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Found 1 result

  1. This is a thread to share opinions and information about the Japanese brand Belafonte (or Belafonte ragtime clothing). I couldn’t find any other thread about the brand, and I think the brand is quite interesting and deserves its own thread. This is their website Instagram The brand style is mostly inspired by early 20th century workwear, but I don’t think they do strict reproductions. You can quite easily order from them either via email or via Instagram account of Tom (which is also the model in their pictures) who has perfect English. They ship worldwide as far as I know. Personally I currently own 1 item from them and have another one on the way. The main reason I decided open this thread (first one for me, so sorry if it’s not too good) is that I can’t really find a lot of info or history about the brand. I did find this little quote from the Clutch Cafe website: “Belafonte was started in 2012 by Noboru Tanaka, a designer from Tokyo, for more than 20 Years. Mr Tanaka's vision with Belafonte is to create clothing that matches his own personal vision and something that he, himself, would wear. In order to do this, production can become a little expensive, but as a small independent brand by doing this they ensure the greatest quality product for their customers. For each season, half a year is spent researching and evaluating what kind of clothing would be produced during the time period Mr Tanaka takes his primary inspiration from. Belafonte don't like to make like for like replicas of vintage goods but rather take the best part of a vintage design and apply their own vision and touch to try and make something that’s uniquely appealing to their customers. This freedom of design is something that Belafonte hold in the highest regard. “ Please, feel free to share your experience and products and anything Belafonte related.
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