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  1. Tcb are relatively small I think because they make denim products for other brands as well. House brands are usually smaller.
  2. @julian-wolf nice one! Where is that?
  3. @Broark I highly recommend to check out Brut when in Paris. Lovely store and very nice staff as well (which is uncommon).
  4. Fullcount/ Buzz Rickson/ Jim Green
  5. ^the woods mountain guy has grey chinos. Also Buzz Rickson do a beige version in most of their options I think. I have both beige and khaki from them and can post a color comparison for you if needed.
  6. Left field shirt/motor t/ belafonte jeans/ Jim green boots
  7. @julian-wolf knee bar much? great repair. Looks cool
  8. Dalee cardigan/ tcb wrecking crew. Excuse the mess in the background.
  9. I had no idea! Some of the stuff I still own are on eBay for like 600-800$! That’s crazy. Why would someone pay so much for old Lego…?
  10. Yes they’re idiots in that sense (I’ve had this as well).
  11. I personally never had a pair of jeans that didn’t shrink after every wash. They usually stretch back, length as well (within reason of course). Regardless of being pre washed or not.
  12. I feel like I may have asked this before but I couldn’t really find it anywhere so here goes - is there a brand out there that makes a 66 cut but with a fuller rise? Let’s say around 12” f.r for size 33?
  13. ^ on that same note I keep wondering which version will go black this year.
  14. That’s interesting. I have something similar with shrimp, but also my throat gets shut. It was actually pretty mild when it started and later on became more and more severe. Started when I was 21. But I didn’t have a whole lot of shrimp growing up. But yeah cats love dissecting. Ours eat the crickets body but leave the legs as trophies on the front porch.
  15. Nice, I never thought a discussion on a denim forum would venture towards my masters thesis. The blue tits thing started in the 20s as far as I know, but in any case you’re right about that. Although the learning curve might be similar in that case, there’s a key difference between gaining something very valuable (like the cream of the milk) and dying - you only die once, so it’s relatively rare to genetically act in a death preventing manner without learning at all. But as I said before There are other mechanisms that almost guarantee that you avoid poisonous natural foods, so it might be that just a very small lick of the stomach made your cat understand that it’s not for him. It’s a common thing throughout felines I think. I know tigers and leopards also avoid some stomachs or other organs. Sorry if I bored you to death 😄
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