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  1. Lazerr

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    As someone who came onto SuFu rather late, a lot of the pairs that I see on here are pretty unique and rare as compared to what you normally see on Reddit and other well known store's pages. I ended up trying a lot of brands that had fits that didn't work for me, but loved seeing different denim that had very noticeable differences from what I was normally wearing. Ended up giving some to my Dad, and now he pretty much only wears his Resolute 710's and TCB Slim 50's. I am pretty sad that I missed out on a few like the Warehouse 660 and other contest pairs that took place on SuFu though but having access to proxy sites like Zenmarket have really helped with scouring Yahoo Auctions for pairs that happened to be my size
  2. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Hey guys, I have items sale, mainly in sizes L-XL. Pictures on Imgur Howlin’ By Morrison x NAQP Wool Sweater in XL $175 Chest: 24”, Shoulder: around 19”, Sleeve: 26.5”, length: 27” Bought in December from NAQP in Canada. Great color/pattern but a sleeves are a bit long for me. Only worn once. The Real McCoy’s Black Ballpark Sweater in XL $180 Chest: 23”, Shoulder: 20”, Sleeve 25”, Length : 26.75” Bought from SxS about a year ago but only worn a handful of times. This is a beefy sweatshirt that seems like it will last for a while. I hardly wear black so this never got much wear. Lady White Green Heavyweight Sweater in L (40) $150 Chest: 25”, Length: 27”, Shoulder: 19”, Sleeve: 25” Bought last year but I hardly wear it. Believe it’s only been worn a handful of times and was cold washed once. Graph Zero Slim Straight Herringbone Denim in 38 $145 Waist: 17.5" Thigh: 12.5" Inseam: 30.5" LO: 8.5" FR: 10.75" Bought a couple of years ago but never worn. Hemmed at Self Edge LA Tellason Ankara Straight leg Cone Mills denim in size 33 $120 Waist: 17.5" LO: 9" Thigh: 12.5" Inseam: 35" FR: 11.5" Bought a year ago but was only ever tried on around the house. TCB S40’s Jean in size 36 $145 Waist: 17.25 Inseam: 30.5” LO: 8.75” FR: 13.75” Thigh: 12.75” Initially had bought a pair for the TCB contest in 34 but they ran too small. Ended up trading for this non-contest pair in a 36, but the Pair never made it to my rotation. These were never worn, only tried on. Were hemmed by Indigo Proof. Pricing includes shipping CONUS. For international shipping feel free to reach out and see what can be worked out.
  3. Lazerr


    @beautiful_FrEaK @Sympathy-For-The-Denim Unfortunately, I gained a bit more weight than expected after I got the pair, so they're not as comfortable as when I first tried them on . I'm on some dieting/exercising right now, so hopefully in a month or so I can introduce them to the rotation.
  4. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Hey guys, updated the stuff I have for sale and added Pictures to Imgur. Feel free to reach out with any questions or offers. Shipping to CONUS is included in price. The Flat Head 3002 - Size 36 $150 Waist: 17.5" Inseam: 31.25" Leg Opening: 8" Front Rise: 11" Thigh: 12.5" Warehouse Flannel - Charcoal in size XL $120 Chest: 23" Length: 28.5" Shoulder: 18" Sleeve Length: 25.5" Bought from SxS and was worn twice. Shoulders are a tad narrow for a comfortable fit. Iron Heart IHJ-82 - Blue Corduroy Jacket in XL/42 $290 Worn a few times with slight fading on the sleeve. Chest: 22.5" Shoulder: 19" Length: 26" Sleeve: 26" EG x Uniqlo Fleece - Black in size L $85 Worn a couple of times but much too big on me. Chest: 26.5" Shoulder: 21.5" Length: 29" Sleeve: 26.5" Viberg Service Boot - Brown Chromexcel in size 9 $450 Bought around 3 years ago and was worn maybe once or twice, juts not really a boot person. Bodega x New Balance Anniversary Pair 990V3 - Size 9.5 $245 Bought last year but were never worn only tried on.
  5. Lazerr


