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  1. I see. Original spec then. Yeah, Junky has special colours like camel in these.
  2. Which ones are the 1930s ones? The original spec? Or is there another type besides the 42 and 45? And which colour?
  3. EUR 149.- + shipping US$159.-+ shipping More info: Workers P-47 Utility Jacket Olive Herringbone Twill Size M (but fits a little bigger in my opinion) New with tag Made in Japan similar to N-3 or P-41 utility jackets Measurements: Shoulder to shoulder: 50cm (19.7 inches) Pit to pit: 60cm (23.6 inches) Back Length: 71.5cm (28.2 inches) Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 56.5cm (22.2 inches)
  4. Talk with Deluxeware's founder https://www.japanalogue.com/north-of-the-wall/
  5. indigoeagle


    Both are nice. But I'd take the latter, slimmer one.
  6. For medium price level I've been quite happy with TBD (the bespoke dudes, I think), Retro Superfuture or Komono.
  7. Very good fit on that FC jacket. Nice
  8. Is there a newer thread? Any suggestions for olive drab dungarees/overalls, ideally in HBT or reverse sateen.
  9. And also makes me feel a bit better since it kind of normalizes my number of jackets: 1. Freewheeleers Lot 506XX 1930s MODEL size 40 2. Warehouse 2001 1ST TYPE DENIM JACKET, light ounce (12-13oz) size 42 https://item.rakuten.co.jp/auc-cream-r/wh2001-nonwash/ 3. Eat Dust 673 Chore Jacket XL 4. RRL Type 2 Cone Denim Blanket Lined Made in USA size 42 5. Freewheelers Lot 507XX 1951 size 42 6. Cushman 50s Jacket 13.5oz Type 2 size 42 7. Sugarcane 1953 Type 2 size 38 8. Warehouse Blanket Lined Lot.2001XX(2000XX) size 48 9. Freewheelers Lot 506XX 1933 size 48 10. Warehouse Lot.2001XX(2000XX) 1936model DSB size 48 11. Studio D'Artisan Blanket Lined Jacket D4187 size 44 12. orSlow 50s Denim Coverall Size 5
  10. What would be the differences between the 42 and the 46 506XX? The pocket looks a bit smaller. Buttons were smaller on the 22 and 33 I think, but here it's already the same I think as 46. Perhaps the pleats stitiching are smaller, too. Also the tab is there already.
  11. Yep, also my experience. I got them in 33 vs. my ususal 34 (ore recently 36) and they fit very comfortably. The 51 on the other hand are quite slim in 33. 34 would have been better.
  12. Looks like USN Skivvy shirts. Do they also have button holes on the hem? Warehouse had offered some, too. http://the-tac.net/shopdetail/000000009137/ct412/page1/price/
  13. Nice blue combo Which MF shirt is that? Indigo chambray?
  14. with measurements in inches Approximate measurements (in rigid/unwashed state) will shrink after washing!!! Waist: 95cm- 37.4 inches Front Rise: 28.5cm- 11.2 inches Inseam: 85cm- 33.46 inches Leg Opening: 20.5cm- 8.07 inches For a one/wash pair the following approximate measurements are given: Waist: 90cm- 35.4 inches Front Rise: 27cm- 10.63" Inseam: 80cm- 31.5" Leg Opening: 20cm- 7.87" on ebay https://www.ebay.de/itm/204745436592
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