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  1. discwork


    @VivaMarlon TCB changed their paper patch last year. I think anything with the older patch is likely leftover stock.
  2. Thanks for the recs @Spiraltoy and @JDelage. Both have measurements that could fit me, so I'll consider them as well. @mlwdp I usually shoot for 65-67cm in length (measured from shoulder to hem) because I wear high-rise pants.
  3. Whitesville's definitely a contender. Sizing charts are all over the place though; don't know which shop to trust I'll check out Rite Stuff as well!
  4. discwork

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Picked up a pair of New Balance 992s right before all this madness, so they haven't seen any use (hence the tags). Really happy with them though and looking forward to wearing them for longer than a few minutes to try them on!
  5. Anyone have recommendations for t-shirts with a body length that's on the shorter side? I'm 5'7" (170cm) and most of my t-shirts sit somewhere in the bottom half of my fly—lower than I'd like. I've gotten used to just wearing them tucked in, but I'm looking for something I can wear tucked or untucked. Velva Sheen's been the brand I've liked best in terms of fit so far. Looking to try something new.
  6. discwork

    The COOLEST ( dressed ) people on the internet

    Cool thread! I'm a big fan of Zach's workwear-vintage-cool look.
  7. discwork


    Glad to hear yours have held up well. My first Orslow purchase was a pair of the French work pants a few months back and I've continued to be impressed by Orslow's attention to fit and construction. Kind-of-boring-but-well-made fashion is right up my alley
  8. discwork


    Picked up a pair of the fatigue pants—really nice texture to the fabric. I got them from Rakuten and shipping was as speedy as always.
  9. discwork

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    I've looked at Novesta and Moonstar as options for a rainy/snowy weather sneaker, though they might be better for walking around and handling splashes than they are for keeping your feet dry when cycling.
  10. discwork

    Warehouse Competition Poll

    I think some voters (myself included) read this question as "I need a longer inseam" rather than "Let's also have a longer inseam option". Longer-legged folks should definitely also be able to participate
  11. discwork

    Show us your leather

    For sure. I've just been focusing on another belt so the natural one only sees wear every now and then.
  12. discwork

    Show us your leather

    Orion Harness natural tan leather belt after 1.5-2 years of almost daily wear. Nothing fancy, but it did its job and it was fun to see how the belt aged. I didn't take care of the leather all and it shows lol
  13. I always do a soak, even on sanforized and one-wash denim, before hemming. Not strictly necessary of course, but I'm picky about my inseam length and that 0-1" (usually .25-.5") of shrinkage makes a difference
  14. discwork

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I have a pair of rinsed Resolute 711 (with a couple of wears) for sale in a size 32x32. The fabric is very comfortable and has a great blue color, but the waist is unfortunately too big for me. I picked up them relatively cheap on eBay, so just looking to get back what I paid. PM me if interested!
  15. discwork

    Buzz Rickson

    Picked up a Buzz Rickson sweatshirt in black. Very happy with it so far. It's a nice medium weight—cool enough to wear indoors but layers nicely under a jacket in cold weather. I took some detail shots and figured I'd share here.
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