    I've been looking at their webshop lately and it seems like they ship overseas. They're pricing is pretty good considering they make good quality items that aren't too flashy. I thought about getting 441SW but I have too many pairs as is.
  6. Lazerr


    Going off my measurements, I'd say that the Slim Fits are closer to the 107. Here are my measurements from the 105/107 (Both size 3) and my Slim Fit Fatigues (Size 4, but hot washed several times) : 105 - Waist: 17.5, LO: 8", Thigh: 12.5" , Inseam: 31.5" 107 - Waist: 17.25", LO: 7.5", Thigh: 12.5" , Inseam: 31.5" Slim Fatigues: Waist: 17.5" ,Thigh: 12.5", LO: 8" (Hemmed to 28.5" for clean hem) My Slim Fatigues are also quite old as I purchased them from NiftyDo back when they were in Canada. Not sure if sizing has changed since then, but they have definitely been worn and washed quite a bit.
  7. Lazerr


    Seems like Bears got a 66/66XX restock today, just in time for the Resolute fair that's going on there.
  8. Lazerr

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hey @UkeNo, these are on grailed : https://grailed.app.link/tSL4op23Emb Not mine, but noticed them earlier this week.
  9. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Oof thanks for that! Link was fixed
  10. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Hey guys, I have a few tops for sale on my mainly in sizes L-XL. Pictures and measurements on Grailed Warehouse Border Stripe Tee in Blue - Size 42 3 Sixteen Shaggy Blue Flannel - XL 3 Sixteen Lesiure Shirt Black Floral - L Warehouse Flannel Shirt in Charcoal/Red - XL Pherrows Flannel Shirt in Red Ombre - XXL Gitman Vintage in Blue/White Stripe - L Feel free to ask any questions about any of the items you see! Always open to bundling when possible. Thanks
  11. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Hey Y'all, planning on moving soon so trying to get rid of more items that are just not getting use. I put all info on a Google Sheet and all pictures on Imgur Feel free to reach out if interested in bundling any item, reasonable offers, or just general questions. Prefer to ship to CONUS Thanks
  12. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Updated some of the items and some of the prices for the stuff I have for sale. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions/offers on stuff
  13. Lazerr


    Definitely appreciate this. Unfortunately I live in an apartment building so sunlight can sometimes be hard to come by, but there some good days where the sun shines through and I am able to get a good light. I'll make sure to post again once these are past the 6 month mark
  14. Lazerr


    Got into SuFu about the same time the Pandemic started last year and one of the brands that I really got into was Warehouse. I was lucky enough to get a pair of the 1001 25th anniversary edition pairs and they have easily been my most worn pair recently. In total, I have about 3 months of wear on these however, I mainly wear them either to work from home or from an office setting. Interestingly enough, I never hemmed these but with each subsequent wash the inseam has shrunk to the point that it is at a ~29.5" inseam. I'm not that tall (5'11") but I'm glad that I never hemmed these as I do with most of my pairs. Overall, I'm loving the fabric on these. The denim weight isn't too light nor too heavy, and it has that perfect amount of roughness that makes the denim unique. Over time I've been able to pick up other pairs of Warehouse denim, so I'm hoping I can properly rotate them once I get a few more months of wear on these. Apologies for the bad lighting, the camera kept causing a tint to appear on most of my pictures, so I had to play with what I had available
  15. Lazerr


    @JohnnyUtah247 No worries man! I have a new pair of 36's that I haven't worn ( so there is still room for stretch ). However here are the measurements: Waist: 17", Thigh: 12.75", Inseam: 32", LO: 8.75 Looking at the fabric, they should be getting a be getting more attention, but the 1001's have been my focus for now. Also, they do have the 5 buttons!
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