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  1. Lazerr


    @nick682 My DSB's still have the unaltered genus tags on them. My other Warehouse pairs still have the regular red tab, just stitched over.
  2. Hello, do you have measurements for DD-S1003XX in 34 or 36?
  3. Lazerr


    @cusswords Those look amazing.
  4. Lazerr

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Henkka Yes sir, flat but the waist line was not aligned
  5. Lazerr

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Henkka I would say go with your usual size. Here are the measurements for the Black 1947 Type III's I sold : Waist: 35", Thigh (From Crotch) : 12.75", Leg Opening: 8" , Inseam: 33". The waist came in a bit smaller at about 34.5" when i first got them ,but with trying them on a few times, they stretched a bit.
  6. Lazerr

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    I got the Straight cut in the 15th Anniversary. First pair of Momos so looking forward to the pair.
  7. Lazerr


    @dotcomzzz Thanks for the info, that’s good to know! As for the denim, would say size Up*. Looking at the product page at Standard and Strange, seems like they recommend sizing down. The size chart shows a size 34 with a 32 waist. Wouldn’t hurt to just send them an email as well, they’ve always been pretty helpful.
  8. Lazerr


    @dotcomzzz I have an older pair of 900’s in size 36that I sized up on but they ended up being too big. I tried shrinking them in a wash but they still ended up stretching past a 36. I’m not too sure what’s the difference between the 900 and the 900xx, but the 900xx do seem to run smaller with less stretch. This remained true when I compared a pair of 800 in size 34 and a pair of 800xx in size 36 (which had similar measurements).
  9. Lazerr


    The video and the pictures sure add to the intrigue! But the price is a bit high for me. Also, the Boncura 66 seems hard to find except for a few shops in Japan. Seems like I’ll have better luck just waiting for my next Japan trip. Also thanks for the sizing advice, luckily most sites tend to list the One Wash measurements, which makes me believe I can go TTS if I need to.
  10. Lazerr


    @kenko Yeah, its quite high. That's a great pair, how did you size your 66?
  11. Lazerr


    Anyone planning to get the 10 Year Anniversary Boncura Jeans? Product Page Lots of WWII models coming out recently, however the product page describes it as a more modern fit. Price is a bit steep, but the jeans sure are beautiful.
  12. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Hey thanks for creating this. I have a few items for sale: IHJ-82-IND Corduroy Type III Indigo in XL ($280 Shipped CONUS) Worn a few times, but not enough to justify space in my Closet. P2P : 22", Length: 26", Shoulder: 18.75" Samurai SNL20-01 Flannel Shirt in Brown in XXL ($230 Shipped CONUS) Never worn, only tried on. Just not the fit i'm looking for. P2P: 23" , Shoulder : 18.5" , Length: 30" Place holder for Other items i need to add: Sugar Cane 1947 Type 3 in Indigo (size 34) Worn a couple of times, hemmed to a 31" by denimio Let me know if you guys have any questions
  13. Lazerr


    Great buys, I picked up a Warehouse Flannel during the SxS sale. Great quality, a bit slim in the arms but just need to wash with cold water to avoid any unwanted shrinkage.
  14. Lazerr

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    The Details, Fit, and the Fabric look really nice. Considering that I don't own any Momo and the jeans won't release until August, I might just get these in the Slim Straight fit. Just need to offload a few pairs before they get here
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