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  1. Very nice Stows. How did you size them? 9 UK?
  2. What are people's experiences with the Lone Wolf engineer boots? I have had the Carpenters for many years. Very happy with them. Do they still produce?
  3. indigoeagle


    Didn't know the band. Just checked. Great music. And another cool belt.
  4. Good to know. Thank you Lot 269 would be the same size as Iron Rangers then, I think.
  5. How did you size, say compared to RW IRs or Alden Barrie?
  6. But there seems to be also a different fit. The Lot 269 apparently fit 0.5 bigger than the Lot 444. Not sure, if the styling is the same.
  7. They look great. Congrats How are the Lot 444 different from the Lot 269?
  8. All nice, but 43 the favorite from these pics.
  9. Well, with the texture it somehow felt a little aged as it came. Didn't require any time to get softer or so. I'm very it occasionally, still the same.
  10. Lovely stuff. Great examples for what makes FW so special. I also have the Jenkins. The flannel fabric is amazing. Great weight, amazing texture, and unique cut and details.
  11. Is there a historic reference to the Lot numbering?
  12. Timeless boots, I'd say, of good quality. Great for the colder months. Can't do wrong, I think. But also what Maynard says: we all know that situation, I think.
  13. I've got some from beams+,and also kamakura and gitman. Very happy with all of them. No shirt from workers yet.
  14. There had been some question about oxford shirts. Workers has a preorder on, I think, for what looks like solid, classical oxford shirts. Supima cotton white https://www.e-workers.net/store/202402/ib2.html Chambray https://www.e-workers.net/store/202402/ib6.html There is also a Cat Day coverall: https://www.e-workers.net/store/202402/ie1.html
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