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  1. Lazerr


    Thanks for that, just updated
  2. Lazerr


    I had to go from a 34 in the 800 to a 36 in the 800xx . Here are Pictures of the two and the size 34 is bigger even though it's been washed, and all the shrinkage should be out by now.
  3. Looking to sell: Warehouse DD-2002XX denim jacket in size 44 $270 shipped (CONUS) Chest:22”, shoulder:20.5”, length: 25.5”, sleeve: 24” Worn 2-3 times but I have a longer torsoe and the length is a bit too short for my style.
  4. Recently picked up the Sugar Cane 1946 from Bears and they just arrived a couple of days ago. I'm pretty impressed with the denim and the details! The only other 46' pair I have is from the Warehouse 25th Anniversary, and those have been one of my favorite pairs over the past few years. I recently moved to a new state that gets a lot less sun than Los Angeles, but I was never much a photographer to begin with.
  5. The knee at 13" down is at about 10". These have the international arcs with no suede.
  6. Trying to lessen the amount of denim I have. Feel free to reach out for any questions or measurements. Shipping is included for CONUS, but for international please reach out and we can work something out. Warehouse 1100 in size 36 $180 Worn a couple of times but still plenty of life left. Waist: 18", Thigh: 13", Inseam: 32", Leg Opening: 9", FR: 12" Dry Bones 582 in size 32$160 Got these from bF and had given them to my dad, but he ended up losing weight and only worn them a few times. Waist: 17", Thigh: 13", Inseam: 33", Leg Opening: 8.5", FR : 11" Flat Head 3005 in size 36 $160 Worn a couple of times but prefer a higher rise. Hemmed by Railcar Waist: 17.5", Thigh: 13", Inseam: 30.5", LO: 9.5", FR: 11.5" Samurai Heavy Chinos in Khaki SJ42CP Size 36 $155 Worn a few times but prefer a higher rise. Waist: 18”, Thigh: 13”, FR: 11”, Inseam: 33”, Leg opening: 8.75” Jelado 301XX 'Age of Longing' in size 34 $160 Got these from bF but never got to wearing them as I planned. Waist: 16.75", Thigh: 12.75", Inseam: 31.5, Leg Opening: 8", FR: 12.5" Pherrows 421SW in size 36 $100 Bought gently worn off of eBay, but just prefer other pairs. Patch was removed from previous owner. Hemmed Waist: 18.5", Thigh: 13.25", Inseam: 30.5", Leg Opening: 9.5", FR: 12" Pherrows 441 Size 34, Slim Tapered $140 Bought directly from Pherrows, prefer a wider fit. Only tried on. Waist: 17.5", Thigh: 12.75", Inseam: 34", FR: 11" LO: 8.5
  7. Put a few more things for sale. Price includes shipping CONUS, but for international shipping, we can work something out. Pictures and measurements can be found Here Denime 66XX in 36 $175 Pherrows 441 in 36 $140 Denime 66 in 36 $160 Dry Bones 582 in 32 $150 Graph Zero Herringbone Slim straight in 38 $115 Warehouse Olive 1082 Chinos $125 Studio D'Artisan SD-101 in 36 $150 Burgus Plus Khaki modern chino in 34 $95
  8. Lazerr


    Knee is about 9.8” now
  9. Lazerr


    Managed to do a machine dry on my Denime 220 to get more shrinkage, and I managed to get quite a bit! Here are some measurements: Fist hot soak/Hang dry: Waist: 18.25", FR: 13", BR: 17.5", Thigh: 13.75", Knee: 10", LO: 9", Inseam: 34" Post machine dry: Waist: 17.5", FR: 12.5", Thigh: 13.25", LO: 8.75", Inseam: 33" Just need to get them hemmed and they should be good to go
  10. Lazerr


    Thanks for that info, I'm going to give it a shot with a machine wash and dry. It's somewhat baggy in the top block but I'll try to take measurements afterwards to see how much shrinkage I was able to get.
  11. Lazerr


    Sure thing: Waist: 18.25", FR: 13", BR: 17.5", Thigh: 13.75", Knee: 10", LO: 9", Inseam: 34"
  12. Lazerr


    Hi guys, Going to have to let go a pair of Denime 220 in size 36. They've been hot soaked and hung to dry only tried on as they are too big on me. Looking to get what I paid for, $190 shipped CONUS.
  13. Selling a few things that people on here might be interested in. I can provide more pictures upon request. Can do international shipping, but buyer pays shipping costs. Fullcount 1108 $125 shipped CONUS Waist: 17", Inseam: 29", Thigh: 12", Leg Opening: 8.5" Has a few weeks of wear, but plenty of life left IH634S 21oz in size 35 $215 shipped CONUS Waist (aligned): 17.5”, Thigh (from crotch): 12.5”, Inseam: 30.5”,Leg Opening: 9” Brand new, just prefer a size 36 instead. Pherrows 441 in size 36 $130 Waist: 17.5", Thigh (from Crotch): 13", Length: 34", Leg Opening: 8.5" Worn Once Denime 66 in size 36 $135 Waist: 17.5", Thigh (from Crotch): 13", Length: 29", Leg Opening: 8.25"
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