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  1. indigoeagle

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Does anyone know about the difference between the normal jeans, those made for Dappers and apparently he has a team, that also makes jeans. Also some price differences- the type 2 (407XX) by Dappers costs JPY 49,500 and the type 1 by OPR are JPY 74,800. With the jeans it's similar. Some OPR cost JPY 66,000 and others are 42,900. Looks like still for all of the CSF/OPR goods you need to visit the reseller store.
  2. indigoeagle

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    N-3 by Beams, WH sweatshirt and jeans
  3. indigoeagle

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    They are also making 66 jeans under the name NoComply. Pretty short inseam of, I think it was, 77cm.
  4. indigoeagle

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    We could set up a fund. Buy all the limited editions and store them in a special purpose warehouse. Would probably still work
  5. indigoeagle


    I find it a bit similar to sweat shirt sizing. If you like a vintage fit, you go for a shorter boxier fit with shorter sleeves. If you like a more modern fit, it will be slimmer, and longer in the body and sleeves. Seems a bit similar here with the 42 being more a vintage and the 44 a relatively more modern fit.
  6. indigoeagle


    Interesting story about Nakanohama Manjirō
  7. indigoeagle


    I think the 42 looks very good on you. I personally find them best with a tshirt or light shirt underneath anyway.
  8. indigoeagle

    World of denim shops

    I agree- The shipping is free or very low cost, but also very fast. And they offer a very helpful return shipping service.
  9. indigoeagle

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Great I was recently looking for one, too. Also looked at the P-41. Eventually I got the one from Beams+.
  10. indigoeagle

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Does anyone know how the fit of the current LVC 1947 Made in Japan with Kaihara denim compares with that of about 10 years that was Made in the US with Cone denim? I remember reading somewhere, that the thighs got a bit bigger, but that it otherwise stayed more or less the same.
  11. indigoeagle

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    MF9, is that a chore coat or the N-3,? It doesn't look like HBT. Very nice jacket and good classical combination.
  12. indigoeagle

    What are your jeans doing today?

    It's a well made book, quite interesting to see the different kind of twills visualized. And very nice with the denim cover and the little denim tray that is included. That said, as I'm uncluttering I have one like new to sell. Sending from Germany. It had cost me around EUR 50 with shipping, customs, etc.. DM me, if interested.
  13. indigoeagle

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Not denim, but duck Heritage Research * Left Field * Alden
  14. indigoeagle

    Levi's 501 - a visual guide

    The overlap between the details of the BigE and the 66 seems to be quite big. Just interesting, that for the Japanese denim afficionados the term Big E seems to be well established. Kind of like people take about a 47 type Levi's or 37 model.
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