75 Knee 13” down 8.625 Hem 8 Advertiser philosAvi Date 12/22/2017 Price $275.00 Category denim  
  23. View Advert NWT NAKED & FAMOUS WEIRD GUY INDIGO X NATURAL INDIGO SLUB STRETCH SELVEDGE 50% OFF!! I'm selling a brand new with tags, never worn pair of Naked & Famous Denim Weird Guy Indigo x Natural Indigo Slub Stretch Selvedge. The tagged waist is 30, the measured waist is 32. Very nice pair of quality denim with bespoke features. For more details and sizing info visit http://bit.ly/2Bl8GvP Item Price: $87.50 (50% off $175 MSRP) Shipping: $7 USA / $15 Canada / $25 Everywhere Else Superfuture Fee (8% + $0.30): $7.86 USA / $8.50 Canada / $9.30 Everywhere Else Total Price: $102.36 USA / $111 Canada / $121.80 Everywhere Else Advertiser krylon80 Date 12/14/2017 Price $87.50 Category denim  
  24. Megatron1505

    DWC2 2017 - 2019

    As the current DWC has drawn to a close there have been the inevitable questions from all over the cyberspace, which I occupy, as to whether there will be another contest for 2017 – 2019. Today I am pleased to make the announcement that there will be, and confirm a few details about what to expect. The theme of the latest DWC will be “back to basics”, meaning we’re going to scrap everything from the previous contests and make this one as accessible to everyone as it possibly can be, this means… Any brand or style of jeans can enter. There will be no weight categories, just one contest fits all. All entered jeans must have only 30 wears or less on day 1 of the contest. Speaking of day 1, the contest will begin on 01/11/17 and run for the standard 24 months to 01/11/19. The contest will be purely forum based, on both Superfuture and the Iron Heart forum only. Registration is open now, and will close 31/10/17. Registration fee for the contest will be a flat $20, payable via Paypal to [email protected] . Upon registration you will be issued an entry number to validate your participation. The entry fee will be used to purchase prizes from our favourite brands and retailers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Prizes will be announced as soon as possible after registration is complete. Once again we have something quite special planned with our friends at Iron Heart for contest jeans. Our judging panel is currently TBD. So that is all for now, we’re looking forward to setting off on another denim journey with you all again soon. Regards, Mega