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  1. indigoeagle

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Do they do the preorder only via Yahoo shopping? If so, how can one from Europe access that (site cannot be reached). Proxies like FJ only seem to offer YahooAuctions it seems.
  2. indigoeagle

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    T back looks great.
  3. indigoeagle


    I've seen still a few 66 and XX models of the original line available at shops, but mostly sizes 30-33, if anyone is interested. I think PSA still have a shrink wrapped anniversary XX in 34.
  4. indigoeagle


    Seems to be sold out at most stores. Mushmans still has 31 to 34, unfortunately no 36. http://shop.mushmans.com/?pid=173367240
  5. indigoeagle

    66 type jeans

    Looks great- love the lightning on the coin pocket.
  6. indigoeagle

    Superdenim community sale thread

    SOLD Thanks for looking
  7. indigoeagle

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Does anyone know more about Far East Manufacturing? Similar to Resolute they offer a classic Oxford BD shirt in a number of combinations of neck sizes and sleeve lengths. Resolute's Hayashi-san seems to cooperate with them or is perhaps involved?
  8. indigoeagle


    The Orizzonti don't have that little triangular stitching in the corner above the back pockets? What do the rivets say for the Orizzonti? For the new ones they say "Denime WH". How would you compare the patch? The new leather one is nice and soft, I find. The Orizzonti also seem to sport some more lemon threads. For the WH Denime one I could only find it one the coin pocket.
  9. indigoeagle


    Original Line 66 TYPE The motif is 60s vintage denim. The silhouette is regular. The fabric is made of uneven yarn and is made on an old-fashioned loom. By adjusting the weaving method, this fabric has a rough feel. 13.0oz / 100% cotton / button-fly / paper patch / made in Japan non wash 32inch - ウエスト(W)-90cm ヒップ(H)-112cm 渡り(T)-33cm 前股上(F)-27cm レングス(L)-88cm 裾幅(O)-21.5cm 66XX The motif is 60s vintage denim. The silhouette is REGULAR TAPERED. The fabric is made of uneven yarn and is made on an old-fashioned loom. This fabric has unevenness by loosely weaving warp threads and increasing the number of weft threads. 14.7 oz / 100% cotton / button-fly / goat leather patch / made in Japan 32inch - ウエスト(W)-90.5cm ヒップ(H)-108cm 渡り(T)-33.5cm 前股上(F)-25.5cm レングス(L)-87m
  10. indigoeagle


    Now, that you're asking, I can't remember/find, where I had seen it. But one shop's page of the jeans there was a pic of it together with the jeans.
  11. indigoeagle


    Mine also arrived just now. 34 Raw measurements (BiG): Waist- 46cm (18.1 inches) Front rise- 33.5cm (13.2) Back rise- 44.5cm (17.5) Hem- 22.5cm (8.86) The pre wash measurements are quite similar to my FullCount 1101XX in 34, the front rise of the Denime is ca. one inch more. But I didn't get that little booklet. I thought, it was included. Any pics of the booklet?
  12. indigoeagle


    Is the denim that royal blueish in reality or just on the pics? In the descriptions of the "typical" Denime denim I had read, that due to numereous dyeing it's quite dark and gives strong contrast to the white core. Perhaps I misunderstood.
  13. indigoeagle


    While most Japanese shops show measurements for the products they sell, which is very helpful, for some reason the measurements for back rise are quite rare.
  14. indigoeagle

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Some pics In the 3rd pic on the right- the twill doesn't look that extreme in reality. I guess, it's some interference phenomenon. It's a pretty normal RHT.
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